Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rachael Ray's Isaboo ATTACKS

Not just one attack, FIVE, count them, five attacks.

"Peppy television host Rachael Ray has been dealing with a family crisis – her beloved dog Isaboo has been attacking dogs while out on walks and she fears he may have to be put to sleep.Isaboo is the pit bull that has appeared on her show and whom she calls her “baby,” but the dog has had five incidents of violence with other dogs. The brown and white dog becomes aggressive even when on a leash and being walked by a dog handler.

The latest incident with her dog occurred in early February in New York City when Isaboo lashed out and ripped off another dog’s ear! According to an exclusive report in the National Enquirer, the dogs and their handlers were walking by each other in Greenwich Village when the attack occurred. “As the other dog walked by, Isaboo lashed out so quickly and ripped the other dog’s ear off before its handler could pull it away.”
The good news is that a vet was reportedly able to save some of the dog’s ear, but the bad news is Rachael is devastated by her dog’s aggressive behavior which may escalate causing Isaboo to harm another dog, child or adult.

Rachael’s husband, attorney John Cusimano, immediately contacted the owners of the dog Isaboo attacked, and offered to pay for all the medical bills and any additional costs incurred from the incident.

Isaboo was in a fight with another dog three years ago, and when Rachael intervened she received a painful gash on her hand. After this latest incident a source said “Rachel calls Isaboo her baby,' but after the latest dog fight, she’s living in fear that her pet will have to be put down.”

The dog’s owner refused to confirm or deny the incident to
Rachael and John are considering using a muzzle on the dog and getting additional training for their pit bull. “While she loves the dog, she can’t help worrying about what would happen if Isaboo attacked a person,” said the source."

And she needs to worry because that is coming if she continues in denial about her pit and other pits. Wonder why she has been allowed to keep her pit after 5 attacks, couldn't be that she is a big star with lots of money, could it? Not to mention that she has probably been paying off the victims. This woman needs to wise up BEFORE her wiggle butt does some real damage like to a small child walking down the street. Another pit owner who is learning a lesson the hard way. BOYCOTT RACHAEL RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

looks like rachel and hubby just don't have enough love to fix poor little isaboo.

HonestyHelps said...

Or they are irresponsible owners, which one will the nutters use. Seems that all the money, all the fame, all the training, everything wasn't enough to overcome what the pits were bred to do.

I will have to say that Ray does fall into the irresponsible owner catagory. FIVE attacks she allowed because of her denial. But her money couldn't buy off the genetics of the pits. And to continue to put people and their pets in danger is unexcusable.

Felony said...

Don't forget a BADRAP favorite:
"Don't set your dogs up to fail"

Rachel is a hack. She created her own line of dog food a while back and it contained ingredients that just about every idiot knows dogs should NOT eat!

HonestyHelps said...

Before my boycott, I saw one of her cooking shows dedicated to her last pit bull. She said that when she took the pit to the vet, the vet was appalled at the condition, seems the pit was fat. He asked her what she was feeding and she told him. He "educated" her on correct feeding. So this broad knows little to nothing about taking care of a dog, much less a pit. Maybe Izzy was just wanting a good meal when she attacked those five dogs.

Felony said...

There is not enough love and understanding in the universe to chase off the pit's dog aggressive demons.

Here is a little something that I found on the internet looking for those other FOUR victims.;jsessionid=A046A39AB486F38989BD7A702A7BFF25

Posted: 5:00 AM, March 6, 2007
RACHAEL Ray was attacked by a dog in Union Square Park Saturday while bravely defending her pit-bull mix, Isaboo. According to the TV host's rep, "This dog came up - there was no owner in sight - and became aggressive. Rachael and some others shooed it away, but it came back and attacked Isaboo. Other dogs were involved, and Rachael jumped in and was bit by one of the dogs on the leg. A nurse was in the park and checked her out. She's fine."

What do want to bet that the FACTS in this incident are MUCH different than reported here?

