Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th to All

I hate the 4th of July. I boycott fireworks by not buying from stores that sell them. But at this time of the year, it is almost impossible to go to a major grocery store who isn't selling them.

People are so stupid in California. We have fires all the time yet they will light those fireworks up when it is dry as sagebrush. Plus since we have such easy access, fireworks are brought in illegally from Mexico.

I have a suggestion, something I do every year. I ride the neighborhood and look for "off the ground" fireworks. These are the illegal ones. My town has a special number set up during fireworks season and you can call in quickly. So I look for the off the ground displays and call them in.

Also this time of the year, I stay busy going to the City Council meetings begging to make fireworks, even the safe and sane ones, illegal. It's hard because so many groups say they make all their money from fireworks. I say get off your lazy ass and find something else to support your charity. Stop putting me in danger for the sake of your charity.

And then the ritual of the other cultures here of shooting firearms in the air during the 4th. People have been killed sitting in their living rooms watching TV by these stray bullets.

Being in California can change one's mind about holidays, among other things.


Anonymous said...

I thought I'd send this along here, as it didn't seem to fit in comments elsewhere.

I found this comment about
Michael Moutain, one of the founders of Best Friends who was president until recently.

It sure sounds a lot like what people say and write about Nathan Winograd.

It was written by a pit bull nut, but there still is some interesting information here. Of course, since this was written, Best Friends hooked up with pit bull breeders.

"Michael Mountain still fits the classic description of a cult leader "charismatic, defensive of any criticism, controlling the content and distribution of information. Those who work for Best Friends at the bottom level don't know whats going on and are not part of the true agenda because the information they receive is filtered and modified and made to come out as nothing more than warm-fuzzy rhetoric. And those even lower, the endless stream of "volunteers" who travel to Utah and PAY to volunteer at the sanctuary, see only nothing more than the animals in their care. How clever of them to convince thousands of people a year to travel out there at their own expense and then pay money to volunteer. "

Anonymous said...

And this kind of sums up how no kill works.

They won't take unadoptable animals!

by Isaiah_5v20 @ 10:23pm - Wed Nov 14th, 2007
These people do not need your money...donate your money or time to the Humane Society if you want to really help homeless pets.

This is directly from the mouth of one of their accountants: "Our biggest problem is figuring out what to spend all the money on."

Best Friends had a 12 MILLION dollar surplus a few years ago. If you call them they won't take a stray dog that you found.

All they are doing now is high profile stuff with movie stars and animal rescues that get them good press. Do a google on them and see what you find before you send them a check.
by Sharppointy1 @ 10:22am - Thu Nov 15th, 2007
The reason they can call themselves a no-kill shelter is they pick and choose what animals to take in.
We had a cat who was very antisocial, and would bite with mild provocation. I tried to get her rehomed at Best Friends rather than have her euthanized.. They refused, saying they wouldn't take animals with no chance for adoption. I had been a memeber, but when I couldn't get help from them, I dropped it. I support the Humane Society now. "

HonestyHelps said...

I also saw on a pit nutter forum that when Best Fiends came over they brought dogs with them because they believe that dogs can foretell the coming of the end of the world. I do realize that dog is God spelled backwards, do you think that they have a direct line to him?