Friday, November 13, 2009

My New Blog

After repeated requests for there to be a blog that shows media headlines on pit bull attacks on a state by state basis, I decided to get it done.

Comments are welcome but nutters will be treated for what they are, dirt. They want to spar with me, then bring the big gloves.

Pits are attacking in epidemic numbers, nutters want us to accept that. Nutters want us to change rather than change the dogs. Ain't gonna do it. These dogs are dangerous and need to be treated like anything else that can come into your home and kill your children. Thanks DBO for making me a wiser person, you may have saved my life.


Anonymous said...

Honesty, THANK YOU FOR doing this. I have had this on my agenda to start but family illness has slowed down my attempt.

How can we help you with this?

This is so important. The American people need to know the truth about what is going on, so they can protect the lives of their families and pets.

Anonymous said...

Also very important to post as much of the actual story as possible too, because some of these papers only keep their stories up for a limited time, and then the links don't work.

Anonymous said...

And now Ill be a real jerk :) and just point out a spelling error in your intro on left. It should be "strictly" not "strickly."

I point that out because the pit nutters will stoop to using something like a typo to lob at you.

Anonymous said...

Also so that your blog will show up better in searches, I would add pit BULL and pit BULL mix types in the intro (even perhaps pit BULL DOG so dog gets in there too) as most people search under "pit bull" not just "pit"

HonestyHelps said...

I do appreciate the suggestions. You will see them implemented as it progresses. It's hard to post the entire story most of the time because it takes up so much space. But I wanted to give at least a piece of the story before it goes away. And I am adding other breeds too and that should take care of googling for whatever. Thanks again and any other suggestions are appreciated. Also if there is a story that you think I may have overlooked then send that. I just want the headline fatalities for other countries rather than attacks.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, the link on the left to Pit Bull Attacks (first on the list of links) by State doesn't work. Is it just me, or is the link broken in some way?

Anonymous said...

I do not use profanity or personal attacks in my debates. All I ask is that you do not start blocking me.

I bring more than just all that "nanny dog, wiggle butt" crap.

The fact that all nutter's 'think' they're saying the right thing.....their not. They speak from emotion and will take everything personal. Thats when they lash out in self defense usually hurting the pit bull owner title more than you Nazi's.
I know you think all Pit owners are the same filth from the toilet. The trash, druggies, breeders and fighters. The fact that you Nazi's are all the same is the truth. Have you ever stepped back and read your comments? It's all the same, just like all the nutters. It's a lose lose war.

I can't and won't change your mind. But I hope I will shine a little light into the world of "pit bulls"

I love a debate Honesty. Are you for it?

I'll call myself "TheNutter"

HonestyHelps said...

Nutter I do use profanity and you can go to hell. There is nothing here to fucking debate. And to use Nazi, how dare you make a comparison of genocide to this issue? The only fucking Nazis are the pit nutters who insist that we, the non pit owners, adjust our lives to suit your fucking killer dogs. Don't walk down the street or you will upset my dog. Don't look at my dog or he will attack. Don't go into your backyard because it bothers my pits. Don't have any sympathy for a child with it's face taken off by a pit, the child solicited the attack. I have no intentions of letting you nutters change my life or any others with your insane prospective that it is never the pit's fault. Stupid to call those who care about people's lives Nazis because Nazis cared nothing for people's lives, just like you nutters. So I guess that makes you the Nazi, doesn't it.

Go waste your time with your other nutter buddies. And yes, I do think you are the scum of the earth, a dickless piece of trash that needs a dog to speak for them. Bring it on Asshole, you don't have balls enough to go head to head with me.

Anonymous said...

Well in that case, since you're a immature little piece of shit that probably still jerks off to Victoria's Secret

You are exactly the type of person that needs to get out and experience the world. Instead of reading your pussy on a pedastal, Dogsbite and the shit that Colleen spreads about us "pit bull jahidists" I have no problem whatsoever to call you Nazis.

"only fucking Nazis are the pit nutters who insist that we, the non pit owners, adjust our lives to suit your fucking killer dogs."

Do you even know your history?
Nutters aren't the ones yelling for "kill all those mother fuckers"
We aren't the ones trying to ban one type of dog.

You think us Nutters are all low life pieces of trash, and all pit bulls should be exterminated and be killed....lets see...I believe a certain NAZI wanted to end the Jewish culture so he killed all of them.

Who the fuck does that sound like? A group of people that want to end just ONE specific breed.
You sure sound like NAZIs to me. SO don't get all hypocritical on me. You're just setting yourself to already fail miserably.

Fuck all that "APBTs and staffies were bred for one reason"
because they weren't,
pit bulls bite is the worst,
it's NOT
and of course my personal fav.....All owners are fighters/breeders
that's just the NAZI in you wanting to stereotype an owner of a breed that you might not have any personal expereince on

lol! I have balls of steel, bitch


HonestyHelps said...

Nutter, you WISH you had balls, all you have is a fucking dog for your balls, you stupid Nazi. You don't give a fuck for people or you would want to do something about this issue too. You are your own worse enemy and your dogs are paying the price. You, Nutter, are causing the severe suffering of the breed that you claim to love with your denial and inaction. What the fuck does that make you? I'll tell you what it makes you, a sociopathic.

Get real comparing this issue to genocide of people is absolutely the ridiculous of the ridiculous. These are fucking dogs we're talking about, which just shows that you could care less about what the dogs are doing to people, to children.

And history? Jerk, I come from a dog fighting family. I had uncles who fought them. I know more about pits than you will ever know. Thank God, they all went to prison, I'm not proud of that side of the family. And I would like to see every pit owner go to prison. You strike me as one who would love to get a new one reamed in prison. Yes, those who make a choice of getting a pit are the rejects of evolution, the throwbacks. Pits belong to those who were bullied in school and now they use their dog to bully. Does that make you feel like a big man, take the fucking dog away and you ain't shit, buddy, just like you weren't shit in school. Well too bad, all your dog does is tell us how lacking you are in common sense, education, social skills, and just plain human feelings. The only Nazis here are the fucking pit nutters.

Anonymous said...

First of all.... You ARE a hypocrit by bashing all of these nutters and how all pit owners are pieces of shit. Bitch, you came from an inbred white trash dogfighting family. lol!
No wonder you're all fucked in head LOL!
You probably look like those freaks from 'the hills have eyes' or 'wrong turn'

Do you think I'm wrong at stereotyping you by saying all dog fighters(families) come from the south and are hillbilly trash?

Of course I am. I don't know you, I don't know the circumstances behind "that part of the family"
So why would you sum up all the nutters into one?

All you Nazis say the same thing about "how can you compare human life over a dogs life?"
I don't, lets focus on what you just said, I don't care about what dogs do to people and children.
What about the mother that put her baby in the microwave? The mother that throws away her newborn in the trash?
what about that drunk fat fucker who comes home and beats his kids?
what about that kid that goes to school, pulls a gun out and starts shooting his classmates?
what about that depressed father that comes home shoots his family and then shoots himself? WHAT about that old lady walking down the street and gets mugged and raped by a thug?
and you're worried about a dog.

You think I'm the one hurting the breeds reputation?
I'm not the one that has a website devoted to exposing ONLY the "pit bull" attacks
I'm not the one stereotyping and bashing on ALL PIT OWNERS.


I'm the one that has a website spreading the POSITIVE side of Pit Bulls.
I'm the one going out to the local street fairs and spreading the word.
I'm the one that has both my dogs trained (and soon to be Good Canine Citizenship certified)
and I'm the one that strangers come up to and ask if its ok to pet my dogs.
I'm the one that leads by example.

And if you think I don't care about human life, then why am I in the Emergency Medical field?
for the pay?
Ya, right!


HonestyHelps said...

Hey, Asshole, that's why I know what and why you own a pit and that just chaps your ass, doesn't it? Guess how they ended up in prison, I ratted them out, just like I intend to do with all of you lowlife mutherfuckers. And you are fucking liar, you do nothing but push pits off on unsuspecting families so they can kill their children and then you sit back and jack off from the pleasure of knowing you got vengence on those bullies from school.

And the only medical training you have is putting that needle in your vein for your fix.

And notice that more and more sites are coming online fighting to ban and regulate pits. More and more cities/counties are addressing this issue. Even the courts are declaring pits dangerous. You get so pissed that your bullshit is no longer accepted as the truth. There's nothing positive in a dog that attacks and kills in the numbers that pits do and you can't deny that, try as you may with your limited mentality. But you do have a funny side at least with your inability to reason. How many mothers put their kids in a microwave compared to how many pits kill kids? You are indeed funny, sick, but funny.

Anonymous said...

I "push pits off on unsuspecting families so they can kill their children and then you sit back and jack off from the pleasure of knowing you got vengence on those bullies from school."

I'm sorry, but you're the sick, funny one now. lol

For everyone of those sites that are against Pit Bulls and push for BSL....there's about 3 websites that are agaisnt BSL, and Save the Pit from Discrimination. Why are cities and counties now revoking their BSL? Because the stats are coming back that it does not work. No matter what you ban, there will still be attacks.
Denver has a ban, and has TWICE as many attacks then the cities around that don't have BSL.

Ok, you got me on the mom with the microwave (that was just one sick lady) But what about other killings.
Total up the number of deaths from a pit bull attack. I'll give you 2 years. 2006-2008.
Just ONE teenager shot and killed that many in a school in Germany in one day.

"can't compare dog attacks to human attacks"
Why not? a kill is a kill. Whether it be by a dog or a man. THat person is still dead.
You can't be prejudice in a human death. You have to look at every angle. You can't overlook the kid hit by a car that died and focus on one that was mauled by a Pit Bull. You have to take BOTH into account. WHY? because it was a child that died.
If you tell me that pit bulls kill more kids than cars do, You're a fucktard.
If you tell me I can't compare a death from a car to a pit bull. Than YOU are the one with the limited mentality

HonestyHelps said...

But the BSL sites are growing and growing strong because you nutters give us a lot to use. I use your comments to show legislators how crazed the pit community is. All those nutters web sites are sent to legislators and they are shocked at what they are seeing, the lack of concern from nutters over human life.

And you can't contort the truth about Denver to me, fool. Nutters think that people can't figure things out when it is you fucking nutters that can't figure it out. The Denver ban stands, went thru a court case and withstood it. Why, because the truth prevailed and you nutters were made out to be a bunch of liars. You lost in Loudoun too. Two court decisions in the State of Massachusetts this year have significantly raised the stakes for pit bull owners and those who allow pit bulls to reside upon their premises. These cases will influence other courts throughout the USA. Bet that just chaps your ass too.

I have one venue so I can put all my time into it and that is banning or regulating pit bulls. MADD covers drunk drivers and other organizations address all those you mentioned, go tell them all of this, how they need to be concerned with all of it instead of focusing on one.

And by the way, there is NOTHING POSITIVE ABOUT PITS. And you are a fool to think there is. C'mon fool can't you do any better than this? Then again you Nazis are true to form trying to make the world look the other way. We learned our lesson about you Nazis already and never again will we look the other way.

HonestyHelps said...

And by the way, I don't mind your stereotyping at all. Just google "southern inbred" on the news and see what you get - nothing. But my stereotyping on pits has quite a bit to back it up. Google "Pit attacks" and see how much my stereotyping is supported. It is rare to see a LICENSED pit from those attacks. So what would you conclude from that? I conclude that pit nutters/owners are disrespectful of the laws that govern all of us, they put themselves above the law. That's not stereotyping, that's a fact.

HonestyHelps said...

I'll ask you a question here. Do you deny that dogs were bred to hunt or to herd or to retrieve? Have you ever seen a pointer puppy following it's instinct and pointing without training? How about border collie puppies herding before they have been trained? Or Newfoundland puppies loving the water? They do this because of their breeding over hundreds of years, it is instinct. Then why do you deny what pits and bully breeds were bred to do? They don't need to be trained, they do it by instinct. They were bred to kill and they don't need training to do that. You can train them to be better fighters but they don't need training to do what comes naturally to them. And no amount of TLC will change hundreds of years of breeding.

So to deny the instinct of pits/bully breeds is to deny any breeding of dogs, their instincts. That's rather foolish, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh God, another pit bull nut with the fake facts from the dog fighters!

Well, all the fake facts in the world aren't stopping the growing numbers of people affected by pit bull attacks that are rising up to say NO PIT BULLS

The pit bull nuts brought the bans on themselves. If only they had self-regulated. Now they will BE regulated.

And every one of their neighbors will be watching their every move, waiting to report.

Anonymous said...

Bitch I don't deny that the Pit Bull was bred to fight. I KNOW THAT. The APBT was bred for bull baiting, and the pits to rat and fight.
When it became outlawed, the dogman focused on what loyalty the dog has toward the family.

I know its aggressive history. The only thing you have on me is that you probably went to a fight here and there, as to me, I haven't. I've seen video.
Your other side of the family.....did the dogs ever attack your family?
How did your family treat them?
Was the only reason you turned them in was because of the barbaric inhumane dogfighting? Or the fact that one of the dogs (or all) viciously mauled one of your relatives?

I'm not denying a pointer points, a Lab on and so forth.
You think lowlifes, thugs, gangmembers, druggies.....all get Pit Bulls for status. You're right, they do.
But thats not the huge majority of the owners.

I'll use my airplane example.
How many airplanes do you hear about on the news that REACH their destination? Not many. You only hear about an airplane on the news when something went wrong or it crashed. Right?
How many airliners are there in the sky right at this very moment? According to 12/4/2009 at 520am there are 1,102 airborne aircraft
How many of those are you going to hear about on the news???? NONE
Just like us nutters. You ONLY hear about the Pit Bull attacks on the news. When its another dog, they won't state the breed of the dog. When a Pit Bull does a heroic effort, the media will not state the breed.
All of this broad media hype as put the public on a large scale frenzy. Everything is a pit bull. Mastiffs, Catahoulas, Presas, Bulldogs, Boxers, even Labs have been misidentified to be labled as pit bulls because what the people hear, the people see.

We racial profile for a reason....but why don't we lock up all Blacks? Because it's a small percentage of people breaking the law, and its not JUST black people breaking the law. Is it?

I mean fuck, all of this H1N1 bullshit has everyone scared....why, because the media has said, "PANDEMIC OUTBREAK" get vaccinated now! By the way, more deaths from that than by pit bulls.
If the country cared about human life, wouldn't they have gotten to Hurrican Katrina victims sooner? Wouldn't they have made all these h1h1 vaccines readily available? If Pit Bulls were such a terrible threat to society, YES, I can see banning them. I believe in spay/neuter....get the population down, take out the edge. I believe in a "Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Act"

But in the end it won't stop. Drugs are illegal, people still get them, Gun ownership is stricter, you still have murders and shootings. No matter how many commericals, people will still smoke, still drink and drive and kill a pedistrian.


Anonymous said...

Lets say we do Ban ALL Pit Bulls. Kill them all! Exterminate the breed! Wipe them off the face of the planet! Nothing but savage killers.

Now what? You got your wish. Colleen can now shut down Dogsbite because there's no reason in keeping it.
All dog attacks will end?

Children will be safe to play around the food dishes, grab the dogs toy, grab their ears and tails. Parents will be able to leave their children alone with their neighbors Chihuahua and everything will be fine.

We can dance and play around Akita's, Chows, and Husky's.

Hell, Kids and adults will be able to walk up to a strange, isolated, chained up, hungry German Shepherd and NOT be attacked or bitten because its only the vicious pit bulls that maul and kill, right?


HonestyHelps said...

Anon, when the Lord said he was giving out common sense, you ran to the bank and didn't get any. What foolishness you spout. We know all dogs bite, but the fucking pits don't let go. Get thru your thick worthless head that the numbers speak for themselves of the danger of pits. Show the same numbers for any other breed. You can't do it. I suppose you tell MADD that if all drunk drivers were off the road then it would be mothers putting babies in microwaves so why bother stopping drunk driving. You nutters have run out of excuses and you are getting ridiculous. That's okay by me so it just shows how fucking scared you are because your fucking dogs are on their out. No more illegal gambling, no more thousands of dollars paid for fighting dogs, get a fucking job.

HonestyHelps said...

Nutter, so you don't deny what other breeds were bred to do, but you stopped at saying what the pit was designed to do, why? BECAUSE YOU ARE IN FUCKING DENIAL OF THE DANGERS OF PITS. You talk as if we just sit around and accept drunk driving killing people instead of trying to prevent it. And fool, of course the pits make the news because they are the ones attacking. Not my fault that others aren't following the pit lead. Just another flimsy fucking excuse from a nutter.

And no there was never an attack on the family. It was my job to turn them in, as well as a moral responsibility. Besides they were the scourge of the earth regardless of any family ties. Uneducated low life just like yourself that I love putting in prison.

You have nothing to contribute at this point. You have used all the excuses. You have none left. Do you write these excuses to this court? Two court decisions in the State of Massachusetts this year have significantly raised the stakes for pit bull owners and those who allow pit bulls to reside upon their premises. These cases will influence other courts throughout the USA. Even the courts are recognizing what you are deny. So don't act like there are just a few against you, the world is now coming out against you. Chaps your asse, doesn't it? I'm laughing all the way to bank on this one, Nutter. You ARE just another idiot without sympathy for pit victims. You probably jack off when you hear of another mauling/killing instead of shedding a tear for the victim. In your world people are allowed to killed and maim without regard. Hell, you probably make an effort to go and sympathize with the offending pit. Wait, all nutters make excuses for killer pits. A baby attacked in their stroller is at fault in your world. God, I hope you don't have children.

HonestyHelps said...

To the other Anon, the one who has sense, you are right, these nutters are their own worse enemies. It is their denying that is bringing about the regulation and banning. They have only themselves to blame. And then to comment on their blogs and others in such a fashion that legislators are appalled, well, it just helps us with our cause. They should be the ones trying to stop the attacks but instead they make up excuses to defend a pit that has just killed a small child. That's why they should not be allowed to own a pit or drive a car or own a gun. They have more morals about them, killing is acceptable. Makes you want to run away and become a hermit to think that these sorts of people are walking around you everyday. These nutters need to get a gun and kill these people rather than let their dogs do it it is more humane that way. But their jollies are all tied up in watching their dogs do it instead.

Anonymous said...

I love how you totally dodged 2 topics of mine.

The media reports of airplane arrivals vs. airplane crashes.
And the most important one of the hypothetical story of having an all out genocide on ALL Pit Bulls and "Bull types"
In your opinion....will all dog attacks stop?

Why the fuck do you keep saying I'm DENYING! I'm not.

I know the Pit Bull was bred for fighting. The Dogmen cross bred Terriers, Staffies, and Bulldogs to make Pit Bulls. I know it was bred for Bull Baiting. Can't you read?

You Nazis all say the same shit....."oh, nutters think the baby in the stroller antagonized the Pit. Its not the Pits fault. Pits are all wiggle butts."


THere is no research on the attack.
You say "vicious pit bull mauled pregnant mail carrier"

The rest of the story was that there was a 10yr old boy home alone...(Irresponsible parents) The mail carrier went up to the front screen door and the Pit attacked her.
I'm not saying the mail carrier was at fault. But I am saying the Pit Bull was protecting the kid from a potential risk from the dogs point of view.

Sounds like the haters are the ones in denial and will look for any type of slip up a Pit Bull or owner does.

"of course the pits make the news because they are the ones attacking"

So what you're saying is that NO OTHER BREED ATTACKS?

Joe Nameth's Labrador was just declared "dangerous" because it has attacked 3 times.

A Pomerianian is banned from Aspen, CO because it was too vicious!
The Iowa Councilman that was pushing for BSL stopped campaigning because HIS Labrador attacked and was ordered to be euthanized.

But you Haters don't SEE those stories....or you look over them.

All you care about is a Pit Bull attack.

"they make up excuses to defend a pit that has just killed a small child."

NO, those are just some really fucked up people that shouldn't have owned a dog in the first place

What about a boy that was just killed in Liverpool froma supposed Pit Bull.......It is actually an American Bulldog and the whole Dangerous Dog Act of '91 is totally in question now

HonestyHelps said...

Your fucking arguments is so stupid that I just ignored it. Can't argue with something that makes no sense in this context, just another nutter spouting off because you have nothing left you can say that is anywhere close to being common sense.

And get it thru your thick head that other dog attacks are not even close to the pit attacks. How many fucking Poms have killed people, HOW MANY??? Just this fucking week, look at how many fatalities from pits. You are grasping at straws with this nonsense. No one denys other breeds can bite, maul or kill. THE ISSUE IS HOW MANY TIMES A BREED DOES IT AND THE PITS ARE DOING IT IN EPIDEMIC NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!

God when will you people learned that there are no fucking differences in a pit bull or an American Bulldog - absolutely none, they are all dangerous because they come from the same mold. The difference between them is just in name only because you nutters are trying to pass off the same fucking dog under different names as if that makes a difference.

But you got one thing right, fucked up people shouldn't own a dog. And the fucked up people of the world always chose the pits or bully breeds just like yourself and your fucked up rational of "genocide". Genocide applies to people, not dogs, fool. And the more I hear from you nutters the more I want these dogs banned. Before I would have settled for regulation, but knowing the types that want these dogs, no more. Ban the fuckers and I wish we could ban the births of stupid people like yourself. Now go kiss that pit of yours so I can hope that the next headline is about you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Thats right just fucking start ignoring my debate.

I come up with answers and all you have to say is, go fuck your pit.

Please, tell me. HOW MANY Pits have killed this week? I would LOVE to know!!!
How many deaths this week have been from a pit bull?

Us nutters say other dogs attack, you Nazis say, ya other dogs attack but Pits are more savage.

Great Dane ripped off the scalp of a girl.

Golden, yes, a golden retriever along with a Mastiff, killed its owner from fighting with eachother

GSD attacked a boy that had to receive 200 staples
ANother GSD attacked another boy and HE received 1000 stitches.

And like I said before. If the "pit bulls" were killing by the thousands. than yes, I can totally see banning them. But they don't.

You said it yourself, Your families fighting dogs did NOT attack PEOPLE. The only reason you turned them in was because it was a "moral responsibility"

And to the "Anon" that stated another nutter with fake facts.

I can say the same thing about all of the "pit bull attacks" you hear about on the news.
Whatever "looks" like a pit bull or "type" they automatically shout out "PIT BULL"
Turns out to be a mastiff or boxer mix and it still stands as "PIT BULL ATTACK"

You STILL haven't answered my question if we did ban all Pit Bulls. Then what? I think thats pretty relevant. (not so much the airplane thing)

Or are you just going to skip it because you have nothing to say. Your website would be useless, YOU would be useless.
You only come on here to proclaim Pit Bulls are vicious killers that should be wiped off the planet. You have dogfighting in your family history, YET you admit none of the dogs attacked people.
The only "people killing pit bulls" YOU see are from DBO and the news that thinks a Labrador could be a Pit Bull.

"no fucking differences in a pit bull or an American Bulldog - absolutely none"

That's a total bullshit statement.
Do you think Huskys and Malamutes are the same? Do you think German Shepherds and Belgium Malinois are the same?
"You all look alike to me" reminds me of you.
which of course is in reference to Racism.

Just like nutters, all you Nazis are all the fucking same.
Whenever something a nutter says that you can't comeback with, you say, "go fuck your pit" or "i'm ignoring your statements because its so fucking stupid."

One thing that I have gotten through ALL of my debating is that ALL of you Nazis are very quick to start throwing out personal insults and accuse me of lying.

Why would I lie if I'm trying to spread the TRUTH about APBTs. Not "pit bull dogs"

HonestyHelps said...

Nutter I will say again there is NO FUCKING DEBATE HERE. You can't debate the fact that pits are mauling and killing in epidemic numbers and you can't deny that, so where's the fucking debate?

You want to see the deaths, go to my other blog or go to You don't want to see them, you don't want to admit to them. All you fucking want to yell misidentification. That is what all you nutters fall back on. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be one. With the bully breeds/pits the same applies, they all come from the same stock, same breeding to kill.

And you are lying if you try to break out APBT's from pits, flat out lying. That's like lying to say that humans are totally different because of the color of their skin.

THERE IS NO DEBATE EXCEPT IN YOUR FEEBLE MIND. THE FACTS DON'T LIE, YOU DO. THE QUESTION NO LONGER IS HOW TO SAVE THE PITS BUT HOW TO SAVE OURSELVES FROM THE PITS. You want them to continue to maul and kill, you offer no fucking solutions except to put it off on the owner. How about putting it off on yourself for telling families these are nanny dogs. You're the one that wants these dogs accepted as pets so you can wallow in your Savior complex. Instead of turning on your own community for solutions you expect to "train" the rest of the public to walk lightly around your fucking dogs, train us rather than do something about your own community. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

I know DogsBite only posts Pit Bull attacks and I know some are fatalities.

I don't know how many times I can tell you... I am FOR spay and neuter. I am FOR some type of responsible ownership license. I believe all of these fucking idiots that want to breed their dog once "just because" should be fucking shot for overbreeding and just being plain retarded.

I believe you never answered my question to what if ALL pit bulls were banned, then what??

HonestyHelps said...

You, of all people, should know exactly what is on DogsBite. The pits are racking up the fatalities in epidemic numbers, much more than Dobies or Sheperds ever did. You need to educate yourself on this instead of crying misidentification and making excuses. This is your fucking problem and you nutters should be trying to solve it instead of sweeping it under the rug. You nutters are the ones that allow this to continue. And it will be no one's fault but you nutters when bans happen. You can't blame us for trying to stop these attacks. Blame yourself for the deception you create by telling people what nanny dogs they are.

What will happen with bans, just look at the bans in place. Stop contorting the truth about Denver and look at the real truth about it. If that fucking ban wasn't working then it would be gone.

It's your problem and it's your results that will bring bans, not me or DogsBite. You could settle for regulation if you would stop lying about these dogs and cooperate.

Anonymous said...

Here's how sure I am.

I will personally kiss your ass all over the internet if you can find just ONE "vicious mauling" case from a:

NEUTERED, HOUSEHOLD, American Pit Bull Terrier

there isn't one.

"Scientific evidence more definitive than articles discussing the dogs’ breeding history is necessary before it is established that pit bulls, merely by virtue of their genetic inheritance are inherently vicious or unsuited for domestic living.”

