Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prostituting "No Kill"

I say turn about is fair play. We have to listen to the same crap from the Whino about HSUS, the ASPCA, and of course, PETA. I'm sick of his whining.

Recently the Whino told a reporter that he would do an interview with anyone. He is big with the breeding community (AKA puppy mills included of course). With the news (old news to me) of the cruelty of breeding because of meeting kennel club standards along with the puppy mills that the AKC protects, for him to grant an interview is akin to prostituting, plain and simple. Sell yourself for the price of a book, at least he's cheap. He's not spreading the word, he's in league with the devil. I wondered if during those interviews if he mentioned puppy mills??

Why hasn't he said anything about his "Best Friends" actions? Ever heard of the "Don the Dog Guy"? Seems that Best Friends "gave" the Dogman 28 pit bulls from Katrina and a good bit of money per dog from all those donations that came in for their "wonderful" rescue. Just in the last few week, the Dogman was convicted of animal cruelty and only three of 28 dogs were accounted for. It is known that at least one dog died due to fighting. All the others are dead as far as we know. This guy was also ordered to pay back over $62,000 to Best Friends. Well, obviously Best Friends didn't bother to check this guy out and if they didn't check this guy, how many others that we don't know about are out there like this one. As usual with the "No Kill Equation" it's push them out the door, out of sight, out of mind. Who gives a shit that the dogs end up on chains or thrown in backyards, if they are lucky, or just plain thrown out? "No Kill" doesn't care, just get those "live release numbers" to looking good, to hell with whether we do good adoptions.

Why didn't Best Friends retain all the dogs they brought back from Katrina? After all they have 33,000 acres, more than enough room. Most people who donated to them believe that the dogs went to their sanctuary. So Best Friends is most certainly guilty of deceit. Now isn't this what the Whino claims of HSUS?

And another thing we won't hear from the Whino is how Best Friends has killed one of the Vick dogs due to surgery. Yes, I know that anytime a dog is put under for surgery, that it is a risk. But the point is that of all the dogs, this particular one died on the table and this was the explanation offered by Best Friends. I'll lay ten to one, the dog died from a dog fight.

And what about Best Friends not knowing enough to provide the correct size ball for playing with the dogs. One dog had to have surgery due to a ball. The ball was small enough for the dog to swallow. Now I know that you have to be careful about the size of the ball to the size of the dog and you probably know that too. Best Friends employees didn't. Make me wonder about the care that these employees render with their lack of knowledge.

And although Best Friends does not hesitate to step in on situations that are getting media attention, they won't step in for a situation just down the road from them. A hoarder was busted close to Best Friends (makes you wonder where the dogs came from) and no where to take these dogs. Best Friends refused to help. Yeah, Whino, talk about no kill, what happens to these Best Friends rejects, they will probably be killed. Who is to blame, the hoarder, a little, but Best Friends turning these dogs away is a sure death sentence. So turning animals away makes you a partner in the killing and Best Friends is a major partner.

All this whining from the Whino about HSUS and PETA looks like nothing more than jealousy to me. He's already pissed because he didn't get the Maddie's Fund. Now he looks at the number of members (money) of these two organizations and he wants it. He reminds me of a little boy who was chosen last, no one wanted to play with him. So he has developed a scheme to get all those people back, make their pets suffer with this no kill crap. I'll have to say that he reminds me of a street walking prostitute that will sell herself to anyone that waves money in her face. Same with the Whino. He has sold himself to the breeding community. Oh, he claims he will do an interview with anyone who wants to listen. Excuse me, but when you do interviews, it is a given that you are supporting the organization that is interviewing. I call it whoring myself and the Whino is an expert there.


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing over and over, best friends is evil, fighting dogs. Well why doesn't someone get off their *** and prove it. If they are committing animal cruelty, why isn't someone doing something about it, and how are they getting away with it. Another thing I would like to point out, not everyone who wants to help pit bulls are criminal trash, some are well intentioned, but misguided. I've made progress in educating people about mandatory spay/neuter because they know I'm fair, I don't use hate or stereotypes.

