Monday, January 18, 2010

HOT NEWS!! Animal Planet Has A New Name - Pimping For Pits

First, PFP (formerly known as the Animal Planet) brought us Tia Torres and her pit bull "sanctuary". What a role model!! Her husband has known Aryan Nation ties, is a felon, and is currently serving time for a "parole violation". Torres says this as if it is nothing, no big deal. It probably is a big deal to those who were his victims. And her program of "rehabbing" ex-cons, yeah right, is probably nothing more than a recon mission for these cons to make their hits easier. Plus Torres opened up a brothel to support her addition to the pits. Pimping women to support pit bulls, that is disgusting.

Now PFP (formerly known as the Animal Planet) is again pimping pit bulls with their newest Frankenstein creation, Pit Boss. Another criminal being glorified along with his pit bull who still has balls!! This man can't even control a pit physically because of his size. And in my opinion it is his lack of size that has him using pits to make up for it.

All this emphasis on saving pit bulls from PFP and none on saving the lives of hundreds of people. The former Animal Planet has gone to the dogs literally, the pits in particularly. Just goes to show that money walks and the lives of people walk when it comes to PFP. Boycott PFP and let them know that you are doing so.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who has followed Tia Torres knows that the brothel never materialized. It burned to the ground a few years ago. There was no insurance. It remains a burned out building on a lot in remote northern Nevada.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you missed the point. Whether the brothel materialized or not is not the point. The fact that Tia was willing to sell women's bodies to support her addiction to pits is the point. And then this Pit Boss served time for attempted murder, what kind of role models are either of them? Just like saving vicious pits when there are so many good dogs going down in the shelters for lack of space is not a role model either. PFP can't find decent people to put on their channel??? People who work everyday saving animals and who don't pimp women or try to kill people should be on there, let them get the donations those programs generate. Neither of these people deserve it.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a complete idiot and are against pit let's ban Animal Planet cause they have 2, out of MANY shows, showing how great these dogs, in fact, are? Get a life.

HonestyHelps said...

The only fucking idiots here are you pit nutters. I have a life and it is now dedicated to stopping the lies and deceit of the pit nutters about their fucking pieces of shit dogs. Don't tell people to get a life when your damn pits are taking lives in epidemic numbers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and that fire was labeled as "suspicious" and Tia collected insurance money on it!

Tia Torres husband SHOT A COP. That is what originally sent him to jail.

There also have been drug busts AT TIA'S SANCTUARY, and a volunteer teenager died of a drug overdose at her sanctuary.

Her husband was arrested (with others at the sanctuary) for those drug crimes. Drugs were being produced, used, sold AT the sanctuary.

Young people have died and gotten hurt through Tia Torres' operation.

Anonymous said...

"While on the surface, Tia Torres appears to be championing a noble cause in the rehabilitation of pit bulls, however, there is another side to Torres and Villalobos dog rescue center that I am sure she does not want the public to know about. It is my hope that you will do further investigative reporting on Torres, her staff and the activities happening at Villalobos dog rescue center. "


Anonymous said...

Part II

"Villalobos is a non-profit organization and Torres gets funding from public donations, state and local government. However, such funding should be questioned based on recent events that I have spelled out in the following letter.

My experience with Villalobos dog rescue center began two years ago when my younger twin brothers Kanani Dana Chock and Keli'i Cameron Chock started working there. Prior to Villalobos, my brothers were excellent students, they were admired by peers and excelled in high school sports. However, after they started working at Villalobos, they dropped out of school and disconnected with family and friends."

Anonymous said...


"About a year ago, my brothers became involved with Tia Torres' husband Aren Marcus Jackson, who had recently gotten out of jail. He had been in jail for approx 14 years for the attempted murder of two Orange county police officers.

My brothers moved into a house on the Villalobos dog rescue center property.

About nine months ago, we found out Kanani and Keli'i were using crystal meth intravenously. When confronted with the drug use, my brothers promised to quit.

Three weeks ago, I got a call that Keli'i had been hospitalized due to a drug overdose."

Anonymous said...

Part IV

"By the time Keli'i was taken to the hospital, he had fallen into a coma. It lasted for two days. He eventually pulled through, however, I later learned that Aren and Tia had been "nursing" Keli'i for four days prior to taking him to the hospital. It wasn't until Keli'i started having convulsions and was unresponsive that Aren decided to take him to the hospital. When we asked them what had happened, Tia and Aren assured us that it was not from drugs but some sort of mental health problem.

At this point, we were more than just a little concerned about the health and safety of Kanani and Keli'i. We realized that they needed the help of a drug treatment center.

The boys looked up to Aren and we felt it would be helpful he talked to them about going to rehab. But Aren held the opinion that rehab "doesn't work" and that they will ?use again.? After Keli'i had gotten out of the hospital, my mother took him to an NA meeting. Aren told Keli'i "not let them brainwash you."

Aren should know about drug addiction, he was hospitalized about a year ago from a drug overdose and according to his Parole Officer is still using. Meanwhile Tia just stands by and pretends that she knows nothing about what is going on there. "

Anonymous said...


"In a last ditch effort to get the twins to stop using meth, my mother organized an intervention, seeking help of Intervention Service & Technologies (

On Sunday, September 9, 2007, we held an intervention. Keli'i was receptive. He agreed to go to a treatment center in Kentucky called Liberty Ranch ( Immediately, he was put on a plane and flown to Kentucky to begin a drug rehab program. Kanani was not so receptive, he did not go to rehab, but did admit to us that he had a problem. During this time that we learned that Kanani had been arrested for suspicion of possessing methamphetamine during a September 6th raid on the house on the Villalobos property. In addition, I heard that the officers found eight ballons of heroin on the property. To confirm this please refer to the police report. No one from the Chock family was contacted. Allegedly, Tia Torres posted bail, which was $10,000, and picked Kanani up from the police station.

On Monday, September 10th, I spoke with Aren Jackson. During our conversation, Jackson reminded me that he was in complete control of my brothers and they would do whatever he told him to do. He said that there were ?certain conditions that needed to be met,? before he would release my brother to get help. It was unclear what the conditions were. Perhaps it had something to do with the recent raid on the property. When asked what he meant by "condition,? he told me that my brother needed to "testify" on [Aren?s] behalf and that after he had done so he was "free" to go. When questioned about the date of the hearing he would not give me a date except to say that my brother would not be able to leave until then. The conversation became heated and Jackson started threatening me, yelling "Do you want your brother or not?"

Wednesday. I received more bad news. Keli'i had left rehab and was on his way back to Villabolos. Allegedly, Tia Torres had bought him a plane ticket home.

I have read several articles on the internet from the L.A. Weekly to the Daily News that commend Torres for the work she is doing to save, protect and rehabilitate pit bulls. I do not understand why a pit bull is more important than a child, more important than my brother. What is Torres motivation to keep my brothers out of rehab? Why is it so important to have them at the Villalobos? She knows they need professional help. She was there when Keli'i overdosed and had to be taken to the hospital. Are they helping her run drugs? I cannot predict the future but I do know one thing that is certain. If my brothers do not get the help they need I am afraid that they will end up in prison or dead.

