Monday, August 3, 2009

The Union of Idiots

Have you read the Whino's latest? He is such a disgusting man.

“When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. – Jonathan Swift from Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting.” – J.K. Toole, The Confederacy of Dunces.

Is how he starts his latest post. Note he refers to himself as a "true genius" and no doubt he believes that. He has stated many times that he is the way, the only way. The one thing I give him credit for is having a definite Messiah complex.

I consider those mentioned by him as the "Confederates" to be the real heros. HSUS is the only one out there fighting cruelty, not the Whino. The Dunaways and Perrys are fighting for the life of their shelters, knowing how cruel the "No Kill Equation" program has shown itself to be. They are in the direct line of fire and have the courage to speak the truth. Judie Mancusco is doing all she can to stop the influx of animals into the shelters. Unlike the Whino who says let them come because we can throw them out the door to anyone, outta sight, outta mind.

This man is in a union of idiots which includes Ed Boks, Michael Mountain, Best Friends, and numerous breeders and dog fighters. He has chose to jump into bed with the ones who make money off the suffering of animals and is the darling of the breeding industry. And someone needs to track down his math teacher to let him/her know what a lousy job they did with this guy. He can't add two and two together successfully much less figure that there are enough homes for all the animals born every day. What an idiot he is. But he thinks he is God and continues to express this. Well, God he ain't. And his Armageddon is coming soon because people are beginning to see that he ain't all there. It won't be soon enough for this person.

One thing he will be infamous for is how much he has set back the humane movement in this country. And I challenge him to prove that he is not getting money from the Center for Consumer Freedom or dog fighters. When they are telling their people to buy his book, what does he think that is? He's making money off them. Hell, the book is only fit to put in the bottom of a bird cage. He has yet to respond to my challenge to show where Dunaway and Perry have condemned him, to verify his accusations against them. He can't. Keep ranting, Whino, you are your own worse enemy.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, well the ones in confederacy WITH him are dog fighters, puppy mill breeders, animal abusers, commercial animnal abusers, hoarders, tobacoo and farm animal abuser lobbyists.

People who get prescriptions of restricted drugs in their dead dog's name and get professionally censured. People who give dogs to hoarders to kill. People who set off smoke bombs on elderly lady's doorsteps.

And more.

Those are the supporters of Nathan Winograd.

That's the confederation he chooses.

Anonymous said...

Center for Consumer Freedom was doing press releases for his book, their lobby business press releases, and sending out promotional emails to their commercial animal abuse lobbyist associates telling them that they were supporting Winograd, and telling the lobbyists to go out and support Winograd.

I too would like to know where the money is coming from. Charity records for the one foundation he supposedly has indicates that he gets few if any donations.

Does he has a business? How is he paying his bills? He is not licensed as an attorney any more. According to some information online, he had a house foreclosed on?

We saw that his convention was paid for by some breeder lobbying organizations.

Center for Consumer Freedom hands out lobbying money to people it promotes and supports. Is Winograd getting any of that lobbying money?

Here is information about Center for Consumer Freedom

Center for Consumer Freedom also has links to the pro puppy mill AKC connected lobbying group Naia, http://www.

Naia also promotes Nathan Winograd. Naia gets lobbying money from breeders and breeder related and animal abuse related organizations.

So is Winograd getting lobbying money?

HonestyHelps said...

He's running damage control. He knows that we are on to him and his "buddies". He knows he is supported by those we fight. He knows there's money to be made from the breeders/dog fighters. He and Karen Delise, two of a kind. Taking advantage of the animals to make their money and fame. Those two need to get married, they are cut from the same cloth, greedy SOB's.

Anonymous said...

And as for Judie Mancuso, this is where his attack on Mancuso is coming from


PetPac is a breeder lobby run by Bill Hemby, an AKC breeder whose other lobbying group COPS also got caught in some real dirty lobbying business. The information about that is on the above website.