HonestyHelps said...

Felony, that is her tale, I sit on mine. I bet it was quite difference. How many attacks will it take before she realizes what she is doing with this pit? How dare she continue to put people and their pets in danger? When she does get sued, the courts will sock it to her because of her continued irresponsible behavior with Izzy. Can't wait for that to happen so it can stop her.

Anonymous said...

And this is what Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is supporting


They think it is OK if pit bulls hurt and kill other pets.

According to Best Friends, pit bulls have special status and are more important than the lives of your dogs and cats.

Animal torture is ok as long as a pit bull does it.

Ledy VanKavage is on record as opposing dangerous dog laws that address attacks on other pets. She thinks it is ok that pit bulls do this.

Anonymous said...

A couple things:

Honesty, you'll take what The National Enquirer is reporting BEFORE the New York Post????


And second, you call us irresponsible for not owning up and paying medical costs, THEN when we say it's "buying them off"

Do you see how neurotic you are?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, the only thing I see is your stupidity. You failed to read one of the comments with a link to another attack in 07 where Ray, herself was injured. And yes, I'm quite sure that her attorney husband is paying people off. There are attorneys who do nothing but run damage control for the "stars". Now that it is out, I'm quite sure others will follow. And paying off people to keep their mouths shut is not responsible. What is so fucking irresponsible is this nutter, Ray, allowed her dog to do it more than once. Course you nutters love that, don't you? You love the attacks, it gives you a perverse and perverted pleasure. Because if that were not true, you would be singing another tune called BSL.

HonestyHelps said...

In other words, Anon, fuck you and your fucking pits.

Anonymous said...

You know "Honesty" - you are a very nasty - angry - cowardly person.
You've got a lot of balls sitting behind your computer screen.
I know for a fact you would never have the nerve to say "fuck you" to my face.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, the hell I wouldn't, in a New York second I would tell you to your ugly face. You're the one posting under Anonymous, fool. And you at least have one thing right, I am angry, very angry and that makes me nasty. Pits are killing people at the rate of one every 22 days, you damn right I'm angry. And listening to you nutters make all your fucking excuses for these dogs, makes me nasty. Go dribble your shit on the pit forums where it belongs with the other pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

Well, Pat, I'll be out in your neck of California in March.
Can we set a date to meet?
Then you can tell me "fuck you" to "my ugly face."
How about March 12th or 13th?

HonestyHelps said...

You want to bring it on or meet with this Pat person? Don't use my blog to contact your cronies.Is this your backup because you will need one. By the way, you have to take the first swing, I'm allowed to defend myself. Don't make this a verbal confrontation, I want to show you my years of dedication to a particular art form known as "whipping your ass".

Anonymous said...

Another baby killer pit bull owner comes out with the usual trash

Better start saving for lawyers, babykiller, because you and your kind are being watched, photographed, videotaped and when your pit bull does the inevitable and causes harm you will end up in court for years.

People are damn mad about pit bulls!! The anger is huge.

Owning a pit bull is a sign of sociopathy and mental illness.

HonestyHelps said...

Geez, and all this time, Friend Anon, I thought they got pits as a penis substitute.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

funny how the pit nutters and dogmen are always calling people out to fight. they are just like their ugly dogs.

and yes, i agree with honesty helps. these wealthy pit nutters are buying people's silence. it shouldn't be paying medical/vet bills OR reporting the attack to the police. it should be both! in my city it is a misdemeanor crime to not report a dog bite but the state should make it a felony.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i do enjoy it when all of these so called "responsible" pit bull owners who scream "bad rap! bad rap!" are exposed.

HonestyHelps said...

Ain't it the truth, Craven? Why can't they police themselves on this issue instead of defending what can't be defended? Why doesn't this anon commenter call out the dog men or the breeders instead of those of us who want pits to not continue to be a safety issue? Priorties. And they need to start setting them instead of picking on those of us who already have them.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah. I hate Pit bulls. I hate you. I hate the world, its out to get me. Blah blah blah

HonestyHelps said...

