Friday, January 8, 2010

The Whino

I had been putting off doing one of my least favorite things to do in life, and that is to go to the Whino's blog. I really hate seeing his face on my computer. But one has to do what one has to do and I did.

Glad I did because it is pitiful and that makes me very happy. His list of his "achievements" for 2009 are somewhat lower, I bet, than he expected since he thinks we will be "No Kill" shortly. About the only thing he did was put out another propaganda book and that certainly won't be a great legacy to leave the world.

He is still supporting Doug Rae, can you believe that? I felt certain he would turn tail on Rae like he has been known to do on others like Tara Darby. Oh, Tara was the greatest - until he caught wind of possible cruelty charges. Then he turned like a pit bull on a nutter and went for the throat. Nice guy, huh? Especially since Tara was his hand picked choice for the position. It was actually Rae who brought the Philly shelter down because the things wrong there were directly under his control, not Tara's. Yeah, the Whino is again whining about a corrupt city council, in Indy, blah, blah, blah. Man, does his bullshit get old.

So, he has very little to "brag" about now, very little. The "successes" get fewer and fewer every year. And he wasn't really making a lot of predictions for the future of "No Kill". I wonder if he is getting the message a little, that his program is not having the acceptance he expected. I would say he was expecting to be the second coming of Richard Avanzino by now. Don't get me talking about the Maddie's Fund here and how Avanzino is wasting the opportunity to truly help with his insistance to only fund those programs he thinks will be successful. Avanzino doesn't put money into the really hard core areas because he only is concerned with collecting success. The Whino would love nothing more than to boot Avanzino out and control all that money. He should stick with being a Wayne Pacelle wannabe instead and go for the looks, not the money.

So I predict that it pretty much is the beginning of the end for "No Kill", no one wants the Whino any more. If he were as great as he thinks he is, he would be doing seminars everyday. Instead he might have one only on occasion now. Looks like the Whino is winding down and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He's caused enough suffering, enough contention in the humane community, enough bullshit and needs to go. The sooner, the better. Hope to say in 2011 that no ones knows his whereabouts. I know where I would like to send him.


Anonymous said...

He needs to be arrested for public deception and support of animal cruelty and people who commit animal cruelty

The mountain of lies has reached the breaking point! He needs to be held accountable for the falsehoods he produces.


What is going on with the finances of these front groups he runs? Are there kickbacks? What about the financial arrangements with the businesses who fund his "conventions"

And the charity he had that received nada. But has money to spend

The whole situation is nothing but shady. And everything he touches is a failure.

HonestyHelps said...

There is a law in CA that I tried to get applied to him. It is that when someone doesn't give the right service as promised/contracted to a public agency, you can use this law to get the money back. It's kinda a scam artist law in a way. Probably other states have something similar. One day it will happen. Maybe even in King County, WA. The recent events may uncover the info that would point to the Whino's role in that conspiracy.

We have to keep a watch out for those like Patitz in Indy getting put on animal commissions and protest it. The Whino condemns HSUS about where their money goes, when he should be questioned ab out his non profit money, where is it going to help animals. Don't give me education as an excuse, that doesn't directly help the animals. In fact, he is against humane education, stopped it in Tompkins County and recommended to Rancho Cucamonga to forget education of children.

Anonymous said...

"In fact, he is against humane education, stopped it in Tompkins County and recommended to Rancho Cucamonga to forget education of children."

That is something that the AKC and the pro-puppy mill and pro-animal abuse groups like NAIA and Center for Consumer Freedom (who supports NAIA) routinely oppose. They oppose humane education, because they routinely indoctrinate people that it is ok to abuse animals for profit.

So Winograd has become an employee of NAIA.

DISGUSTING!! I saw NAIA people claiming this was so. Clearly, they are right! Winograd is fighting to protect abuse.

HonestyHelps said...

His excuse is that we should not be "wasting" money educating children when it is the adults who control the pets. The Whino's program, all in all, doesn't take into account the future, it is bound to the present. Who does he think the future pet owners are? Applying his theory, we don't need to educate children period.

He is a whore, plain and simple, selling out to the highest bidder. He doesn't give a shit or he would realize that the backing of the breeders/dog fighters/animal haters have glorified him. While the rest of us have to clean up his mess.

cravendesires said...

jere alexander links to winograd. reason enough right there to distrust and dislike man.

HonestyHelps said...

Of course she is. He is the original "Pits Get a Bad Rap". All the pit breeders love him, all the hoarders love him, all the crazy cat ladies love him, all the breeders love him. I hate him.