Thursday, October 2, 2008

Credibility - Not in His Book

The other "blogger" has posted this morning about KCACC and the new hateful website that was recently set up to condemn the shelter animals to more death.

Does this blogger have a dictionary? I suggest that he look up credibility since he doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word. The vet he quotes has no credibility at this point. But again this blogger doesn't care, he counts on people with no idea what is happening to take him at his word and BELIEVE. Now ignorant people will read his blog and think wrongly of KCACC.

This blogger is supporting a vet that has engaged in unethical medical practices (prescribing medication for himself under his dead dog's name) and cruelty/neglect to animals. He is supporting a group that has also been engaged in unethical practices of placing pets with hoarders. The cruelty these animals faced because this group wanted to be heroes. So both the blogger and this newly formed "group" are supporting and pushing unethical practices, unethical people, and cruelty to animals. All this has been documented.

Not only does this person support breeders, legit or backyard, now he is supporting people who have been documented as being part of cruelty and neglect to animals. Tells me he is losing support himself with the humane community and is turning to those who don't care about animals for support. And of course, they will support him.

This blogger hears the death rattle of this movement. The slow death of the "No Kill" equation is not soon enough for the shelter animals that are having to endure the ignorance of people who support this movement. But their lives will not have been in vain, it only serves to strengthen the resolve of those of us who truly care. Let it be known that we will defeat you, we will bring about "no kill" the right way, and your name will be forgotten with time.

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