In addition, what about the tax dollars and donations Torres receives to care for the animals. When she spent money on the plane ticket or the $10,000 bond. Where did that money come from? "

Anonymous said...

As a Jewish person, I am outraged that another Jewish person, Marjorie Kaplan who is the President of Animal Planet and works for Discovery Networks, is putting on a show that glorifies a person connected to the Aryan Brotherhood and skinheads.

This sanctuary is connected to the Aryan Brotherhood, as Tia Torres has always been very public about the fact that her husband works WITH her and co-runs the sanctuary.

This is that woman Kaplan

It is a disgrace that she is so unethical that she is allowing Animal Planet to be used by haters, racists, and anti-semitic criminals to make money.

So that more members of the Aryan Brotherhood can come to the Torres sanctuary and spread hate and profit, thanks to Animal Planet?

This entire show is based on criminal activity, and it is heinous.

s.morgan said...

You really are an idiot. I am a dog owner and Lover - I have never owned a pit so I am not a "pit nutter" (wtf is that btw?) However as an animal lover I have respect for this powerful breed. I think ANIMAL PLANET is doing a great thing by showcasing the Pit Bull - whether you like it or not they are a very popular & controversial breed - These shows show the owners of pits how to handle them and channel their high energy, and they are trying to show people who have issues with the breed that they are good dogs. I am a true believer in there are no bad dogs just bad owners - I have seen more aggressive chihuahuas than pits. You also have no right to judge tia, her husband, or the "pit boss" you are not perfect, nobody is. Who cares what they do with their life - its THEIR life. You have no idea what they have been through to get where they are. Tia is still doing an amazing job - she takes care of animals that would be dead if it wasn't for her - she doesnt have an easy job, she has worked hard and I believe she deserves some recognition and respect, even if you dont like pit bulls as a breed or her life style - she is still saving lives of animals.
If you dont like the shows on animal planet - Dont watch them. you can even block animal planet as a whole if just cannot live with the horrible disgusting shows they have.

ps. The number 1 dog for attacks is German Shepards not pits.

and this so called life you have is a pathetic one. I really feel sorry for you.seutteme

Anonymous said...

From the News

"Rescuer, Tia Torres husband officially charged
Aren Marcus Jackson, convicted ex-convict and husband to Tia Torres, owner of Villalobos Rescue Center (for pit bull dogs) has been officially charged with a Felony. He is awaiting his next court debut scheduled for the 24th in Lancaster, at L.A. County Jail. He has a no bail status of $950,000.
Jackson turned himself in on 9/11/2007 after six deputy sheriff's and Jackson's parole officer found drugs at the premises. "

The premises where she has teenage volunteers doing free slave labor for her!

Anonymous said...

Tia Torres has long been cited by OTHER PIT BULL PEOPLE as abusing the money that she gets as donations by spending it on things like multi-thousand dollar plane tickets for her husband's benefit, and spending it on a lavish lifestyle.

That money donated isn't going to help dogs, that is what OTHER pit bull rescue types say!

It is going to Tia herself. There are years of examples all over!

HonestyHelps said...

S.Morgan, you are the idiot. You are also a liar. I doubt very seriously you would take your time to come to this blog unless you were a nutter. Where the hell do you get that GSD are the biggest attackers? You can't throw out a lie like that on this blog and expect to get away with it. Find me a website with all the attacks by GSDs. Have you even bothered to watch Tia's show? None of her pits even know how to act on a leash. She runs a dumping ground for pits, nothing says she saves them. She married a man that shot a cop and "hangs" with ex-cons. She is a joke, not a role model. But for nutters like you, I would say she is a role model, no ethics, no knowledge of pits, no morals, yep, typical of pit nutters.

Anonymous said...

More on Tia posted on a News story by a friend of Tia's daughters that has seen this first hand.

This is where some of the money is going.

"I believe Tia is A hack, she makes about a 150 K a year after taxes. So trust me she does not have it too bad. As far as AJ. he's a white supremacist, active member of the Aryan brotherhood. As far as the twins, they're both hooked on meth by IV. And it gets better, did you know they both go out with Tia's two daughter. Not to mention she collected insurance on the fire of her brothel. In brief, racism towards blacks and hispanics,a former madam who prey on women weakness, two twins of hawaiian descent who think they are white. Funny. And yes they did steal that bike, yes they're all on dope . If it smell like shit then its probably is. These are all proven facts, she has a lavish lifestyle for her daughters at the expense of all the tax free contributions of people who buy it. She's a slick grifter, who by the way met AJ thru the mail. It show how insecure she is, meeting an ex convict who is a killer. He killed a child molester in jail. Oh btw the twins get motorcycles, cars, toys, free rent, because they go out with her daughter "

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks for the info on Tia. This is the pit nutters role model, no wonder they are nutzzzz.

Anonymous said...

Animal Planet is promoting pure evil, both to humans AND animals with this show.

For every pit bull this woman takes, 10 non pit bulls will die because the rescue community is FULL UP and maxed out!

And she is placing dogs that are attacking other people's pets, and have a history of violence.

It is only a matter of time until a child is killed by a Tia Torres Pit Bull.

HonestyHelps said...

You're right, it's only a matter of time. With the pits, it isn't a question of whether they will or won't, it is a question of WHEN! All these pit nutters making comments are the next news headlines. And what will they say? "oh, my pit has never shown any aggressiveness, kisses my kids, blah, blah, blah"

Anonymous said...

"I have seen more aggressive chihuahuas than pits."

Propaganda STRAIGHT from the pit bull breeders and breeder lobbying groups.

They claim they don't breed pit bulls, then they cut and paste pit bull breeder propaganda.

And it's all the same propaganda, in the same words!

They are such liars. They can't even admit they own a pit bull, because it makes them look bad!!

So they have to claim they just "admire" them.

Another pit bull breeder/dog fighter friend BUSTED right here in your blog, Honesty!

HonestyHelps said...

We know all their "excuses" and are throwing them back in their faces. They don't have enough sense to come up with something new. Pit nutters are actually very boring to deal with. But someone has to do the dirty work.

Anonymous said...

Wow, given that Tia Torres is an expert witness in pit bulls, some of you are being pretty judgmental about the fact that she knows nothing about this breed!

She is recognized by the courts as expert witness.

Here's the most recent case which she was consulted on in the Sacramento, CA area.

Anonymous said...

She's not an "expert" witness.

She is a PAID witness.

Pit bull breeders, fighters, and the like have their attorney PAY her to say what they want in court and defend their crimes.

Everyone on earth is an "expert" witness when they appear in court to testify.

Except some people (like Torres) get paid for their OPINION.

HonestyHelps said...

So funny!!! And what do you know of her credentials that qualify her as an "expert"? She's pimped out, plain and simple. Courts are easily impressed with "experts" and people have walked away with murder because of "experts". Are you so naive to think that this woman who married a con that she met thru the mail, and would pimp women out is an "expert" at anything other than being a complete fool? This is your "expert"? Yeah, right! Explain this "role model" to your kids. "Here honeys, this is what I want you to be when you grow up, now kiss the pits goodnite and don't let the pits bite."

Anonymous said...

"about the fact that she knows nothing about this breed!"

And anyway, you pit bull profiteers all say that there is no such thing as a pit bull.