Supreme Court of New York

During a 12 year period from 1995 and 2006, Denver experienced 273 dog-related hospitalizations.

-During the same time period, Boulder Colorado experienced only 46 such incidents.

-Denver's population (about 588,000) while Boulder's metro statistical area has a population of (288,000). So Denver, in spite of its breed ban has had 6x the number of hospitalizations compared to Boulder, in spite of having only double the population. Not good.

Thats fucking fact, Bro

HonestyHelps said...

Hey, stupid, stop trying to contort the truth about Denver. Break out those dog bite related visits to the Denver hospital by those biten in Denver itself. Fool, this hospital serves an area that encompasses more than Denver and many if not most of those bites are from other areas. See we know the truth and all you do is distort it for your own personal agenda.

And here's an attack just in November of a NEUTERED, HOUSEHOLD PIT BULL.

You are a follower of the self proclaimed "expert" Karen Delise I take it. Look at her shit again, she has nothing to back up what she prints, no hard copies to speak of. She "reviews" and we have proof that she lies thru her teeth with her "reviews". She cites people that she has never even talked with.

So you have presented no fucking facts, BRO!!!!!! Just more of your distortions to justify your own insecurities and mental illness when it comes to these dogs. You are the fucking problem and you are causing these dogs to suffer the abuse they suffer and their victims because you just can't accept the truth.

HonestyHelps said...

And another thing, if Denver's ban doesn't work then why didn't the court think the same way. It has been tested and withstood the test because it does work.

And the Kansas courts have found pits to be dangerous.

Emotions ran high at Thursday's Hays City Commission meeting, as commissioners voted 4-0 to pass stricter regulations for pit bull owners.

The new ordinance automatically classifies pit bulls as "dangerous," meaning owners must keep them securely confined at all times, pay an increased registration fee of $50 annually, keep them muzzled in public and provide an identification microchip.

Another provision that would have required owners to obtain public liability insurance in a single incident amount of at least $100,000 was removed by a 3-1 vote. Vice Mayor Chris Channell objected. Commissioner Henry Schwaller IV said he contacted local insurance providers and found policies to cover pit bulls are not readily available.

"Nobody wants to insure a pit bull because ... it's just too risky," Schwaller said. "Insurance companies do not want to touch this."

Channell said the Kansas Supreme Court has declared pit bulls represent a public health hazard not posed by other breeds of dogs.

"And that they possess both the capacity for extraordinarily savage behavior and physical capabilities in excess of (other breeds)," Channell said. "That's already on record with the state of Kansas."

The ordinance defines pit bulls as any of several dog breeds.

Commissioners also heard from several pit bull owners who urged the commission to reconsider breed-specific legislation. Among them was Mandy Wallgren, who came with her certified service dog Brodie, who is classified as a pit bull. Wallgren said a dog's behavior depends on its upbringing, not breed.

And the Mass. courts have recognized the same recently:
While the defendants may not be held strictly liable by virtue of Tiny’s breed, knowledge of that breed and its propensities may properly be a factor to be considered in determining whether the defendants were negligent under common-law principles.

Seems that you are a gluton for punishment coming back to this blog. I don't mind, I enjoy making fools of you nutters.

HonestyHelps said...

And do you know about this one, Nutter/Glutton? Published in Aug. 09.

More than 30 different offending breeds were documented in the medical records. The most common breeds included pit bull terriers (50.9 percent), Rottweilers (8.9 percent), and mixed breeds of the two aforementioned breeds (6 percent).

Out of 30 different breeds, 67% belong to the bullybreeds/pits/mixes. Course you will discount this because of your feeble excuses of misidentification.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took a couple of days to respond, but my stupid car broke down.

After extensive research on that particular news article with the neutered pit bull.....Surprinsingly that is the ONLY article involving that specific dog. Before I give my response, I need a couple of key points that were not specified in this little article.
I'm waiting for a call back from the Animal Control.

On the other subjects... "The ordinance defines pit bulls as any of several dog breeds."
So they are admitting that it's not just APBTs and AmStaffs that are doing all the damage. Instead of fixing the cause of the problem, they're just going to ban several breeds because thats the easiest thing to do.
Just like every other nutter says, there are about 27 pit bull looking breeds. SO ya, the percentage of the dog attacks is considerably higher with "pit bulls" because 1st of all.....there is WAY too much overpoplulation. 2. "pit bull" is such a broad term and they're too focused on what looks like one and ones that really aren't.

Ya, I'm playing the what is a REAL APBT vs. AmStaff vs. Staffy. WHY? why haven't you answered my question on what's the difference between a Belgium Malinois, Alsation, and a GSD? Husky, Malamute? What's the difference between a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog? Collie vs. Sheltie? Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever vs a Chesapeke Bay Retriever?

All of these dogs "look" the same, but are not the same.

Denver's BSL is thanks to Kory Nelson and his bullshit quest to ban Pits.
Look, I'm not dumb to how high and how political BSL actually goes. But I do know the basics. I admit it.

All of these nutters are saying no to BSL, but they need to open their eyes and say YES, we do need to do something about the population of Pit Bulls. There are way too many backyard breeders, irresponsible owners, and the lying media that has all condemned the Pit Bull name.

And finally, me taking the quotes of Karen Delise is the same as you taking quotes from Colleen and her quest to ban a breed she has only read about.

But I admire you so far for debating with me, its fun when I'm not blocked by someone like Colleen, Craven, and some lady named Susan over in Providence, RI.

HonestyHelps said...

That was the most recent one, there are others. But what's the use providing you with info, you reject it all. You are one dense nutter. You are so clueless.

I don't have to answer any of your stupid questions. If it looks like a pit and kills like a pit, then where is the fucking argument about what "breed" it is? Instead of policing the breed, you nutters formed other kennel groups rather than follow the norm. When the Dobies were getting the news headlines, their community actually did something about it. Does the pit community even talk about doing something - NO!! Why? Because these are dogs that provide a huge income to the dog fighters and breeders. And they use fools like yourself to keep from having to change.

And the differences in other breeds is that they are basically bred to do the same. A lab and a retriever may look different but they both have the genetics for hunting and retrieving. Any sheperd is bred for guarding. DUH!!!

And Colleen has never proclaimed herself to be an expert. Her site is for victims and consideration for those victims doesn't include having nut cases like yourself come on and tell the victims that they provoked their own attack and shut up about it. Colleen presents the news headlines, gives you the links and you can fucking decide for yourself. She's not pushing misinformation like Delise for an agenda. Colleen is trying to stop more attacks whereas Delise is trying to make money for her dog fighting and breeding buddies. Have you bothered to track down where her "publishing" money came from? I didn't think so. And have you even bothered to look at Delise's background to see where she gets off calling herself an expert? Again I didn't think so.

Let me tell you one more time, there is no fucking debate about these dogs. They prove themselves everyday. And all your flimsy excuses don't stop the daily attacks. Do something for humanity and realize these dogs for what they are. That's the only way you can help the dogs you claim to love. If there are bans, it is your fault, not Colleen, or Kory or Craven, or me. You are to blame for continuing to deny the truth.

Anonymous said...

The news article you sent me was just as I thought.....a Pit Mix and the owner had multiple run ins with animal control. Also, the owner liked to abuse and chain the dog up which means NOT an APBT and NOT a houselhold pet.

But you say, ban all pit bulls.

You say pit bulls are “fighting dogs,” because such a designation fails to describe such a diverse animal population, most of which are very far from “fighting stock” and will never be involved in fighting of any kind.

Unfortunately, a minority of Pit Bulls are poorly socialized, chained, abused, neglected or allowed to roam free and will end up attacking someone. As with any breed of dog, it is important for owners to properly socialize their dogs and that means exposing them to everything imaginable, from young to old children and the elderly and other dogs.

Dogs should never be chained outside or left outside in the backyard for most of the day as that is simply creating a dangerous dog by circumstance. The APBT’s that have attacked have ALL been poorly socialized, under trained, and neglected - they never learned appropriate behavioral skills to cope with the outside world. All that these dogs had were the poor social skills that only a chained or neglected dog can receive; since they were never taught to suppress some of their predatory instincts, these dogs inevitably hear a screaming child and see the child running and instinct takes over.

APBT’s are no more or less difficult than any other dog to train or socialize. Owners most certainly need to understand the dog fighting history and take necessary precautions by ensuring early socialization with other dogs and monitoring of their interactions with other dogs. And even with extensive socialization, some APBT’s may never become comfortable around other dogs, so each dog should be treated as an individual with careful consideration. By their very nature, APBT’s strive to be around humans - centuries of breeding have seen to that. They need a kind heart AND a kind hand - physical reprimands are useless and ineffective for any dog and should rarely, if ever, be used.

And as for DBO, you say all the research is from news reports. Is that all? Us 'nutters' use more than just the tele. I have pages and pages of the media lying just to get the story.

HonestyHelps said...

Nutter, you are one FUCKING LIAR, proving once again that nutters are scum. Just like Delise you failed to provide any links or names. I followed up on this one and you are such a liar because it is nothing like you claim. Are you Delise's sister, raised the same to lie?? Delise is the liar and you are her follower. Doing just the same, making statements you have no proof of.

Try this one on for size. Evidently this sheriff is wise to you nutters and he slapped down everyone of your excuses.

If your mama told you that lying would make your dick bigger, she meant your nose and you must have a doosy by now.

Anonymous said...

"The particular breed of the dog involved in the attack was an American Pit Bull Terrier.

He was an UN-NEUTERED 3 year old male, with full registration."

"One particular witness was working in his garage when Mr. Pennington's dog came into the garage with him,” Nicholson said. “The witness stated the dog acted friendly and showed no signs of aggression. The dog then left the garage.”
There were no reports called in to the Flora Police or Animal Control about the dog running loose."

---which says this dog was NOT human aggressive and if this dog was a threat, the neighbor would have called Animal Control.

----Guess the Sherriff uses his own excuses,
"Police Chief John Nicholson announced that there would be no criminal charges filed at this time against Brian Pennington"

----The fact of the matter is that this was coincidentally an APBT that attacked 2 poodles and then the owner intervened by pulling her dogs up to her chest.... Accidents happen. FACT

Then you comeback with calling me insensitive, just like all the nutters. Honest truth is, this was "ruled accident"
Had this been an attack by a GSD or Husky....would this even be a discussion?

All you Nazis have are insults and name calling.

I said, find one attack that's from a "NEUTERED, HOUSEHOLD, APBT"

We can go on and on about this, just admit it, fact is not all Pit Bulls are bad.

I'm a liar? Call me whatever you want. It's called RESEARCH and FOLLOW-UP

Call me a liar, call me a useless debater, call me some lady's sister. It all turns out the same in the end....The Nazi gets so pissed off that say fuck you very much, you're a liar, all nutters are liars, or just a bunch of fighters/breeders that want to make more money bullshit.

You know what's tragic? A 17 yr old female, 4.0 high school student driving her Honda Accord, stopped at a stop light. Another car pulls right up next to her and shots are fired striking the teenager in the head, killing her. (I know because my unit responded)
They caught the shooter and he admitted he THOUGHT she was somebody else's girlfriend.......that's tragic.

Got anything else?

HonestyHelps said...

You can't see the forest for the trees, can you? It's always a fucking accident when these dogs maul and kill by your standards.

You got your "one" example and then you have to lie about it. "Just as you thought", that's the fucking problem, you don't think. You did no "research" or you would be providing names and hard copies of it.

Even when the truth is stuck between your eyes, you still lie about it. The Nazis lied too and since you are one of those it stands to reason that you follow that philosophy. Worthless you are, clueless you are, and a poor example of evolution. You want these attacks to continue, you probably get a thrill everytime you hear of one. You're not in this to save these dogs, you are in it to promote the killings and maulings they do. You like seeing them killed everyday in the shelters. I have your number loud and clear. You are one sick animal, nutter. Get some help.

Anonymous said...

Yep, thats right! I forgot. After the name calling and lies, next comes the accusations of, "you sick fuck, you MUST get off on stuff like this"

Do you honestly think, honesty...that the nutters actually LIKE seeing the dog they so proudly posses is always in the news about another attack and another mauling?

Ya, southern California, just happened a couple of days ago. A man was walking down the street and was attacked by 2 stray Pit Bulls. He was taken to the hospital and released that day.

My wife and I were talking about this tonight! We are so sick of going on to craigs list and seeing all of these ads of 'pit bull needs good home' for a small rehoming fee.......come to find out its the adult female that just had a litter and the owners decided to kick her to the curb and keep the stud and one puppy.

Its fucking sick how we are the leads of a brand new rescue opening up down here and we're looking for responsible foster parents and all we're getting calls back for is "I will only pick up puppies" or "I will only take a blue female"

Its just sick how even the pit bull lovers are so fucking dense.

I am %100 for California SB861. It gives the communities power to spay/neuter any "potentially dangerous dog" REGARDLESS of breed. They're basically saying that if you're not a registered breeder, your dogs are required to be spay/neuter....thats all.

The nutters are saying that their focusing on pit bulls but thats simply not true.

SO yes, I can see where you're coming from. Shit....both our AmStaff and APBT are neutered. Our foster AmStaff that we just picked up....she's scheduled for spay next month. There's just simply way too many irresponsible breeding that leads to attacks.

