Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Need to Repeat



Anonymous said...

DBO reports real statistics, but only the convenient ones. If a statistic goes against the agenda it's time to put blinders on and ignore it. No thanks.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are full of shit. Just another fucking pit nutter who is running scared of DBO. She has you guys on the run and you need to be scared. If you look closely enough on DBO you will see other breed attacks reported as well. She has no agenda like you greedy mutherfuckers. Hers is only to let people know that these fucking dogs are not "nanny" dogs, they are fighters, bred to kill. Fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

I'm not scared at all. You've made a lot of assumptions, I simply don't like a site that promotes "common sense" and then selectively posts statistics.

1 in 115,000 is the chance you'll be killed by any dog. That's not something any sane person is afraid of. It's also a statistic that you'll never see on that site, because they only post numbers that are favorable.

But I will at least give you credit for allowing a disgreement to be discussed on your blog, something I can't say about DBO. Protip: Rage-fueled attacks filled with "fuck" don't win an argument.

Oh, and no agenda? *rollseyes* "I got bit by a dog and now I want them ALL BANNED EVERYWHERE." Ok.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I repeat you are so full of shit. DBO is not and never has been "selective" as you put it. DBO doesn't make the headlines, the damn dogs do. Even the CDC report pulled from news headlines.

And geez, to use the scare tactic that you stand a better chance of being killed by something else. Well, dogs are in many households in this country. If your "fucking" stove were leaking, you'd have it fixed because gas can kill you. Yet, you say don't fix these dogs who can also kill. It's called prevention. When something is killing people at the rate of one every 21 days, you do something about it, fool.

And this is my fucking blog, and if I want to use fucking as every other word, I will. If you notice I only use these words to speak to pit nutters because they understand so little but they understand low life vocabulary.

You're even moreso an idiot with your last comment. Pit nutters haven't got the sense God gave a slug.

Anonymous said...

You can repeat that my posts are incorrect, but that won't make it so. I don't see 1 in 115,000 as a scare tactic, on the contrary, any reasonable person would feel more at ease knowing that your chances of being killed by any random dog are 0.0009%. That dogs are in many houses all over only serves to punctuate this - TONS of dogs, very few deaths. Relatively safe. Not an emotional reaction, a scientific one based on numbers. I suppose DBO uses the same flawed logic to suppress the same real statistics.

What do you propose we do about cars that kill 250 people every day? Banning caars reduces that to zero, but isn't practical. Being killed by fireworks and being killed by pit bulls. Basically the same chance (about 0.0004% and 0.00045%, respectively). Should we ban both? If so, where's the outrage? Where's the call for the end of the firework epidemic?

It is certainly your blog and you can write what you want, I'm simply making you aware that it only shows that you are angry, not that you are right.

My last statement was a bit ambiguous, it should have read "I got bit by a pit bull and now I want them all banned everywhere." I'm still rolling my eyes at you thinking she has no agenda.

Best Friends, Bad Rap, etc. are all able to promote their message without attacking you, but you all froth at the mouth over them on DBO. Yes, someone does look crazy in all of this. It's not them. They're not calling every single person who owns a certain breed of dog "trash." Rolling my eyes again.

HonestyHelps said...

Roll those eyes, yes, I am angry, you are right about that. I look at the faces of the people that have survived the attacks and that makes me angry. Obviously, it doesn't bother you. If you can look at them and not become angry, then there is something wrong with you as a human. Your attitude is why try to prevent suffering, just deal with it. Sick that is what it is. You've watched too much TV and are now obilivious to suffering and pain.

How do you know that your "friends" aren't attacking me? You don't. Your "common sense" approach is for the birds. We have laws regarding driving. And with over 4 million dog bites a year, $350,000,000 that is paid out by homeowners insurance for dog bites, and the countless millions for those who survive the attacks, I would say your argument is shot out of the water and dead on the bank.

Now go to some pit bull forum and express your views, they will love you there. Or get your head out of your ass and look at the faces of the victims on DBO. Try to gain some humanity for a change, you might like it.

Anonymous said...

We have laws regarding driving. We have laws regarding dogs. $350,000,000 is a pittance compared to what auto accidents cost insurance companies and society at large in a year. Cribs kill more children than pit bulls. More stats you won't see on DBO.

