Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need Your Help

I need for my readers to help research the "Process Church" in relationship to Best Friends.

I have found one place that refers to their belief that dogs can foretell the coming of the end of the world. I need something credible about that.

Send any and all info besides that as well. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Piece o' cake.

Just Google:

The Process Church
Mary Ann MacLean
Robert de Grimston Moor
Robert and Mary Anne DeGrimston

Yes, the founders about (12 of them including Mary Ann) became Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, UT. Mary Ann started as a Scientologist then branched out with Robert to create their own form of "religion." Fascinating stuff. It is my understanding that one of the BF founders is a computer geek and has tried to eliminate info they don't want spread around. They dabbed in all sorts of unseemly things in the
60s and 70s before becoming "legit." They traveled from UK to Bahama to Yucatan to New Orleans to California to Arizona to Utah.


HonestyHelps said...

Thanks. I'm looking specifically for the part of their beliefs that pertain to dogs and the end of the world, if you come up on that one.

Anonymous said...

From what I've discovered (can't testify to truth of it), Mary Ann's new religion was a tangle of many elements. Some have suggested it included Nazi eugenics-type stuff. At any rate she like German Shepherds. The group traveled with a bunch of Shepherds from the UK. It was this supposed love of dogs that started them "rescuing" dogs locally in AZ at their first sanctuary attempt. They lived a commune-style existance and panhandled. The dog rescue gave them a cause for fundraising to support themselves.

I don't have specific info on how their beliefs and end times correlate. That type of stuff is probably contained in their writings--both their 60s era newsletter and the extensive writings of Robert. He was a prolific writer since he was the properly-educated Englishman and son of an Army officer (or something like that). Mary Ann's beginnings were drastically different than Robert's.

Investigate this issue carefully; it is easy to get lead astray by some of the stuff on the web.

Mary Ann died a few years ago. Robert was living in New York. After they got divorced, Robert remarried and tried to form a new church more in the vein of Aleister Crowley. Mary Ann's Process Church tried to establish itself in New York City at one time, too.

It does seem that they, at the minimum, were in contact with various nefarious elements like Anton LeVey. I can't speak for what the Process did, but true satan worshippers (not wannabes) like white German Shepherds for sacrifices, not black as most people believe. I am NOT suggesting that The Process were Satan-worshippers.

It is important to distinguish the original Process Church that was founded by the Grimston's and BF folks from the later one that located in the hills around Santa Cruz or Santa Clara areas. This later group were using the name and reputation but weren't part of the original.


HonestyHelps said...

Thanks 007. Religion and what is done in the name of God.

Anonymous said...

The founders (ie the cult) are the ones who receive the money from Best Friends merchandise sales. They have a separate business that takes in merchandise sales money from all the Tshirts, coffee mugs, visitor center gift items, etc

This is a for profit entity which is why it is reported separately in their financial statements.

Do you have that?

Michael Mountain was quoted that these merchandise sales provide an income for he and the other founders.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest saving it all.

Anonymous said...

"When we confronted my parents about it, they recalled the circumstances under which the book came into their possession. They were on the boat from New York to England, around 1967 or 1968. A group of young Processians were also on board, no doubt en route to Church headquarters. They wore robes and had several dogs, which seemed starved and menacing, in wooded crates. (I recall learning that the Processians believed the dogs could sense the first signs of the end of the world.)"

This is from a fruitcake, breeder related page, (notice the Naia and Winograd links) but interesting

Anonymous said...

Of course, what is going on now has been a power struggle at Best Friends. The founders have all retired/been thrown out (except for what they can hold onto with merchandise sales and "financial arrangements")

At least they had some pretense at animal welfare interests. But Best Friends is now putting together a new board, and they are going where they can find the money. Dog breeder interests are trying to take over.

It's a ruthless, anti-animal world at Best Friends now.

When there's a big bank account (like after the Katrina donations) the money worshippers come out of the shadows to shake it down.

HonestyHelps said...

I saw a reference that they brought German Shepards with them but nothing so far about this being part of their belief. It's so sickening to do research on them.

HonestyHelps said...

I also saw that about the early church coming here and that is what has set me off. I want something to confirm that this is a belief of the church. Looking more to the early church than BF may mean delving into their "bible" and I'm not too fond of doing that.

Anonymous said...

Oh and pensions! A whole lot of those donations that people think help the animals is funding pensions!

Lippard said...

This article seems fairly comprehensive: