Monday, July 23, 2012


Where to begin? There's is an overload of "No Kill" horrors this past week or so. Let's start with a few like this.
A puppy adopted from No Kill El Paso animal shelter had been left for dead in the desert two months later. No Kill El Paso has been constantly trying to find the family who originally adopted and abandoned socks, but the address listed on their adoption forms doesn't match and no one is answering the phone or returning emails.

EXCUSE ME? The address listed on their adoption forms doesn't match???? Then one can reasonably assume that they didn't do a home check. This is not a public shelter, this is a rescue, rescues do home checks. In other words, they are guilty of giving this puppy to an abuser, no concern with quality of life, typical of "No Kill", who gives a shit once it is outta sight.

Then to add insult to injury, this same rescue who failed this puppy once is asking for money to heal the puppy that they failed. They need to have charges brought against them for neglect because not doing a home check in my book is neglect.

And look who this rescue follows and promotes.

Yep, you guessed it, Natan Whinograd.

Here's another example of these "No Kill"ers failing other pets. This story is still unfolding.

"Buck was a rescue effort that went horribly wrong..."

Buck isn't the only one, reports are almost daily now with the irresponsible "No Kill" rescues.

This post is just to warm you up. There's much more to come. Use this information to conduct your own wars locally against this morbid movement by Natan Whinograd and his cult followers.


Anonymous said...

A basic good adoption includes number one, CHECK ID of the adopter!

You need to verify that the adopter is not a convicted animal abuser, or even is writing a bad check or has stolen a credit card to pay the adoption fee!

This is a necessary basic thing.

Then, check to see if landlord allows pets. Deed information is online in most places. It's an easy check to see if the responsible adopter is a homeowner or renter. If renter, verify with listed owner of property that pets are allowed (because otherwise the pet gets abandoned to die on the streets, or get given to a psycho, when the landlord enforces the rental agreement, which they have to do to protect themselves against liability).

Instead Breeder No Kill says dump the poor animals with any killer or psycho that comes in, all so the breeders can avoid regulation and deny there is overpopulation. Just abandon the animals with psychos to torture and kill so No Kill can fake their statistics and lie that these pets found homes to keep up the scam pretense that it works.

No Kill is a death camp for animals, and anyone who truly loves animals that swallows the excuses and lies of No Kill is not much more than a killer themselves.

So all you foster care pople, just think if the pet you nursed and loved gets handed out, no questions asked, to any psycho who walks in the door by an AKC brenda Barnette or one of her kind running the No Kill scam. They are murdering your foster care charges so they can keep the scam and the charade running, and keep lying to people

Anonymous said...

Here are some of these No Kill dupes and abusers who were pushing an SPCA to let this Leah Purcell, the No Kill pit bull murderer of Spindletop, to take the dogs to torture and kill.

People like this Fremont are part of the problem. They just don't care, they are so caught up in getting suckered by no kill.


A worker at Spindletop only went to authorities after 38 dogs died in ONE DAY from the heat, because this No Kill murderer was keeping them locked in crates in non air conditioned sheds.

The worker knew this was going to happen, but it took 38 dogs to die to FINALLY report it? They are as bad as the murderer.

This was a typical No Kill scam setup with the fake pretty house out front and the dogs dying in sheds, hidden, where she wouldn't let people see, and everyone who dumped dogs there is as guilty as she is.

Think of all the disgusting pieces of garbage that took dogs from animal control, or pushed animal control, to send dogs to this concentration camp. Because the crook Winograd said it was ok?

Winograd, you are evil, but your dumb servants are worse!

Anonymous said...

Leah Purcell of Spindletop was a pit bull breeder.

No surprise.

They think animal abuse is fine.

Anonymous said...

There seem to be a lot of these middle aged people pulling this "sanctuary" scam with an elderly parent, who is usually impaired and can't really supervise the situation.

I guess the parent supplies the house or land, and the scamming daughter or son pulls the senior citizen along unwittingly.

Will people learn never to donate money or bring dogs to a "sanctuary" that isn't affiliated with a national group?

This Leah Purcell did everything the puppy mill people did, just showed the house and had excuses for why people couldn't inspect all the kennels, where she was murdering the dogs while taking more dogs.

She also had lots of slick feel-good stories to convince the stupid that she was for real. The scammers always sound the best, because all they tell are lies! If people are made to feel good with lies, then I suppose they get tricked into giving money more easily. Best Friends has worked that angle. Most of what they tell people are lies!

They all operate pretty much the same way, and Best Friends encourages people to get rooked by these scammers, and scams in a similar way. They steal from people via facebook, their cheating websites, and getting referrals from scam operations like Best Friends and the other No Kill killers.

The stupid will always let themselves be ripped off, but this is worse because it's stealing donations to use to hurt animals.
Is it my imagination, or is it mostly women who let themselves get ripped off by these No Kill clowns? I though feminism had smartened women up and made them less gullible?