Sunday, June 10, 2012


I read this and my mouth is still hanging open. The City of LA is a glutton for punishment obviously. All I can say is read this piece by Phyllis Daugherty. I am speechless myself.


Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Barnette is proposing to put confidential data in the cloud? Yeesh! Who hired this lady? She's one disaster after another.

OpenThyEyeballs said...

Can't you guys do a recall petition on Barnette?

I can say this, being I don't live in California, but it's no wonder California is in the shape it's in right now - with all of the liberal (i.e. no morals or ethics) population out there, when I see another fire, mudslide, etc going on there, I shake my head and say "It's God's wrath, that's what it is."
And now - Japan's radiation is at your front door.

Libs move there believing it's their Utopia - conservatives flee from there knowing what's coming upon that state.

Louisiana was the same path - with all their voodoo being practiced there. And Haiti. And if you research the San Fran pride parade, good Lord - the filth that goes on in the streets.

If I were non lib, I'd move from there. If you can afford to live there, you can surely afford to move elsewhere where it's cheaper.

I pray for you guys - and I do pray that Barnette's name/agenda will cross the right city or county person's desk - and they will terminate her job - and replace her - with a non breeder and non Akc legislative lobbyist.

If not? It is only going to get worse with an Akc legislative lobbying breeder in the position.

Anonymous said...

An AKC lobbyist for puppy mills on the STEERING committee of Best Friends?

Best Friends may as well admit they are now in the business of killing and torturing animals, because their AKC friends are in that business and actively engage in supporting that killing.

It's pretty clear this is another money grab for the "founders" and management of Best Friends. They already take the money from the sales of all the Best Friends merchandise like Tshirts, coffee mugs, vitamins, and all the rest of the stuff they sell. This all profits the founders and management PERSONALLY. It doesn't help the animals, though they imply it does. The money goes into a private corporation that enriches the founders and management.

It looks like Castle and all his fellow founders and the relatives they cooked up triple figure salaried fake jobs for will now be cashing in on this pet insurance money that Barnette will be hawking to the people of LA through animal control private records.

This is organized crime.

Best Friends put Barnette on their committee so she could put money into the pockets of the cheats who run Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends has become their personal piggy bank.

They are stealing from the people of LA and the animals. The whole group belong in jail.

That crook Koretz is in there stealing too, it looks like. How much does he get to pocket from this scheme?