Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Getting Crowded!!!!

And I am not complaining. Seems there is a sudden awakening to what I have been preaching all this while.

Although you know that I don't think a great deal of Best Fiends, I will give them a break now. Seems they are learning a lesson on the hypocrisy of the Whino. As you know, or don't know, the Whino now considers Best F(r)iends as his enemy. You know the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I still disagree with many things about Best Friends but maybe they are turning around, maybe because they are seeing that we can't save them all, I don't know.

Anyway here's another two that are speaking against the "No Kill Equation". Welcome to my world.


dumbfounded said...

Glad to see more people are gettin on the band wagon of truth. I know where the church guy can find the post. it's on a blog called advice from Oreo. The village idiots are gearing up for another round of NO KILL attacks. Where is superman when you need him. Thanks for posting those likes, Looks like a couple of good blogs.

HonestyHelps said...

I thought the Oreo blog was private now. If not, please send a link. That blog also works against the Whino but the last time I checked it was no longer open except to invited persons.

dumbfounded said...

I belive it is open, looks like she make have taken some stuff down, but lots of good stuff left.

HonestyHelps said...

I did find the site:

Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd with his breeder friends was pushing this INSANE Oreo's Law in NY forcing shelters to give pets to hoarders, dog fighters, and puppy millers and psychos.

(PetPac by the way, the AKC puppy mill lobby, was promoting Oreo's Law because a) Shelters are places for breeders to dump unwanted stock and b) puppy mill breeders and dog fighters want to get their stock free from shelters)

Winograd also wants to force shelters to place killer aggressive dog, and dump sick animals in rescues for the rescues to pay for


Winograd's No Kill needs to dump pets with hoarders, breeders, and other killers to make his statistics look good on paper, because Winograd No Kill doesn't work (and Winograd opposes laws that breeders don't like, for his breeder comrades)! Winograd doesn't care if pets get tortured and killed "off the record."

Best Friends stayed out of the Oreo issue, but Francis Battista did actually have the guts to mention their concern about hoarders, since Best Friends has had trouble with giving animals to hoarders that have killed the pets, and Best Friends has cleaned up after hoarders (like the lunatic in New York at Pets Alive)

So Winograd, on behalf of his breeder puppy mill dog fighter friends, is attacking Best Friends with foul, deranged names and accusations.

Winograd just loves torturing pets. This is a madman.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, do you have any links on the Pets Alive fiasco?

Anonymous said...

First just a little background for anyone who may not be aware of this

Pets Alive in upstate New York state was run by a woman called Sara Whalen who claimed to run a No Kill sanctuary and took every opportunity to grandstand in the media about "saving pets" (the ones that got media attention, not the ones in animal control) and No Kill and getting as much money as possible.

She promoted herself as a saint, and the suckers got sucked in and worshipped her.

For many years, volunteers had been talking of abuse, disease, and warehousing and overcrowding at her Pets Alive sanctuary, financial mismanagement, and more. Also reports of verbally abused people too. And when complaints surfaced, Sara would threaten and demean people, and keep people out of the "back rooms" and indeed much of the place.

(That's one of the key signals that things are bad- people get kept out of areas of the sanctuary and get restrained to just "public" areas)

Anonymous said...

Sara Whalen was an arrogant person using the No Kill tricks and the No Kill scam, and the abuse that No Kill created at Pets Alive that she hid for many years was terrible. The board did nothing, because she threatened them. Sara also had some suckers in the media who got sucked in by the falsehoods.

If only people had formally reported the abuse and charity financial mismanagement, the horrors for the animals might have ended sooner.

But it continued until she suddenly died. THEN the horrors were revealed. Hundreds upon hundreds of abused animals, paralyzed animals hidden away in dark rooms in their own waste, untreated disease, dying and diseased untreated animals, animals kept 24/7 in dark concrete cells that NEVER got excercised, death.

