Thursday, July 2, 2009

Charlotte Spadaro Has Left the Building

Charlotte Spadaro, the former Mayor of Beverly Hills and infamous hoarder, is missing. For those of us who awaited her arrival at Superior Court yesterday, she was a no show, she didn't sneak in. UPDATE: She did sneak in and was in court. Her attorney was not. Probably another tactic to delay, fire the attorney. She has fired several.

She's been offered a plea bargain but it was turned down. And now her "kennel" and "vet" clinic are closed and no one seems to know where she is. I understand that 80 or so dogs were left at a boarding facility and she hasn't paid for them.

Spadaro picks up strays and never looks for an owner even if it has a tag. I use the same groomer as she does and I have seen the condition of these dogs. She has brought some in with mange over and over again with my groomer telling her to take the dogs to the vet. My groomer called me one day and I went over to see the amount of hair off one dog that she had not brought in for a year. We saved it and gave it to the cruelty investigative officer.

So this post is to alert everyone to be on the lookout for Spadaro. She is in the same vein as Cindy Bemis, Kim Peck, and Cynthia Gudger, aka Anita Gilbert aka Barbara Ryan. Bemis and Gudger are in jail already, actually Gudger is in a mental institution. Kim Peck has moved but already having problems. Peck has moved onto the old grounds of Gudger.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Spadaro, please contact Brian Cronin at San Bernardino Animal Care and Control. Or leave a comment on here and I will contact Brian. We have to find this woman and stop her cruelty.


Anonymous said...

I have linked you blog to mine...I hope you can do he same...

There are a couple of other sites you may be interested in:

If you weren't aware Peck is now living in the last place Gudger was...there is additional info on some of the sites above.

Keep up the good work.

HonestyHelps said...

Be glad to. And thanks for providing your blogsite. I would like your input for a posting I want to do regarding hoarding. I read that hoarding cases are on the rise. I contribute that to the shelters being intimidated about euthanizing these days and being pushed to adopt out. What are your thoughts on that?

Anonymous said...

Charolette Spadaro is back San Bernardino County. See the link below: