Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pit Bulls, Pit Nutters, and the Rest of Us

Been taking a short break taking care of my two dogs and some other stuff.

This morning I was on checking out the pit nutters and they are all over that blog. Craven really pisses them off but as I always say better to be pissed off than pissed on. And the nutters love to piss on people, particularly those victims of pits.

What goes through the nutters minds, if anything? They continue to defend a dog that is taking down people on a daily basis, what kind of people think like that?

They want us to believe that there are responsible owners of pits out there - WHERE?? I fail to see any. I have known some people who might fall into that catagory but unfortunately they ended up being just as crazied as the rest of the pit owners.

Nutters can't carry on a decent conversation about pits because they have nothing good they can say about them other than pits will lick you to death. Close, they do do death but not by licking. In every case where an owner can be found, the infamous statement also appears about how their dog has never shown any aggression and lives with their six stepladder children. This should be a red flag to the nutters that the pits are unpredictable. Oh no, it is because the dog was abused or trained to fight.

Anyone who has another breed of dog is able to see what the dog was bred to do even when they are puppies. Pointer puppies will point WITHOUT being trained. Terriers will chase even WITHOUT being trained. Border collies will herd WITHOUT being trained. Yet the nutters insist that a pit has to be trained to fight even though they have been bred for years to fight. DENIAL, IT IS CALLED DENIAL. And that denial only makes things worse. Can't these nutter fools see that they are the ones making the situation worse?

Why can't they face the truth? Is it because of the way they were raised? Didn't their parents tell them that lying and deceit is wrong? Who do you blame here? I doubt you'll find too many parents of pit owners who are proud of their offspring.

The scary part is to think that these people are out in society with their hatred of human life. They make excuses for the dogs but not for people. They will not hesitate to blame an innocent child for "provoking" an attack. You will rarely see a comment made by a nutter where condolences are made to the attack victim. In today's news headlines, the owners of a killer pit bull are forcing a mother to remove her remembrance of her dead son, how cruel. Instead of trying to help this grief stricken mother, these nutters are pouring salt into her wounds. And other nutters are supporting them for doing this.

Go to Cravens and look at the pictures of the typical pit owner, they will give you nightmares. At least they allow the rest of us to be able to distinguish them from civilized people because they have a pit at their side. I propose that all pit nutters with their pits be sent to an island, not be allowed to live in civilized society. These are throwbacks anyway, just get them out of sight. Then they can kill themselves off without disturbing the rest of us. The pits need to go the way of the dinosaurs, extinct. And as for the nutters, they just need to be lock away somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about people starting to fight chihuahuas because they can hide them better and move them around in bags. Its becoming huge in the islands. Poor little dogs. I guess were going to start banning those tooo But of course you'll manage to say something stupid, like always, so dont bother responding I'm not going to check it. Fuck Nutter lol

and tell Korey his website will be up soon or should i say Craven.

HonestyHelps said...

What a stupid comment!!! What do you expect from a pit nutter, they never cease to amaze me with their vile, stupid, ignorant statements.

I hate to disappoint you but you are so barking up the wrong tree (again the pit nutter stupidity). No one has ever lost their leg, or their entire face, or their arm to a chihuahua so to make this comparison is so ridiculous. But such is the pit nutters bible on lame excuses.

You can tell Korey whoever, you seem to know it all. I do my thing, the others do theirs. From what I hear Kory Nelson is a hero. I'll stand on that. And you'll be back, pit nutters always lie.

Sharlene LovesAPBT said...

Well I don't lie. Actually people tell me it is a fault of mine. I am looking forward to following your blog. I get why you have your opinions. I also look forward to you realizing we are not all fanatics. I have joined all sorts of forums regarding pit bulls and they are scary, there are a lot of people who don't care. Game dogs this, spiked collars ect. I am sure you have looked at a few of my comments. I hope you can see there are a few, yes I said few, who give a shit. Even though you are shaking your head, I hope I can prove it to you.

HonestyHelps said...

Trust no one is my motto.

007 said...

I have been saying the same thing for years--dogs were bred for certain traits and will follow instinct when given the opportunity. Why others are incapable of understanding this is beyond my level of understanding.

HonestyHelps said...

007, that's the point, it is beyond a reasonable understanding.

I love it when they talk about the pits not being designed for human aggression. Dogs aren't real good with discriminating between another dog and a human. Trainers tell you not to play tug of war with a dog, why? Because that is the game of dogs between themselves and for the human to do it places the human on the level of the dog. So unless you are extremely knowledgeable, God like, with your training of any dog, particularly pits, they will see you as another dog. That's why so many people have behaviorial problems with their dogs. And in the case of pits with their instinct to kill other animals, thus humans get killed. To the pit, humans are just another animal and they do what they have been bred to do - kill.

Anonymous said...

Pit nutters don't care because PIT BULLS MEAN MONEY to them.

This is all about the money!

And protecting the bucks!

Just like the tobacco companies with their lobbyists for years.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sharlene.

Eventually it will dawn on her that no one cares about her or her crazy dogs.

Anonymous said...

"Responsible breeders"

This is AKC speak.

Meanwhile most of their breeders are puppy millers and tax cheats!

"Responsible" is just a coverup term for crooks.

HonestyHelps said...

Speak for yourself. Sharlene does bring good points to the table. Her choice for a pet, well, we'll see. But I do appreciate someone who can see why the pits need regulation. If I had one, and I have owned a pit mix, I would certainly want regulation because I would want people to start on the road to feeling safe around pits. And if muzzling them is the way to do it, then I would muzzle my dog, why not? If a certain fencing were required, it is not just for others safety, it is also for your dog's safety and your peace of mind. These nutters make no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, I think that Sharlene is pulling the traditional nutter ploy of pretend to agree with a few points on regulation in hopes they can keep posting and sucker people, then gradually push in the typical nutter propaganda.

