Monday, March 16, 2009

So You Think Cats Don't Hurt Anything????

I just want people to see this. Every year there are reports of feline rabies whereas canine rabies is almost non existent. Every year the CA State Compendium recommends the licensing of cats in order for them to have rabies vaccinations like dogs. Check with your local shelter to see how many reported cat bites there are every year, you'll be surprised. And almost none of them have been vaccinated. Since cats are much more difficult to locate and contain, unlike dogs, many of the offending cats get away. This results in rabies treatment for the person bitten. These are painful and think of that small child forced to endure this pain. This is the link to the story and below is a copy of the story.

REIDSVILLE, Va. (AP) - Health officials say a feral cat that bit a Rockingham County girl tested positive for rabies and six other people may have been exposed to the disease.
County environmental health director Ted Nelson says the child started a series of rabies shots last week and is fine.
The Rockingham County Department of Health says at least one of the other people has scheduled treatment.
The child was bitten March 6 outside a home in Reidsville. The health department said the cat was pregnant and it believes other cats may have been exposed.
Nelson said animal control officers from the sheriff's office picked up seven cats and two puppies that are believed to have some connection to the cat.


Honesty Helps said...

5. The recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for protection from toxoplasmosis is to avoid stray cats and kittens ( Furthermore, the CDC recently announced that the results of a study show Toxocara (roundworm) infection to be more common than previously thought (

Finally, the CDC recently announced that canine rabies has been eliminated in the U.S. through the implementation of dog vaccination, licensing and stray dog control (not by maintaining free-roaming feral dog colonies). Nationwide, cats accounted for 54 percent of domestic animals found with rabies in 2005. In 2006, cases of rabies in cats increased 18.2% compared with the number reported in 2005. Raccoons top the list, but cats are the leading carriers by far among domestic animals. In the Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control, 2008, the recommendation is that, "Stray dogs, cats and ferrets should be removed from the community".

Honesty Helps said...

Honesty Helps said...

Anonymous said...

In San Bernardino County in 2007, there were 127 cats impounded for bites. Of those 127 cats, only 5 had rabies vaccinations. Which means the other 122 cats were held for 10 days, euthanized, their heads taken off, and sent to be determined if there was rabies. And 95 of those cats were strays, no way to determine if they had vaccinations. So the taxpayers had to pay to determine whether the cats had rabies.

Of the 631 dogs that were impounded for bites, only 116 were strays. This shows that stray cats are dangerous, they bite people and they aren't vaccinated for rabies. It shows that the percentage of stray cats biting is much higher than the percentage of stray dogs in comparison to impound numbers.

Anonymous said...

Where I live there's stray cats everywhere. People move and leave them behind, it's horrible. Someone picked them all up before, had them spayed/neutered then dropped them off again. It's not a good idea at all. It does help them from reproducing, but they don't have vaccinations or food. I've had them trying to get in my door, I feel bad, but I can't feed them, If I feed one, the rest will follow.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that the torture and killing of the cat by teens in NY that has been in the news lately might knock some sense into the heads of these people that are abandoning these poor cats to fates like this.

However, they don't seem to care. They just seem interested in pushing others to let them do what they want.

It stopped being about the animals long ago.

Anonymous said...

More from the No kill guru that Best Friends used to heavily promote along with Winograd, Ed Boks. His No kill is basically the same as Winograd's. It's just that Winograd doesn't actually do anything, and Boks actually does have a job trying to put his philosophy to work.

Of course it doesn't work. No kill never does.

Boks stopped the spay neuter voucher system.

Typical. The animals stack up, the spending goes sky high, then services get chopped and everything goes completely down the toilet.

Jimmy O said...

For more information about benign kitties go here:

and here:

Honesty Helps said...

Thanks Jimmy O for that article. I knew that the Santa Monica bay's biggest pollutant is animal feces so this article is right on target.

One of the founders of TNR came to her senses after watching a colony kill other animals. She said she realized then that saving the cats only took the lives of others. I just wish I could find her writings again.