Now there is, and Tia Torres is an "expert" in something that doesn't exist, and no one knows how to identify?

You kid-killers make zero sense, and you trip over your own lies.

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you Anon Friend, very well said. Point made, nutters, try again.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Both of my dogs are CGC registered. Both of my dogs Are Certified Therapy dogs. Both had to go through rigorous training and testing to do both, and passed with flying colors.

One of my dogs loves people, cats, other dogs. The other loves people, cats, and is iffy with other dogs.

One of my dogs is a German Shepherd/Collie mix, the other one is an American Pit Bull Terrier. My ABPT is not the one that I worry about with other dogs. So, just because of his breed, I should have him destroyed?

I'm not a "pit nutter" as you put it. I'm someone who went to an animal rescue looking for two dogs, and happened to fall in love with the personality of this pit.

Here's the funny thing about news reports and studies. My grandfather ran animal control for 30 years. He would have local reporters come in and ask "Do you have any records on pit attacks?" My grandfather would reply "No, but I have about 10 lab attacks" Would the reporter take those? Nope! They only wanted pit attacks.

Give me a REAL test statistic that actually separates breeds, and does NOT lump 10 breeds of "Pit bull like dogs" into one. I'd love to see it. I bet Huskies would have the highest attack ratio if you lumped "Husky like dogs" into one category as well.

And really, HonestyHelps. Being insulting is really not the way to go to get people following your cause. You come off as a defensive asshole, and may times worse then the "pit nutters" you're raving about. You sound like a 14 year old teenage boy playing online games and spazzing out because someone sniped you. Maybe you should be a little bit calmer and stop coming off as a PETA Fanatic, and more people might listen to you.

Anonymous said...

That little piece of shit midget would be the first one out in the midget toss. That guy is a fucking liar that is only bringing down the Pit Bull community. Using his status as "boss" to order people around and take care of HIS dogs.
You can never trust a midget.

As for the whole Pit Boss show.....thats a complete waste of money and a joke to think this guy who is so against Breeding, one of his own dogs still has his balls. COMPLETE HYPOCRIT and should be pulled from the air.

"Pit Boss served time for attempted murder, what kind of role models are either of them?"

I dunno, what kinds of role models are crack whore Lindsay Lohan, and that Amy Winehouse?
What kind of role models are Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and David Letterman?
They are all pieces of shit

HonestyHelps said...

"So, just because of his breed, I should have him destroyed?"

Who the fuck said that, not me. I want you to put a muzzle on it, have a secure fence, insurance, microchipping, altering and anything else that would make the public safe from your pit. I don't give a shit what bullshit tests your pit has gone thru, doesn't prove a thing, it's still unpredictable.

And your grandfather no more did animal control than I do. Your mouth moved and another lie. And reporters don't go around to AC's and ask for a story. There are more than enough pit bull attacks to satisfy them. So now you pull out the worldwide conspiracy by the media to get the pits, can't you do better than that?

And a pit by any other name is still a fucking pit bull, dangerous, unpredictable and capable of killing people. Unlike a Jack Russell which isn't quite so capable of killing people. And the genetics behind the pit and it's other names is still the same.

And good, I'm successful in getting the message across to you nutters that I don't like you. You don't respect me and I certainly don't respect you. I don't give a shit about changing your minds because you don't have minds. You are the ones who show so much disrespect with your denials about your fucking dogs. People are dying and you don't give a shit. So I can't be nasty enough to pit nutters. I don't care to change your minds, I work on changing the laws that will force you to do the right thing. If you can't understand my English, then you will certainly understand my ass whipping via changing the laws.

Anonymous said...

My dog does not need a muzzle. He's not any more unpredictable then any other breed of dog. I don't believe in breeding so yes he is neutered.

And how do you magically know I'm lying? Want proof? I can give it to you. I'm also in contact with the man who currently runs it. From his mouth, yes reporters DO go looking for pit attacks. They don't give a shit about other breeds. Want proof of that? I can give that to you too. It's not a lie and I CAN produce 100% proof on it. You hear things you don't like and it's "OOOOOOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG YOUR MOUTH IS MOVING IT MUSSST BE A LIIIIIEEEEEEE"

Just because you don't like hearing it doesn't mean it's a lie. My grandfather was in animal control you dumb prick. I know because I was there. I grew up going to that place because my family wanted to teach me how to be a good owner to animals.

So, hm. Fuck you :) So fine, my dog should be muzzled? So should German Shepherds. So should any dog bred to attack humans. Because they're dangerous too. Actually, let's muzzle all dogs over 15 pounds. Just to be safe. Because that's where this is leading.

Oh just care about pits. Who were historically bred to NOT attack people. But it's their fault that humans fucked them up by breeding them with guarding breeds to make some of them unpredictable. I will agree with you that some are, yes. I will never trust a blue pit bull. A pure bred pit bull will never have blue coloring. Those ones are the unpredictable ones, because they were bred with mastiffs.

Pits that are bred right are just fine. But it's the thugs that are ruining them. But not ALL of them.

Anonymous said...

"Certified Therapy" is a CON. It is a fake. It is a scam.

It is a meaningless term. Means nothing. There is no rigorous ANYTHING.

It is just a sham so that some lonely, deluded nuts can play let's pretend, and endanger the sick and elderly with their pit bulls.

And so the pit bull breeding community can PRETEND that their dogs aren't dangerous.

There is NO therapy dog training, NO testing, NO nothing.

Except worthless pieces of paper.

Pit bull breeders devised this sham therapy angle as a way to try to trick the public and media into believing that pit bulls are ok.


It is incredibly dangerous to be playing doctor with fighting dogs, and insurance won't let most of these fighting dogs aka pit bulls in the door.


They hurt and kill people, and are unpredictable. They attack unprovoked.

If other animals are around, pit bulls try to KILL THEM, and people get hurt too.

The therapy dog racket is a SHAM.

Anyone who has a relative in a nursing home, hospital, group home needs to tell the owners of that facility NO PIT BULLS and sue if a psychotic with a pit bull forces their dog on their relative.

Pit bull breeders and owners are using sick people like bait.

Anonymous said...

"is iffy with other dogs"

And you STILL are playing therapy dog with a dog- aggressive dog and ENDANGERING THE LIVES OF SICK PEOPLE?

What if another therapy dog shows up, or someone has a pet at the facility. Or walks by with a pet?

INSTANT INJURY OR DEATH to all in the vicinity.

You deserve the lawsuit that is headed your way, because you are too insane and selfish to keep your dogs to yourself, but insist on trying to get attention by shoving a dog- aggressive dog at people who are defenceless.

You are evil.

It is so important for anyone who has a relative in any kind of facility to tell the owner and notify in writing NO THERAPY DOGS.

Because the people who do this are insane and selfish, and care more about their defective dogs than about your sick relative.

Anonymous said...

Making up stories about a "grandfather in animal control" and the "evil media conspiring to persecute pit bulls" (right from the dog fighter/breeder playbook) makes you look like a moronic asshole and a Peta fanatic.

Fact is, Honesty is getting to you with the truth, and you want to silence her.

So go cry to Patti Strand! Boo frickin hoo!