HonestyHelps said...

Nutters just don't get it. Their precious dogs are mauling and killing in record numbers whether it be a pit bull or a APBT or a Staffie, doesn't matter, they all come from the same background, bred for the same. Nutters just don't get that they are the ones creating this problem by refusing to accept what their dogs are bred to do. If they truly wanted to save their dogs, they would be the ones pushing BSL. So it stands to reason if they don't want to solve the problem, then that is because they get off on the problem in their perverted way. They should be the first ones to muzzle, neuter, and screen for just the right type of owner and stop telling families that these are nanny dogs. Nutters are the cause of these dogs being abused and killers, not us. But they want to blame us. Sorry, I don't own it.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Now I am totally seeing it through YOUR eyes.

PERFECT example was just today. My wife was walking our foster and some guy stopped her and started asking all of these questions and said that he used to own one but it was aggressive and asked her if she's scared for her family from a potential attack. Also, our favorite was the whole "what kind of pit bull was it.....was it a blue nose or red nose?"

I can see how you haters get pissed that nutters are so quick to go on the defensive. Saying their the Nanny dog.


You need to look at this from MY point of view.
I've had a total of 4 dogs. 2 ABPTs and 2 AmStaffs.....ALL of them have been sweet, loyal, and affectionate. One was attacked by a Standard Poodle.
You have to get of YOUR bandwagon and take a look at the big picture.
BSL and the media.
Please listen to an audio clip here:

He's talking about the recent attacks in the UK and how the DDA of '91 simply does not work.

Regardless of breed, the last 5 major attacks over there have come from the "family" type dog. Not a fighter, not a gangster type....the "family" dog

He also brings up a good point about Drivers License's. We need one to drive a car, but not one to own a dog.

You have to stop listening to the media and conjuring up your own thoughts and speculations.

Listen to US, the responsible Pit owners

HonestyHelps said...

You don't listen to something that doesn't exist and that is a "responsible" pit owner. And why aren't you "responsible"? Because you are against the one thing that can change the situation for the pits. You aren't responsible because you refuse to own what the pits are doing with your lame excuses of misidentification, etc. It's always how sweet my dogs are until you are the next headline. You nutters are bringing all this about and you continue to blame those of us who want it to stop. You're the reason for bans and regulation, you're the reason for the epidemic of attacks. When I see you start taking responsibility, then I will call you responsible. Now, you are about as irresponsible as a human can get.

Anonymous said...

Then what the fuck does it take to be 'responsible' in your diluted fucked up mind?

Lets see...

1. Firefighter for over 5 years. (somewhat reponsible for treating life or death situations for people)

2. Now, I'm part of a HeliTack crew that is airlifted into unaccessible terrain to extinguish fire.

3. Ski Patrol during the Olympics.
(2002 Winter Games....Ya, INTERNATIONAL Olympic Officials gave me an all access pass to the Downhill events. Guess they think I'm somewhat responsible or TRUSTS me that I wouldn't terrorize anything or anybody.

4. I'm the shift manager at my current job.

5. My wife and I are leads on a new Pit Bull Rescue that will pull dogs from 3 different counties.

Tell me, what does it take to be 'responsible'? Do I just have to protest all Pit Bulls and their owners and say pit bulls are landsharks? is that it?

Did you even listen to the fucking audio link I posted?

If you didn't, you're the fucking immature hypocritical inbred piece of shit.

I can look at the pit bull issue from your point of view. But all you fucking Nazis are the same...You won't listen to a damn word anybody else has to say, which means you don't debate topics. You just simply post news articles and say "fuck pit bulls and all owners of this useless breed"

that takes a lot of intelligence, at least you didn't block me. You had the decency to somewhat hear me out.
But if you're not even willing to listen to the other side of the facts, then whats the point.

FYI. Remember what I stated about no neutered household APBT has ever caused a savage attack and you sent me that link about the neutered APBT that attacked.

Well, I've been talking to
Marti Ryan, who is:
Community & Media Relations/ P.I.O.
Hillsborough County Animal Services

Ya, she supports all my efforts on this topic and would like to share additional information regarding the effects of neutering a dog that has been chained up, causing aggression.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning, nutter. You actually think that anyone would believe you with this shit? And would I want you rescuing me - absolutely not. From the sound of your thinking, you would probably push me over the cliff. You don't give a damn about people, admit it.

There's no fucking debate, Idiot!!! Get that thru your fucking head. Your fucking dogs are killing in epidemic numbers and all the shouting of misidentification and lack of altering does not change that. It does not changes years of breeding to kill. You are drunk on the koolaid of Karen Delise and the other pit zealots/Nazis. You don't want to debate, you want us to bow down and kiss your feet. You don't want to debate because you don't have an open mind on the subject to begin with. We're not letting you and your other nutter butt buddies get away with it, we are fighting. You will not be able to have your wiggle butts without paying the price just like all the people who have been mauled and killed by your precious maulspawn. Keep it up, you are only causing it to happen quicker. You're not the brightest one on the block are you?

HonestyHelps said...

And tell Marti that there are plenty on if she really wants the info. It's there for you but you don't want to see it.

HonestyHelps said...

And you show the hard copies, official reports that back up what you say about unaltered and chained dogs. Show it, BigMouth. Ask your butt buddy, Delise, for her proof. But it has to be official now. None of those "reviewed" reports that Delise is so famous for. Bring it on, little man.

Anonymous said...

Please refer to my previous posts about seeing this whole debate from the other side.

Bitch, I can completely see why you Nazis are so fed up with pit bulls and their bandwagon owners.

Trust me dude.......there's no saving you!

Wow, Colleen has reached a new low. You Nazis are always complaining that we compare other contributors to human deaths to dog deaths (e.g. car accidents, abuse, gun violence) and you ALWAYS say, 'you put a dogs life before a humans life.'
Well, I guess Colleen the hypocrit went back on her word comparing the blind recall that killed 5 infants and strangled 16 and how we should recall pit bulls for killing 11 children in 2009.

Lets see what OTHER "epidemic" subjects have killed at least 11 children this year...2009.

...and I'm not even including gun violence, I'll give that one to you.

1. 2,500 infants died by SIDS

2. The swine flu---you keep saying pit bulls attack at an "epidemic rate" ok
-CDC estimates that between about 7,070 and 13,930 2009 H1N1-related deaths occurred between April and November 14, 2009.

3. Child abuse....The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) reported an estimated 1,760 child fatalities

4. On average, someone is killed by a drunk driver every 40 minutes in US. Each day 36 people die and almost 700 more are injured in vehicle crashes that involve a drunk driver. The total cost of alcohol related crashes is roughly $51 billion. In 2006, out of 1,746 fatality that included children one out of six was killed by an alcohol impaired driver. Half of all teenage fatalities is due to drunk driving. About 30 % of Americans are involved in an alcohol related crash sometimes in their lifetime. In 2007 alcohol related fatalities were 15,387 which is 37% of all fatalities. Alcohol related fatalities are down by 27% as compared to 1982.
Top 5 states with highest number of alcohol related fatalities are Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Illinois.
About 81% of all drunk drivers are male drivers

epidemic--a widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time

Do you still want to claim pit bulls attack in 'EPIDEMIC' numbers?

trust me, the world has a lot more to worry about than pit bulls

HonestyHelps said...

I never asked to be saved by the likes of you and your butt buddies. You hide behind lame excuses like other things are killing people quicker. We did make seat belt laws, gun laws, laws regarding fencing around swimming pools, and the list goes on of preventive laws. Yet one item that is in households, loose with children, is dogs. And when one breed, be it pit, staffie, or whatever, is mauling and killing in epidemic numbers, then it needs to be addressed in the form of BSL. Just so happens that it is the pits and pit types that are setting the records now. When the dobbies were faced with the situation years ago (although not near as bad as the pits) they did something to stop it. They refused to issue papers (fucking AKC) to those who were dangerous dogs. Now you rarely hear of a dobbie going bad.

You just don't want to face the truth, Nutter. You put out your smokescreen shit like more people are killed by drunk drivers because you have nothing else. Pitiful.

And how does one tell a pit nutter is lying - their mouth moves. You have proved that one.

Anonymous said...


"And tell Marti that there are plenty on if she really wants the info."

Why the hell would I tell an Officer of a Florida State ran Animal Services Dept to go look up a website that was derived by some web designer living in Seattle, WA, that was attacked ONCE back in 2005, about pit bull attacks?

Don't you think working at Florida County Animal Services, she's had experience with ALL types of dangerous and vicious animals? Why would she see some website about pit bull attacks when she's there in person, witnessing it?

That's like telling an aircraft pilot to watch 'Top Gun' to become a BETTER pilot.

Next topic--- what in the world is it with you and me wanting to butt bang all these people I don't know?

I'm sorry if you think Drunk Drivers, and swimming pool drownings are "lame" excuses for killing people.

And I already told you my thoughts on BSL. Fuck, I feel like a skipping CD.
I BELIEVE in a form of BSL. If you're not a professional breeder...your dog, (regardless of breed) should be spay/neutered.
I BELIEVE in some sort of Ownership License, (especially for pit bulls).

And you, my friend, just went back on your word by stating, "And when one breed, be it pit, staffie, or whatever, is mauling and killing in epidemic numbers, then it needs to be addressed in the form of BSL"

That's suggesting that a 1.Pit 2. Staffie or 3. whatever----ANY BREED is mauling and killing. Then it needs to be addressed.

And finally (what really got me on the floor laughing)

I don't have to put up smokescreen shit because people ARE KILLED MORE THAN PIT BULLS FROM DRUNK DRIVING. FACT. There's no lying there. I'm not making this shit up.

What you choose to see is what you perceive.

I can tell I'm getting to you... because the insults are starting to lash out more.

---until next time

HonestyHelps said...

Latest release on the epidemic of pit maulings and deaths. See for yourself what you are defending. Note that if only half of the pit attacks are from "misidentification" that still puts them far ahead of the pack, no pun intended.

Go ahead, stay in denial, continue to state your ignorance, you are the one bringing about the bans and regulation, not me.

Marti seems to be as ignorant as yourself. Funny, how one of your excuses is that animal control can't identify a pit properly yet you use animal control to back yourself. And what do you mean by ONCE? You say that as if one attack is nothing, how many attacks can one endure before it rings a bell in your mind? And stop with the smokescreens of other things kill people, it is disgusting.

You're a joke but the joke is on you. You didn't come here to debate, you came here to change my mind. YOU FAILED. In fact, you have made me even more determined to fight for bans of pits, not just regulation. If you are an example of a pit owner, then it is understandable why these dogs are doing what they are doing. You aren't a responsible owner, you just own a pit, responsibility has nothing to do with it. In my book, you are a fool.

Anonymous said...

"You didn't come here to debate, you came here to change my mind."

My very first comment has this statement in it: "I can't and won't change your mind."

Now, you're starting to sound like a nutter...using the word 'ignorant' a little too much?

Congratulations to Colleen and yourself for PROVING to everyone reading this that in a 27 yer span, the total deaths from Pit Bulls don't even equal to HALF that from people that died from lightning strikes in a 9 year span!
Between 1997 and 2006, 437 people in the U.S.A died from lightning strikes.

Yes, Pit Bulls have caused more attacks in dogs. I'm not denying that.
BUT these are numbers, not a summary of what happened. I can give you the whole, "how many of those were owner error, how many of those were chained backyard dogs, how many of those were spayed/neutered?" but I'll spare you the time.

I could go through this and tear it apart piece by piece.....but I don't have enough time.

"how many attacks can one endure before it rings a bell in your mind?"

I don't many abused children need to die before THAT rings a bell in your head?
and stop with the 'epidemic' phrase, its disgusting

Oh ya, did you hear about the 6 yr old that shot and killed his 5 yr old brother when they found their 23 yr old brothers illegal gun?

HonestyHelps said...

Doesn't matter what you said about coming to my blog, you lied of course, you're a pit nutter.

Smokescreens about people dying in lightning strikes is ridiculous. We can't control lightning, but we can control pit bulls.

And the flimsy excuse that all these dogs are abused doesn't hold water. All dogs can be abused but they don't seek vengence like the pits do. You think that the same excuses don't hold true for all dogs but they aren't mauling and killing over it. You honestly think that only pits are abused, etc. ?? What an idiot to think that way.

Sorry, asshole, but you have run out of excuses. And your fucking dogs are running out of time. Go do something constuctive for a change and stop defending the undefendable. You know the truth, you just can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, I got a whole lot more.

I know Pits aren't the only dogs that are abused. It wasn't a topic until now.
I can say the same stuff about Greyhounds. They are subject to severe abuse for not performing well in races or if they become injured....they're just thrown out like trash.

Exactly! we CAN control pit bulls. Thats why people have more of a chance getting struck and killed by lightning. Dumb Nazi

Pits seek vengence from abuse?
Really? They have a vendetta against people?
So, YOU'RE saying Pit Bulls are seeking out and stalking humans to kill?
That sounds more like Pit Nazis then dogs.

I can personally say we think our foster dog was abused because when our 2 other dogs play around and get excited, she starts shaking and runs to her kennel. When ANY person raises their voice to her, she flatens out and rolls to her back.
But I guess in your world, she's planning out a methodical massacre for me, right?

