Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Pook Is At Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday I had Pookie, my guinea pig, euthanized. The vet had done all he could do and the Pook just didn't get better. He couldn't eat properly because of a severe malocclusion. The Pook lived to eat. His favorites were cucumber, tomatoes (Romas), and eggplant. Feeding him was the highlight of each day.

Pookie was a shelter piggie. He came in with a large bust of a cavy breeder in Riverside, CA. There were over 130 piggies, most pregnant at the time, so the number rose to about 200 piggies in the shelter. I only had room for one. On my way to the shelter, I asked myself how I was going to be able to pick only one and how do I do that. I decided to let my piggie pick me.

So I put my hand in cages and waited for one to come up. Piggies are prey animals and their first instinct is to run. They did, except for the Pook. He came up and he was mine. And no piggies could want for more. He enjoyed a large pen in a dedicated room for piggies, had all the fresh veggies he wanted, and enjoyed the company of several other piggies. And he was NEUTERED.

Cavies (guinea pigs) are considered a disposable pet. They cost $5-20 in the stores. They are sold for snake food. People eat them too. But it is cheaper to let them die and get another, thus disposable. Vets for piggies are expensive, they are considered exotic animals. The Pook had had an abscess on his jaw a few months ago, probably had something to do with this problem, and his vet bill was high. I could have bought 50 piggies. But his life was precious to me and worth the money.

Just a reminder that the shelters don't only have cats and dogs, they also have piggies, rats, birds, and almost anything else. But it is most sad for these "disposable" pets because their value even says don't bother using the gas to take them to the shelter. I guess what I am trying to say is that every life, no matter what it "costs" or if it is free, is important and valuable. Pook was only $5 at the shelter but he brought me millions in enjoyment. I will miss him terribly.

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Happy Camper said...

From all of us at Oreo's our sincere condolences...I know it had been a rough few weeks for you as you worked your way up and down the Pookie trail....... The question of when is tough, but I am glad for Pookies sake , you had the compassion to take him, and the compassion to let him go.