Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Utah Shelters REQUIRED To Sell To Research - Where the Hell is Best F(r)iends?

This blew me away. Here it is that BF claims to care so frigging much about animals and they are allowing this to happen in their own state!!

"Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dogs and cats dropped off at Utah shelters over the years have been handed over for laboratory experimentation under a state law that requires government-run pounds to surrender animals to research institutions that request them. Only Utah and Minnesota make these so-called "pound seizures" mandatory.

Subsequent open-records requests by a local activist confirmed the animal transfers, and that many of the animals were former pets. "

With all those donations and all that media, BF can't change this horrid practice in their own backyard? They're too fucking busy condemning HSUS and kissing Winograd's ass to clean up their own state. It's a money game for them now and taking time for real issues only detracts from getting donations from gullible people.

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Anonymous said...


They don't even have the power or ability to protect animals in their own state!

They are taking donations and blowing the money. They are joining with breeders to help them hurt animals.

Also you should be aware that the "bunchers" that sell pound animals to research facilities lobby WITH the AKC breeders and the rest. People like Patti Strand on the board of AKC.

BUT important! GET YOUR DOG AND CAT MICROCHIPPED. The research facilities are required to check for microchips and stolen pets have been returned.

Push your local shelter to microchip all their pets.