Wednesday, January 13, 2010

King Co animal shelters to stay open until end of June

Well, well, well. Just what do you think has happened to bring about this complete turnaround? Couldn't have anything to do with that little ol' lawsuit filed the ACO Guild, could it?

This is so good. I love public records, absolutely love them. I would campaign for even more openness in government if I weren't so busy with the Whino and the pit nutters. The pit bull issue actually puts the Whino issue to shame with their conspiracies, lies, deceit, you name it. I still can't believe that the media isn't all over the pit issue. Makes one realize that you come up against a much bigger brick wall than the Whino will ever be. His is more like a chainlink fence with all the loopholes that you can see right through. But the pits, it's more the solid concrete block type, takes a lot more to see or get through that wall.
This one will be an interesting ending. Please go to the AC blog and make comments. They are waging a good battle against our mutual enemy.


Anonymous said...

If I understand correctly, the 32 cities don't pay for animal control/housing, they rely entirely on licensing fees to pay the bill. And all along, instead of the county making deals with these cities for the difference, the county just up and said stop animal control/housing. If this is the case, that seems a somewhat stupid.

The county should be contracting with those cities for a certain amount from their general fund whenever the cost of doing business is more than the fees collected by the county (license, surrender fees, whatever applies).

If someone can better explain this to me, please do. This situation has never made a lot of sense other than a deliberate hostile takeover by Winograd and his zealots.

Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette of the Seattle Humane Society is a breeder business lobbyist who belongs to breeder lobbies that support puppy mills, dog fighting, cruelty, abuse, and support things that endanger the public and risk public safety.

The breed clubs she belongs to give their members' money to virulent, extreme, pro-abuse lobbyists like NAIA
which is connected to the pro-abuse and anti-public safety Center for Consumer Freedom


Her breed clubs also disseminate propaganda from these groups, and actively lobby for these interests.

Winograd is also connected to those two lobbying groups.

What could a city councilor have been thinking?

He is going to give taxpayer money and control of public safety issues to two business people who are OPPOSED to public safety and who support abuse in the name of profiting from animals?

That is using taxpayers to support private industry financial interests.

It is like handing control of the board of health to a tobacco industry lobbyist to use it for the interests of the tobacco industry!!

Which is what Center for Consumer Freedom also does.

HonestyHelps said...

"What could the city council be thinking", you don't think when you drink the koolaid of "No Kill".

Anonymous said...

It's very stupid to give parolees a pit bull or any animal for that matter. It's hard enough when your on parole to take care of yourself let alone a dog especially a big dog that eats alot. I think you should do better background checks if you really care for those dogs. These are people with criminal pasts. I'd be worried about what their training these dogs to do in the future.