Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello Honesty Helps,
Things are even worse now.
Following is an excerpt from a transporter's facebook page, stating that the rescues that they send dogs to are "vetted and approved." Well, if they consider the rescues posting on Craig's List to be vetted and approved, I would hate to see what kind of rescues they turn down.
God only knows what becomes of most of these poor dogs ...
‎40+ dogs (lots of chis) from City of LA, Harbor Shelter & North Central Shelter made it safely to rescues in Washington & Canada rescues yesterday. After a long 24-hour trip, they are now in the kind and capable hands of vetted and approved Washington & Canadian rescues. Somedogs were pre-adopted from their photos and have homes to go to this week. All dogs will be in foster homes and spoiled... rotten until they find their furrever homes!!!
Many of the dogs who went on the trip had been at the shelter for 2 months.
AND NOW LOOK AT THESE POOR DOGS BEING SOLD ON CRAIG'S LIST IN VANCOUVER - only a sampling of what's on Craig's List in Canada - an UNALTERED male being given away FOR FREE - this ad has been edited but here is original text (I have pdf of original ad):  He is just over 1 year, about 8 lbs., tan colour, beautiful boy who needs a forever home. He has all his shots but needs to be neutered and is not trained. Rescue dog from California. No fee for him, but I need to know he is going to a good home. He needs someone with time and patience to train him. - This sad excuse for a "rescue" can't even take five minutes to re-take photos, these are obviously the shelter photos. These people are only after a quick buck, it's plain to see. - NO HOME CHECK - "Just write me a check for $250"\
Now they are collecting donations for a massive transport of over 200 dogs.  How can these northern communities absorb so many imported animals?  Thay can't possibly.
Not to mention the dogs being sold for a HUGE mark up in BC. Always the rescue references something like "saved on his last day" which everyone knows is far from truth. These dog sellers do not care about the dogs, only their huge profits.
Thank you for your time, do you have any ideas to stop them?  confidential of course.

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Anne King said...

I wish I knew how to stop them. BC's shelters are full!!! How does anyone manage an influx of dogs like this?