Blah, blah, you have it wrong. Pit lovers hate the world, pit lovers hate the dogs they claim to love, pit lovers are killing the dogs they claim to love. Pits are being euthanized at record rates in the shelters, NOT BECAUSE OF PIT HATERS BUT BECAUSE OF PIT LOVERS. Pit haters don't breed pits, pit lovers do. People and pets are being killed in record numbers, not because of pit haters, but because of the denial pit lovers wallow in about their dogs. So take your blahs and cram them.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah. pit lovers are killing the breed not us. blah blah blah fuck you blah blah blah everything is a cover up blah blah blah

HonestyHelps said...

What's the matter, Blah,Blah? Hit a little close to home, did we? Can't deny that it is pit lovers that are creating this situation, not pit "haters". Actually we pit "haters" are trying to help the pits, much more so than you pit lovers. BSL would help to stop the abuse of the pits. So maybe the reason you fight BSL is because you truly don't give a damn about these dogs, you love to see their abuse, you love to see the attacks. You perverted pieces of shit called pit lovers.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah. Same 'ol shit with you. blah blah blah I am angry, very angry and that makes me nasty. blah blah blah haters help your dogs. blah blah blah fuck your pits blah blah blah same old shit blah blah blah everyone's getting paid off or cover'd up. blah blah blah pit lovers are fucked up blah blah blah nobody will listen to me blah blah blah I hate these dogs blah blah blah pit nutters are fucked up trashy criminals

HonestyHelps said...

Blah, you may be limited in your mentality and vocabulary, but you are getting it, surprise, surprise. Why don't you waste your time going after the real criminals, your own buddies. You and your kind are the ones who are breeding out of control, you and your buddies are the ones fighting dogs, you and your buddies are the ones that give the pits to the shelters. In other fucking words, you are barking up the wrong fucking tree. It is within your nutters groups that you need to be using your limited abilities, not after us. Still clueless aren't you.

Anonymous said...


I'M getting it????? ewww check out the balls of steel on Honesty. STFU
blah blah blah WE are the problem, not intelligent genius' like yourself. blah blah blah threats threats and more threats blah blah blah profanity after profanity after profanity blah blah blah preach preach preach blah blah blah
yadda yadda yadda

((((According to YOU. The cover ups and the money surrounding the breeding and fighting is WAY over your head, Craven's head, and little miss bitch's head.
You might as well stop. You believe so strongly in your head that its all political bull. "Oh! RR paid off the victim." If that's the case.... DONE DEAL. We win.

That's according to you....)))))

OR there's the truth. Dangerous dog's are based individually. Owners need licensing and the spay neuter program needs to get strict.
That's it.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are wasting your time here, go tell this shit to your good buddies.

There's a lot more on RR that will be coming out soon that will make all of you nutters pissed and I can't wait. I have the info and I am passing it along to the news.

And like I say, you are the ones doing in your own dogs. You, the pit lovers of the world, are causing the problems, not the pit "haters". We are trying to stop their abuse while you want it to continue by fighting the very laws that would stop it. It's your fucking fault, not ours. We are just trying to prevent the continuing maulings and deaths by a breed bred to kill. You obviously have a problem with trying to save lives and the very dogs you claim to love. You should be working to stop it, not me.

And I speak to nutters in the only language they understand. We aren't talking educated and sensible people when we speak of pit nutters. We are talking unGodly people who only care about the maulings and killings to continue so they can brag about it. If you don't fucking like it, go somewhere else and spew your venom and lies.

Anonymous said...

"We are just trying to prevent the continuing maulings and deaths"

How? by exposing and beating every single little detail to a bloody pulp?

"people who only care about the maulings and killings to continue so they can brag about it"

The only idiot I see still talking about this is some fucking loser named HonestyHelps.
5 days after the incident and you're bragging about how you have all of this info on RR.