And then go join your AKC buddies and go look for aristas hiding under the bed (you all hope!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Pit Bull Community doesn't like little people (which they call midgets)

Of course, this guy is illustrating the mind of the typical deranged pit bull nutter, so I can understand their anger in this specific case.

The truth behind the faked "therapy dog" and "rescue" facade leaks out, they get pretty angry!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to add this too HonestyHelps. As for the "Worldwide media conspiracy". Um, Yeah, they make it up. Why? Because it makes them money. You should know by now that the news exaggerates and preys on people's fears to earn themselves ratings. Ask anyone in the business. You're a very ignorant person if you think they report only the truth.

And you never answered about the statistic tests. So you're fine with lumping 10+ breeds of dogs into one category to make it sound like Pit bulls are evil? They're not different names.

American Pit Bull Terrier is a completely different breed from the American Bully. American Bullies are nasty 70-90+ pound monsters that should not be alive. I agree with you on that point. They are dangerous and unstable. They should never have been created and I am ashamed that they used the APBT to help breed those things. That's how the Blue pit bull came to be, and I'll never trust one with a blue coat. People call them pit bulls. What you have to understand is that these are NOT. These are what is causing the huge problem with pit bulls attacking people. Pit bulls were selectively bred for bite Inhibition (NOT BITING PEOPLE). Stupid morons decided it'd be cool to have these powerful dogs bred with mastiffs and other bigger, more aggressive protective breeds. That messes them up and makes them unpredictable.

Dogo Argentino, Cane Corsos, Mastiffs, Old English Bull Dogs, and American Bulldgos, and even Labs, are all very different breeds as well. They were all bred for very different purposes. Some ARE bred and trained to attack people. Some are bred to protect flocks. Those breeds DO have human aggression bred into them. But people always mistake those for pit bulls.

And also, you do realize that they make those "Bullshit tests" on the sole purpose of testing their predictability, right? Those tests have freaky looking people running up to the dogs, shouting, stomping, and being very threatening, People throwing things, lawn mowers starting right next to them, guns being shot next to them, among a bunch of other things. My test had a strange dog barking aggressively at him. I think through all of that I would have seen my dog react to something there if he was unpredictable.

I would like to point out though, I am on your side about Pit Boss. That show is a joke and should not be on the air. Those people don't care about the dogs (It doesn't matter the breed), they just want publicity. And Saving pit bulls is the "in" thing with rescues, so they jumped on the bandwagon. It's disgusting no matter which way you look at it.

I'm not an idiot. My dog is micro-chipped, and neutered. I have a 6 foot fence around my yard. He is never outside without me there. He is never out in public without a leash. I have the strength to control him - and he listens to my verbal commands. I have insurance. But I refuse to put a muzzle on him. That is ridiculous. I will put a muzzle on him the day that they make a law to muzzle ALL dogs.

I get that you do not like Pit bulls. I get that you're obviously terrified of them. But other then the fact that you think they're "Vicious and evil", do you actually know anything about them?

Anonymous said... go!! Give'em hell and then some.

I spent 20 years in animal sheltering and ran across many "really nice" pits, BUT not one of them would I take home. Simply too much liabity with unknown breeding. The breed was and still is bred for 2 purposes--fighting or selling to uneducated people to make money. Nothing else.

Danger! Danger! Warning! Warning, Will Smith.
(from Lost in Space)


HonestyHelps said...

And to add to that, pits and their types were bred to kill other DOGS, and you obviously care to overlook how many PEOPLE are killed by pits who are trying to save their own pets from the pits. Shortsighted is an understatement, you are downright fucking blind.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Ms AKC anonymous has a liitle meltdown, and comes up with MORE cut and paste lies from the dog fighters and AKC BREEDERS like "pits weren't bred to attack people"

Tell that to a Chinaman stock owner!

They damn well have been attacking people for a long time, along with many other pit bull lines.

Can't you AKCers figure out that lobbying for dog fighters make you all look like sickos?

Of course, since you support all kinds of animal abuse, you and the dog fighters do share a common ground.

And yes, please give us the name of your grandfather, and the name of the current animal control officer you interact with, and in what capacity you interact in.

Oh, and what reporters came to question your grandfather? Names please.

Anonymous said...

As for idiot.....

you have all the qualifications.

Propaganda from dog fighters.

Taking a dog-aggressive dog to shove in some poor sick person's face as a fake "therapy dog."

And more.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need to educate yourself on this, HonestyHelps, and get your head out of your little poodle's ass. How about starting with this:

HonestyHelps said...

Nutter Anon, you really are stupid by sending me the NCRC, a fake front for a woman who has no credentials and has to self publish her propaganda books. You need to ask where the hard copies are to back up what she says, for each and every case she quotes. She "reviews" the evidence. She wants you to believe that she is privvy to reports not even families can get sometimes. Bullshit!!!! Show me the meat!!!! She's been challenged to show the hard copies many times and can't do it. Instead she goes into a temper tantrum just like all pit nutters do when they know you have their number. And bias is an understatement for this flakey organization. If you believe this shit, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you would surely buy.

Anonymous said...

National Canine Research Council is a fraudulent front group whose faked up "statistics" have been disproven many times.

Karen Delise simply fabricates on behalf of the pit bull breeders.

It is 100 percent bull, from a vet tech with no credibility other than her own promotion campaign.

Karen needs to show the world where her financial support is coming from.

Anonymous said...

I want to see Karen Delise's tax returns!

HonestyHelps said...

The NCRC is an LLC and some information is available through the state of the LLC. Which means it is formed to make money, not a non profit. And if you want to make money, you go for the deep pockets. Would that be the humane community/pit bull rescues? They don't have any money. Would it be the breeders and the dog fighters? Ah, there's the rub!! They do have money, enough to pay off those who would sell their soul. Such is the case of the NCRC.

cravendesires said...

to the idiot posting under anonymous regarding blue pit bulls:

"American Pit Bull Terrier is a completely different breed from the American Bully. American Bullies are nasty 70-90+ pound monsters that should not be alive. I agree with you on that point. They are dangerous and unstable. They should never have been created and I am ashamed that they used the APBT to help breed those things. That's how the Blue pit bull came to be, and I'll never trust one with a blue coat."

it is really fucking sad that I know more than YOU pit nutters about YOUR dog! it would be funny if your dogs didn't have such a negative impact on the rest of us.

HonestyHelps said...

Good Catch, Craven!! I've said it before and I will say it again, a pit by any other name is still a fucking pit!!!! If Ted Bundy changed his name, he would still be a serial killer.

Celeb-o-Rama said...

It is really easy to hide behind the anonymity of Blogger and throw stones.

My guess is that if you had to post your real name and home address you would pee down both legs.

Keep posting rhetoric. You are fighting a losing battle. The pit breeds will be here long after you have crawled into your cowardly hole and imploded. There is nothing you can do about it because there is no "pit bull problem".

HonestyHelps said...

Celeb-O-IDIOT, I'd rather be peeing on my leg than to have a pit bull stuck up my ass like yourself. The bans are coming, your fucking pits are taking care of that, we don't have to do a thing. What fucking hole do you have your head with this shit about no pit bull problem?

Celeb-o-Rama said...

Wow.. such language. I guess I touched a nerve.

When you apply a little pressure one's true colors emerge. I would also point out that using gratuitous profanity clearly demonstrates a weak position, low socioeconomic status and poor education.

