Friday, November 9, 2012


I had no more gotten the post below published about the Connecticut SPCA than this hit the news.

Another No Kill.    More info about Animal Rescue Konsortium Inc. (DeLand) More than 100 animals were rescued from a DeLand animal shelter on Thursday after police received complaints that the shelter was keeping the animals in unsafe conditions.
One hundred cats and 26 dogs were removed from the Animal Rescue Consortium as Volusia County firefighters wearing oxygen masks entered and set up fans to air out the facility.
But does the No Killers see the suffering? Not at all. 
Johnson told WKMG-TV that she was shocked when police served her a search warrant Thursday morning on complaints of animal mistreatment.
"The living conditions? We do everything everyday," said Johnson. "I never sit down."
Same song, second verse, Whinograd.


Anonymous said...

If the neighbors that witnessed this abuse by these No Kill maniacs hadn't been persistent in their complaints and insisted these pets be rescued, those animals would have died in their cages like at Spindletop.

Whistleblowers, animals need your help!

Anonymous said...

Another muni shelter in Terrell Tx. was able to be no kill for a bit but has finally had to EU for space. Thanks god they did not go down the just stack them higher route! I believe no kill counted Terrell in their "no kill" numbers or at least it looks like it from their "no kill map".