Saturday, October 4, 2008

We Can't Dance Any More

This is an eulogy to two wonderful blogs/friends that have recently passed into the underground.

I search everyday looking for comrades in the fight against "No Kill". The Oreo blog and the KCAS blog brought a light into my day. Both so well written and their followers were well versed. Not many blogs do I learn from, but I have learned much from these two. And I was so excited that these blogs were bringing the truth to the table for all to see.

But both have now had go underground to protect themselves and their loved ones. It is the death of truth and honesty, of caring and action. Blogs such as these were the best defense against the personal agenda of "No Kill". But slowly and surely, the "No Kill" agenda is shutting people such as these two down. Then when that is done and his is the only voice heard, our shelters will become nothing more than holding pens for animals.

I don't blame Oreo and KCAS for taking their blogs off except for invitation only. Fighting this fight can be tiring and burdensome. I have experienced the full force of this movement, I lost my home because of it. I am now underground and still fighting. I can do this because I don't have family to think of, except for the four legged and winged family. I am doing all I can to protect them because they too, have been threatened. I would have stood my ground if it weren't for them. And recently my name and address was put in a major newspaper with a call to "seek and destroy". I did have to send a cease and desist order to this paper. And also have been threatened with two lawsuits just for presenting public records.

My thoughts have been that if enough people started standing up to the "No Kill" agenda then maybe it could make a difference. Now, with these two blogs have to resort to going underground and not being open to the public, I am beginning to think I will never be able to go home again. These two blogs gave me hope and now it is gone.

Oreo and KCAS will continue to be in my prayers, I pray for protection for them and theirs. I do the same everyday for myself and mine. I will continue to read them because they contribute so much to my work and life. But it is with a heavy heart. Anything I can do to help them, I do hope they will ask. Thanks for what you have done, Oreo and KCAS, I believe that you have made a difference.


Happy Camper said...

We are now fighting in a different forrest, but we are here.. and we shall remain here. the God's of change are near.

Honesty Helps said...

I know you are still there but the rest of world can no longer see the truths that you write. We must prevail.

Happy Camper said...

I just put up a disturbing post from a regular to Oreo. She is leaving her position at a shelter to avoid this kind of thing. How sad is that. After reading the blog by the Winnettes and their leader, my heart went out to Catmom. I linked to the claire davis manifesto and it was so full of condensed prunes. She had quoted the same poster repeatedly. He has really good information, but when you publish rhetoric for the sake of rhetoric; not good. It was he, in the end, who took Catmom down.
Let that be a lesson to other bloggers to monitor carefully what you put up. It bragged on the blog that Catmom might have to go to court to defend why she posted it. we are just as vital here, we can still be active, but always aware of the hackers. Might be time to put a meter on honesty.

Happy Camper said...

Love your new sub-title

Honesty Helps said...

Catmom put some serious shit on her blog and I have full confidence that she will be able to defend it. And I think Oreo can defend what is posted there. I don't care about the site meter and I will now become extremely radical on my blog.

I have already lost all because of the Whino so there is nothing left other than to continue to speak against him openly. Others have families, homes to think about, I don't, not any more. The Whino depends on people reacting like this, backing off with the threats of lawsuits. Even if you have all the evidence, you still have to hire an attorney and go through years of legal wrangling. That's why he is soliciting lawyers, abeit lousy ones that can't make it in the private world, so he can hold threats over the heads of opposition.

Sorry, Happy Camper, but I will not back down again. I am declaring war at this point. Let him come after me, I want to go to court, I want it to come out in a court of law. He has to prove his case, not me. I've been careful, only referring to public records for the most part.

He and the Whinonettes have hurt me enough, now is the time to start hurting them. I am going to play by their rules, down and dirty. Bring it on, Whino-grad, I'm ready for the fight. You are the most evil thing I have come up upon and you need to go back where you came from - hell.

Happy Camper said...

You go girl.... Catmom has removed her blog ! It is not private it is down. While I respect her needs I am deeply saddened.
The fanatics posted her work information on the web, with her picture. We are just covering our bases here at Oreo's place. I feel your rage and match it with mine, we are just using differnt tools to arrive at the same goal. Compassionate care for animals entrusted into the system.

Honesty Helps said...

We have just begun to fight. They want to play dirty, I know how to play that game. Down and dirty is the way they are going to get it. They better clean every spot on the floor or there will be complaints. They better watch every record or there will be a complaint. Better not put too many dogs in a kennel or there will be a complaint. If the Council thinks they have heard it all, they ain't heard nothing yet.