Your reply included 3 sentences and 4 examples of profanity.

Fanatical people like you do more to support pit bulls than you could ever do to remove them. You are like the KKK members that go on the Jerry Springer show. Your antics are so far to the extreme that you polarize people's opinions and actually move them in the opposite direction through polarization. Keep up the good work. For every outrageous statement you make you push another right-minded away from your side.

See if you can squeeze another group of obscenities in to your next reply. It makes you look SUPER SMART!

HonestyHelps said...

Pit nutters always touch my nerves, they make me sick to my stomach. I give them what they deserve, fucking shit. Low lifes that can only understand street language and even then they have a problem. You get what you give in life and you nutters give nothing but pain and suffering so why should I be fucking nice to you? Go spread your venom and lies elsewhere, Celeb-O-IDIOT, you'll never make friends here.

007 said...

Is Celeb-o-Rams Mrs. Win-o-Rama? Sounds like the type of thing either Mr. or Mrs. like to post. Next will come the legal threat.


Celeb-o-Rama said...

Success! you managed to show your true colors once again. Do you ever get tired of checking "Some College" on applications?

I am not trying to be your friend. I am shining the light of truth on your flawed thinking and you hate that.

I find it ironically amusing that the DogsBite ilk has adopted the term "nutters" to lump together anyone that does not share the same narrow and warped opinion when the leader of DogsBite, Colleen Lynn is a professionally diagnosed and self-proclaimed paranoid psychotic. Have you ever read her now-deleted memoirs? I have and they are more frightening than a pack of rabid pit bulls.

It is also amusing that in the face of volumes of contradictory information, you and people like you are willing to follow her over the cliff like so many lemmings.

Again, every time you post something so far to one said and fraught with ignorance, you push yet another intelligent person farther from your "cause". Keep up the good work. My dogs appreciate it.

There are literally millions of pit bull type dogs that live long and happy lives without every biting anyone or anything - explain that.

You are quite obviously a miserable person and that makes me feel sorry for you. I assure you that you spend far more time and energy worrying about pit bulls than pit bull owners spend thinking about you. Your efforts are a waste of time. In 50 years when you are dead and long since forgotten there will still be millions of wonderful pit bulls bringing joy and happiness to families all over the world.

The best you can hope to do in your life is bring amusement to people like me. Your tirade has made me chuckle and for that I thank you.

I will leave you with the following quote from Colleen Lynn:

"One of the greatest fear's I have now is: What if my medication stops working? But because I am on medication, I only have this thought once, then it floats away, like I have just let go of a balloon. There doesn't seem to be a downside to taking the pills. And my boyfriend, without hesitation, says that I should keep taking them."

HonestyHelps said...

CelebWannaBe, I started laughing at your last comment. Colleen doesn't hide the fact that she was a pit victim and with that comes certain problems. That's why she does what she does, to prevent other people from going through what she has gone through. Usually people are considered heros for coming forward with their problems from attacks, rape, etc. I expect one day she will be recognized as a hero and she will have deserved it.

And why are all you put into nutters? Because I have yet to hear a pit bull owner "own" the truth about their wiggle butts. That's why you are all the same no matter what you call yourself, responsible or whatever. You are all in denial of the unpredictability of your dogs. You bring up the same excuses and call them accidents. When was the last time you contributed to the fund of a pit victim? Instead you went online and probably blamed the victim. That is why you are a nutter. Deny all you want, doesn't help now, the pits are doing it themselves. And keep in mind that pits are not what they are because of pit "haters" but because of pit lovers like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, Celeb o Rama is another AKC halfwit.

These people know that public opinion is turning against them as their dogs (and thei dogs of their dog fighter and UKC friends) are mutilating children and pets. Nearly everyone has a friend or family member now that has been attacked or affected negatively by a pit bull, and had their lives altered in a terrible way.

The public is demanding an end to pit bulls, an end to fighting dogs, and they want laws NOW.

Celeb O rama is using a little AKC reverse psychology on you Honesty. This statement "Your antics are so far to the extreme that you polarize people's opinions and actually move them in the opposite direction through polarization" is WORD FOR WORD from some AKC discussions and emails that they are passing about as propaganda to try to convince people to be silent about pit bulls and regulation. Celeb did an old cut and paste!

Celeb O Rama, get ready, because the public has had enough bloodshed by pit bull. You better stock up the bomb shelter, because THE PEOPLE are coming for your pit bulls!!

HonestyHelps said...

I know Anon, I was being nice only out of respect to Colleen. Now that is over with, CelebWannaBe can kiss my ass. These pits and their owners are out of control and are their own worst enemies, don't need me to show what fools they are, they do it to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Celeb O Rama, Patti Strand couldn't save your butts.

Why aren't you pissed off at her?

Hopefully you didn't send her your money to crap away

Maybe Walt will save you right? BWAAAHAHAHA!!

Anonymous said...

They are also posting this crap because they want people to click on their post id links

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding me.

Baby killers like Celebo rama are attacking the messenger?

Colleen Lynn is one among many of the pit bull victims that are still suffering the aftereffects of an attack.

And Celeb o Baby killer is attacking and maligning a VICTIM?

These pit bull people will stoop to ANYTHING. It's pretty clear they think they have a license to kill, via pit bulls.

HonestyHelps said...

I hear ya. Typical of nutters, blame that victim. As if a victim wouldn't be taking medication. Seems like half of America is on some kind of prescription drugs and yet it is wrong in the nutter's book for a pit victim to be taking any. How idiotic to even bring something like that up, grasping for straws is what it's called.

Anonymous said...

There are very young children, still babies really, that are on psychiatric medication and undergoing intensive therapy to get over the emotional and psychological scars of a pit bull attack, either enduring it or witnessing it.

Pit bulls are creating a new kind of war victim in the U.S.- children with post traumatic stress disorder from the evil that is pit bull, pit bull owners, and pit bull breeders.

But it is so evident even by these few posters here that these pit bull NUTTERS and supporters could care less about these children. They JUST DON'T CARE about the many families getting obliterated because of a pit bull attack.

Because of dogs that should never be born, never be bred, because they are fighting dogs.

There is no evil like the evil of a pit bull nutter. The mental illness they have is like a Hitler disease. Nothing matters to them except for their killer dogs. They don't even care how many kids die or are torn up.

HonestyHelps said...

I like that, Hitler disease. The nutters are always referring to us as Nazis when it is actually them that are more like a Nazi. Their not caring for the damages done by their pits is the same lack of caring when the Nazis came after the Jews. Nutters just don't give a damn about these damaged families and the victims. They hurry to make the excuses for the attacking pit, condemning even the "good" owners, making everyone to be animal abusers or dog fighters when it is not true in many cases, too many cases. So describing their lack of humanity toward fellow man can be described as the "hitler syndrome".

007 said...