I haven't seen ONE pit bull forum that is still talking about this. YOU'RE the one thats dragging this on.

And do you or do you not preach about how everything is all about money and how the AC covers up, AKC is funding fighting and breeding.....all the fucking bullshit.
So who is the one "doing in" these dogs? Not Nutters.

"Pits are killing people at the rate of one every 22 days, you damn right I'm angry"

So you don't care about the HUNDREDS of children that die every single day from child abuse, starvation, and neglect?

Fact is, you love the attacks, it gives you a perverse and perverted pleasure of knowing that ignorant people read your blogs daily. You love the thought of controlling and manipulating peoples minds.

HonestyHelps said...

"I haven't seen ONE pit bull forum that is still talking about this." Would that mean you are blind? Or maybe when you kissed that ugly pit of yours, it ripped out your eyes. Besides, why would nutters want to talk about it, IT WAS A FUCKING PIT THAT ATTACKED. But they are talking, you just ain't listening in typical pit nutter style.

Yes, Nutter, it is yourself and the other nutters killing your own dogs. We don't breed them, you do. We don't buy them, you do. We don't turn them over in record numbers to the shelters, you do. We don't fight them, you do. We don't breed them for aggressiveness, you do.

What makes you think I don't care about children getting hurt in other ways? What a stupid statement you make only because you want to take the emphasis off your ugly pits. Just another nutter trick to make the pit problem seem small. Everyone has to chose a venue to serve their community and this one is mine. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE? Breed a few more pits is your version. Cause a few more deaths is your venue.

And finally, I had to laugh at this one. "You love the thought of controlling and manipulating peoples minds." If I could do that I would manipulate you into jumping off a high cliff into a pack of pit bulls. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

How many fucking times do I have to fucking tell you


I HATE backyard breeders, I Hate the stupid Nutters that think its ok to chain or seperate their dogs

And I REALLY HATE Nutters that think its fucking ok to breed their dog "just one time"

We've already been down this path. How many more times do I have to tell you....I HATE NUTTERS

How about all the owners back east that think its ok to debark their dogs? I guess its a fad over there now because owners can't even control a little yappy dog from barking. So they mutilate the poor dogs.

HonestyHelps said...

And how many times do I have to tell you, Nutter, that you are no different than the others. You are on this blog trying to convince me that pits are not the problems, owners are. Yes, you are a perfect example of that, in denial, don't give a shit about what they are doing, defending them with every breath you take. You can't defend the pit bull, no way, now how, no bullshit. It is an unpredictable killing machine, bred to be that way. Pimping pits from shelters with no history to families is immoral. Staying in denial instead of taking action, let them die in the shelters if necessary, but don't keep putting people in danger. People like you are responsible for this shit with your lies and propaganda instead of owning up to the problem and doing something about it. No, it doesn't matter that you do all those things, you still have an unpredictable animal and I bet you never muzzle it out in public. So much for your reponsibility. As long as you defend what can't be defended then you are no better than any dog fighter or puppy miller no matter what you do.

Anonymous said...

Well lets see LIES LIES AND MORE LIES Honesty. That's an OxyMoron

You REALLY need to stop spreading lies about Pit Rescues and Pit Owners that you know NOTHING about.

--For the 100th time....I'm not here to convince you. I've said that how many times already???

--"I don't give a shit about what they're doing" Really??? Is that why I'm NOT here to give you and Craven a reason as to maybe why the dog attacked? (Albeit a bullshit answer to you or not) Whenever you post a new attack.....I'm right there next to you.

-- Pimping pits from shelters and staying in denial instead of taking say.
Well, I'll educate YOU because you don't understand the proper legal procedures. ANYBODY that is involved with a 501 C3 non-profit volunteer organization CANNOT speak about any legislation or publicly take part in the attempt to influence legislation. Basically, any lobbying is STRICTLY prohibited.

--SO you see, I can't take any public action if I wanted to.