Sure, there's an emotional reaction to the result of people mauled and killed by animals. Death is tragic. But laws are logical, not emotional. Laws should always balance the rights of an individual against the impact on society. For every pit bull that bites someone there are thousands that never will.

I don't post on pro-pitbull sites. I don't preach to the choir. To be honest, there are a ton of people on those sites misinformed about their own dogs and about dogs in general. But then again, I see that on anti-pit bull sites as well, so I tend to think it's not really stance specific.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are so off base. Who gives a fuck about all those other stats? What do they have to do with this issue? Are you saying forget the pits because you are more likely to get killed by cars, etc? Laws are logical only to those who stand to gain by them, not those who stand to lose such as the pit breeders/dog fighters. And everyday people stand to gain with laws against pits, they can walk their neighborhoods without the fear of being mauled, not bitten, mauled by a pit. They stand to gain because they don't adopt pits with no history into their homes to kill their children and pets.

The shelters are full of pits and pit mixes, how do you think they got there? Because they probably killed someone's cat or dog, or bit someone in the family and were kicked out, dumped, turned loose or surrendered. There are probably more unreported incidents than we can imagine undermining your argument that there are so many more that never do anything. Yeah, right, anything that we know of.

And I really don't care for people that don't take a stance and sit on the fence like Humpty Dumpty. It just shows the attitude I mentioned, non caring, lack of humanity.

Anonymous said...

The issue is perspective. Other statistics put the issue in perspective.

You might say that some people stand to gain in a pit bull ban by feeling safer. I'd say that someone who fears a 0.00045% chance of dying is irrational. That aside, what about the families all over the country who own well-behaved pits that never hurt anyone? They all just have to give their family pets up? I know you say that you can't tell the difference between a pit that might attack and a pit that won't. I'd partially agree, although sometimes you can, but sometimes you can't. That's the problem with the pre-emptive approach.

If there was a real epidemic I'd be right with you on a nation-wide ban. 33 people a year is not an epidemic. Tragic for those involved, but were talking statistics, not feelings. When laws start being made based on feelings I'm bailing on the country.

If there are unreported incidents, work to bring them into the open, don't say that an argument based on available statistics is moot because there are 'probably' a lot of incidents that don't get reported. Who knows? I like facts.

I'll concede that my stance isn't as extreme as yours, but just because I'm not rabid over the issue doesn't mean what I say isn't valid. You don't have to care about it, that's your right.

I suppose it's not fair for me to single out DBO for selectively displaying facts when some sites on the other side of the issue do similar things. But those sites aren't trying to deprive me of my rights, so...

HonestyHelps said...

Perspective my ass, that's another one that the pit nutters like to throw around. Personally I want to see pits go, period. I am willing to accept regulation. And BSL does not make people give up their pits, another scare tactic. It makes them alter their pits, muzzle their pits, microchip their pits, etc. but does not force them to give up their pits. Bans do make them and that is where pits will end up with people like yourself continuing to deny the reality of them.

You know yourself that certain records aren't kept by animal control. And when pits are brought in as strays, there's no background whether they bit or killed something. Usually the reason they are there comes out and then they are euthanized. Can't record anything if you aren't aware of itl Hang out at shelters sometimes and you can get the facts.

And as usual with pit nutters it is all about me, me, me and my rights with no regards for others rights. Charlotte Blevins deserved to live a life without disfiguring scars but that right was taken away because someone like yourself think pits are the greatest. Brenda Hill deserved to spend her life taking walks with her grandchildren, but now she doesn't have a leg thanks to someone's pit who "wasn't raised right".

I find you to be selfish and definitely misinformation. And you don't have any right to be posted on DBO. I moderate this blog and have allowed you on it because I want to take my anger out on you. Keep coming back spouting all the excuses you have picked up off the pit forums, stay ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Ha. The dog breeders comes out of the shadows when dogsbite gets mentioned.

They are going after dogsbite because dogsbite tells the truth the breeders and wackos are spending huge amounts of money trying to cover up.

All the more so since the fighting busts, and the exposure of what these nice pit advocates are REALLY up to.

Anonymous gives us some more cuts and pastes from the breeder/fighter propaganda.

