Monday, November 30, 2009

The Legacy of No Kill or How to Make Animals Suffer Even More

The Toronto Humane Society has been in the news this past week. Another perfect example of why "No Kill" doesn't work in large open door shelters. And there is a confidential report in the comment section that tells the tale.

Shades of Lied, NV!!!! What kind of people are attracted to this "No Kill" movement has to be a question asked. Lied employees had no idea that all those animals were sick and obviously Toronto Humane didn't either. Doug Rae in Indy was hiding cats in the ventiliation ducts to keep from euthanizing them. And this was after the house of horrors he created in Philly. Rancho Cucamonga, CA issued a report for 08 showing a tremendous increase in animals dying in their cages. When questioned about this from a cruelty officer, they immediately issued a new report that put them in a better light. It's only a matter of time before the news picks up on this shelter.

And whose fault is all of this? Not animal control, they are just going a job for the public. It is the fault of the humane community, the very ones who yell no kill. There would be no euthanasia in our shelters if the humane community would step up to the plate. If they complain about animals dying in the shelter, why don't they take them out? Because there is a double standard when it comes to the definition of "adoptable". Most of the animals in an open door shelter are rejects from "No Kill' groups. Yet these same groups expect animal control to work miracles and adopt out their version of "unadoptable". The "No Kill" groups turn away owners and where do those pets end up? Either as road kill or being euthanized in an open door shelter. So what does that make these rescues, hypocritical. They have the blood on their hands even more than animal control does. They are the ones dictating the doom of animals.

A case comes to mind in LA of this. Zepher was a dog that was brought into the shelter sick. The shelter tried to treat the dog but in the end the medication failed to work. A "rescuer" had a hold on the dog, which means she intended to take it rather than it being euthanized. This "rescuer" walked by that dog many times as she bailed out other cute, fluffy dogs. The day before Zepher died in the kennel, this "rescuer" actually took a picture and the picture showed that the dog was dying. When asked by a reporter why she didn't take the dog then, she replied that her vet was already closed. Duh, as if there aren't after hour vets???? So she allowed the dog to suffer and die, and she failed Zepher. I felt all along this was a set up and Zepher was sacrificed. Then this "rescuer" had the nerve to fill a lawsuit against the County, along with Winograd.

Other open door shelters are being subjected to this type of setup. King County, WA has been setup for failure and it is a mess there. Memphis may be in the throes of a set up, will wait and see. This seems to be a trend to make the shelters look worse to the public. What does that accomplish? It sends the public to "rescues" and to breeders. Both of which are the friends of Winograd's "No Kill" movement. Yes, indeed, the Whino does love the breeders and they love him. Instead of helping bring the public into the shelters, "No Kill" drives them away and more animals go down as a result.

We have spent the last decade focusing on this "No Kill" movement and the numbers are showing it. Before all is lost, we need to defeat the Whino's movement. It can work in private shelters that pick and chose, it can work in smaller shelters probably. But it cannot work in large open door shelters and has proven, thus far, to be a detriment in those shelters. Keep in mind that the Whino has only taken care of about 10,000 animals in his "career", not nearly enough to classify him as an "expert". And he hasn't been in a shelter that handles over 3000 animals a year. Look at the SF SPCA and SF Animal control, their numbers are low. The Whino fails to explain that SF has mandatory spay/neuter for pits and that the SF SPCA doesn't take pits from the shelter. And the SF animal shelter euthanized pits. Read between the lines, do your research, don't fall for this hoax (according to Roger A. Caras, longtime President of the ASPCA). It is robbing our shelters of volunteers and it is making more suffering than is necessary. I classify it as the singularly most evil thing that has happened for animals in my lifetime.

MORE: They were letting them die in their cages rather than euthanize. "No Kill" is beyond evil to do this to the animals!!! Twice as many animals died in their cages than they euthanized!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA is doing the same thing. Check out an earlier posting about Rancho on this blog.


Cathy said...

You can read past report regarding THS abuses filed in 2006. Nothing was done then, but this time it will be.

part 1 -

part 2 -

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Cathy!!!! What great info on how "No Kill" doesn't work in large shelters. Your link was cut off so I will try to get it all on this comment.

Reads the same in Philly, Rancho Cucamonga, Lied, Indy, "No Kill" does not work in open door large shelters. It just makes matters worse.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Cathy!!!! What great info on how "No Kill" doesn't work in large shelters. Your link was cut off so I will try to get it all on this comment.