Petpac opposes mandatory spay neuter (which Mancuso supports) because the AKC gets most of its money from puppy mill registrations. Breeders also aren't paying taxes. They don't want to get licensed, and breeder licensing is part of mandatory spay neuter.

So another member of Winograd's confederacy is someone like Bill Hemby, a pretty abhorrent character in this world. Hemby's lobby did bad things to people through the COPS lobbying group, and now supports doing bad things to pets through PetPac.

So Winograd is now being a mouthpiece for PetPac?

Again, are there more lobbying dollars involved there?

No one in the humane world attacks Mancuso. Just breeders and puppy mill, dog fighter people.

Winograd is clearly showing the whole world the kind of lobbying groups and people he is involved with!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Winograds latest post is promoting a book called 15 legs about people transporting dogs across country. Seems like a very bad idea and he is doing an expanded naration, according to himself. They are trying to get PBS to play it, I hope not, but since he said he is through consulting maybe this is his next plan.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the union of idiots include brent toellner or as i like to call him kcblowhard. i think winograd is grooming toellner to be his replacement.
you will be reading about him soon.

HonestyHelps said...

This Brent guy is just as sick as the Whino in my opinion. He'll go down in flames just like the Whino is about to do.

And as for "transporting" animals, I have been fighting that since it started. We found out with the Katrina disaster that bringing in animals from other regions also brings in disease that one region might not have. Canine flu was one and heartworms was another that was brought into CA. Not that we don't have it but it was rare to see it in Southern CA. Also it is immoral and unethical to take animals into another area that is still euthanizing in their shelters. One of the Whino's buddies is also speaking out against this in Minnesota. Those people who follow the Whino are delusional also in thinking that they are "saviors".

Anonymous said...

Brent Toellner is some dude who works in advertising. I guess you could call that a professional propagandist.

His blog is assorted propaganda from breeders.

Heavy on the pit bull breeders.

I see dog fighters writing about him and how he gets their words out and works for their interests.

Anonymous said...

So Winograd says he is not doing consulting any more?

So how is he supporting himself?

HonestyHelps said...

And all of us know that those in advertising don't know the truth if it crawled up their asses. They sell their souls for money.

I am trying to track down and verify that the Whino isn't doing consulting anymore. I also wrote to PBS complaining about this documentary on transporting animals. How can anyone think this solves anything? As Mike Fry, the Whino's buddy, said it is a bandaid measure. Their response is that if they don't do it, then people will buy from breeders. Bullshit. It is their responsibility to convince people to adopt. And I will bet that none of these transports handle pits and other large dogs, the very ones that are euthanized. Instead, like the Seattle Humane Society, cherry pick those shelters and take the cute fluffy dogs that would be adopted anyway. Just means when they take the cute ones away, the public only sees the "unadoptable" ones over and over, thus forcing them to go elsewhere to adopt. I swear this is a scheme by rescues to stop adoptions at shelters. In their minds, it would force shelters to adopt the Whino's program. It is a conspiracy.

HonestyHelps said...

It's on his blog that he will not be "consulting" as of the fall and is not taking any new "clients" at this time. Bull Fucking Shit. He ain't got no business anyway because people are learning about him. He says he is busy, yeah, busy pushing the breeding industry. SOB

Anonymous said...

He really is laughable.

As usual he tries to jab at Hsus and lie about them on behalf of his tobacco industry/puppy mill/breeder lobbyist associates

But it is BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY (with whom he has an association and tries to get people hired from Best Friends into shelters. Best Friends people also work with him on his No Kill death program)) who took their Hurricane Katrina rescues and abandoned them with hoarders like Don Chambers to KILL

Best Friends got millions upon millions of dollars in donations. It wasn't spent on Katrina rescues. It is in the bank, getting spent on lobbying for breeders and pit bull fighters.

Best Friends has a sanctuary in Utah with thousands of acres! They could have taken ALL of the Katrina rescues. They didn't. Many of their Katrina rescues died horrible deaths. Best Friends kept the money.