I think you are touching on the greater problem within our society, that is, the lack of genuine concern for our neighbors. The pit nutters are only symptomatic of a larger problem.
People care more about some damn tree, minnow, or dog than other human beings. How very sad.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, it is a larger problem and the nutters are such a good examples of that problem. When was the last time you heard a sensible solution offered from a nutter? When was the last time you heard a nutter say that they would be happy to muzzle their dog in public if it would make people feel more comfortable? Or just do the right things period. That would mean spending money to make sure that their pit is unable to escape or whatever. Insurance, etc, all that stuff. If those things would mean a reduction in the number of pits, a reduction in euthanasia, a reduction of attacks, why would you fight it if you truly unselfishly love pits? You would want to do all you can to change that perception and prevent the euthanasia. I wonder what kind of "love" these nutters really have for their pits. I don't see their version of love as being healthy.

Anonymous said...

Honesty and Craven are getting really annoying with this. If no pit bulls exsisted they would have nothing to do but to jerk each other off. We the nutters give you a task to do in life. WE are the ying and yang consider yourselves Darth Vader and us, yoda... lol keep screaming and ranting guys I love reading this garbage of yours and yes I'm a fucktard and a nutter, I beat you to it lol Come up with new words. I don't even know why I bother. I'm going to great killer pigeons and just maybe, that might take away your focus off these fucking dogs geeezzz get fucking lives people die everyday no matter what the fuck it is accidents happen all the time pit or no pit get over it guys. Fucking realize death is a part of life. Why don't you make a blog about more important things in life. Bottom line pieces of shit will alway exsist and those that use dogs as weapons will always exsist no matter what bans are in place. New York and Cali have some of the strictest gun laws in the country but yet have the higest crime rates, go figure that one out. In Kentucky "i believe" they have no restrictions on guns, none what so ever, but yet they have one of the lowest crime rates. Why, no stupid idiot is going to break into house with fully automatic weapons. Thats like robbing a gun store in broad daylight,are you fucking nuts!!! what ever now I'm just talking shit because im Just a big fucktard goodbye and go fuck yourselves PEACE! BITCHES!!

HonestyHelps said...

Good, glad to hear I am annoying, and I intend to be even more so. But don't concern yourself, I have lots of other things to do and you nutters have interrupted all that, I wish you would go away and believe, I am working to make that happen. And as usual, Nutter, you do all you can to take the emphasis off what pits are doing with "look at all the other ways one can die" bullshit.

And Fuckard, good riddance, stay the fuck away this time but you won't. None of you can. Peace, my ass, this is fucking war, Fuckard, WAR, and just like the Nazis you nutters are, you will go down in flames along with your fucking pits.

Anonymous said...

Another BABYKILLING pit bull nutter comes out of the woodwork to defend his pit bull's "right" to KILL BABIES.

Every single person that owns a pit bull is getting a good hard look these days. Owning pits bulls equals social depravity.

Anonymous said...

WHere are the "epidemic" pit bull attacks???

Are you Haters winning??

THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg has announced she will scrap the ban on owning and breeding pit bull terriers and related breeds.

The ban was introduced in 1993 after three children were bitten to death by pit bull terriers. The ban allowed police to seize dogs and have them put down purely on the basis of their appearance.

The minister has decided to scrap the ban because it has not led to a reduction in the number of biting incidents.

HonestyHelps said...

Oh, Nutter, you can't figure this one out it appears. The ban was scrapped because of the deliberate misrepresentation of the number of attacks by pits. And all this does is hurt the very breed of dog you are trying to protect. So what else is new, you nutters are the ones responsible for that same thing here in the States. Here is the comment made by Alexandra Semyonova.

"In summer 2009, however, after I appeared in a Dutch television documentary on the pit bull problem, the Dutch SPCA began to get a flood of anonymous calls making ridiculous complaints about me. I was credited with owning (quite a piece of inadvertent flattery there) and of going around parks arbitrarily tear-gassing pit bulls or stabbing them to death. In the end, the SPCA sacked me without verifying any of the complaints or the identity of the complainers, simply calling me disloyal for continuing to tell the facts about aggressive dog breeds.
The most shocking thing about this, isn't its effect on me. It's the fact that the SPCA is willing to leave all the animals -- thousands of them -- in one of the Netherlands' biggest cities without a competent welfare inspector to protect them. Dutch law only protects animals from the most blatantly cruel physical abuse. These most blatant criminal cases are covered by the national service. It's up to local welfare inspectors to take care of the other 99% of the complaints we receive, where we can't bring criminal charges and have to depend on persuasion to get an animal owner to change his or her ways. It's going to take the SPCA at least a year and a half to find and train a new city inspector up to real competence. This means a year and a half of all kinds of animals silently suffering in situations that are appalling, but that the criminal law doesn't cover.
The pit bull people are now trumpeting the success of their slander campaign all over the Internet as a big victory. It's clear that they don't care about leaving thousands of animals unprotected -- including neglected and abused pit bulls.""
The Dutch Ministry of Justice acknowledged on public television that these intimidation campaigns form a pattern that clearly constitutes organized crime, but said they have no intention of prosecuting the pit bull fan club that is behind it all. If you speak out about pit bulls, you are on your own. You are even on your own if you report the killing of your dog by a pit bull to the police. The police will take the complaint if you insist, but they add a warning that they won't interfere if the pit bull fan club targets you for punishment. And they don't. This has led to serious underreporting of anianimal maimings and deaths caused by pit bulls."

So the dog fighters and breeders who have money have managed to put their dogs in more jeopardy and has once again shown that pit "luvers" are indeed the pit haters of the world. All I see here is strong arm tactics to scare people. Not exactly a victory when you threaten people to get them to do what you want. Eventually they will rise and revolt against you. It will happen here too, just a matter of time.

Plus this leaves this wonderful person available to now work full time on BSL. Not such a smart move, nutters.

Anonymous said...

The claims that the Pit Bull is a killer that's just dying to get out and viciously maul is fear. This fear you haters have of barely contained killers walking next to us tells you something about yourselves, but it remains a false perception of the Pit Bull.

Aggression is intended to cause harm or pain. Today's society is strongly based on competition and domination, so we are often on the offensive and the goal is to dominate the other person.
Pit Bulls are not human, and it’s not fair to project human qualities onto them.

Aggression in Pit Bulls is usually a result of human influence or bad experiences a Pit has had in his life until now.

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you Idiot Anon Nutter for giving the best example of the denial you fools spout all the time.

Aggression in pit bulls is what was bred into them, you damn stupid fool, just like we bred the herding and hunting instincts into dogs. It is not something that is the result of abuse, get that thru your fucking thick skull.

And it is the pit lovers that are killing the pits, not us who are trying to make unsuspecting families aware so they don't have to suffer what 84 other people have suffered in the past 4 years, death by pit bull. You pit lovers are the ones breeding out of control, you are the ones selling pits to criminals, you are the ones surrendering pits to the shelters. YOU ARE KILLING THE VERY DOGS YOU DEFEND, YOU, YOU, YOU. Blame your fucking self, you created this killing dog, and now you deny what you did to it.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, you are so right. Why can't they understand that they are the ones making these pits, not "pit haters". Why don't they go after their own kind? Why don't they want laws to stop the abuse? Why don't they want laws to prevent the over breeding? Why do they continue to put the blame for the situation on "pit haters"?

I'll tell you why. They have their heads stuck in the sand, or up their asses, if they can't see who is to blame, themselves. They just want to put blame on those who are trying to save lives, human lives, and not own up to their responsibilities in this. They are doing this to their own dogs, unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

So the Dutch don't give a shit about their citizens but this one does.

