Friday, July 20, 2012


In reading the comments made by the man himself on his latest shrill's pitch for Rick Berman, I was truly amazed at this particular one. 

Okay now listen to this, Natan says that Pat Dunaway abused her own animals BUT, animal control cut a deal with her to be their "spokesperson" so as they would drop the charges. EXCUSE ME!!

I laughed so hard, is that the very best he can come up with? He's doing nothing more than covering his lame ass because he can't come up with the evidence of his accusations against Pat. Check out Pat's resume on this very blog, she is far from an animal abuser. She doesn't deserve this treatment.This man is so vile.

I challenge the SOB to prove his accusations against Pat. When challenged on that piece of biased crap the Whino quickly move on to degrade Randy DeCarlo. Randy is a rescuer and also disabled with Crohns Disease. The Whino puts things in such a way, if not direct, that would make people think Randy is a druggie, out of his mind, worthless. Randy is all but those things. He actually does save animal lives but now has to forgo rescuing due to a lawsuit against him from No Kill Nation. Trying to silence Randy, someone who is dedicated enough to go to jail for his animals, is totally immoral. Not to mention useless, Randy will not be silence. Check Randy's story on

And neither will I be silenced, and neither will be Pat Dunaway. Prove yourself Whino, prove it or shut the fuck up. 

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Anonymous said...

It does not make sense that a successful, honest man would be stalking and persecuting women and trying to encourage terrorizers to stalk and harass women, as well as gossiping and smearing like a mentally disturbed schoolgirl trying to take revenge.

This sends out one clear message.

Winograd is a guilty scammer, and perhaps even a crook, and he is trying to silence whistleblowers.

A successful man would be out working hard fostering animals, organizing and sponsoring spay neuter clinics, opening up a shelter of his own, and exposing cruelty.

There does seem to be a correlation between his personal terroristic attacks and exposure of animal cruelty with one of his associates or affiliates.

He appears to be using personal attacks and persecution of whistleblowers to try to hide crimes he is associated with.

In particular, these are sexist attacks because he focuses on threatening and endangering female whistleblowers.

In the case of the man at the blog you cited, this appears to be persecution of a disabled person, trying to silence a disabled person who exposed financial impropriety and false advertising by Winograd's employee or associate involved in his corporation.

We have laws to protect victims of these attacks.