Hey, anonymous, suggest you breed another kind of dog, because the focus is falling on you people and your affairs.

Anonymous said...

"I don't post on pro-pitbull sites."

And yet you are able to CUT AND PASTE from pro pit bull and fighter websites.

Honey, you better stop rolling your eyes, and get your tax and insurance affairs in order, because you and your friends are going to be getting held accountable for the damage these dogs are doing.

You stuck your heads up out of the hole, and now you are all getting looked at a lot more closely.

The public is getting fed up with your auto accident, chihuahua, Petey the pit bull stories, and all the rest.

You guys screwed yourselves.

The dogmen are going to have you take the fall.

Anonymous said...

And tell the Bad Rappers that if they keep placing dog aggressive dogs, their butts are going to end up on the nightly news with targets on them.

HonestyHelps said...

They are running scared at this point, I think. The grass roots movement against pits is getting into full swing. I know I am contacting officials all day with DBO and getting thanked by almost every one I contact. We aren't sitting on blogs, Anon, we are working. This is just an outlet, the real work is being done quietly and productively. It's only the beginning. You're in for a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...

I've never been on pro-pit forums.

You can call my figures misinformation, but without any yourself it's just name-calling.

Laws will always be a balance between preserving the rights of different groups of people. That is reality and inevitable. I'd rather it be based on facts than feelings and unsubstantiated insinuations.

I am aware that you can block me from your blog. It doesn't really matter because our discussion isn't changing a thing, and no one of any consequence is reading this.

I'm aware I don't have a right to be posted on DBO. I don't expect it, either. I've sent factual comments through and had them rejected, then I made up a bunch of BS that was false but supported the agenda and that was posted immediately. Pretty much confirmed what I thought.

But she owns that site and can regulate its content. You own this blog. I own a site that debunks BS websites, which is why I was researching DBO.

But anyway, the rights I was referring to was not the right to post on a website. It was the right to own a pit bull. And since 99.998% of US towns, including the one I live in, have no law prohibiting them, it is my right.

HonestyHelps said...

You do have the right to remain a fool, I agreed with that. And you do spout just like the pit nutters so I will call you a liar because no person with a sane mind would spout that shit unless they read it somewhere.

You have lost your humanity. You care nothing for the suffering of people from pits and you can nothing for the breed because it is so abused. BSL can change that and is changing that weekly as more and more cities/counties are waking up to how dangerous these dogs are to society. Keep those eyes rolling around in the shit that you live in. Got you guys on the run and you don't like it. PREVENT THE DEED, BAN THE BREED.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, your and your friends have problems with following LAWS regarding taxes and insurance.

Cram it with the law talk.

The constitutional jazz has been getting blathered about by the puppy millers, cock fighters, dog fighters, and child molesters for years.

It don't work, honey.

You can't do whtever you want, and you know it.

Anonymous said...

The biggest thing, anon, is that the PUBLIC got damned tired of having themselves, their friends, their relatives, and pets chewed up by pit bulls, and they aren't falling for this sucker crap.

Average, ordinary citizens are getting mad and not taking it any more.

And average, ordinary citizens are taking a closer look at you child-hating, people-hating, non-pit bull dog hating, cat hating, horse hating, lying creeps and getting madder.

As long as you keep opposing regulations, more people are going to be getting sent to the emergency rooms by pit bulls, and their "rap" will get worse and worse until there WILL be national bans.

You screwed yourselves!

And the dogmen are laughing their heads off at you!

Anonymous said...

I am not exaggerating when I say that I am amazed by the presumptions made here.

A bunch of people frothing at the mouth and making wild assumptions will never worry me, and will seriously detract from any message you might have.

I've never bred pit bulls, and I've never been on breeder forums. I've checked out a few of the sites that you all attack frequently to see if they were likewise attacking you. They're ignoring you.

The statistics I've used and the analogies I've used are ones I've determined from looking at the data of impartial institutions (CDC, NDC) in the research for my article.

Look, obviously a dog that harms a person should be put down. Dog fighting is disgusting. Puppy mills, awful. Tax evasion, illegal. I'm with you on these things and many others are as well.

But when you start doing crazy things like comparing pit bull owners to child molesters you're just shooting yourself in the foot, turning off people who would be on your side. Likewise when you demonize everyone who owns a pit.