Wednesday, 27 January, 2010, 14:36 ‘Dangerous’ dogs banned in Zurich

Fighting dogs have been permanently banned in the canton of Zurich after the Federal Court in Lausanne dismissed an appeal from three canine associations.

They argued that not all dogs of the same breed are dangerous but the court said statistics could not be trusted and sited a similar law in the Canton of Valais which banned 12 dangerous breeds in 2007.

The law, introduced in Zurich at the start of the year after a vote in November 2008, prevents the selling and breeding of four breeds of dog including the American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier.

Foreign owners of these breeds must keep their animals muzzled and on a leash when they are travelling in the canton of Zurich.

Why would you believe people so stupid as to wear wooden shoes?

cravendesires said...

"The law, introduced in Zurich at the start of the year after a vote in November 2008, prevents the selling and breeding of four breeds of dog including the American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier."

i wish they would start including the american bulldog in these lists.

Anonymous said...

"court said statistics could not be trusted "

Court acknowledges that fake "statistics" falsely created by dog fighters, the AKC, the UKC, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary are LIES LIES AND MORE LIES.

Anonymous said...

"Aggression in Pit Bulls is usually a result of human influence or bad experiences a Pit has had in his life until now"


Pit bulls are bred to be fighting dogs, and when your pit bull does even a thing wrong, you will be arrested, sued, and have every inch of your life examined.


Your pit bull is calling attention to you, because you choose to own dogs that are intentionally bred to be aggressive. They are slaughtering and maiming Because they are BRED TO SLAUGHTER AND MAIM.

You WILL be held accountable for your dog's actions.

You better keep your dog locked up, because eyes are on you. Your aggressive and dangerous dog will NOT be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't they want laws to stop the abuse? Why don't they want laws to prevent the over breeding? "

Because many of these people are directly or indirectly involved in the dog fighting world.

There is a lot of money even in just breeding these dogs to sell to dog fighters

And yes that includes "Staffordshire Terriers"

HonestyHelps said...

Ain't it the truth!!!!

Anonymous said...

Myth 29:
"Aggression is intended to cause harm or pain. Today's society is strongly based on competition and domination, so we are often on the offensive and the goal is to dominate the other person.
Pit Bulls are not human, and it’s not fair to project human qualities onto them."

-taken from Myth 30:
"He in fact had no idea about how dogs other than his own behaved, or how his own would have behaved if they had been properly socialised."

"Fact:Dogs run their relationships on the basis of trust, not violence and punishment. A threatening dog is a worried dog, who is asking for some space. Don’t blame the dog."

I mean fuck, even Colleen admits that generalizing is wrong, yet she still does it.

Oh Honesty, I can't take ALL the credit. :) Most of the credit is due to your very own Alexandra Semyonova

Taken for her book, "100 SILLIEST things people say about dogs"

It's pretty funny actually...

...I use her quotes, and I get attacked by you stating, "the best example of the denial you fools spout all the time."

You don't have even the slightest fucking clue where you get your shit from.
You're worthless. At least Craven does some fucking research before he posts any blogs. Shiiit.

The million dollar question you have the balls to post this? Or deny it, just like my response to the Ozzy Osbourne statement.

HonestyHelps said...

Hey Stupid, anyone can take things out of context and add their own wacko interpretation. Who denied Ozzy? Not me, I gave you the fucking link, you're the one in denial. Go tell this shit to that reporter.

I have never not published anything sent by the nutters because that is what I am using to fight you idiots. I want you to send those comments in to show the world what a bunch of throwbacks you are. Why don't you do something useful for the fucking dogs you claim to love? Why aren't you spending your time going after the breeders and dog fighters? I'll tell you why, because they are your bread and butter. They are the ones with the money fighting anything that would help the pits. You want them on your side, you piece of shit. You read their propaganda and spout it off on this blog and others. You're nothing more than their pawn, they are using you. And you ain't got enough sense to know that.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin bullshit! dude, You never posted my last comment where I gave you the link to Ozzy admitting Baldrick was his best friend. The very own Bulldog he claims growled at his kids and he got rid of the next day...He actually died in Ozzy's arms from a brain tumor. He gave the dog a freakin facelift because the English Bulldog had too many sores in his wrinkles!

Sharon was joking around with the idea of LIP implants.

(And you're posting a blog about HIS beliefs about Pit Bulls???)

Also, in an interview with MTV, Jack, his son stated his Bulldog, Lola probably resented Ozzy by shitting and pissing all over the house because Ozzy would scare it too much.

"Wacko Interpretation?!"

These are Semyonova's OWN words. I don't need to do any interpreting.

HonestyHelps said...

Hey, "Dude", go tell this to someone who fucking cares about your dumbass opinions cause it ain't me. Go to the fucking pit full forums if you don't like it here. You are so full of shit I can smell it coming thru the computer. You got your fucking link now stick it. Make yourself usefull and go after the lying pit nutters.

Anonymous said...

Here's one of their "heros". The new owner of the "All American Dog Registry" and operates "Eyetrap Kennels".

Brunswick County Woman Charged With Assault In Dog Attack
"Brunswick County woman charged with simple assault. Jan 20 Andrea L Press was charged with simple assault. Press allegedly used her dog (s) to attack her male companion during a domestic dispute. Press operates a dog registry out of her home in Brunswick County. The simple assault charge carries up to 6 months in jail and or $1000 fine. Investigators are still looking into this incident and there could be further charges according to one source."
By Brandon Sneed Posted: 01/20/2010 10:40 PM

Before you start with the "excuses" for pits, take a look at this pit nutter. Yep, you guys are all scum, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

To Anon posting the AADR posting...

I've read the story and I like how you're so quick to group ALL Pit owners.

If that IS true,
Go read:

I guess all police dogs attack anyone they want


ALL Pomeranian Owners fuck their dogs.

"Ozzy lifts Minnie to his nether regions and rhythmically…uh, well…made us cry out, "My eyes! My virgin eyes!"

HonestyHelps said...

First of all, Gannett Media (USAToday) is drinking the koolaid of "No Kill" and can't print the truth to save their lives. They deliberatly withhold information that condemns this movement as shown during the fiasco with Doug Rae in Indy.

And second, so what you find an article about another breed, big fucking deal. For every one you find I can find a dozen on pit bulls. So what's your fucking point? That other breeds maul and kill? Yes, they do BUT NOT IN THE FUCKING NUMBERS THAT THE PITS DO! To address the pits means stopping over half the severe maulings and fatalities or more. To use a nutter's line of thinking, if a certain model car was causing half the traffic fatalities, would you buy that model car? Or would you support taking that car off the road because it also kills people in other model cars? Duh!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I do group all pit owners together. It takes an idiot to own a pit, or it takes a dog fighter or a breeder. So which one are you? A normal person doesn't want to bring home a ticking timebomb, shown to be unpredictable, capable of killing you and your children and doing that quite often. Not unless, of course, you are making money off the pits. So which one are you? Let me guess.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this interview with Tia?

It's pretty creepy...she wanted to open a brothel after talking to her "friends in the adult entertainment industry", because, apparently, prostitution is recession proof. What does that mean? She has friends who are porn stars and hookers?