---No, I don't muzzle my dogs in public. I DO leash them with 6ft or shorter leashes. There are no laws requiring me to muzzle. You say I'm irresponsible for NOT muzzling. I say, when there is a reason....I will muzzle. IF any of my dogs have had history of violence, or been called out as 'dangerous dog' THEN I will muzzle. Until then, there is no reason to muzzle. Besides, your OPINION of ALL Pit Bulls being dangerous, which YOU of all people know they are not human aggressive because even your uncle's game dogs didn't attack any of your family.

And finally, as for the 'unpredictable' animal.... I already told you 5 times. My wife and I personally do the evaluations with kids in mind because we aren't going to pull a dog without having children on our minds. Any of the dogs presenting any type of issue.....they can be euthanized.
And you're right about its the stupid owners that put them there in the 1st is.

So go ahead and repeat everything about propaganda, and how I'm irresponsible, and how I don't care about the breed, and....oh ya. Don't forget to say, 'fuck you' a couple times like you always do. :)

HonestyHelps said...

The only lies around here are the ones coming from your mouth. How does one tell a pit owner is lying, their mouth is open.

And you are so wrong about lobbying as a 501. If the legislation is pertaining directly to your mission statement then you are allowed to support it openly. You are allowed to "lobby" by lending support publically. Haven't you noticed lists of those supporters for a bill before and they include 501's? Nathan Winograd is a 501 and he lobbys all the time, as one example. If you run the halls of the state capitol, then you have to have a separate part of your 501 for lobbying. And if you have ever looked at 990's for the 501's it includes how much you spent for lobbying.

And see what a hypocrit you are, waiting until an accident happens before you muzzle. IF is a big word that only means trouble. That is exactly what I am talking of, the denial that anything can happen. Famous last words on almost every pit attack and you are no different from those owners.

And the mere fact that you would adopt a pit to a family with children says that you don't give a damn about those children. Just send those nanny dogs out the door, save their lives and at what cost? Putting children in danger is immoral. And your fucking temperament testing is bullshit. TT doesn't work for pits because they don't follow the rules. You really don't know much about pits, do you?

Anonymous said...

There you go repeating your fucking self again.

When do you EVER say something NEW?

I don't care about Winograd, I'm not him. If he has a rescue, he runs the risk of getting it pulled.

All I was told by the attorneys was, if we talked about BSL or try and change people's thoughts while using our Rescue's name....we can have the 501 revoked. If its true or not, I'm not going to risk it.

As for the IF on muzzling. Yesterday, I had that little bastard neighbor's dog come up to our fence and it nipped me while I shoo'd it away. So I guess that POS dog should have a muzzle, right?

If, IF my dogs were exhibiting signs of frustration, anxiety, or fear from any or a specific person. I would tell them to NOT come up to the dog....THUS, alleviating the need for a muzzle. Comprenda?
I stop an incident from happening BEFORE it happens.

Yadda yadda yadda when a nutter's mouth moves, their lying. lol hahaha
Do you have something better than that? Never heard that one before, I think you've already used that like 50 times.

And I see you dodged my statement YET AGAIN about your family's dogs.
You just can't come up with anything to respond to that can you?

Did I say anything about the Temperment testing?? NO.
Did I say anything about nanny dogs, NO.
I don't care about children because I adopt out Pit Bulls to families? uh, wrong again....
I just got done telling you, all of these dogs have children around them, and NO, we never leave our children unsupervised.

seriously, you say the same things over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Honestly, how many times can you say the same thing? Preaching maybe??

HonestyHelps said...

Nutter Anon, listen to yourself, you are mentally unstable. Go get some help. You're accusing others of what you are guilty of. Go to the pit forums where you are welcome because you are a fucking nuisance here with your lies. You are one fucking irresponsible, lying sob and that is the end of it. Go kiss your pit and let me read about in the news tomorrow. You've given it your best shot and have been shot out of the saddle each time. You have no more to say, realize that. You're no different than any other dog figher or breeder or pit lover out there, in denial. The attacks will continue until there are bans and you can blame yourself for it. You waste your fucking time instead of doing something constructive like fighting for BSL. Just another pit loser is all you are, trying to convince the world that you know your shit, when you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.