Honesty Helps said...

I'll tell you why no one has stepped forward to prove Best Friends may be Worst Friends, because anyone that speaks against "no kill" has to be a murderer, a killer. Those in the humane effort are usually non profits, reliant upon donations. Putting themselves in the position of being called animal murderers could have a bad effect on their fundraising efforts. So they remain silent.

As for the pitbull issue, there are so many people out there deliberately misleading the public about these dogs. I wish we could save them all, but I am a realist and know we can't. Pits have been interbred, bred in back yards, selected for breeding for bad temperaments, and then thrown out to the unsuspecting public. It is almost an every day affair to have a pitbull attack. And don't say anything about the pit is in the eyes of the beholder, these news stories have the picture of the dog and yes, they are "pits" and mixes of them. I use the term pit to cover all the bully breeds. You need to go everyday to the website: and you will see just how often these dogs are attacking.

And mandatory spay/neuter is my dream, my goal in life. Any one with half sense can understand how mandatory s/n could make a difference. Guess that leaves Whino out in the cold.

Anonymous said...

It was really bad with Don Chambers the Dog Guy.


Best Friends actually had him coming to the Best Friends Sanctuary. They personally knew him, and he hoodwinked them first hand.

And Don the Dog Guy was using the Best Friends website to take advantage of Best Friends members.

Best Friends just wanted somewhere to dump those pit bulls, out of sight out of mind.

"[Best Friends] Spokesman John Polis said of the 28 dogs given to Chambers, just three were placed in homes. Ten were euthanized at the Lorain County Kennel. One died in a dog fight. One died of untreated heartworms. Three died and were tossed into a trash bin. Six are unaccounted for"

"The relationship between Chambers and Best Friends began when he presented himself as Don the Dog Guy, who had a kennel and training facility in Lorain County. He traveled to Best Friend's sanctuary and spent time with dog trainers there.

"He was very personable, charming and seemed to understand dogs and have training skills," Polis said.

"He was paid $1,000 for each dog he took for training and placement. He claimed to have placed the dogs and sent convincing photos and wrote stories about the dogs for our Web site," Polis said. "Don actually was quite popular with the trainers here and had somewhat of a following on our Web site."

And they led their members who donated to their Hurricane Katrina fund to believe that Best Friends took the dogs and cared for them.

Here's their dumping explanation "When Chambers was given the dogs; "We simply needed to try and place as many dogs from Katrina as possible," Polis [of Best Friends] said. "The last thing we thought was that someone would try to con us with such an elaborate scheme."

Now the question is, Best Friends had a lot more pit bulls from the Katrina situation that they did NOT take.

Where are all these other dogs? Who has them? How many are still alive?

And Best Friends still has millions upon millions of dollars that they begged for in Katrina donations that are sitting in the bank.

No Kill does kill, but in awful ways that people don't see.

And those dogs suffered and died in terrible ways.

Just like the dogs at PACCA got sent off to a known hoarder under Winograd's personally hired directors (one of which, Douglas Rae, is now in Indianapolis!)

This seems to happen over and over again with No Kill. Remember No Kill Pasado's and the hoarder situation with Katrina dogs?

Those same people that sent those dogs off are in King County Wa pushing Winograd.

No Kill doesn't humanely euthanize. They just ship the animals to some hole to die, and then claim that No Kill is working.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 where have you been?

The issues with Best Friends and their hypocrisy are all over the web.

Best Friends turns away animals in their own state. They don't take pit bulls from Utah, but they take high profile pit bulls that come with money that they then use to fundraise more with.

But they are not No Kill even in their low-populated part of Utah.
They call in local animal control to pick up animals brought to the sanctuary that they refuse to take.
Utah pit bull rescues have begged them to take pit bulls rescued from hoarding and abuse cases but Best Friends refuses.

Best Friends only wants the animals they can get press with, that they can use to market.

