Friday, November 9, 2012


Yet another one bites the dust, involved in cruelty and a transport scheme. Seems this No Kill imported dogs from South Carolina, are you listening Biscuit Bitch? This is your people doing this. And then he was selling them, not adopting them by ethical standards, selling them. The bad part is the conditions these dogs had to endured once at their destination. On Thursday night in Bethlehem, 65 dogs had to be rescued from a freezing barn at an animal rescue run by the Connecticut SPCA. Even more concerning was that the owner, who is the director of SPCA of Connecticut, has been in trouble before.
Investigators told NBC Connecticut that the dogs were freezing and dehydrated at the animal rescue and at least four were rushed to the animal hospital. Animal control said officers demanded that Acker fix conditions for the dogs in October.
Shades of Spindletop and Boggs Mountain!! No Kill has always promoted hiring the inexperienced for key positions in shelters. That way he can have some control. However, it is beginning to look as though No Kill also promotes hiring prior abusers.
That problem had since been fixed, but court records showed dozens of criminal charges have been filed in Milford, accusing him of illegally importing animals. The case is still pending, but another case could be brought against him for the disturbing discovery police made in Bethlehem.
No Kill, the enemy of those who can't speak for themselves. But we will speak for them against this cruel, vile movement of Natan Whinograd.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why I continue to be surprised since we have seen it so many times but once again the owner seems to be completely unaware of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we know where some of the "trasfers and rescues went". It always bothers me when a shelter seems to post great save rates but then they also have a large number of transfers and rescues. Tranferred to where? Rescued to where? In Ausitn's case it is to the sub standard facility at Austin Pets Alive. At least that one is visible and getting looked at. For other places who knows. My guess is too for cities that have gone no kill the politicians are not too interested in finding out either. Out of their City limits and good numbers for the press to boot! Of course somewhere along the line we forgot about the animals I guess. Still needs to go in front of the voters in my humble opinion to see if they want to take on the challange.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Eiderdown (YesBiscuit) is just another high volume dog breeder. Isn't it great for her to get mixed-breed dogs or purebred dogs "without their papers" sent out of state. Then her sales go up.

Anonymous said...

Or should I say Shirley Lyn Thistlethwaite, whatever the hell name YesBiscuit chooses to use on any given day.

Look at her blog...she describes herself as somebody that writes about "homemade pet food, Pitbulls, and the largely unknown anti-pet activities of groups such as HSUS and PETA."

Pitbulls as in let's adopt them out to anyone, people with little kids...anyone.Just don't euthanize 'em.

She doesn't say anything about being a breeder. Guess she's ashamed on that little detail.