Only two employees to care for this huge collection of hoarded animals. They couldn't even keep up with the feeding and cleaning.

I believe there were thousands of animls.

There were STACKS of filled-in adoption applications that were just shoved in desk drawers. Whalen wouldn't adopt out any of the animals. Probably because the public wasn't supposed to see the realities of what was really going on

One of the board members, I believe, a naive young woman who did nothing until Whalen died, then suddenly went to Best Friends and begged for help after Whalen died and the place was just rotting.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends DID help, and cleaned this hoarder place up. At first, Best Friends posted regular updates on the abuse and cruelty they found at Pets Alive that had gone on for YEARS AND YEARS. Then the crackpots started threatening Best Friends (because it revealed of course that so many of these No Kill "sanctuaries" are just hoarders)

Best Friends stayed until it got nearly finished, then BF left, and then the woman who originally called them in hooked up with some guy who had NEVER done anything with animals, and they are still trying to run Pets Alive.

This is how they make their livings, feeding off Pets Alive.

Years of begging for money, saying they are nearly broke.

Pets Alive now is sort of an altar for Winograd worship, and also has completely hidden the truth about what Sara Whalen did to those animals, and hidden the truth about No Kill problems. It's all make-believe now, as they constantly beg for money and push pit bulls and the No Kill scam (but were taking pets from other states, and not NY pit bulls, strangely enough)

The people now running Pets Alive had a huge grudge against Best Friends, which you can find on their blog, because they wanted Best Friends to keep giving them free money so they could fool around, and Best Friends refused (and even supoosedly sent them a bill)

So then the Pets Alive radicals hooked up with Winograd on the Oreo thing, an extremely aggressive pit bull that ASPCA tried to retrain, but of course couldn't because the dog was insanely aggressive, and rather than adopt out this killer dog Oreo, they humanely euthanized it. Good for them! rather than have people suffer and the dog and other pets suffer.

Winograd, the Pets Alive radicals, and other assorted breeders and WACKOS (including the puppy mill lobby PetPac) then organized a hate campaign against ASPCA for euthanizing the pit bull Oreo (despite the fact that Pets Alive wasn't taking NY pit bulls, hypocrisy anyone? Suddenly, when there's media attention and MONEY, they are going to take Oreo the pit bull)

Then Winograd came up with the INSANE Oreo's Law, which was trying to force shelters to give pets to hoarders like Pets Alive had been, to dog fighters, to cruel people, to puppy mill breeders, to anyone.

The breeders started promoting it, along with the small group of radicals like Pets Alive, and were using the usual threats and lies.

The stupid, animal abusive law didn't pass, thankfully, or the animals would have been doomed to torture.

So now Winograd (who was promoting Oreo's Law just to promote himself and get donations, no thought about the animals) had a temper tantrum and he and these other radicals attacked Best Friends for the previously mentioned reasons.

When Best Friends actually showed they had concerns about the animals for once with this stupid BAD Oreo's Law (very rare these days) Winograd and Company attacked them for that.

You can look at the Pets Alive blog for some sheer insanity, Winograd style.

As for the information that was TRUE about Whalen and Pets Alive horrors, Best Friends took most of it down. Pets Alive pretends it never happened.

But I may have some of it. Let me look.

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you Anon for the background. I have a link to go with all that.

Anonymous said...

The Winograd tool who runs Pets Alive and mouths off the usual No Kill lies is a Matt DeAngelis.

He claims that he had close knowledge of the sanctuary when Whalen was abusing the animals.

Why didn't he report it?

The woman who called in Best Friends and then turned on them is Kerry Clair.

There is more stink swirling around this Pets Alive, past and present, than a garbage dump.

One of the major problems is a lack of intelligence that would allow a sane person to figure out fairly quickly that Winograd is a fraud, and is helping people who support animal abuse.

A quote online from a Pets Alive volunteer, AFTER Whalen died and when this DeAngelis is running it. Sounds like the Winograd modus operandi, doesn't it?

