Monday, October 13, 2008

Looney Tunes

I would not normally ask my readers to visit the Whino's blog site but I am going to do just that.
I am referring to the Whino talking about the movie on chihuahuas released by Disney. He is getting more and more extreme with his rantings. We all know what happened with the Dals when Disney released the movie. Now in CA, it is estimated that half of the Dals born are deaf because of all the backyard breeding to supply the demand from the movie. In one day I picked up three lactating Dals within a one block area, all had been turned loose and obviously had had puppies. One was deaf. No one claimed them at the shelter.
I have been aware and have watched the Chi population grow at our local shelter. Unfortunately many had severe genetic problems. Now there will be a rush to breed enough for the supply that will be created by Disney.
Read his rantings. As you read, think about breeders reading this. It is promoting breeding basically. Telling us that if we had his "No Kill" equation in place, nothing would happen. Trying to make us feel guilty. Yet he doesn't want the public to feel guilty about themselves and the problems they cause by not altering, etc. Where does this man get off? And if he doesn't get off soon, lets throw him from the train. So much damage from such a small man.


Anonymous said...

The breeders are outright saying he is working for them, and working to protect them.

Breeders who cheat on their taxes and encourage puppy mills, support animal cruelty

It sounds like now Winograd is not even hiding it now. He's just advertising for the breeders and mills.

Happy Camper said...

That was quite a rant, and the idea of wanting feral dogs running around the Disney parking lot is bizzare. slipping a cog, me thinks