And Best Friends is involved with pit bull breeder groups now, including some groups where members have been found online in videos fighting and refereeing dog fights.

Best Friends isn't helping pit bulls. They are making money off them, and helping these breeders breed more and more, and fight them, with no rules or limitations.

At least if Best Friends were just ineffective, but things are happening now that actually are making things worse for animals.

Honesty Helps said...

Anon, you added some good points to this conversation about some of the actions of Best Friends. This just adds to the point of their being neglectful about the animals. I bet they know every penny that comes in though. If they were so easily deceived by this guy, how many more are there? Are fighters getting their dogs from there? God only knows at this point.

Anonymous said...

I do know that when Best Friends was trying to dump these Katrina pit bulls, a condition of people taking them was that they remain UNALTERED because Best Friends was supposedly still "trying to find the owners."

Not a chance. It wasn't true. They dumped them and that was it.

But I saw emails from Best Friends insisting these dogs remain unaltered.

So how many of them did end up with dog fighters, how many have produced countless litters?

Honesty Helps said...

Anon, you would be right legally about them not altering because a pet may be owned. However, if they were putting out to others, then it was wrong to put them out unaltered. It was their responsibility to either hold on to the unaltered dogs or alter them when pushing them out the door to unchecked "rescues" such as Don the Dog Guy.

I would like to get proof of this if possible.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, I do believe that when Best Friends was insisting that these dogs remain unaltered, the time set by the state had expired to finding owners.

Best Friends was the only group at that late state that was handing them out to individuals unaltered, and many people were very upset about it.

Especially since dog fighters had been trying to steal pit bulls from many of the shelter camps that had been set up.

Of course, I am sure that some dog fighters simply claimed they were pit bull rescues, and groups like Best Friends and Pasado's just handed the dogs over

Honesty Helps said...

If you can come up with something to show this, I would appreciate it. I believe it, I don't doubt it. They give lip service to spay/neuter but it is not their focus. And it would open up a lot more resources to dump the dogs if they "insisted" they weren't altered. And indeed, many breeders rep themselves as "rescues" of purebreds. So many, in fact, that the reason for the Vincent Bill in CA, mandatory for shelters and rescues to alter, was passed. It was to stop the breeders posing as rescues from getting their breeding stock from the shelters.

Honesty Helps said...

Cowgirl, this is what you don't understand, cats are not wild, they are an invasive non native species. Sure other things kill birds but cats are one thing we can stop killing birds with a thing called responsibility. Cats were domesticated, in other words, they depend upon us. Since they have been domesticated, studies have proven their brains have reduced in size. The explanation is that since they no longer have to use brainpower to provide for themselves, that the brain reduced. And the mere fact that you feel you have to feed and water them proves that even you don't think they are capable of fending for themselves. I don't know what studies you have been reading, probably the propaganda put out by Alley Cats, but there are many, many studies about the devestation caused by cats. Let me ask you, do you not have any feelings for the birds? Birds are being killed by cats for fun, you are feeding them so they aren't hungry. You are selective in which animals you want to save I take it.

And even at that, why are we supposed to go out of our way for these cats? Why are we always told that we are the ones to spend money trying to avoid cats? Why don't you spend your money buying a cat enclosure rather than continue to let them bother other people and animals? You are the one wanting to save them, yet you expect others to tolerate your passion. That is wrong.

"Ferals -homeless, unsocialized, fearful and spits at humans, unable to touch or pick up." Sorry but this is not a definition of feral. This describes abandoned cats, not feral cats. I've had cats do all of the above and come out of a trap friendly and purring. So no, this is not a correct description of a "feral" cat, at least not in my 50 years of experience with them.

Then you go on to say that children have tamed cats from colonies. Duh, what does that tell you? That you abandoned cats that were not "feral", same as their owners did. It doesn't make you any better than them, does it. In fact, your statement has proved my points. And yes I feel "caregivers" are the enemy. Because they are there, the public abandons their cats for these "crazy cat people" to take care of. And the fact that the "caregivers" abandon the cats as well, I see nothing that says they "care" much less be a "caregiver".

