Friday, July 17, 2009

"Who is Nathan J. Winograd?"

Someone sent me a blog where he is condemning someone else, Ardena Perry in Reno. This man knows no shame. So what that others don't see him in the same light (or dark) that he sees himself. I did a little investigating and here's what I found.

First of all, he is connecting Ms. Perry with Pat Dunaway and takes another shot at this woman. Who is she? A Houston reporter also refers to the ubiquitous Pat Dunaway in his lengthy article and Nathan Winograd's obsession with her. Later on that.

Seems Ms. Perry is a well respected member of her community, a valued volunteer with Animal Control. She is also an appointed member of one or two commissions. A Readers Digest article had Ms. Perry organizing her neighborhood to upkeep empty houses so as to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood. I don't see that his accusations make sense about this woman.

And as for Pat Dunaway, I can't find anything that supports his accusations. The County of San Bernardino does have their cases online and there are no listings, not even a traffic ticket, for Pat Dunaway. Also I learned that there was a court case filed stating all the cruelty that Winograd mentions Ms. Dunaway supports from the County of San Bernardino, not the City of San Bernardino as Mr. Winograd's link shows. The County of San Bernardino had the contract with Rancho Cucamonga, not the City. The court case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Then I discovered that Ms. Dunaway has never been an employee and in any way associated with employment with the county or city as Mr. Winograd states. She is known only for her contributions to spay/neuter and rescue as far as animal control is concerned. I did find an old article still on a cockfighting forum written by the Press Enterprise that Ms. Dunaway was the inspiration for making cockfighting a felony in California. I have yet to see anything that supports Mr. Winograd's accusations of what she accuses him of. And I challenge him to produce that.

Best Friends filed a complaint stating the same things Mr. Winograd states about the cruelty at the Devore Shelter in San Bernardino County. Best Friends and the DA investigated these charges and found them false. Mr. Winograd's link on his posting leads right to the one who Best Friends has referred to as "cuckoo for cocoa puffs". So, Mr. Winograd, your own buddies are calling your accusations "cuckoo for cocoa puffs" in essence because you have taken your accusations from Best Friends has called this site misleading and out of date, just like your accusations.

Now who is Nathan J. Winograd? He is someone who loves to take credit even when he isn't due any. According to Ed Boks, Winograd recommended him for the job. Mr. Winograd, you just bragged on Tara Darby, your hand picked manager for PACCA/Philly. What happened, Mr. Winograd? You put the blame on management yet you picked the management. And Rancho Cucamonga, CA bought into your program and I found two newspaper articles that show they are not claiming to be no kill because animals were being dumped on them because of it. I also saw their budget sky rocketing and no volunteers. This is online at the City web site.

How many animals have you handled in your "shelter" career, Mr. Winograd? Patricia J. Ruland discovered that you were only over the shelter in San Fran for a week and a half. Then your short tenure at Tompkins County handling about 3000 or so animal a year. You're no expert in shelter management with only 10,000 animals under your belt. I also see that you are trying hard to convince San Fran to declare no kill, I thought they were no kill if one listens to you.

You're just running scared, Mr. Winograd and you take your anger out on others. Show me where Ms. Dunaway says all those things about you, show me. I'm pretty good about research and I can't find them. I find two reporters that dispute your accusations in print, that's what I find. But these two women are at least in good company in that you have put them in the same catagory as HSUS and Peta, and not one of your Whinonettes. I consider you to be no more than a Wayne Pacelle wannabe anyway.

Who is Nathan J. Winograd? In my book, well, let's just say he is not one of my favorite people.


Anonymous said...

I happen to know Pat. Winograd is definitely a liar on this one. Anyone who knows her knows that she would be all over animal control if they were guilty of what Winograd accuses. She would be the first one raising hell. Besides he is taking info from Vikki Shore and she is the one Best Friends called "cuckoo for cocoa puffs" after they investigated the charges Winograd refers to.

Pat was instrumental in bringing about the spay/neuter program in San Bernardino. Even today with the cut in budgets, this program is still standing at full target which shows that someone did an excellent job of selling it and the program itself was excellent. It has made a tremendous difference in San Bernardino and has been copied by others.

I know Pat took her own money and help people with their pets. She had a fund for low income senior citizens to help pay for medical vet bills so they could keep their pets rather than euthanize because they couldn't pay for treatment. Does this sound like a person who wants to kill animals? Hardly and Winograd knows the truth, yet he continues to post these lies.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon, I didn't know about that spay/neuter program. I did find out that San Bernardino has an award winning spay/neuter program and I guess that it the one you are talking about.