Is there an 'epidemic'? The answer is pretty clearly no. That's not an opinion. The definition requires that it affects a disproportionately large section of the population. 0.00045% is disproportionately small. When you exaggerate the problem, you hurt your case.

Holding owners responsible for their dogs actions is a good response. A dog kills a child, the owner gets life. Ok. That's not a batshit crazy idea. A national ban on an entire breed based on one dog in five thousand, well, sorry, it's batshit crazy and won't happen.

All that aside, it is my right to own a pit bull. It is not a constitutional right, but it is still my right - it is in no way illegal. I am interested in preserving my rights, whether I exercise them or not.

Let me know if you're willing to destroy all cars to save 90,000 people a year in the US alone and I'll let you know if I'm willing to give up my right to own a pit bull to save 33.

99.998% of US communities agree.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are a liar. You are a pit nutter and a liar. There is nothing that gives you the right to put the public in danger because you want to own a dog bred to kill. That is not a right. You have spouted nonsense about this issue just like your dog fighting buddies. You'll not get any converts here. And your statement about all those that agree, look at the news, fool. Everyday almost cities and counties are jumping on the bandwagon of BSL. Countries are doing BSL. Give them time, they'll all get around to doing it and then you can take your precious little kissy pits and live on a deserted island for all I care. Fuck you and the stupid horse you ride on. Better yet, take a pit home to your family and watch it eat them.

Anonymous said...

And anon steps even further into the doo doo with more of the breeder tactics like "turning off people who would be on your side."

The same old dog breeder dog fighter crap.

They use this same crap when they oppose puppy mill regulations too.

Over and over again.

And the mental obsession with cars.

You're not fooling anyone, anon. Why bother to try?

You guys screwed yourselves over. And you screwed pit bulls over.

You got involved with the Patti Strands of the world, and you set yourselves up.

Patti is banking the checks, but you guys are going to get stuck holding the bag.

Anonymous said...

"I've never been on pro-pit forums."

Then why are you copying crap DIRECTLY FROM THEM. Same examples, same figures, same everything.

How batshit crazy are you?

Anonymous said...

If I am saying the same things posted on pro-pit forums they must be doing their homework as well. I don't need you to believe me as to what sites I've visited.

You do realize if two people post correct figures from the CDC and NDC they will be the same, right?

As for not fooling anyone, I did a pretty good job getting Colleen to post my anti-pit BS that I made up on the spot. The articles posted on DBO aren't too bad, but the comments really make you all seem crazy.

Lastly, before I head home for the day, you can assert that I don't have the right to own a pit bull all you want. It's still false. You might not like that I have that right, you may think I shouldn't have that right, but the fact remains that I do.

If you want to change that, you're going to have to take it from me, and it's not going to be easy. Goodnight.

HonestyHelps said...

Wonder if Merck knows that you are blogging on company time?

And get ready because I have every intentions of taking your "rights" away from you. You don't deserve any rights, asshole. Go visit your dog fighting buddies in jail and do something useful.

Anonymous said...

"If you want to change that, you're going to have to take it from me, and it's not going to be easy"

Here we go. There it is.

Now are we going to hear about your cold, dead fingers?

The NRA crap comes out, which of course is a connection that so many of these puppy millers, dog fighters, Naia types all share.

They want so much to persuade us that the right to bear arms in the constitution can somehow be equated to pit bulls.

It doesn't work. The Supreme Court blew you morons off.

You don't have the right to own dangerous dogs.

And as for ripping Merck off blogging while you're getting paid- shows your true colors. A bunch of thieves.

Living off Patti's gas fumes.

Anonymous said...

But it shows you. Just like the recent dog fighting bust where people were teachers, nurses, coaches etc- here's a pit bull nut who is at Merck.

Dog fighting, pit bulling- its a middle class disease.

Meanwhile these racist white middle class dog fighters all try to point the finger and say it's African Americans.

HonestyHelps said...

This anon person comes on here and thinks we never heard any of his/her rantings. We have heard them all! I would be ashamed to continously spout that shit when people are on to you from the beginning. You try to be so "logical" when you offered nothing new for an argument, just the same shit that is always offered.

I do hope the next headline of a pit attack mentions this anon idiot.