So it is the fault of the man who poisoned the cats? He did what many others are doing, poisoning the cats, another reason not to leave them in colonies. Why is he supposed to alter his life for your cats? It is supposed to be the other way around. This is the attitude that is killing these cats in horrible ways. Not respecting other people who do not want the cats around. People are not supposed to alter their lives for someone else's pets or for abandoned cats. This man is not a serial killer, he just wants to pursue his life without the intrusion of cats. Same as me and most other people. You cannot force your passion on others and that is what you are saying here.

And talking of dog fighting, excuse me but I see many that are being busted in CA. The police love to catch dog fighting, means money to them. If there's no fight when they arrive, what can they do and this is probably the case that you mention. Not only do the police get them for illegal fighting, they nail them for illegal gambling, drugs, and in some cases, postitutes. So why wouldn't the police love these kinds of busts? Usually they get to send a few people back down South, deportation.

And last I find your remarks racist which probably explains your attitude of holier than thou. Sorry, Cowgirl, but you are wrong on this, completely and totally wrong. You are the one delivering suffering to cats with the continuation of their abandonment. You want everyone else to accept cats digging up their gardens and leaving feces, killing birds that are invited when the cats are not, making children sick with ringworms and other disease, and in general making non cat people miserable. If you want these cats to live, then you bring them into your home and take care of them. Don't expect the world to want to save them and alter their lives to accomodate the cats. Don't leave them outside to be poisoned, mutilated, hit by cars, and all the other dangers of the outside world. I have to ask the question here, Do you really care about cats? If you do, it is not obvious.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think I can't see worse from the "crazy cat people" I see that incredibly racist post from Cowgirl (along with all the usual Alley Cat Ally and Winograd silliness)

Hoopy doopy, I didn't know it had gotten quite so crazy in crazy cat person ville.

Did the list of bad pet owners come from Winograd? Where'd she come up with that one

Anonymous said...

I do realize they are involved in a substantial amount of attacks, so I'm not saying it's hype. That's why I support breeding bans, but I don't tell people that they're evil or vicious killers. Basically I promote a breeding ban without creating an angry mob. We can help people and pit bulls by creating a breeding ban. As for no kill, I used to support no kill shelters, before I found out what goes on. I didn't know aggressive dogs were being adopted out, and dogs were sick and suffering. It sounds good in theory until you see what's behind it. It's infuriating that anyone gets away with cruelty, these people should be regulated somehow.

Honesty Helps said...

We won't know the true extent of the adopting out of pitbulls for probably another couple of years. There needs to be a reporting system more accurate than what we have now and the one question that needs to be asked in mauling and fatility cases, where was the dog gotten from. We need a reporting system to see if these "no kills" are adopting dogs that aren't ready for adoption.

Anonymous said...

Some no kills are not being honest about the breeding, claiming a pit bull mix is really a boxer mix or lab mix.

It is not fair for the dog or new owners. It's a setup for failure.

Pit bulls and mixes do require a more skilled handler, who can handle certain issues.

Telling someone that a pit mix is a lab mix is just setting up a bad, or even dangerous, situation.

Honesty Helps said...

Some "No Kill"'s are DELIBERATLY sending pits and pitmixes out as something else. It does no one any good if a dog and a family are set up for failure. Not even to mention putting a family in danger. What are these people thinking? It is beyond me. This is not the way to save the pits.

I saw this on this morning and want to have bumper stickers made. This one slogan says it all:


Anonymous said...

It would be great is someone could provide some proof to put these people out of business. There is definitely a motive for them adopting out unaltered dogs. To anonymous, lately I haven't been much into the news, so I hadn't heard anything about 'best friends'. As for dogsbite, I do read it sometimes, but I used to just look the stories up myself. I do get that it's a victims site, but I was attacked by a rottweiler when I was a kid, and even though I still get nervous when I see them, I understand that it was a dog that didn't know any better.