Also, I found out that those letters on Winograd's site were written by either Vikki Shore or another Winograd follower who was convicted of multiple DUI's and had to serve time for them. So much for Winograd's sources.

Anonymous said...

So what it sounds like is that this Mr Winograd is obsessed with some women, and seems to be trying to personally hurt them.

He seems to have a real hatred and contempt for women.

Anonymous said...

Where is he making all these accusations about these women? Why?

Is he encouraging people to harass these women?

HonestyHelps said...

That's my question as well. I looked and couldn't find anything under Dunaway's name that relates to Winograd. I found quotes in news articles and all those quotes just add up to her being well known in the humane community there.

And you bring up an interesting subject on women. He also condemns a professior at a university in CA who is a woman, as well as Ingrid with Peta. He does go after Pacelle a lot and Pacelle is very handsome.

Anonymous said...

I looked up that reporter, and it looks like Winograd threatened her. Another woman.

HonestyHelps said...

This just keeps getting better. The reporter in Houston, Craig Malisow, was accused of "blackmailing" Winograd. Both reporters say that Dunaway was not the source of their articles in the body of those articles.

Anonymous said...

I am not understanding any of this.

After what Mr. Winograd did in Philadelphia, and the abuse that went on there, how can this man be harassing these people?

He hired people who were responsible for animal cruelty in Philadelphia animal control when they were running it using Mr Winograd's No Kill method.

Wasn't that Pacca?

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, it was PACCA. And you would think but as usual Winograd owned no part of it. He says he can't control it so he should not be blamed. When you read the Philly audit it reflects greatly on the Chief Operating Officer yet Winograd recommended him highly for a position in Indy. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I found what you wrote about, and Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Dunaway should contact law enforcement.

This is not just raving. This is a threat.

I have never seen such a hate-filled attack on women like this in this modern world.

This is abnormal.

HonestyHelps said...

It is abnormal considering that he doesn't provide any links to show that they are attacking him.

Anonymous said...

Winograd must be desperate if he used this as a source. So yes, it does translate into Best Friends calling him a cuckoo too since this is the only source he quotes. How funny.

Vikki Shore's A Loose Cannon!
April 1, 2009 : 12:52 AM
It is important to know that the following website is filled with old, and sometimes fabricated information. Going off of her allegations, an investigation was launched with the San Bernardino's District Attorney's Office and it was found that renovations and adjustments are already taking place.

Best Friends is now working with Devore to clean up the shelter and help the animals in need.

When presented with this positive information, Vikki Shore, the founder of became unstable and hostile. She is now fabricating information that she claims that I said to her. It is unfortunate, but good information for fellow rescuers to know.

Can someone say "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?"

Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd is involved with NAIA, a puppy mill lobbying organization that also supports animal cruelty on every dimension.

He also is involved with Consumer Freedom, who lobbies for the Petland puppy mill breeders among other animal abusers.

Both these groups are linked to by dog fighters, for example.

These organizations promote him and get their animal-abusing networks to support Nathan Winograd. Consumer Freedom was issuing press releases for him.

The ADL in Los Angeles was planting smoke bombs on people's property, and writing Winograd's organization name on the sidewalk, according to the news a few years ago.

What I fear for these two ladies is that now that this extensive network of pro abuse and extremist lobbyists are getting sicced onto them by Winograd, that these ladies will be getting death threats from dog fighters or mentally disturbed fanatics.

I hope they are taking the necessary precautions after Winograd's attack and activities.

The point of his essay seems to be to direct these people at these ladies.

Who would ever let this man or his workers into their community?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Winograd have his workers attacking people in King County Washington too? From what I can recall, some members of the community were getting harassed by Winograd and the people he had sent to King County?

Anonymous said...

And wasn't one of Winograd's workers that was harassing people in King County Washington that veterinarian who was suspended for getting illegal drugs in his dead dog's name?

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, one of his followers pushing for him in Seattle was a vet with a public record regarding his issuing medication for himself in his dead dog's name. I would think he should lose his license for this.

And the ADL-LA tried like hell to get the City of LA to hire him, this was all going on when he up and left Tompkins County. I did find an article where he states he was going to retire. I found another article where he says he moved back to attend to a dying relative. But I believe it was because the ADL-LA promised him the gig.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Austin article that set Winograd off on Pat Dunaway, he also wrote to the editor of the Austin Chronicle. Seems he wrote about the article BEFORE the article was written or published. He got pissed just because of the type of questions the reporter was asking.