Best Friends took the Vick dogs to warehouse and fundraise with, but they refuse to take rescue pit bulls from their own state!

In addition, one of the people trying to manipulate and intimidate King County Washington and push Winograd's No Kill death program on King County Animal Control was a director of Pasado's No kill shelter. Pasado's abandoned their Katrina rescues with a hoarder that abused and killed many of them.

This is a Winograd supporter and what they did! This is someone that Winograd works with and is trying to get her into leading animal control in King County! http://www.

Tammy Hanson was the hoarder and even though this Winograd associate was warned that Hanson was a hoarder, the Winograd associate abandoned the Katrina rescues to die with Tammy Hanson.

These are the kinds of people that Winograd wants to take over animal control!

Recent info on Tammy Hanson. They found her in Vermont, she skipped out and was hiding there, and authorities are trying to extradite her. http://

Those 2006 charges were for killing and abusing the Katrina rescues sent by Winograd's associate!

I forget her name. It will come to me.

Anonymous said...

So he clearly is receiving lobbying dollars from somewhere. He has no visible means of support.

Where is the money coming from?

It's funny, in an alumni magazine interview that he gave where he adored himself, he admitted that his father-in-law put him down for earning so little money.

Since he has a family to support, and he has no law license anymore, how is he supporting himself?

Or I saw somewhere that he is now divorced? Is that so?

Center For Consumer Freedom does give stipends and "gifts" to people who lobby for them.

Anonymous said...

What is this 15 legs thing? A movie?

HonestyHelps said...

The 15 Legs is now a book but a documentary is being made with hopes of PBS stations carrying it. It is about the horrid practice of transporting shelter animals to other areas, always to a non profit. And this takes homes from the shelter animals in that area, thus killing them instead. And these imported dogs are never the one who would be euthanized at any shelter, they get adopted. It's a fucking business for these non profits, just like breeding. They need to get the dogs out of their shelters instead.

Anonymous said...

What is Winograd doing with regard to the film?

HonestyHelps said...

Providing narrative is what I understand he will be doing.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with adoption transport if it is done right. The primary transporters are the puppy mills anyway, sending sick dogs all over the U.S. to sell in pet stores and from brokers. They trasnsport hundreds and hundreds of thousands of sickly mill puppies.

It's not ok to say that puppy mills can do it but rescue groups can't.

However the AKC breeders make money from those transported puppy mill puppies, so AKC breeders oppose adoption transport because they think adoption is competition for purchased, transported puppy mill puppies.

(Yet, hypocritically, AKC breeders support transport for adoption of their purebreds. They are just prejudiced against mixed breeds.)

They can't be happy that Winograd is supporting adoption transport! Looks like Winograd is maybe standing up to the breeders who thought they had him under their thumb.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I have a real problem with the transporting of animals into an area that is still euthanizing their animals, a real problem. It is bandaid approach. Bringing more animals into an area that already has too many is immoral and unethical. Let's those who do it get off their asses and do something that prevents the need to do this. Put those efforts where they count, spay/neuter. And you honestly think this is his way to stand up to the breeders? Get real, he is making money off the breeders. They are trying to push legislation to force his horrid program onto shelters and why? Because the Whino is against new legislation that might hurt the breeders. They love him and obviously he must love them. He doesn't make an effort to separate himself from them, he encourages it. You need to read more of this blog.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned this on another blog, but it bears repeating. There is no supervision of disease or health during transport. There is very little oversight for the regular pet transport services, but these people who load up a truck with animals and head west have no idea of what to look for, and the animals may have never had any vaccination. These animals are going from shelter to shelter with no hope of adoption. Wretched, my other regular blog reading spots are opposed as well. I will get a post of my own up after I see the local schedules for televising in the bay area.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i just watched the clip on his blog. the guy is awfully chubby for a vegan.

HonestyHelps said...

CD, his being "chubby" has been mentioned by more than just you. I agree, he shouldn't look chubby if he is a vegan. I bet he sneaks a Big Mac often.