Monday, December 5, 2011


Since the advent of "No Kill", I have said it is nothing more than a numbers game, creative bookkeeping. If you don't believe that, then look at the numbers from Austin. If you can figure them out, then you must be a genius.

Here is another person, not associated with the humane community, who sees the same as I do. First, there is an article proclaiming all the good it is doing as "No Kill". Leave out the city, fill in the blank with any shelter claiming to be "No Kill", and it reads the same. Note the timing, at a meeting so no one is able to dispute them on the spot. Remember first impressions are the ones that get us in trouble.

Now read this story and see there are differences of opinion. Many reporters also are drinking the koolaid of this cult movement and their reporting will deliberately misguide people.

Although this Examiner seems to be drinking that koolaid too, he is concerned about the dishonesty. We all should be, this isn't the first case. I have blogged about Porter County. They too have a major case of dishonesty. The only way "No Kill" works is on paper, and when it is on paper it can be altered to suit the agenda of the writer. Nothing but a numbers game, plain and simple.

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