Anonymous said...

So I'm mentally unstable just because I either have Pit Bulls or I tell you that not all pits are dangerous?
Is that your evidence?

"You're accusing others of what you are guilty of"

---and what might that be? The statement of IF that Winograd guy has a 501, according to CA state regulations, he might be at risk of getting it revoked?

I'm a nuisance on here ONLY because you take this too personal and you get too emotional when in fact we are just debating.

"You've given it your best shot and have been shot out of the saddle each time"

--Sorry dude, but AVOIDING and DOGDGING my responses is NOT shooting me out of the saddle.

The fact that YOU have to keep repeating yourself every single time you respond to me, the fact YOU dodge certain statements of mine, the fact YOU resort to swearing and accusing me of lying, the fact that YOU'RE only responses is: liar, irresponsible, nutter. And finally, the fact that YOU came from a dogfighting family and its YOUR family that put this 'label' on this breed is most certainly hypocritical.

YOU don't have anything except ANGER (maybe for something that happened in the past) LOTS of emotion (Emo maybe??)
I dunno, maybe you're just a wannabe Craven, or wannabe DBO

You only lash out at me because I either bring some sort of common sense to the readers and your afraid. OR everytime you make a new blog about Pit Bulls...I'm right there giving you some sort of reason.

But its okay. I forgive you. after all.....we're just debating. But you also call me a liar ;)

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, you are a liar and yes, you are mentally unbalanced. You prove that by continuing to come back to this blog, it's called obsessive behavior. And a question, who the hell are you trying to convince, you or me? I vote you're actually trying to convince yourself. You think of yourself as a "Savior" of pits and try to convince everyone else of how wonderful you must be to do this. You can't accept that others see this quite differently. This last comment confirms that. You are not a good person because you "save" the pits, you are an idiot who won't listen to reason. You are not a good person coming after your pit "haters" because they aren't the ones you need to go after, you are part of the dog fighters and breeders because you aren't after them. You are either for or against, there is no middle ground. And you are obviously for continuing to let pits be abused by the dog fighters and bred to extremes by the breeders. Instead of being on their blogs, you instead come to this one.

I don't avoid, I confront. Only in your sick little mind do I not answer your vindictive responses and you can't handle it. I'm not the stupid unsuspecting family that you place vicious dogs in and you can make yourself out to be such a wonderful person for rescuing their adopted pit. I know the truth while you continue to spread your lies. That just chaps your ass, doesn't it.

And you are so fucking wrong about a 501c3 and still defend yourself on it. You can indeed support legislation as a 501c3 if it pertains directly to what the 501 is all about. Dumbass, look at the lists of supporters for any legislation and you will see 501's all over it. You can contact legislators as a 501 if their legislation pertains to the purpose of your 501. Legislators actually solicit 501's as a show of support.

There's no debate, never has been. Just another nutter and I chew them up and spit them out. Do something to help the pits that you claim you love because coming onto this blog ain't doing that. It just shows once again the mentality of a pit owner and little you care about the damage they are doing and the lives they are taking. You are one sorry excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

"I don't avoid, I confront"

Then ANSWER my question, has your family's game dogs EVER attacked a human?

REPEAT I'm not her to convince you (or me). We've already been over this 9 times.

Never once have I said I'm a 'savior' to this breed. I rescue Pits from shelters.

Prove that I'm a liar. Don't say my mouth is moving so I must be a liar. PROVE it

I'm mentally umbalanced? Is that because I respond to your blogs? then I could say YOU'RE mentally unbalanced because you keep coming back.

And you might be right about 501C3 I'm just telling you what I was told by the attorney.

You're right, this ISN'T a debate because you refuse to listen to the other side. You're close minded and your mind is set that an entire breed is worthless. (I'm not changing subjects) but your thinking is like ALL airliners are death traps because every now and then there are plane crashes.