"Pets Alive is a crooked place, run by people who are good talkers, but really know very little. They don't believe in temperment testing, and have had quite a few dogs returned after being adopted because the dogs were either aggressive toward people or toward the other animals in the house, and the adopters were given no warning about the dogs temperment! Does not seem like a responsible place to me! They talk a good game, and draw people in! But if people got a chance to see behind the scenes I'm sure they wouldn't be so keen to support these people!"

HonestyHelps said...

That quote can be applied to several situations word for word. Whino's "No Kill" can be interchanged with hoarding easily.

Dumbfounded said...

There was an article last night that a certain newspaper has hired a "consultant" to scan the web for articles copy/pasted from their paper. Sharon Angle ( running for senate ) got sued for doing that. You need perpission to copy / paste now? From a newspapaper? yet.Ic can see a personal blog, but the damn newspaper is public. It was in Vegas so maybe the Sun, or the Journal.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, there is a movement to stop cut and paste of news articles. It was started by a newspaper in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

The problem these fascists have is the Fair Use doctrine.

That's solid law.

Quote away!!

Anonymous said...

"Sharon Angle ( running for senate ) got sued for doing that"

I think Angle is embroiled in some political stalking by opponents, and this sort of thing is being falsely used to harass a politicial candidate.

Dumbfounded said...

I am not a supporter of Angle, but I really did think that anything published in an oline newspaper, that you don't even have to subscribe to should be fair game. It may be due to the politics, but I do know the rabid dog blogger would love to run with that ball. I think it is a sistr paper of the RGJ but not positive.

Dumbfounded said...

I think it was the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Anonymous said...

For most purposes, such as reports on attacks, it's just a quote from the article that is needed with the main info. The Fair Use doctrine ensures that will always be legal.

Or for discussion purposes, or whatever.

Not many people use the entire articles.

The dog blogger can go pound sand, as can the rest of them. The law says no to fascists, and they know that.

Anonymous said...

The bigger worry for the dog blogger is that his words are going to end up in a courtroom when the pit bull promoting and lies he engages in get someone killed. He can't avoid that either.

HonestyHelps said...

The RGJ dog blogger should be in court, that's for sure. I thought the RGJ was part of the Gannett group and Gannett is drunk on the Whino's koolaid. I do use the entire article on the pit attack blog along with the link to the story. This is to have a permanent record of the article since many stories go off line in a certain time. Let 'em come after me, no big deal to me.

I was just warned a few weeks ago to only post the LV Sun articles to be on the safe side.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, you can post quotes that have the pertinent info, as per the Fair Use doctrine and there is nothing they can do.

Why am I thinking that the question about this was a veiled threat from the whacks? I hope I'm wrong.

HonestyHelps said...

I ain't paranoid so no, I think it was a friend trying to warn me. I have already been warned about this problem outside of this blog.

Dumbfounded said...

The Review journal and Gannett are related I believe. I know the warning is sincere. Another friend of mine who blogs received the same heads up and it was from a friend of his that works for the newspaper. The guy running the third person lawsuit business is just trying to make a make a buck. Gannett doesn't care how they get publicity, just as long as they get it. And trust me, the rabid RGJ dog blogger would love to be able to get somebody.

Anonymous said...

"Gannett doesn't care how they get publicity, just as long as they get it. And trust me, the rabid RGJ dog blogger would love to be able to get somebody"

There is nothing they can do, if someone is quoting according to the Fair Use doctrine.

They won't get anywhere, and they will end up paying damages.

The RBJ dog blogger will be held accountable if he abuses the law, or has anyone try to do it for him.

What they are threatening about is full copy of the article.

Quoting is one hundred percent protected by law.

Again, quote freely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Honesty. I just wanted to point out that the link to on the left list of links on your blog is a broken link.

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you Anon, it's fixed. Wouldn't want anyone to miss this great blog, would we?