News Editor Michael King responds: While it's curious that Nathan Winograd would report others' supposedly negative responses to a Chronicle article early on Thursday morning – before the issue had even hit the streets – it's even more curious that neither Bonney Brown nor Ryan Clinton expressed any discomfort with Patricia Ruland's reporting in several communications, as the story was being prepared, nor afterward. If Brown believes she was misquoted in some unspecified way, and wishes to notify us directly, we would be glad to consider her complaint. However, Winograd's well-publicized perspective on Austin animal welfare efforts, and their practitioners, is amply represented in the story. We stand by our reporting.]

Anonymous said...

Well said Honesty. I met Ardena while visiting a dog park in Reno, she welcomed me to Oreo's blog and I admire her work and yours a great deal. She is a smallish rather soft spoken woman with a passion for animals. like all of us who work for animal welfare, she is not afraid to take a stand.I know she cares about shelter conditions. I remember what this fools did to catmom. I hope she gets an attorny, and quickly. He is a dangerous man. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It seems clear that Nathan Winograd targets women because he thinks he can get away with harassing them and brutalizing them.

This needs to stop.

What can be done about this?

This man cannot go on hurting women because he has failed and his program has failed.

Anonymous said...

And also as I remember, Winograd's pushers in King County Washington were connected to the Pasado No Kill sanctuary shipping of their pits bulls from hurricane Katrina to a hoarders who killed some of them.

Winograd was writing these kinds of attack columns at the time when he was trying to get his workers to force No Kill onto King County and take over and take over the tax money.

Didn't he attack and smear a government official who wouldn't get bullied by the Winograd people, and call this poor man a Karl Rove or something outrageous?

It wasn't as dangerous an attack though as the attack on these women. This is dangerous!

And Winograd's workers in Washoe County Nevada? What role do they play in getting Winograd to attack fellow citizens?

The ones in King County worked hand in glove with Winograd. They attacked, he backed them up with smear.

This is unnacceptable behavior. It's like a virus that comes into communities, tries to seize the tax money, and when their dirty history and failures get revealed, they try to destroy honest people in their own communities who care about the animals and community instead of getting the tax money.

So now will Winograd harass the council people that said no to him?

Anonymous said...

I found a news story about this. And found this

"Commissioner Kitty Jung made a plea to create an oversight committee to review operations and policies at the center."

Since the way that Winograd operates is to get his cronies on these "citizen oversight committees" and then run animal control the Winograd way, and smear people, dismantle animal control laws, strike out county code that Winograd doesn't like, stop cruelty investigations (puppy mills don't like those), give out aggressive dogs, warehouse animals, and fire people, DEMAND MORE MONEY FROM THE TAXPAYERS, raise costs, and take over control from Commissioners and the public

(what they exposed as their goals in King County Washington with their "citizen oversight committee")

Is this Jung Winograd's intents and behavior?

How does this woman tolerate the attacks and harassment of members of her own community, particularly women, by a man with this background from outside the area?

How could she be involved with someone like Winograd and his operatives?

Anonymous said...

The point is that even though the Commissioners weren't duped by the Winograd pressure to take over animal control directly, Winograd and cronies may be using Jung to try to get this "advisory committee" set up, and Winograd and his cronies will just take over animal control indirectly.

We saw that in Indianapolis where Winograd cronies took over the citizen animal control advisory board, then took over animal control including hiring and policies.

They took it right out of the hands of government leaders and citizens.

They got a Winograd crony who had just been run out of PACCA Philadelphia animal control after a terrible situation of abuse, animal death, giving out aggressive dogs, and the Winograd cronies hid this background and got the Winograd operative hired to run Indianapolis animal control, where there are of course big problems now.

Anonymous said...

"And as for Pat Dunaway, I can't find hardly anything that supports his accusations." This means that you found a reasonable amount of information. Or did you mean to say, "I can find hardly anything..."?

HonestyHelps said...

I should have said I couldn't find anything to prove his accusations against Dunaway. He is trying to prove his accusations now by siccing his puppets on a shelter he thinks is associated with her. So far accusations have been made but absolutely no proof has been presented. This poor shelter has endured investigation after investigation, TV reporters and the like, each time coming out smelling like a rose.