HonestyHelps said...

Look at her, does she not remind you of one? And yes, she was willing to sell women's bodies for her addiction to pits. That's pretty low for a woman to go. It's one thing to prostitute to feed your kids and quite another to pimp to feed pit bulls. She obviously has no shame.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all sick. Tia lives a "lavish lifestyle"? Hialrious. I volunteered for her in New Orleans 2 months ago and a lavish lifestyle is the last thing she has. Sleeping on army cots working from 7am till 2am everyday. I saw it first hand. Keep your lies to yourself.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:59 did you miss the expensive vehicles that she drives? Oh how about those perfect nails that only come with regular visits to the salon? You're being used, hope you enjoy it. We ran her out of L.A., good riddance. You don't know about her like we know her in L.A. If you did, you should would not be volunteering there. She is a grifter, she is in it for the money at this point. She sure has you fooled but then again, pit nutters ain't the brightest ones on the block either. Tia knows that and she takes advantage of the lack of brains in pit nutters.

Anonymous said...

Pits are the most loyal loving dogs. It's the dumb people who train them to be mean. So stop attacking the dogs and attack the people who train them.

HonestyHelps said...

Hey, Anon:06, I have the right people. Tia and her crowd are scum, dirt under my feet. A woman who was willing to sell other women's bodies to support her addiction to pit mutants. A woman who choose a three time loser as a husband. Is this your role model? That would explain your bullshit.

Loyal, pits are loyal? Loyal only to their breeding as killers. You don't have to train a pit to kill, it is their legacy, their bloodlines, their genetics. You don't have to train a bloodhound to scent, he does it naturally, that's his breeding. You train the bloodhound to use his breeding better. And you don't have to train a pit to kill, it is their breeding. Now stuff this up your lying ass and sit on it.

HonestyHelps said...

Villalobos Supporter - FUCK YOU!! You are one ignorant cunt. Your fucking role model tried to sell women to feed her addiction to pit bulls. That is as disgusting as you get. What, you want to get your daughter a job with this bitch go ahead.

Hone tawaroa said...

"Sex sells," the paper quoted Torres as saying. "It's the only industry that never fails in the economy. That's when I got the idea to start a brothel and generate money for my nonprofit."

Marlene Garcia, who wrote the story that became the heated subject of a popular radio show, said Torres was serious.

"She didn't seem like she was kidding to me," she said. "We talked for quite some time."

Hone tawaroa said...

"Sex sells," the paper quoted Torres as saying. "It's the only industry that never fails in the economy. That's when I got the idea to start a brothel and generate money for my nonprofit."

Marlene Garcia, who wrote the story that became the heated subject of a popular radio show, said Torres was serious.

"She didn't seem like she was kidding to me," she said. "We talked for quite some time."

HonestyHelps said...

Villalobos Supporter, you are one dumb shit. Tia admits she started a brothel. She wanted to sell women to support her addiction to pit bulls. And obviously you have also failed to do research on the twins. Tia took them from rehab, their family had sent them to rehab. Hey stupid it was the news, you must have missed it.

And the death threats issued by Tia's drunk followers are real too. Those are on file at the police dept.

Now, go suck on Tia's nasty cunt. That's about all you are capable of doing, you damn sure ain't capable of looking up the truth about your idol.

HonestyHelps said...

To the fucking idiot who doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to Torres.

The twins, well there is public record calling you a liar. Can't argue with what is in public records with the police and all. It's there, put down the Tia Koolaid, sober up, and go look for it.

And Hercules, if you were truly paying attention, he has been under the knife for something else. Short Shit did say that so why didn't they take those balls then? Fucking lying to you and you are eating it up.

Anonymous said...

I knew the twins when they were young, 10 thru 13. They were good little guys. Ballsy as hell, not afraid of taking on any physical challenges.

As for the shelter, in my opinion it was probably a scam from the get go. Like most charities and foundations, the only reason they exist is to extract the extra discretionary income from the ignorant public. I don't care if it is the United Way or the Save The Snail Foundation, almost all of the CEOs,CFOs,boardmembers and HMFICs are in it for the money.

These charities and foundations are set up like an onion. The originators create it with so many layers, so that any one layer may appear nearly transparent, but when you enshroud it in layer upon layer, the charity is about as transparent as a hard boiled egg.

Don't think these movie stars and athletes are in it for altruistic reasons; they do it to avoid taxes and make purchases for things like business jets, cars and vacation homes. They use the foundation to launder their income. Many have family members as paid executives of the foundation. The family member gets a salary in a lower tax bracket and kicks some of this salary back to the benefactor. It is a round about way to keep the money in the family and away from Uncle Sam.

This lady seems like a skank, heard about this scam from some other low life and decided she had nothing to lose but to go for it and get some of the funds the government pisses away on these social programs. Most of us do not have the morals or time to set up one of these scams, but if you are somewhat morally questionable, why not? My brother could be her twin. He is collecting SSDI for being diagnosed as a "sociopath". In SSDI payments, food stamps, section 8 housing and medical/dental insurance, he gets close to $40,000.00 a year for sitting on his ass; this for being just a plain criminal who worked the system and found the right psychiatrist to diagnose him as a "sociopath". Shit Donald Trump and many business leaders and politicians are probably sociopaths, so too are most crooks.
By the way, years ago, my brother had a legit foundation to help victims of child abuse. He kept 85% for his salary and "expenses" and paid out 15% to the victims. When I questioned him about his morals on this issue, he said he paid more to the victims or intended recipients than that amount paid by the United Way. When I checked this out he was right, he paid 15% and the United Way and most large charities only paid out 10% to the intended recipients. Since I found this out(20years ago), I have never given one cent to any large charity(except the Salvation Army), I'd just as soon give $5.00 to a meth addict in parking lot than give one cent to any large/well known charity or foundation. The only thing I'll give to the Red Cross is my blood, they can't line their wallets with that, but I better check on that, maybe they sell the blood too.

Anonymous said...

You should do further checking up on your brothers. I believe they are doing porn films and by tia Torres. Using prescription drugs. Tia found doctors to help get the drugs and filming in hospitals so no accidental overdoses happen. She is set up in houses for her brothel.

Anonymous said...

This is very old and i came across it while searching something about the show tia has had for years. Whats in her past is no ones business. I have a few questions about your blogs and the "points" your making. I am not going to try to change your mind on pit bul type breeds. It would fall on deaf ears. 1) fact: pitbull is not a bread of dog. It is a term used loosly for a look or type of looking dog.
Questions: 1) why are you so concerned with the kind of role model she or her husband are?? It is not tv's job to be role models for children or for the adults i assume you all are. Parents need to be role models and teach kids right from wrong. Not tv shows. 2) do you agree with slavery and racism? Judging and treating every dog with this type is what was done to black people back in the day. As a nation we saw it to be wrong and moved forward. Butnow its being done to this type of dog based on how it looks. As for her husband being an ayran. Have you been to prison? You said he spent 14yrs in prison. Well there you have to stick to your own race if you want to stay alive. Its prison politics. And i hope he did kill a child molester while in there! Why shouldnt a sick mother fucker you likes kids not be killed? Therez no fixing that sick fuck so good job. Thank you for doing the world a favor#