Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Give Me A Break!!!

So now I am off on a "pit bull" tangent according to another blog. Pit bulls are a subject that can hurt the no kill movement. Why do people not understand all the aspects of fighting this movement? When children are being mauled or killed almost on a daily basis by a bully breed and no kill is trying to save them all, why would this not be discussed? When pits adopted by a "no kill" shelter have mauled and killed children, why shouldn't this be discussed? We are trying to destroy credibility folks, and we don't do this by avoiding certain subjects. Pit adoptions are at the top of the list against no kill. There is a liability to the city for adopting these dogs and cities are being sued. Yet I am off in another world discussing it. This is one of the best tools you have to fight no kill.

Douglas Rae of PACCA fame is trying to save the pits in Indy now. Indy has one of the highest records of pit bull attacks. Rae is a darling of Winograd. So why not attack this issue with them?

And as for my shelter going no kill, sorry to inform you but that won't happen. Already been hit even with a lawsuit and we stood ground, gained ground actually, didn't lose any. And Reno has fallen, so who is doing the better job? I bring up the issues that no kill has no answers for. It's about time that others do the same. This fight has been going on for a long time and it is a pisser when the new guys come in and think they know it all. You are either in this all the way or you are in the way, which one is it?


Anonymous said...

No Kill is working with the breeders and dog fighting people now.

They are helping them.

Pit bull breeding organizations that have dog fighters as members are touting some of these No Kill groups and people, and No Kill is opposing rules or laws to help and please the breeders and fighters.

Not a surprise that they would attack anyone who wants to even explore the issues that No Kill and the breeders try to hide.

Best Friends says it is now in the job of rehabilitating the reputation of pit bulls. NOT getting rid of dog fighting and fighting dog breeding, NOT shutting down pit bull puppy mills, NOT stopping torture and abuse of pit bulls.

"Rehabilitating the reputation" Words straight from the pit bull BREEDER community.

In fact, Best Friends is using other material straight from pit bull breeder people and organizations.

Poor pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Oh, THAT blog.

I wouldn't think twice about that truly stupid comment.

That person has posted other things out of touch with reality. They have their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

The particular commenter, I mean. Not the entire blog.

Honesty Helps said...

To continue to deny the role of the pits as well as the breeders in "No Kill" is ridiculous. You can't separate the two now. I try to give people tools to fight this and they want to pick and chose what they will use. Well it ain't that simple. Radical, maybe so, but I won't be controlled. I call it the way I see it. Breeding is a sin at this point of the game and if you continue to deny the role it plays in this fight, then you aren't on my team.

Honesty Helps said...

Also, wanted to add that the anon comment is correct, BF want to put disinformation out there instead of addressing the root of the problem. We bred these damn dogs to be vicious, now accept that and deal with it. They are the most abused breed and yet people want to continue to adopt them out to God knows who. Just push them out the door, write on a piece of paper that they are safe and hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

I saw that wimpy comment about this blog and thought that this guy is not serious about this subject is he. And that blog is known for being partial to breeders and people who buy from breeders. Several of the people who comment have stated they bought their dogs. So don't get your panties in a wad over something like this person, you have too much to do to stop no kill to worry about one little minded person.

Anonymous said...

Of all the ways humankind has found to do harm, TNR is the most far reaching. It is toxic. Oreo has several very good posts on the subject and while trying to keep an open mind is marvelous, there is no upside to TNR that I have seen on any blog. I feel sorry for the cats, but sorrier for the people who live next door to the colony. By the way, what shelter are you volunteering for Honesty? Is it an open admission ? And are you able to keep TNR from your district ?

Honesty Helps said...

Gret, you may have wanted to post this on the TNR post. But to answer your question, I don't volunteer at the shelter. I do more for them than that. I am on the political side of it. When they need to get to the Board of Supervisors, I am the person they call. I have more power as a member of the public, a consituent. We are not supporting TNR at our shelter and have no plans to do so. The head of AC doesn't not believe it is correct. We do, however, support spay/neuter and caregivers can get county vouchers for it. When I offered financial aid for s/n, I also would allow up to 3 instances of help even though I don't believe in TNR.

Trap Neuter and Retain is what I believe in.