...and here come the insults again. Liar, idiot, asshole.

I've noticed you've used 'smokescreen' several times.
Thats short for, "I'm clouding your mind"?

Then why is Denver even considering a "Responsible Pit Bull Ownership License"
Is that because the 'epidemic' numbers are growing so much, they're actually considering letting Pit Bulls back into Denver? Well, that doesn't make any sense.
Is that why the DDA of '91 over in Britian, might be getting an EXTENSIVE overhaul? because Pit Bulls are killing in 'epidemic' numbers?

And please, try not to use the words: liar, and smokescreen.
you'll start to sound like a broken record.

HonestyHelps said...

Hey, Stupo, you missed the entire point like you always do. You nutters like to use the abuse excuse all the time when other breeds are abused but they don't take vengence like the pits do for it. You nutters try to make us think that only pits are abused and that is what solicits attacks. That ain't true and makes no sense.

And controlling pits, you are out of your mind. Aren't you aware of their capabilities of jumping 10 ft. high fences, breaking tow chains, and certainly a leash doesn't stop them. There are all these examples on DBO. Get off the "more people are killed by" train, it is going no where, just your smokescreen to take the emphasis off the issue.

And you are an accident waiting to happen with your foster dog. You obviously have little to no knowledge of the body language of dogs.

Read the info again on Denver and Britain, you read it wrong. Your interpretation is completely off, just like you.

AND THIS IS MY FUCKING BLOG AND I WILL USE WHATEVER LANGUAGE I CHOSE, ASSHOLE. Pit nutters are not only stupid but they are also rude as hell.

Anonymous said...

Are you COMPLETELY retarded? or are you just that fucked up from incest?

"And the flimsy excuse that all these dogs are abused doesn't hold water. All dogs can be abused but they don't seek vengence like the pits do."

Don't turn it around saying, "You nutters like to use the abuse excuse all the time when other breeds are abused but they don't take vengence like the pits do for it"
When YOU'RE THE ONE spoke first about the subject.

Jumping 10 ft high fences.....Yes, some dogs are capable of jumping that high. Just like some athletes are capable of dunking a basketball....I can't, but I know there are people out there that can.

Breaking tow chains....... 'They' either exaggerate on the media, or its a weight puller that has the ability to pull 3-6 tons.
It can be done, I'm not denying that.

Instead of insulting me, try and explain the DDA of '91 and Denver's Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Act to me.
If you think I am so wrong....please correct me instead of calling me names so that I will become correctly informed.

And as for my foster and me, that's pretty IGNORANT of you to say, because you have no fucking clue what training or what knowledge I have.
All you have is.....liar, nutter, stupid asshole, and you're an accident waiting to happen.

Since you're so quick to always point out DBO and all the "this one time..."

Have you heard about the Pope? Even he can't walk down a street without being attacked.


HonestyHelps said...

Oh no, I'm not the retard here, you fill that bill and there's no room left. At least I don't fuck dogs like you do in both senses.Is there a reason why you are wasting your time on this blog? With all the "work" you do, how do you possibly find the time? Because you lie about yourself.

You're the one contorting and turning things around. You have used all the excuses to defend pits and to no avail. There is no excuse for a dog killing a person or another pet, none, other than it was bred to do that. Just like sheperds were bred to guard herds, pits were bred to kill. You are a fucking idiot to not take that into account which you don't. You lie that you support spay/neuter but not when pits are singled out, yeah, that makes sense.

You are a fine example of a pit nutter, be proud. You love the fact that pits can't be contained, that is part of the fascination nutters have with pits. You want "game" dogs just like your butt buddies. You get a thrill everytime you hear of an attack. You defend the dog rather than sympathize with the victim. Yep, a perfect nutter you are.

HonestyHelps said...

And if you want to learn about the Denver ban, then to to and it will be explained to you. If it wasn't working, it would be gone. It has withstood the courts. What else needs to be said?

Anonymous said...

I think I know why BSL is's because dumbass hillbilly's like you keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again, until the state gets so fucking irritated by you they say 'fuck it, let them have whatever they want! Just shut the fuck up!'

You keep repeating the SAME shit over and over again.

How many times have I already stated that I know Pit Bulls were bred to fight!?? You are incorrect. They were not bred to kill.
I know pit bulls were bred to fight
I know pit bulls were bred to fight
I know pit bulls were bred to fight
I know pit bulls were bred to fight

How many times have you used the whole, "just go fuck your dogs and other nutters"

6 times!

You say the same shit over and over again.

How many times have you called me a liar, idiot, asshole, nutter there's no debate here, you've used up all excuses.

4 times

You say the same shit over and over again.

I get up real early in the morning to beat traffic, and I always have about 20 minutes to do whatever. Thats how I can respond to you on your site.

How am I contorting what we're talking about? You're the one getting all pissy and swearing at me. And you are correct, there is no excuse for a dog to kill a human. We should take our own advice. You're absolutely right.

Pit Bulls are Terriers, correct?
Terrier's were used for pest control and hunted rabbit, fox, and badger. All of today's terrier breeds are bred primarily as pets.
Its only when they were crossed with hunting dogs, fighting dogs, and other terriers.

I'm real curious to know how YOU know that I lie when say I'm in favor of spaying/neutering. Like I said before, repeating myself again.....Both my males are neutered, and the foster will be spayed on Jan. 14.....thats the earliest we can get her in.

"You love the fact that pits can't be contained".......then why are my dogs ALWAYS ON LEASH when we take them out in public?
WHY are all my dogs chipped and have CURRENT tags on their collars that they wear ALL the time?

And even though you will call me a (dare I say it) LIAR

I actually did have a moment about that boy that was just killed by the pit bull, when my girls were opening up their gifts. Whether you believe me or not, thats your problem.

And yet again for one last time I repeat...If BSL is properly working, then why the hatred, not just from pit owners? Why the COUNTRY WIDE controversy over in the UK?
If BSL is working in Denver, then why even CONSIDER the thought of a Responsible Pit Bull Ownership License?

And bitch, I asked YOU to explain it to me. I can read just fine. I would like you to tell me.

HonestyHelps said...

You are still totally clueless, aren't you? Don't you understand that pits are in the shelters, not because of pit haters, but because of pit lovers, like yourself. Don't you understand that the problems with pits are because of pit lovers, not haters. They are being bred with bad temperaments and people like you stay in denial about it. Lying to people that these are nanny dogs so that they will take them home. Outta sight, outta mind and don't bullshit me that you followup. Never has another breed done what the pits are doing. When it happened with Rotties and Dobies, their community did something about it. They still have "accidents", as the pit nutters call it, but not near in the numbers of pits "accidents".

Do you realize how sick your last posting was, the indications it poses about your personality and mental state? It's not the gang member owner of a pit that scares me, it is someone like youself.

I have grown weary of your continued rantings. You've given me more than enough to pass along to those who count. You nutters are your own worst enemies, you are the ones bringing about the bans. You are the ones putting the pits in the shelters. You just can't grasp that, can you?

HonestyHelps said...

Here, go read a nutter with common sense about the subject.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I TOTALLY understand! Its the nutters and haters like you that are damning the pit bulls.

The haters, simply because of what they hear or read either on a website or media post. Or the haters have known someone or themselves that have been attacked ONCE. Like I asked before, generally, if someone gets into a car accident, do they stop driving all together?

Then the Nutters. Yes, they are always on the defense saying, I wasn't home, Not MY dogs, their nanny dogs, its because its a pit bull that you hate us.
THey have as much fault as you do. They DONT spay/neuter, they DONT socialize correctly, they DONT excercise correctly, they have no clue about the breed history and how being an owner of this breed, they've placed themselves under the microscope. ANY owner that just throws a dog into a shelter isn't anything but a lazy, irresponsible owner that can't own up to the simplest tasks of taking care of another life....let alone themselves.
And the most important issue of them all.......The nutters are so fucking stupid to say, "I just want to breed him/her ONE time" That ONE time can generate something like 18,000 dogs. Backyard breeding is the biggest problem with nutters. You are spot on, absolutely correct on the fact that ignorant nutters are the ones at fault.

Why do you think our Rescue has turned away certain people that have applied to become foster parents? They asked if they can only foster puppies, or only foster females, or only foster certain colors. They are so completely blind to how critical it is to become a pit bull owner

You're correct again with nutters having absolutely no clue what it is to be RESPONSIBLE.
But never say its nutters like ME that are hurting this breed.

How did my last post 'scare' you?
Is it the fact that I highlighted how many times you repeat yourself?
Is it the fact that I point out your immature name calling towards me? Was it the fact that I want YOU to explain BSL to me? Or is it simply because YOU'RE the one in denial?

You've grown weary of my 'rantings'? Please elaborate on that. I give you facts, I give you links, I give you valid responses to all of your accusations.
What do you give me? a whole bunch of immature name calling, accusations of me lying, avoidance, and a whole bunch of repeated statements.

I like this statement, "You are the ones putting the pits in the shelters"
Dude, I'm with a Pit Bull RESCUE that PULLS them from shelters.

HonestyHelps said...

And I take it that you don't consider yourself a pit nutter? Well, you've missed the mark there, you are indeed one, the worse kind. You are taking your info from people who are trying to make a buck off you and you don't have enough sense to realize it.

You scare me because you are the worst kind of nutter, one in denial and one with a Savior complex. Where do you get off saying you provided facts? You came back with a response about the neutered pit bull attack saying "I thought so" but provided absolutely no links or names of people you contacted to come to that conclusion. I have given you links and facts that are published, yet you have offered nothing but the "review of the case" Delise bullshit. Ask her for the hard copies with names of those involved, she can't provide it. She "reviews", in other words she doesn't have the actual hard copies as proof. She's been asked to provide this info to back up what she says, and thus far, she has not been able to come up with it for verification. So you are just taking her at her word, a person you have probably never met or know anything about. She is a self proclaimed guru just like Nathan, the Whino, Winograd. But you are hanging on her like a tick.

And I will repeat you are the problem. Got any idea how many of your "rescues" have ended back in the shelter? Course not, you don't want to know, do you? When you place a pit with a family, then yes, you are a fucking problem. So don't give me your "I'm an angel because I do rescue" shit, I don't fall for it. You are the problem and will continue to be until you come to accept the truth.

Anonymous said...

"And I take it that you don't consider yourself a pit nutter?"

Dude, I told you to call me "The Nutter" on my very first comment!
Do you have selective reading or something?

You keep bringing up this 'Delise' person, thats the one that I quoted off of about the un-neutered, household apbt, right? FUCK, I quote ONE person, and you jump down my throat saying she's a liar and how I should just butt fuck her or whatever the hell your little immature mind typed.
Dude, sounds to me like you have a thing for her. I mean, you keep bringing her name up.

As for Winograd, I don't give a shit what some cat lover has to say about Pit Bulls. The fact that he has a 'no kill' center is insane. If ANY domesticated pet attacks, mauls or maims its owner or any person for that matter, should be euthanized. There is just no way every single animal can get adopted out. He's stupid.

And the so called 'facts' you give me is all DBO stuff. The couple of links you gave were good. But you didn't even bother with the links I sent you?

And about the Rescue......first off, there's nothing 'God' like about it. I just want a dog to get a chance at a normal life rather than a shelter or abused life.
If anybody is playing God, its the Animal Shelter Manager who chooses which dogs get euthanized that week and which ones don't.

And ANY of our dogs that we adopt out....we tell the potential owners if there is ANY problem whatsoever, for ANY reason if they have an issue with keeping the dog, it will come back to us. NOT the shelter.
But highly doubted when we do an initial application, an interview and greeting with owners and ALL other family members and pets, a house check, and a follow up.

HonestyHelps said...

No, you now have a new name since you told me a little about yourself, ButtFucker. So instead of your defending your "sources" such as Delise, you go into nonsense instead. Because you know now that Delise can't back up what she says and therefore you have no argument.

And what is this shit you are spewing about killing pits when they maul? Bullshit, you defend them with your misidentification crap and how they must be abused in order to kill people. Fucking stupidity on your part.

And the fact that you do adopt out unpredictable dogs and that is what they are, says one thing, you don't give a flying fuck. You don't care about saving a dog, you only care about thinking you have done a good thing when in fact, you are the fucking problem. You can't know whether the dogs are unpredictable in the short time you have them.

Links, what fucking legit links did you furnish? DBO has legit links and you need to look at them. Spend your fucking time doing that rather than on this blog. Fucking savior rescues, I hate them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think your sister was blowing you a little too hard when you responded back to me.

"So instead of your defending your "sources" such as Delise"

Seriously dude, what is it with this lady that you are so hung over?

"And what is this shit you are spewing about killing pits when they maul? Bullshit, you defend them with your misidentification crap and how they must be abused in order to kill people. Fucking stupidity on your part."

I'm just plain confused on this one.... I said, "If ANY domesticated pet attacks, mauls or maims its owner or any person for that matter, (it)should be euthanized."

As in, if A N Y pet attacks or causes serious injury, it should be put down. Its interesting how you assume I'm talking about Pit Bulls in this statement.

