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This came as a comment but was just too good to pass up for it's own blog post.

Comment on post by Dumb Ass Cooper on 6 Jul @ 10:44--

First of all, have you ever actually read one of The Wino's inflated, redundant consultation reports? They are pretty mind numbing with repetition. Do you know how he gets the photos? He hangs out in the shelter under attack and takes photos before the cleaning crew/animal care providers have cleaned, medicated, fed, and watered. He is an opportunist at every turn, including with his photography and note taking for his reports. I will go so far as to say in certain situations it is pure fabrication and/or set-up. I'm actually a trained forenics photographer. I too know how to take advantage of camera's eye to mislead the untrained to make an innocent situation appear far worse than it is. 

Secondly, I do not see how anyone can say with a straight face that The Wino has improved any system or helped to end cruelty anywhere. You obviously do not have a real grasp on his MO (modus operandi) or you would know that one of the points in his NK Equation is the elimination of cruelty investigators/humane officers or whatever you choose to call them. The reason is 2 fold. First, one of his big selling points to boards of directors and/or municipalities is to promise to reduce the operating expense if his plan is implemented. Humane education, event planners, and cruelty officers are the first to go. Then replace trained staff with untrained volunteers. Two of those 3 have direct impact on animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect. It is my belief that he recognizes that having cruelty officers on staff can end up pointing the finger at the legal animal care failure of NK with over-population and hoarding that are rampant in NK shelters. Turn a good cruelty investigator loose in one of these shelters and see what kind of daming evidence they could produce. If you want a really good example of how very wrong NK can spin out of control, Google "Animal Foundation, Lied Shelter, Las Vegas" and learn how NK failed to the point that something like 3,000 animals had to be destroyed. To the best of my knowledged The Wino did not have a hand in that disaster, but he has the exact same model in his NK Equation. And, from reading this blog along with a couple others, it appears another NK Nevada shelter might soon be in the spotlight for the same thing. 

Come'on dude. Take the blinders off and come out of the tall grass. The evidence showing that The Wino NK plan cannot be sustained and is a flawed premise is visible in the shelters that have used his model. You really need to educate yourself beyond the rainbows and unicorns of NK. Once you do, you will come to realize that that the NK detractors you read here and elsewhere have worked in the trenches both with and without NK and know what does and does not work. If what we do did not work, then explain how it was possible to drop from 10 million animal in US shelters 20 years ago to the current 3 million, before The Wino even dreamed up his little scheme? The Wino is selling a product. Period. Uninformed "furry kid parents" drink the Kool-Aid and provide financial support for The Wino's income and burgeoning ego. Fame and money are his drug of choice and he tries to achieve them on the back of good shelter personnel and creating animal cruelty wherever he goes with his failed blueprint. 

Thank you 007 for this remarkable insight and hopefully Dumb Ass will read this.


Anonymous said...

Winograd is hired by Rick Berman and the animal torturers to push a dangerous, cruel "system" that they KNOW will hurt and kill animals.

They don't care.

The name of the game is oppose laws, oppose regulations, fail to do cruelty investigations, so the puppy mills that fund AKC, and the dog fighters, and all the other tax cheating and animal abusing profiteers can keep on making large amounts of dirty $$$$$

These profiteers pay lobbyists like Rick Berman to scheme and scam, and Berman launders the money by hiring fake "experts" and mouthpieces to push the agenda of the animal killing breeder business.

Michael Mountain spilled the beans about what he and Winograd were up to when Mountain was publishing the propaganda and even weblinks to Berman's stuff in the Best Friends magazine!

Best Friends supporting animal torturers and breeders!

But then everyone learned that Mountain and Winograd care only about selling out to whoever or whatever has the cash. They sold animals down the river in their lust for $$$ and control.

As long as people allow themselves to get tricked by crooks like this, animals will die in horrendous ways and problems will worsen. The rich people hoodwinked the gullible among the "welfare" community.

How long will they stay hoodwinked? How long will they abandon innocent animals to the no kill tortuers?

Anonymous said...

Spindletop pit bull rescue in Texas BUSTED for BAD animal cruelty

This was another No Kill hoarder hole that Winogradites and Best Friends people were offloading pit bulls to to abandon to suffer while they lied and said they had "good homes"


HonestyHelps said...

I am planning a major article and blog post on this bust along with the Boggs Mountain expose in GA that was on the news last night. I do believe that these items will go a long way to break the Whino's back. You do know that the "sanctuary" in TX was being fed by the "No Kill"ers who pose as pit bull rescues? Bad Rap issued to those with pits there to identify them. This shows just how little Natan's puppets care about animals, they don't care. They only care about their fucking egos.

Anonymous said...

So Bad Rap sends pit bulls to die by hoarders while they lie to donors and claim they are caring for the dogs, and continue to collect money for the dogs that are either dying or dead at the hoarders?

This is downright charity fraud.

When are the donors going to hold these crooks accountable? They should demand back every penny they've donated.

This is pit bull torture for profit, pretending to be a charity.

Anonymous said...

"They only care about their fucking egos."

And the money they are from stealing from donors.

They are wallowing in money while they kill the dogs and lie about it.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! You are planning a major article? As if anyone READS your fucking blog to begin with! HAHAHAHAHA
I check in occasionally to laugh at the crazy old lady who talks to herself all day.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash to CRAZYOLDLADY who writes this so called 'blog'.....


You are nothing but a freak show......

HonestyHelps said...

You see, Idiot Anon, you are going on an assumption that this blog belongs to someone else therefore you make your silly rantings. You would be shocked to discover who I am and yes, a major article. I don't just write this blog, stupid. My name is well known by legislators and public officials. Why do you think the whino has been stopped in so many places? It ain't because of the person you think this blog belongs to. You're a raving lunatic who changed the fucking litter box too often.

Steve said...

I read her, so do several others, your language is offensive and says a great deal more about you than her. Because we are not crude does not mean we lack power, because we remain civil does not mean we lack courage. Only a coward hides behind anonymous to hurl slurs. You of the biscuit brigade, no kill nation marching idiot band, rely on 4 letter words. No wonder you are smirked at to your face. Honesty you may not remember me among your other readers, but you and some other friends befriended by Mother's little dog Pixie. I read all of your blogs to this day. I see the wonderful Gret has saved another dog. Good for you, and stand firm to the foul mouthed idiots.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Gret has and she will probably save many more in the future. I was speaking with a friend of mine tonight that saves senior dogs, she is on a constant death watch, just had more bad news today. I remember Pixie, yes now I do. And I do hope all is well with you. Pixie had a wonderful life and she is watching over you right now, thanking you.

I think the war is about to deal a death blow to NK. With the big bust in TX and the Boggs Mountain expose, Winograd's cult is now running for their lives. There's only so many lame excuses they can use and they have used them all. Yep, things are a'changing.

Anonymous said...

So apparently Douglas Cooper thinks it is funny that No Kill killed and tortured these dogs, and stole people's money. Typical No Kill scammer.

What is he doing in Mexico, and why is he hiding there?

Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd is the Madoff of the pet world.