Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dog Broker in Canada getting dogs from US -- Please circulate these videos!

Dog Broker in Canada getting dogs from US -- Please circulate these videos!

as posted on craigslist in Vancouver, BC:

Dog Rescuers Beware

I know most dog rescuers scan Craigslist, so please stop allowing scammers to take US dogs and broker them in other countries.

Cold Noses Warm Beds is a "rescue" located in Langley, BC. They work with various L.A. based rescue groups to bring dogs from California to B.C. to rehome them. The dogs are pulled from shelters and most of the people in the U.S. believe that they are doing good things. But CNWB is selling dogs with no home checks, no name checks, nothing.

The woman in this video gave a false name, false email, false address. Nothing about her story was true. She purchased 2 dogs from CNWB and immediately took them to the vet, where one needed surgery to help an infected neuter site. She told CNWB that the dogs were for an elderly, immobile father for his 70th birthday as a surprise for him (rescuers worst nightmare) and she was given 2 dogs with NO hassles.

The operator of CNWB then posted that the dogs were going to "a family home where they will work in agility". This is NOT true. The 2 dogs in this video, Pepe and Tiny, are long gone now and are safe and sound.

This is NOT rescue and this needs to be stopped. I'd also like to point out that this woman is NOT affiliated with the BCSPCA as she states in the video.

Please, send this out to as many people as you can, this MUST be stopped.


Anonymous said...

This is a warning being sent to shelters all over the country. These CRAZY No Kill lunatics are taking animals from shelters and pounds (or No Kill shelters are giving him dogs directly) and sending them to situations like this. It is just criminal, this No Kill idiocy. They won't euthanize but they will send animals to this kind of hell hole?

"have received a nationwide DNA (Do Not Adopt to) alert on Richard Hayden of Fairbanks Alaska, who is allegedly seeking dogs throughout the US, most recently in California and Florida.

Hayden is currently seeking dogs throughout the US, from rescue groups, shelters, and from private individuals via sites like Craigslist. The email he is using is: Rescues and shelters are often impressed that he is willing to adopt at such a long distance and assume that someone willing to spend so much money to get a dog must be a good home. According to some of his information he lives in an RV with three German Shepherds. In other applications he states he lives in a house with a yard. Sometimes he says he has one dog, in other cases no dogs. He is allegedly an experienced con man and knows what to say and how to work the system. He has groups of devoted followers on Internet forums who think they know him and believe that he's a good home. The truth is very different.

He has adopted countless dogs that have since disappeared. At least 3 dogs from rescues have died within weeks of arrival in Alaska. He told the rescues that two of them died of cancer (after being in perfect health and vet checked prior to sending) but he has been unwilling to produce any veterinary references to support his claims. The third dog supposedly drowned. He has adopted several other dogs from Anchorage and Fairbanks animal control that have since disappeared. He has potentially gotten many other dogs from Craigslist and similar sites.

He usually has multiple ads in different cities running. He will typically back off when rescues and shelters request a home visit or reference checks but is savvy to adoption screening systems and is good at manipulating well-meaning people to pull dogs for him. He flies a small plane and sometimes comes for dogs himself, in other cases he has them shipped to Alaska.

He prefers German Shepherds but is known to have taken Labs, Pit Bulls, and a Malamute mix. The dogs he gets are always large breed spayed females. He prefers dogs that are overweight with passive, docile temperaments. As with all MARC messages, please feel free to crosspost. It is especially important to warn shelters who may not typically receive these alerts or be as likely to do the home visits and veterinary reference checks that would immediately expose this person"

Anonymous said...

Are the police in the area of this "rescue" aware? Have they been contacted? What about the landlord of this place?

Anonymous said...


The lady is scared of him, yet she constantly says that he's handsome, such a great little guy, wagging tail like a propeller.

I'll definently ciruclate the one of "Toby"

HonestyHelps said...

What can the police do, she isn't doing anything illegal. It's the "No Kill" rescue groups in LA that pulled the dogs from the shelters and sent them there. The shelter didn't do it.

And I will post on the largest and oldest rescue site in CA the info on Hayden. Thanks.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the amount of human dysfunction in animal rescue is stunning.

HonestyHelps said...

You can thank Nathan Winograd and his Whinonettes for that, Craven. He has set back the humane movement into the dark ages and has given the dysfunctional people a guru. Rescues need to be regulated, they aren't all comprised of good caring people. Far too many are nothing more than wackos and hoarders. And Winograd loves those, they are the ones who pimp his cause.