Are you telling me every single pet can be 'predictable' except a Pit Bull?
Are you suggesting a parent can leave their little children with a GSD, Akita, Chow, Daschund, Laso Apso and be perfectly fine without worry those dogs would not snap or attack if a child pulled its ears and tails? Pinch its lip and those dogs will be 'predictable' in not doing anything.
These 'predicatable' breeds your talking about....are you telling me YOU would be fine with having your own child play in the backyard with the chained up 'predictable' dog that just had a litter of pups?

What Links??? all the links to what kills MORE than Pit Bulls. Links to an expert in the UK that can prove the DDA of '91 does NOT work.
Links like:

I was trying to refrain from sending you links because all the nutters always sends links to anti-pit bull sites proving pit bulls aren't bad. 11/21/2009

You'll like this one: it starts out as Pit Bull attack but by the end of the article its a Lab/Rott mix 7/9/2005

Green Bay Press-Gazette - Pit bull attack reported by boy is false, police say.

On and on and on with all the stupid name calling.

I know, its your site and you can say whatever the hell you want.

I've heard that one before but I was putting my 4 yr old daughter in time out at the time.

HonestyHelps said...

You're showing your true personality by just coming back here so much. Do you not realize that continuing to post comments here is an indication of a very warped mind, not letting things go, just like the fucking dogs you defend do, going for the kill.

Who do you think you are kidding? You know that Delise is your hero, she lies about pit bulls.

And you talk big but when it comes to a pit, you talk out of both sides of the mouth. Tell me you have never defended a mauling of a pit with yelling misidentification or the pit was abused. You do all the time and you know it.

And get it thru your thick head, if abuse were the problem with pits then it would be the problem for all breeds, as it is. Yet it is the pit bulls that are attacking, why aren't these other abused breeds doing the same? The numbers are disportionate to the number of pits in the population. You don't see GSD in the headlines everyday, or even the Rotties. Course that's because there is a worldwide conspiracy to "get the pits", isn't it? The media only wants to report the pit maulings, they neglect any other breeds. Yeah, in your sick mind that is true.

And here it is you are trying to prove Britain's law doesn't work and providing a link for a LA newspaper. Yeah, right, that makes sense, doesn't it. And look at the dates of those links you provided, c'mon, give me a break. Are those all you can find to support the argument of misidentification? Even if half of the attacking pits were misidentified, they would still be in the lead for killing people.

You are the problem, you are the one causing bans, you are the one responsible for all those pits in the shelters. You come after people like me who already know the truth about you when you should be going after your butt buddies, the ones you get your info from, they are the ones lying to you.

Here's to seeing you in the news headlines. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

HonestyHelps said...

Are you telling me every single pet can be 'predictable' except a Pit Bull?
Are you suggesting a parent can leave their little children with a GSD, Akita, Chow, Daschund, Laso Apso and be perfectly fine without worry those dogs would not snap or attack if a child pulled its ears and tails? Pinch its lip and those dogs will be 'predictable' in not doing anything.
These 'predicatable' breeds your talking about....are you telling me YOU would be fine with having your own child play in the backyard with the chained up 'predictable' dog that just had a litter of pups?

Do you honestly think that the above actions of pulling tails, etc. is an excuse to be attacked? You would actually excuse dogs for attacking with these actions? See what I mean, you have low standards for your pits because you think it is a child's fault if they pull a tail and get killed. You think that dogs should be allowed to defend themselves when they have their ears pulled??? Yeah, in the mind of a pit nutter. What you are trying to do with this quote is put the blame on parents or whoever, it is their fault their child pulled a pit's ear and got killed. Do you believe this shit, is your mind so warped that you would allow dogs, any dog, to do this? Would you adopt out a dog that can't stand to have the tail pulled? You probably would if it were a pit because you put lower standards of acceptability on them. That's the point, you expect us to accept pits bad behavior rather than work to change that behavior through better breeding. That's why you are coming back here like you do when you need to be elsewhere, like the AKC, changing breeding practices. You're wasting time here but that's okay because you aren't trying to change things for the better, only trying to change mindsets so your beloved pits can continue to maul and it be accepted. Blame everyone else but yourself is your way. Sorry, but you own it, fess up and be a man for a change and do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

YES finally a good response from you!

"What you are trying to do with this quote is put the blame on parents or whoever, it is their fault their child pulled a pit's ear and got killed."

Uh, ya. If someone goes out and does research on a potential dog breed they would like for their family, it says that certain breeds are not good with children. (e.g. chihuahua's, Daschunds, and any large breed for knocking children over)
Why would that be? It should be just common sense to respect every family member.

"you would allow dogs, any dog, to do this? Would you adopt out a dog that can't stand to have the tail pulled?"

No, I wouldn't.....not even a pit.

"you expect us to accept pits bad behavior rather than work to change that behavior through better breeding."

Never accept ANY bad behavior from ANY dog. An owner must correct the problem.
and YES, we need to stop backyard breeders.

HonestyHelps said...

Then get your fucking ass out there and work for BSL, fool if you honestly believe what you write. I don't believe you therefore you have to prove yourself. Be on the front line for BSL and I will shake your hand. Until you walk the walk, not just the talk, until then I put you in the same catagory with all the rest of the pit nutters. Put a muzzle on your pits and you stand a chance of being believed. Have talked to too many nutters and you follow the same pattern.

Anonymous said...

Wow these pitbull zealots are just crazy. They make up excuses for their breed of dog for every incident, they pitbull was abused, they dog wasnt socialized, the pitbull had its tail or ears pulled, the pitbull was provoked. This is all bullshit, there need to be more BSL across the country that require muzzles for pits when outdoors, fence height requirements for backyards, and mandatory insurance for pitbulls. In all my years of being raised around and then owning my own Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Newfoundlands had I ever had any of them attack anyone or any other animal. Yet my neighbor that has only had 1 pitbull so far has had more problems with the pitbull than I have seen with all the dogs me and my family have owned over the years.

HonestyHelps said...

If you read blogs by pit nutters, they actually accept as a fact of owning a pit, these "accidents". It's like they say it's okay for the dog to defend itself against a tail pull by biting and mauling. It's always excuses for these dogs, never a "let's do something about it". This nutter that is obsessed with this posting spews that same bullshit as the dogmen, only this one has to go a bit further and make up excuses for "rescuing" them. Adopting out these dogs, especially those without histories, to families or inexperienced owners is irresponsible, unethical, and immoral. Yet, this nutter thinks he/she doesn't fall into this catagory but does. The point is the unpredictability, this is what they are in denial about. Sure, the pits can win your heart and be lovable, but they can turn in an instant. People, children are dying here, folks, wake up. The numbers show these deaths are caused by a breed that is here because it was bred to fight and kill. What is so fucking hard to understand?

Anonymous said... 11/4/2009

1. Dachshund
2. Chihuahua
3. Jack Russel Terrier
It appears that the study covered just over 3,500 dogs and tested them for aggression vs humans, their owners, and other dogs. According to the numbers, over 50% of Dachshunds showed some type of aggression.

Deborah Duffy, a research specialist at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society....

There are several different ways the data could be interpreted, and different routes that we can take. The one that comes to mind first is to take the "Pit Nazi" route and ban all Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Jack Russels before they do any harm. But, that sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me, especially considering we're talking about such small breed dogs. But, if you think about it, if larger breeds were found on the top of the list, the Pit Nazis would all unite and have them banned universally

The study, which has been accepted for publication in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science, represents one of the most extensive of its kind and is the first to report replicated findings of breed differences in aggression, since both of its data sets led to similar conclusions.

Chihuahuas and Dachshunds scored higher than average for aggression directed to both humans and dogs, putting them towards the top of the list.

Akitas and Pit Bull Terriers, which have "killer" reputations, mostly scored high for dog-directed aggression. When they did injure humans, however, the injuries tended to be more severe than those inflicted by the scrappy, smaller dogs.

"Small size very likely plays a large role in the development of fear-based aggression among some breeds," Duffy explained. "Smaller dogs may feel more threatened by other dogs and people -- a perception that may be well founded."

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where Border Collies come into this and you are the only person SO far that I have found that even mentions them.

Mine is highly aggressive, very territorial, very protective over me. I am not alone either as my postlady has one the same - she has trouble taking hers for a walk as it is so aggressive with other dogs. Mine was fantastic at obediance classes and did the agility thing no problem whatsoever - he just hated the other dogs there. He has attacked so far a staff bull terrier, a rottie and a black lab. He is SO quick I don't think they stood much chance of getting hold of him - although in saying that he was a bit sore after the rottie incident - but that has made my one far far worse if he ever sees rotties (or big black dogs) when out now!!!
SO, I rank Border Collies amongst the 'could be very nasty' dogs. Although their bite to a human would not be as bad as a rottie. A friend has a pekinese which can be a nasty little so and so too.

HonestyHelps said...

Nutter, do you think you are making a point here? You're not. Look at those FEW links you sent, then go to my other blog and look at those. Look at what pits have done just in less than two months and in this country. Then compare. Sending a few other attacks doesn't offset the numbers by the pits.

And the last time I looked it was impossible for a Doxie or a JRT to break a limb or cause a person to lose a leg or arm. How can you be so stupid as to make this comparison? It is just ignorance and denial that you just can't see the difference here. Took awhile to come up with those few perverted "examples" didn't it?

And Anon, we are talking pit bulls here. Show me your stats on how many people border collies have killed.

Now, Dumbasses, get this through your heads, chihuahuas, doxies, jack russells, border collies are not killing people, pits are. At least 50% of the maulings and fatalities start as dog aggression from the pits. People try to save their pets and end up dead. Stop your fucking excuses and do something about the fucking dogs you claim to love. Otherwise they will continue to kill and that will lead to a all out ban, is that what you want? You're gonna get it because of your own stupidity, not because of pit "haters". It's the pit lovers like yourselves that are causing the downfall of the pits. It's your fucking fault, not mine.

Anonymous said...

YOU are the ones living in denial.
BREED BANS DON'T WORK! This is because there are no breeds that are more likely to bite than any other. Anyone being bitten is 100% YOUR FAULT. You push this ban through which gives a false sense of security. Everyone thinks because your Lab isn't a Pit that he's safe.

These are ALL Labrador, Golden Retriever and Border Collie attacks just in a 4 month block:

Margaret Milne told the Boston Herald she brought her 1-year-old Shih Tzu, Harley, to Tails-In-Motion, on Friday. The 20-pound dog was attacked by a golden retriever, two greyhounds and the day care owners' mixed-breed dog.

Harley was taken to Lloyd Animal Medical Center, suffering from multiple puncture wounds, but it later died.

Here: A 6 yr old has no scalp thanks to a Great Dane, aka the gentle giant.

--Andrea Dunuwille, 11, was bitten around the face on Sunday afternoon while playing with her aunt's 15-month-old pet Lab.

Her cheek was ripped open and four of her top teeth were knocked out, among other injuries, in the attack.

She will require plastic and orthodontic surgery.

"When I reached corner of house, I looked to my left and saw the Border Collie. I knew I was going to get bit and I had no time to react."

He blacked out after the bite, awoke and scurried to the neighbour's house.

"I didn't think it was that bad, but then I looked down and saw my bone and I knew I had to call 911."

Border Collie attacks a "pit bull"
actually a staffy

Golden Retriever attacks a "pit bull"
actually a staffy

Family Lab attacks child

The owner of a 10-pound "toy" dog was cited over the weekend when her dog attacked an 80-pound pit bull.

Garry Laffredi was walking his 2-year-old pit bull Capone near his apartment complex Thursday when a neighbor's Pomeranian named Tiger came running at them and attacked the dog.

HonestyHelps said...

God, you are so dense!! Put the numbers up for these other breed attacks, put them up and then compare them with pits. There is no fucking comparison. No one has said only applied dangerous dog laws to pits, make new laws for the pits that apply to them because they are the ones responsible for the vast majority of attacks. That only makes sense. When labs and chihuahuas start killing in the same numbers as the pits, then do the same BSL for them. It ain't gonna happen, fool.

Do other breeds bite? Yes. Do other breeds maul? Yes Do other breeds kill? Yes. BUT NOT IN THE NUMBERS THAT PITS DO!!!!!!! Why can't you understand that? And if they do this for any of the fucking excuses you come up with, then BSL can address those and make it better. Why do I expect you to understand this?

HonestyHelps said...

"they are the ones responsible for the vast majority of attacks." from the previous post. We're talking real attacks, not bullshit bites here. Attacks that maim, takes limbs, leaves life altering scars. There is a difference. Pits attacked actually in smaller numbers but the damage they do is so much greater. That's what we are talking about. We're not talking about breaking the skin bites. You know so very little about all this.

Anonymous said...

I was the person that first commented on Border Collies. I was just giving my personal experience with my neighbors pitbull and how they have had more problems with that 1 pitbull then I have had being raised in a family that owned Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Newfoundlands, and since I have long moved out of my childhood home I have owned several dogs myself, the breeds mentioned above, and have never had any problems with them. Yet my neighbor who has had this 1 pitbull has had more problems with this 1 dog then all the dogs I was raised with and have personally owned all together. This pitbull is very territorial, tries to attack other dogs, people are scared to walk out on the sidewalk because of the dog. This 1 pitbull has had more problems then the 23 dogs I was raised with and have owned myself put together. The pitbull was genetically breed to fight which is what my neighbors pitbull wants to do.


HonestyHelps said...

