Monday, December 5, 2011


The first clip will show this "rescuer" training dogs to be aggressive. The second clip is a news story about the citations received by this "rescuer" for neglect. But this "rescuer" is shipping these trained vicious dogs to other states. 

Here’s a perfect example: a “rescuer” in FL called B.U.D.D.I.E.S. 

Here’s news coverage:

And if you look at his FB page, just about every dog on it is “mouthy, bitey, recorded bite history,” incl. one who went from the Gaston Co. NC shelter to FL (stayed at his place 2 yrs.) and then all the way to PA (and now has cancer).


Anonymous said...

No Kill gives out dogs to dog fighters and thugs, to also sell to the dog fighter and thug market. The dogs are abused and tortured, often are killed by these "rescuers" and the people hat buy dogs from them, but the No Kill shelter that released them to the fake "rescuer" DOESN'T CARE because all they care about is falsifying their euthanasia statistics and trying to make themselves look successful when they aren't.

The dogs die anonymously, somewhere else, not recorded or counted, they just die the slow kill way, out of sight and out of mind.

No Kill doesn't care about humane treatment of animals, just dumping them. It's worse than puppy mills!

Best Friends does it (remember they gave all those Hurricane Katrina pit bulls to fake rescuer Don Chambers, who tortured and killed them? And Best Friends lied to their donors that the dogs "found good homes" after the dogs were long dead? They knew and they covered it up so they could keep getting donations so they could keep paying themselves big salaries instead of caring for animals.

Anonymous said...

This is what BREEDER LOBBYIST Nathan Winograd and his Rick Berman & AKC friends APPROVE OF- dumping animals with hoarders, dog fighters, and thugs, just to try to pretend that there is no overpopulation problem and to pretend that No kill works, which it doesn't, and to pretend that laws aren't needed, WHICH THEY ARE.

Nathan Winograd and his gang were doing it at PACCA in Philadelphia when they conned the government there into giving them the animal control contract (which they lost just before they were all charged with animal cruelty). Giving pit bulls to dog fighters and hoarders, UNALTERED! Giving the breeders and dog fighters free breeding stock.

Now Nathan Winograd and Rick Berman and the AKC want to hide their evil deeds, so they use dummies in these local animal control shelters as their tools and get them to dump the animals, and then lie and say they are No Kill. Those animals are dying terrible deaths, just not on the statistics!

These No Kill people all belong in jail for animal abuse. All they care about is trying to cover up the overpopulation problem and avoid laws like breeder licensing and mandatory spay neuter that would HELP the animals but HURT breeder, puppy mill, and AKC profits!

And they use criminals and the mentally ill locally to participate in this animal abuse.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Debi Day? Is this No Kill Nation that is harassing and suing people in the REAL rescue community with Nathan Winograd?

Is this Rick Berman and AKC breeder money being laundered under the disguise of No Kill?

It's pretty clear that the AKC and their puppy millers are fighting hard to lie about overpopulation and try to cover it up, so they can keep mass breeding and mass selling more puppy mill "purebreds" to profit from (and evade paying taxes on, thanks to lack of licensing laws)

This lawsuit should give a very interesting way to force this no kill nation into revealing their finances and operations.

Their AKC friends and Rick Berman and AKC puppy mill breeders have been openly supporting animal abuse and torture for years, and also stating for years that they don't care about shelter pets, and don't care if shelter pets are abused or killed. It looks like the AKC is trying to actively get shelters pets killed as gruesomely as possible by hoarders and thugs, by pushing shelters into dumping pets with criminalls and animal torturers.

Anonymous said...

Pardon the OT post, but here's a bit of news about what appears to be a hoarding operation in AZ:

HonestyHelps said...

You can contact newspapers with the truth and maybe they will let the donors know that their money isn't going for their own local animals. In fact, the donors own local animals are dying because of their money.