Reads the same in Philly, Rancho Cucamonga, Lied, Indy, "No Kill" does not work in open door large shelters. It just makes matters worse.

HonestyHelps said...

I only scanned the report you sent, Cathy, before I commented. I have now read it and this is unbelievable. Is there nothing that these "No Kill'ers" won't do? The suffering had to be unimaginable for the last three years of the animals and staff in this shelter.

indynokill said...

No-Kill makes it worse??? Cats being hidden in the ventilation ?? Sigh. The cats at IACC ( Indy Animal Control ) have been in there for years, way before Doug Rae ever happened on the scene. I was one of the feral cat trappers called by Doug Rae to help trap the kitties and we caught approx 15 in the first two months of his term. No one had ever even tried to help those cats that escaped from the cages and ran for their lives in years previously.
Stop by the facility now, after Doug Rae was ousted, and see the dump truck picking up the dead animals. What used to be 15-30 a day being killed, it's 60+ a day. Yep, this is definitely not a No-Kill shelter now. It's a concentration camp for animals.

HonestyHelps said...

IndyNoKill, you are the perfect example of the lies and deceit of "No Kill". You are blinded by your own guilt to the suffering of animals in the shelters. Did you not read about Rae in Philly? He DESTROYED that shelter. You "No Killers" see no suffering, you only see the numbers, you care nothing for the animals, just your egos. You can substitute Rae's name for Trow's and it will read the same for the Indy shelter. Little do you know but a report is being prepared on the horrors of the Rae administration. But you won't believe it, you believe nothing but your "Savior" complex. Seek professional help instead of making the animals miserable with your denial of reality. The house of cards built by your Messiah is tumbling and you don't have the sense to get out of the way of it.

HonestyHelps said...

And another thing, IndyNoKill, why aren't you taking the animals out of the shelter instead of sitting back and complaining? If you did your job there would be no animals in the shelter to euthanize. Tell all your good buddies to do the same. You have no right to refer to a concentration camp when it is your responsibility to get them out of it. If you "No Kill'ers" would step up to the plate then there would be no euthanization in the shelters for time and space. But no, you "No Kill'ers" stand there and watch, no action. It's your fault that animals are euthanized, not animal control. You are the ones who can save them but you CHOSE not to because you want to make the shelters look bad. Drums up more business for you when you push the public away from the shelters with your insistant whining. You have the blood on your hands, you and your comrades in crime.

And that's your tale about the cats in the ventiliation ducts, I sit on mine. You stated that you removed some the first 2 months of Rae's tenure, what happened to the other 8 months, why didn't you get all the cats? Did you not realize that they were contaminating the air system there? That they were spreading disease throughout the entire shelter?? They were being hidden and that's why they were there. I have never heard of a cat running into a duct to get away and aren't ducts usually covered to prevent vermin from getting in? Make your fucking excuses, but you can't be excused from the blood that drips from your hands.

indynokill said...

Oh criminey..we removed cats constantly but they were always constantly escaping from the incompetent union workers handling them..there are more every single day.
We rescue out animals from that facility on a regular basis, probably a total of 115 animals this year and we've volunteered countless hours , on weekends, holidays and even helped get the animals spayed and neutered.
It's funny how none of you actively have any hands-on with shelter animals an dhave no idea of how they are suffering in those cages without food and water , without being walked outside and being horribly killed by inexperienced workers who either stab them in the gut with the needle or squeeze them down while trying to kill them .
Go in and witness it for yourself. Go in and help hold a puppy or kitten while it's being killed. There is no gentle death going on. Listen to the screams but you wont, none of you ever go there, dont want to see it, just pretend this 'death' is the best for them.

HonestyHelps said...

Hey, IndyButt, what makes you think that I have no experience with shelters? I have considerably more than you and your "No Kill" buddies, that's where the problem lies, your inexperience. If you had experience you would reject "No Kill" as well. You could see that it is a deliberate attempt to push the public from adopting from the shelters, a deliberate attempt to see more animals die while You "No Killers" turn animals away because of your double standard of what is adoptable and they end up in the shelter to be euthanized because you have rejected them. You think you are holier than anyone else. No, you "No Killers" want the animals to die on the side of the road, lying there for hours as the life drains from them. You "No Killers" want to see more animals euthanized in the shelters so you can feel good about yourself and how you "save" animals. And because this is happening it shows how very little you do to stop it. Take the fucking animals out, you call yourself a "rescue" then do it. Stop the talking and do something constructive. Stop this shit of turning people off to adopting at shelters. Stop this shit of putting the blame on animal control. Put the blame where it belongs, on yourself. You leave them in there, YOU!!! The failure of the shelters is not the fault of animal control, it is your fault.