Her hissy fit on craven ratted her out.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, in a previous post I said I trust no one in response to Sharlene. Still she makes good points whether she is on the level or not. If there is such a thing as a responsible pit owner, I have yet to meet one is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

The Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs and the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association released their study in May during National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and the results shed light on how likely a dog is to bite, a factor that may be pertinent to breed-specific legislation in some states and cities.
Chihuahuas are most likely to bite veterinarians, Lhaso Apsos deliver one of the most severe bites, and about 40 percent of all dog bites are delivered by mixed breeds.
These and other dog-bite truths are unveiled in a new study two years in the making that analyzes what kind of dogs bite and why.
The study concludes that all dogs will bite, and that circumstances under which the bite occurred are more indicative than the breed.
Running at large was the leading circumstance under which dog bites occurred, but about half of bites happened while a dog was running at large during dog-to-dog aggression, aggression while protecting property and fear-based aggression.
The majority of home bites were attributed to aggression while protecting property, with owners and family members frequently bitten while the dog was protecting food or toys, compared to non-family members being bitten when a dog was protecting its property. This made up 31 percent of all non-relative bites in the home.
Of the 188 different breeds in the survey, bites were reported from 129, including "gentle" breeds like Golden Retrievers. At least 38 percent came from mixed-breed dogs, the study notes.
The five top breeds involved in bite incidents in the study, which aims to challenge breed bans for dogs like Pit Bulls, were Labrador Retrievers 13%, Pit Bulls 8.4%, German Shepherds 7.8%, Rottweilers 3.9% and Chow-Chows 3.5%. Bites involving children brought similar results, with Labrador Retrievers responsible for 15.6%, Pit Bulls for 7.5%, German Shepherds for 6.8%, Smooth-Coated Chihuahuas for 4.2% and Rottweilers for 4.1%.
The severity of injuries by breed differs greatly, however, with American Bulldogs, Dalmatians, Standard Dachshunds, English Bulldogs and Lhasa Apsos delivering the most severe injuries...Children are most often bitten while left unsupervised with a dog, provoking a dog or as a result of play bites, while adults are more often bitten by an at-large dog, a dog protecting its property, dog-to-dog aggression or dominance-based aggression.
The study compiled the results of more than 2,000 surveys from 17 of Colorado's 134 animal-control organizations from June 2007 to June 2008.
Of the estimated 226,152 dogs in the jurisdictions, about 2,000, or 0.28%, of the dogs were reported to have bitten someone. Assuming data from a 1997 study of dog bites in Pittsburgh that found only 6.2% of bites were reported to animal control, and considering the Colorado human population of nearly 5 million, the study estimates that there are about 74,000 overall bites in Colorado during the study year.
The coalition notes that, without a statewide census of the number and breed types of dogs in Colorado, as well as participation from every animal-control group in the state, some of the results don't offer true data but only enough information for informed speculation.
For instance, there may be some disparity in reports regarding breed types in the study since it indicates it's very likely that bites from large dogs are more often reported than bites from small dogs, according to the coalition.
"Because of this, the percentages of bites from large breeds will be overestimated and the percentages of bites from small breeds will be underestimated, " according to the study….The study showed that certain breeds are more likely to bite under certain circumstances, but emphasized that any dog will bite in certain situations, though most often because of factors determined or caused by the victim.
The full study can be viewed online at

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, are you foolish? You think this proves anything? All it proves is the pit breeders/dog fighters have enough money to pay for these "reports". I can show you reports that say just the fucking opposite, written by unbiased unpaid professionals. It proves absolutely nothing other than people will do anything for money, especially the vets. Look at the AVMA, in the pocket of agribusiness ie. dog breeding. All you've managed to do with this piece of trash is show how stupid and ignorant you are for using it as "proof" of your evil agenda of continuing to let your precious pits feed off humans.

Anonymous said...

When do pit nutters go to a vet? They never vaccinate their dogs and if they are dog fighters they don't take their injured dogs to a vet either.

Anonymous said...

The Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs

Dog fighters, AKC breeders, and a few nutjob vet that work for the AKC breeders (who just happen to breed STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIERS, aka pit bulls)

There are some real fruitcake vets that work with and for the breeder lobby, and they lie through their teeth and make up statistics to protect breeders.

Human garbage that scammed a vet degree and sold it and their souls to AKC trash

Just as in any trade, there are ethical vets and UNETHICAL vets. And the unethical ones work with AKC breeders.

Anonymous said...

And the state Veterinary Medical Associations work for the puppy millers, dog fighters, and AKC scum.

The Colorado one is one of the more corrupt ones.

To lie about pit bulls and cover up the fact that pit bulls are the number one mauler and killer of adults and children should make these scumbags hide their heads in shame.

But lie they will for the breeders and their payoff.

And the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs should worry less about making up lies, and more about the fact that they are cheating on their taxes. Time to investigate their affairs.

Anonymous said...

And the PSPCA fired a vet who worked for them when it was discovered that he was ALSO SERVICING DOG FIGHTERS and making a damn lot of money doing it!

Yes, dog fighters and AKC pit bull breeders DO use vets, vets who enable their criminal activities.

Vets who testify in court and help them wangle out of their crimes.

Sleazy, unethical vets.

The AKC and Colorado Veterinary Medical Association have blood on their hands for coming up with trash propaganda with this "Living Safely" pack of AKC tax cheats.

Notice they admit at the end that "certain" dogs (PIT BULLS!) are attacking more, but they gloss that over, and then blame the victim!

The AKC and the Vet boards that support them are little more than killing enablers, and they need to be held responsible.

Publishing this propaganda means that victims WILL be able to go after them for their lies and deception.

They ARE animal rights terrorists.