Sorry, Anon/Border Collies, I misunderstood. Pit nutters have a habit of telling us about their experiences with other "biting" breeds in defense of their pits. I don't recommend BC's for families with small children, those that still run wildly around. BC's are herders and their way to herd is to nip. This gets them in trouble. Also they have to have exercise, more so than some other breeds or they become destructive. But they were bred to do a certain thing, they don't need to be trained for it, and they will do it no matter how much TLC you give them. So to understand this means you understand their inaction with the world or your children. And Nutter, apply this to the pits and see what you come up with, a dog bred to kill, no matter, just like BC's will herd, pits will kill.

Anonymous said...

You are correct with your statements. Border Collies do need alot of exercise, growing up I lived in house with over an acre of fenced in backyard so the dogs always got exercise. I hate seeing pitbulls owned by poor people that dont even have a backyard or have their pitbull on a 6 foot chain in a small backyard like my neighbor, they cant really exercise with conditions like that. You are also correct with what Border Collies are bred to do, I remember going out to my grandparents farm as a child and seeing our Border Collie herding cattle even though she was raised in a town and had barely ever seen let alone gone up to cattle, it was in her genetics to herd, we never taught her to herd. Pitbulls were bred to attack which they do very well, the amount of damage they cause is in my opinion above average damage that other breds will do. The amount of damage they cause in an attack is scary compared to other types of dogs and their severe attack rate is also higher than other dogs.


HonestyHelps said...

Johan, you are so right, they do it without being trained. When pit nutters talk about how you have to train a pit to fight, that's so not true. You train them to be "better" fighters but the fight is there, it is called instinct. You don't control what they are bred to do with TLC. You acknowledge it and deal with it, something the pit nutters are refusing to do.

And although it can be said that it comes back to education, yes, such things as what a border collie does and how it relates to your children. But how do you education people about a dog that is bred to fight and kill? What do you educate them about? You can tell kids about what border collies do, but what can you tell them about pits and what they do?

Anonymous said...

Honesty----Pit Bulls were bred to fight...for the 11 thousandth time.

Pit Bulls bite is more desctructive than a chihuahua.

Pit Bulls don't have to train to fight. Its whatever level of gamesness they know that.

Pit Bulls have dog aggression.

Backyard breeding and fuck nuts that want to 'breed just once' and the 'nanny dog' loser Nutters are fucking idiots.

THe Media LOVES to report Pit Bull attacks.
DBO was founded by a bitch that instead of going for the loser owner who couldn't control her dog. She goes out for an entire breed. (ahem.....HITLER) Colleen has German background.

How many of your 'family's fighting dogs' attacked one of your family members?
Like I stated before, not all apbts are killers. yes, a few are, but not all.

Banning a breed does not work. A Responsible Ownership License will work. For anybody not having an Ownership license.....pull the dog.

If Pit Bulls are the problem and attack in 'epidemic' numbers, why not a breed extinction? If pit bulls are killing hundreds of people per day, why not a ban?

Why are you seeing more and more of OTHER breed attacks?

But there's proof in those above links I sent you, (even though you didn't even bother with opening them up) that even Labs, BCs, and yes even Goldens can and DO have the potential to attack and bite savagely.

Anonymous said...

Choose to watch this or not. Choose to not look at the whole picture. Choose to stay in the dark world of fear.
This is why the DDA of '91 has failed.

HonestyHelps said...

Proof in those links, I don't think so. You think an attack or two from retrievers or whatever proves that pits aren't killing in record numbers? God, you are such a psycho!! Such others have the potential to maul but they aren't accounting for over 50% of the fatalities are they? If you have any common sense, you can figure that out so what does it say about you? Dumb Fuck, that is what it says.

And stop reading the pit bull forums and their on sided statements. Research it yourself and see that you are so wrong with your statement that bans etc. don't work. They are working and beautifully. The only time they are being removed is after the problem has been taken care of and attacks reduced.

Then again how can I expect a fool from California to have any sense, it is La-La land and you are a prime resident.

Typical nutter calling everyone a Nazi when it is the nutter that fits that bill. Nutters don't give a shit for human life just like the Nazis. They are trying to force their fucking dogs on us and make us change rather than police themselves and make changes in the dogs just like Nazis. You're the fucking Nazi here, Colleen is trying to save lives and you want to end lives with your wiggly butt killer dogs. Fuck you and the white horse you rode in on. Go stick your empty head up your pit's ass and stay there, you aren't fit to walk the earth with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Ok that link that you gave is bullshit I watched it.

First the guy says pitbulls are no more dangerous than any other breed of dog. This is false they are genetically bred to take down other animals smaller and larger than themselves. When a pitbull attacks it causes more damage than if another type of dog attacked. So saying pitbulls are no more dangerous than any other type of dog is false, they cause more damage when they bite and they cause more deaths than other breeds.

Second point is that they guy on the video said that when they ban pitbulls they make them attractive to bad types of people. Well this is also false. Guess what pitbulls were already attractive to bad types of people, they were already being used for dog fighting and being abused by bad people, this is one of the reasons why people want to ban and put restrictions on the breed in the first place.

That video is crap, what are that guys credentials? To make the claims he is making he would have to have educations in animal sciences, animal behavior, political science, sociology, and psychology. I honestly dont think he has the education and experience to make those statements.

Another thing, the media doesnt love to report only pitbull attacks, there is no conspiracy of the media being out to get pitbulls. The media loves to report bad things happening to people, and the thing has to be considered BAD to get reported. A child being bit by a chihuahua and getting 3 stitches isnt BAD, a lab bitting another dog and the dog having to get 2 or 3 stitches isnt BAD. A pitbull bitting a child and the child needing 50-100 stitches is BAD, a pitbull bitting a child and the child losing 2 fingers is BAD, a pitbull bitting and KILLING another dog is BAD, this is why the media reports on pitbulls, because they cause news media worthy damages to other dogs and people.

Yes those other cases of other dogs bitting people and other dogs is bad and shouldnt happen but the amount of damage they cause isnt BAD enough for news media to care. Those people will probably be able to go on with life and not be emotionally or psychologically scarred for life, this isnt the case for those attacked by pitts because the damage the pitt caused is so BAD.


HonestyHelps said...

Johan, you NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! One more person with enough sense to figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

"pitbulls are no more dangerous than any other breed of dog. This is false they are genetically bred to take down other animals smaller and larger than themselves"

Tell that to the family of the 2 yr old boy that was killed by a Weimeriener.

People, by nature, want what they cannot have.

It seems to be a fact of life - the more it costs, the more valuable people think it is. The more unattainable it seems, the more it is desired. The elusive is desirable.

"what are that guys credentials? I honestly dont think he has the education and experience to make those statements."

THAT, Johan, is real ignorant and very stupid for you to say. You don't know the guy, you don't know his credentials. So who are you to pass judgement on a guy that you don't know anything about?

He is editor in chief of a popular magazine which has had, among many, Mariah Carey on the cover. He had a training the trainer TV show. He's worked with Victoria Stillwell from 'It's me or the Dog'
He has numerous radio and television appearences and interviews for spreading anti-BSL including: The Sun, BBC, BBC radio, GMTV, The Daily Telegraph, NewsNight, The One Show, The Independent, and Sky News. All of this media exposure has reached over 100 million people.

"the media doesnt love to report only pitbull attacks, there is no conspiracy of the media being out to get pitbulls"

Perfect example is that zupf guy on YouTube. They posted news clips on the Weimeriener I mentioned above and a Pit Bull attack on a dad and daughter.
On the Weimeriener...they gave no picture of the dog. On the Pit clip, they gave a picture of a muzzled Pit Bull, and then posted another picture of a pit bull, stating, "like the one you see here in the picture"
The Pit Bull story posted the 911 call, the Weimeriener story did not.
The Pit Bull story went on about details of the attack.
The Weimeriener's story did not
The Pit Bull story gave no background of the dog.
The Weimeriener story says, it was a family dog with no problems, in fact, they saw the dad skateboard down the street with the dog.....suggesting to viewers this was purely an accident.
The Pit Bull story states this is 1Pit Bull attack out of 180 attacks total for that town---making up less than 1% of the bites.
The Weimeriener story states all dogs have teeth, all dogs can bite.
And although the family of the boy pays the ultimate price....the Pit Bull owners will face criminal charges.

Johan, you NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! or more like you just nailed yourself.

HonestyHelps said...

God you are the most stupid person I have ever come across. What do you think one fucking Weinmer attack proves your point? It doesn't even come close. Go look at the attacks on my blog, look at the fatalities just since Nov. from pits. They are fucking numberous to even begin to put in this comment section.

We all know that pit nutters lie each time they open their mouths. Look at the pit "experts", absolutely no credentials other than a "vet tech" or "I was a policeman". Those aren't credentials. Pits have not one person with proper credentials backing them. Even Tufts University did a study on pit owners, not on any other breeds, because pit owners are so fucking out there in space about their dogs. Television does not make one any kind of expert or give anyone credentials. If that were the case then Sponge Bob would be your hero too.

Talking about the media, how did you find out about the Weinmer attack - FROM THE SAME FUCKING MEDIA YOU SAY IS BULLSHIT. There's nothing to say about Weinmers like there is on pit bulls. But you want them to make shit up don't you? They can't report that Weinmers are responsible for 44% of last years fatalities. They can't report what isn't there. And that is why they report so much about pits, the pits are doing these things.


Johan, this person is probably using the computer in the mental ward. You are right on the credentials aspect. Just owning a pit doesn't make you an expert. Saying you are an expert doesn't make it so. Yeah, where is his credentials? But this fool commenting here doesn't care, this fool is grasping at straws because the fool knows it is wrong deep down inside, that is if this person has any humanity. Obviously the nutter ignores all the other reports on pits, pretends they don't exist. It's okay because it is nutters like this that are bringing about the bans and regulations and we want them to continue. I use these comments to show elected officials how mentally ill pit owners are.

Anonymous said...

"I use these comments to show elected officials how mentally ill pit owners are."

I'm not the one saying "fuck your dog and other butt buddies" (how would that hold up in court?)
I'm not the one saying one breed should be exterminated and let the others live.

I went to your other website. No matter what I say to explain (at least the lower half) of all of these news stories, you will call me a liar, nutter, piece of shit. so on and so forth.
All I can say is, 'bravo' for posting every single news clip of a pit bull. You care so much about human life, yet you only post a sliver of a fraction of ALL fatalities from 11/13/09 til now.

---you ADMIT there has to be a law against OWNERS NOT DOGS.

We are only a week into 2010 and drunk driving accounts for more than 200 deaths.

The one subject matter I loved about your last comment is: "You are right on the credentials aspect. Just owning a pit doesn't make you an expert. Saying you are an expert doesn't make it so. Yeah, where is his credentials?"

---Where the hell are Colleen's? She was bitten one time, and now she is out to condemn the WHOLE breed. Where's yours Honesty? I know its not from personal experience...coming from a DOGFIGHTING family that I assume from your silence, has had no family member injured or has been attacked.

You can dish it out, but in the end you're just a bunch of hypocrits that has to blame anything than ourselves.

Let me ask you.....the drunk driving deaths I listed above, was that the cars fault or the person driving the car's fault?
I mean, this is your thinking process....ALL Pit Bulls are unpredictable vicious killers.
Cars are unpredictable, cars can be killers, yet you won't blame the car for killing people.
You say, well the car isn't a living thing, it is a machine and has no soul or whatever. But thats not answering the question.

OK, another example that you're a hypocrit, "What do you think one fucking Weinmer attack proves your point?"
---No, it raises questions if YOU care about human life. The above statement makes me question your antics.
---TO the wasn't just "one fucking Weinmer attack".
---That dog took their boy's life, and just because it wasn't a Pit Bull, you shrug it off, or you say, "look at the stats"
---"They can't report that Weinmers are responsible for 44% of last years fatalities"
Dude, that family doesn't care about last year's fatalities.
---I'll tell you one thing for certain....that family will NEVER own a Weimerainer again, let alone another dog, period.

HonestyHelps said...

You might want to know that the elected officials that have seen your comments have agreed that you have mental problems. The question asked is who are you trying to convince, me or you. I say you're trying to convince yourself, I think you really know the truth but can't admit it.

And the reference to the double mauling means there should be a law to put the pit down the FIRST TIME it attacks. God, you are dense.

And I have told you before, and will say it again, your fucking comparisons with other ways to die aren't relevant. I'm working to stop people from dying a horrible death in the jaws of the dangerous pits. If you care so fucking much about drunk drivers and whatever, go work on that.

Colleen doesn't need credentials, she's not lying about anything. She is reporting what has already been reported and compiling stats from it. She makes no claims to be an expert. She provides a way for people to get their own information. She provides links to all those with credentials.

And I have been a victim as well. We are letting the world know there are a lot of victims and they are not just the ones bitten, their families, their neighbors, are victims as well. You don't have to be a victim to understand what pits were designed to do and what they are doing daily.

"You don't blame cars", what about the recalls on cars with defective parts that have killed people. Yes, indeed, cars are blamed for deaths and something is done about it.

And show me where Weinmers have killed 83 people in the past 4 years. You have a hard time looking for comparisons when none are there. And by the way, Colleen did post that and another one by different breeds. You make no sense. That's what the officials said. And I have to agree. You are grasping at straws.