And as for the cats, you are lying thru your teeth. You know the truth but you are in denial, the typical mode for "No Killers". You know that the cats were put there as well as I do. And look at any shelter, animals escape, it is a fact of sheltering. You want so badly to blame everyone else when you need to blame yourself. The blood of all those animals is a result of you and your attitude, a result of you not doing your job.

Toronto is a good example and with your way of thinking, they were doing a good job. "THEY ARE ALIVE!!!" is your slogan. Shades of Frankenstein, he made a monster and you had made one too in the form of "No Kill".

Anonymous said...

indynokill, seriously, you need psychiatric help.

It is people like you that enable killers like Doug Rae.

RAE WAS REFUSING TO TAKE IN STRAYS and animals being given up.

Those animals died terrible and torturous deaths on the streets, or at the hands of maniacs, or by people with guns who got tired of the bites and attacks.

You didn't see those deaths so those are ok, huh?

That is the most awful kind of middle-class ignorance. "I don't see it, so it must not be happening."

And too often I see naive women getting suckered by killers like Rae.

Care about the animals, and not about a loon who kills animals in the most horrible way possible!

Anonymous said...

And, indynokill, get your lazy butt out ON THE STREETS where the dogs that Rae refused to take are lying in the gutter, ripped open by a car, and screaming for hours.

Or getting poisoned by a nut who got sick of strays that the shelter won't take, that now die slowly and terribly.

Or the kittens drowned in a bucket of water because Rae wouldn't take them in.

Or someone's pet getting ripped to pieces because Rae wasn't taking in strays, that then formed packs and attacked.

People like you, indynokill, represent PURE EVIL. You have sent animals back to the Dark Ages, to die in the most horrible ways possible, and you think it is ok because you can't see it, and killers like Rae tell you it is ok and not happening.

I guess that is what the German people did for so long before WWII. They listened to their "leaders" tell them it was all ok, and because they couldn't see it, they denied that death and torture was happening.

(of course, if you are a breeder, indynokill, you don't give a damn about any animals suffering, and you are even worse)

HonestyHelps said...

Rae took Indy offline from PetHarbor on July 14th so the returns from his fiasco couldn't be tracked. "No Kill" hates the Chameleon system because it makes it easy to track their shit. PetHarbor is known for increasing adoptions and owner returns yet Rae took away the best tool available so he wouldn't be caught doing his dirty deeds.

Yeah, Anon, let IndyButt see all of what you described. I do it everyday, seeing the rejects of the "No Kill" movement, on the side of the road or starved to death in a backyard. But "No Kill'ers" can't see this, just like they refuse to see the suffering cause by this movement within the shelter. You see the overcrowding but hey, they're Alive!!! You approve of pets living in pure hell, they're alive!!! Sick people you are, sick.

Anonymous said...

indynokill should also go visit the hoarder/torturer where Rae sent 68 dogs from animal control in Philadelphia so they wouldn't be "euthanized" but instead die slowly and uncounted, hidden from the world

Luckily the hoarder got busted by another organization that actually cared about the dogs, and only one dog died

But this is how No Kills deal with the problem- give the animals out to hoarders and torturers to kill, or to dog fighters, or to people who chain the dog up in the cold and heat to die.

Then No Kill wackos boast that euthanasia numbers are going down and animals are "getting saved".

No Kill is a terrible form of animal abuse, and a terrible form of mental illness.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I just wish these "No Kill"ers were able to see the suffering of this movement, that is the problem, they are blind to it. We need to concern ourselves with providing a quality of life for animals, not quantity of life. Roger A. Caras, longtime President of the ASPCA and a noted author, publically called "no kill" a hoax and that is exactly what it is.

Don't hold your breath that IndyButt will try to get to the truth. They don't want to know the truth. They only want to wallow in their "Savior" complex along with their Messiah, Nathan Winograd.