You have no argument on this issue. And yes, there needs to be laws but not for the people you think, but for people like yourself, the "Saviors" complex needs to be outlawed. You do this for yourself, not for the pits. You are the problem with your denial about the problem. And you will the one to bring about the bans and regulation with your denial. As long as you stay in denial, then the pits will continue to maul and kill. You have blood on your hands. I couldn't live with that myself but since pit nutters care nothing for people, they can live with it.

I'll be seeing you in the news headlines, the sooner the better in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

"there should be a law to put the pit down the FIRST TIME it attacks."

YES, there should be. ANY BREED (just to throw that in, because I know you didn't mean ONLY Pit Bulls attack)
Which means the laws we have NOW are failing us. There needs to be tougher restrictions, more strict on owners. The current laws we have are NOT working.

I knew you were gonna play the "show me the Weimer attacks"

"elected officials that have seen your comments have agreed that you have mental problems."
--these are public appointed officials?
I would like their names and which county or state they are from so I can verify with them please. They are PUBLIC Officials that are representing their community. I would like their names. And don't give me the, "contact your own, OR they're MY state's officials"
I have access to them just as much as you do. Their names...No BullShit.

The link I sent you with the British man.....
"doesn't need credentials, s(he's) not lying about anything. S(he) is reporting what has already been reported"

When will officials hold the parents (owners) responsible for these deaths?

"people like yourself, the "Saviors" complex needs to be outlawed."

(No, not another nutter w/ a celeb list)

-Jon Stewart from "The Daily Show"
-Ken Howard--Award winning TV Star
-Alicia Silverstone
-Rachel Bilson
-Jamie Foxx
-Steve Irwin's "best mate"
-Linda Blair

Not only are they pit owners, they have either rescued pits or OWN a Pit Rescue

Are you saying we should condemn them also?

Oh, by the way....we're pulling our 2nd Pit tomorrow from a LA shelter thats scheduled for euthanization tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Show THIS to your officials:

Democrat shadow home secretary Chris Huhne described the figures as “astonishing”, and said: “The Dangerous Dogs Act is one of most ineffective pieces of legislation of recent years - costing millions and being completely unworkable.

"Irresponsible owners are more likely to make a dog 'dangerous' than it being born a particular breed.

"Police need to be able to get tough with reckless owners of out-of-control dogs, regardless of the breed."

“In response to dogs acting dangerously, the RSPCA has long stated its desire for the law to put more emphasis of responsibility on dog owners, rather than to penalise specific breeds.”

BSL does NOT work.

Since the attack hospitalizations have risen by almost a third in the last four years and has doubled in the last eight.

Attacks on kids up 14%
The animals mauled 942 under-10s so badly they needed hospital treatment, figures show.

That is up from 826 in the previous 12 months.

The rise sparked fresh calls for ministers to heed the Mirror's campaign to overhaul the Dangerous Dogs Act.

"Pitbulls and other vicious breeds were outlawed by the Act in 1991. But dogs STILL inflict horrendous injuries."

If Pit Bulls and their 'types' are banned.....then what the hell kinda dog is attacking all of these people???

Mr. Davies, was bitten on the arm as he walked along Darley Street, Farnworth, at 1.30am on Sunday, November 22. The husky-type white and grey dog left a seven-inch long wound on his arm. Mr Davies underwent two operations.

“I am really shocked by these figures. The number is very high.”

Mr. Simpson, was attacked by a German Shepherd outside Bargain Booze in Bury Road, Breightmet, on June 1. “I will have these scars for the rest of my life, and it also has a psychological effect because now I don’t like to go near dogs.

“If they are outside a shop I will go elsewhere."

"A one-year-old boy has died after being attacked by a Rottweiler - should these dogs be banned?

Archie-Lee Hirst was in the yard of the home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, when the family pet launched the attack on Friday.

The 10-stone dog pounced on Archie-Lee tearing him from the little girl before mauling him to death in the backyard of his grandmother's terraced home."
The law, imposed in 1991, outlawed four breeds as pets - but rottweilers were not one of them.

More than 4,500 people were admitted to hospital for treatment in England alone in 2006/07.
I'll say again....if pit bulls and pit types are banned, then what kind of new "devil dog" is attacking everyone?

HonestyHelps said...

First of all Fucker, I am not subject to public records and you don't fucking demand of me, got it?

And which dog fighers forum do you get your info from, huh? You read their propaganda and never bother to do your own research. I'm tired of fucking around with you and aren't going thru the trouble any more. My research shows that the UK is expanding the DDA. And just because pits are banned doesn't mean they aren't there. A pit just killed a 4 year old there and now they are hotter than ever to get rid of the pits. Even Ozzy Osbourne is joining in to get the pits, since you seem to be so easily impressed with "names". What about Jessica Biels' pits who had an "accident" and she had to bury one of her pits? Why did you leave her name off? You think these people have more sense just because they are well known?

And I said put the pit down on first attack because that is what we are talking about, fucking pits. I'd rather see them put down BEFORE they are allowed to attack.

And just because the RSPCA says it should pertain to all, of course, they would say that. That's a no brainer. And look at the rise, as you claim, for all the pits and pit types that make up those figures. Do your Fucking Research and stop getting bits and pieces from your propaganda pit bull forums. Visit the other side for a change or just continue to remain stupid ab out the subject. The only link I want you to go to is, look at the faces of the victims. Then go to whatever other site that has all the other breeds attacks, IF YOU CAN FIND ONE.

Go to some of the pit rescues and pit breeder sites that say you should always expect an "accident" with your pit and recommends that you always carry a breakstick. This is from your people, rescue people, not mine. I've never heard of other breed rescues advising people to carry a breakstick.

You are such an idiot but you have help me considerably and are continuing to do so. Keep it up. All you are doing is showing that pit nutters are psycho.

P. said...

Boy this nutter is a real nut!!! Try this on for size, Nutter.
Council Bluffs, Iowa hasn't had a pit bull mauling since 2007.
Prior to ban:
29 injured in 2004.

BAN in place 2005.

19 injured in 2005.
7 injured in 2006.
2 injured in 2007.
0 injured in 2008
0 injured in 2009.

Denver can boast the same only this nutter won't see it because this nutter is on the pit nutter forums and can't see beyond his nose. Nutters like this one are the very reason we desperately need BSL.

Anonymous said...

God, this nutter really shows why we desperately need BSL, to keep pits away from this sort. If you had to describe what this nutter is doing here on this blog, it would sound just like describing a pit bull and that ain't being nice. And I agree, Honesty, this person is trying to convince themselves, not you or I. How sad to have to live like that, so underconfidence, so unsure. Just hope this person doesn't pass that lack of self respect to the dogs fostered or owned.

Also I agree that these nutters are their own worse enemy, this is the perfect example.

Anonymous said...

I've read how the Council Bluffs Officials are:
Prostitution stings,
Marijuana drug busts....
Their own Councilman's Labrador


4 days,DAYS after the pit bull ban went into effect...Ms. Rocha was bitten by a Labrador at about 5:30 p.m. as she walked in the 100 block of South 9th Street.

The head of animal control in Council Bluffs has been proud that his ban is "working" because they've virtually eliminated bites by 'pit bulls' in the city however, based on their own data, there's no evidence that the number of TOTAL bites has decreased. Pit Bull bites have gone away with the ban, the number of bites by all other dog breeds has gone up, and at no point have they even come close to having as few bites as the 2003 pre-ban bite numbers.

So ya, the pit bull bites have gone down, but the dog bites are still there.

Anonymous said...


Woah buddy, calm down! all I asked for were the names of the 'officials' that see my comments, and you jump down my throat, why is that? Ok, how about just the name of the state you live in, so I can address all the officials that way.

Here's an example...California Senator Barbara Boxer. We, among other Rescues have sent emails back and forth over Prop SB861 and she supports the Prop for unlicensed breeding. Which is something I have gone over a few times on your blog.

Now, the issue of my last post about the DDA of '91 and your dumbass comment of "And which dog fighers forum do you get your info from, huh?"

If you would OPEN the links you can see these are NOT forums.
-The Mirror Newspaper
-The NorthernEcho Newspaper
-Norwich EveningNews 24
-GMTV, TV show

These AREN'T pit bull forums....these are Media and Newspapers.

"And just because pits are banned doesn't mean they aren't there"
Which means the Ban has failed because they ARE still there. right?

You are right though. The Denver Ban has suceeded in PIT BULL bites.. because there is none. But it hasn't affected dog bites and attacks that are still there and have increased over the years.

The whole Ozzy Osbourne rumor...have no idea where you got that, but the official ozzy website says its "100% bullshit"

And with Jessica Biels' dog...we can all speculate, but hers was with a group of dogs and then there was an incident and the dog died. Fight?? probably, but no one knows.

With the whole pit rescues and forums saying expect the unexpected......duh! Be prepared for anything, that IS being responsible. We crate and rotate.

I do read DBO and don't even try and pull that "look at the victims" bullshit.
Have you ever looked cared for a child thats a quadrapeligic because his dad bashed his head in the wall?
Have you looked at the face of the parents of the 9 month old girl that just died in your arms?
Have you looked into the face of a man burning alive trapped in a fully engulfed car, feeling so helpless because your waiting for the engine to pull up and take out the hydraulic spreaders so you can save the man?

"Boy this nutter is a real nut!!!"
"describe what this nutter is doing here on this blog, it would sound just like describing a pit bull and that ain't being nice."

--please indulge me, describe a pit bull. Am I viciously mauling Honesty? Ripping his throat out? No, I'm not throwing out personal insults, I'm not lashing out, I don't have to keep referring you to 2 websites. I'm not the one that made a website to talk people into exterminating an entire dog breed. I don't have to use "fuck" in all of my responses to try and get my point across.
I give news links, (not forums) I tell you the names of the officials I email and write to.
I've only referred to Honesty as a hillbilly to try and get a point across that sterotyping is wrong.

How am I a nut? You thought I was gonna say, "the pit bull is the nanny dog, sgt. stubby was a pit mix, petey on the little rascals was a pit. helen keller had a pit." You thought I was going to post all the same stuff you've already heard from all the nutters and then just leave?
I'm giving you news links, I'm giving you a government official ADMITTING that DDA of '91 is a useless, worthless, most ineffective peice of legislation. EVER
What do you give me? "go butt fuck your fuck buddies You're a fucking liar" .....ok?

HonestyHelps said...

In typical pit nutter fashion, always trying to take the focus off the real issue with what about drinking and driving or father's bashing in heads, can't stick to the issue because you have no defense for what the fucking pits are doing daily IN THIS COUNTRY. Duh, we are the ones who have the pit problem, they are not in the numbers in GB that they are here. We aren't talking dog bites fools, we are talking maulings and fatalities. There is a difference, believe it or not fool, between a dog bite and dying from a dog.

You included media links!!! I thought you said there is a worldwide conspiracy to get the pits. Then why would you believe the media. Oh, it wouldn't be because you think they prove your point, would it? Do you see how hypocritcal you are? Colleen puts up the media stories and you say bullshit. You put them up and say here's the truth. You can't have it both ways.

You are one sick nutter but you've done your part for bringing about regulations. There's no more use for you on this blog. You've made a complete fool of yourself, typical of nutters. You are your own worse enemy. You may can use your shit to convince another uneducated fool, but it don't fly here. You've tried every trick in the nutter's book and it has only made you look foolish.

I'm not going to see you in the funny papers, I will see you in the next headlines. You're finished here. You've given enough that will be used to show just how disgusting pit owners/rescues/fighters/breeders are. Quite a few comments have been made about your comments, not on here, in the halls of State Capitols and city councils. Good job, nutter, for my team. Don't come back, no more for you. Live your life as a foolish nutter, it is your life that is at stake as well as your family and your neighbors. I just hope that you are the one to pay the price, not your children, for your stupidity.

HonestyHelps said...

Here's the link for Ozzy, liar.

"You might as well have a lion running around the house. What do you want one of them for? They're bred to fight. They're not domesticated pets. When they turn to fight mode they don't listen to anything, they just go.
"One of my favourite dogs when the kids were little was a bulldog we called Baldrick. He could play with the kids all day, but one day the dog looked p***ed off. I'd never seen him like that.

"The kids were playing in a tent outside and the dog was growling. I said to the kids, 'Listen carefully. I want you to go out the tent, one by one, and carefully go into the house. This dog ain't too happy'.

"So they went in and the dog went for me. It was a different dog. He turned from a big cuddly thing to a beast. The next morning I got rid of him, because if he'd ripped the face off one of my kids I could never ever have forgiven myself."

Even Ozzy has more sense than you in his drug stuper.

Anonymous said...

It's about time, Honesty. I can't believe you have put up with this nut for this long. That was so funny when you pointed out about their use of the media when it suited them but discount the media reports when they don't. Shades of Delise, that's the only thing she is an expert, avoiding anything that disagrees with her.

These guys are digging their own grave and they are too selfish to realize that. They do more to bring about bans and regulations than anyone else, these pit lovers. Their motto of Punish the Deed only means to let the maulings and killings continue, it is an after-the-fact motto. Prevent the Deed is actually trying to save those lives, keep pits out the hands of inexperienced people, stop their abuse, stop their shelter impounds. Where these nutters get off is beyond me and anyone else who gives a shit.