If you chewed me up and spit me out....why am I still here? Why do you keep repeating yourself over and over again? Why do your responses always result in a lot of swearing and always accuse me of lying?
Are those the only responses you have? Because thats not really chewing me up and spitting me out. Thats more like lashing out and giving your OPINION, not fact.

I'm not a good person? Does that mean I would be a good person if I was a hater like you?

And finally, I do help the Pit Bulls that I love....
-We spay/neuter them right out of the shelter,
-we microchip them,
-we get the dog back up to a healthy weight by actually feeding them good kibble,
-we train the basic commands, (sit, stay, down, down stay, leave it alone, and heel)
-we adopt out only when we feel ready,
-we do adoption contracts,
-we do home checks,
-and we do a follow up after the adoption.

But why do I feel like you're just going to call me a liar insteaf of DEBATING with me?
- because all I've seen so far (besides the 501 info)is a bunch of swearing and accusations.

HonestyHelps said...

Look, Fucker, you DO NOT DEMAND anything on my blog. Go get your own blog, then you can do whatever you want but you don't DEMAND on this one.

I don't have to answer your questions although I have done it even when I felt like telling you to fuck off. Because they aren't the answers you want to hear, you just skip over them and then make accusations.

And as for what you do for the pits, you do nothing constructive. You think that shit is all there is to having a safe pit bull????? You are an idiot. You are no different with your illogic view of what makes a pit safe. The fact that you are taking pits of unknown history and then adopting them out to families make you one sorry SOB.

And yes, you have been chewed up but your warped, sicko mind keeps you coming back here. But no more, you are too obsessive and I am sick of dealing with you. I can see where your comments are from and you won't be allowed to comment here anymore. I will not feed your obsessive behavior any more, I am not an enabler. Go tell your shit to the other pit bullers so they can tell you how wonderful a pawn you are for pushing their maulspawn pits. You can't argue your way out of a wet paper bag when it comes to pits unless you are either with your comrades in murder or unsuspecting families who don't better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who "rescues" pit bull FIGHTING DOGS

The dogs you place are going to MAUL OR KILL PEOPLE, and you will be sued and thrown in jail

You are being watched, and your friends are being watched, because you are risking people's and other pet's lives

You know full well that pit bulls "pass" temperament tests and then KILL PEOPLE.

You know that neutered, "loved" pit bulls KILL PEOPLE.

You know that leashed pit bulls KILL PEOPLE.

You know that pit bulls attack other pets, and people get hurt in these attacks.

Adoption contracts are worthless. They don't stand up in court.

You are more concerned with worshipping fighting dogs and helping pit bull breeders and dog fighters BREED AND ABUSE more pit bulls than you are concerned about people's lives. You are a babykiller.

You are also handing out pit bulls to criminals and psychotics and abusers who lie to you and get your "rescued" dogs to abuse.

But every move you make is being watched.

You "rescuers" are going to be held financially and morally responsible.

You are all being examined.

Anonymous said...

And no one is debating anything with you babykilling trash.

You are getting TOLD

Anonymous said...

Honesty, did you notice the AKC comment?

This is more AKC Staffordshire Terrier PIT BULL breeder garbage

They especially are getting watched and information about them is being compiled

Also their business practices

HonestyHelps said...

The question would be with the Pit Nutter Anon, would you buy a car from this person? Would you adopt a pit bull after reading this person's comments? Would you like to kick this person's ass for being a stupid little pawn reciting the dog fighters propaganda? This PN Anon knows nothing about pits, it's a personal selfish agenda to save the pits. Sorry I don't fall for it and it just chaps his ass.

Anonymous said...

dog aggression does not equal human aggression in any way. that sais with her money she should be able to manage her dog better.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon's comment: "dog aggression does not equal human aggression in any way. that sais with her money she should be able to manage her dog better."

First of all, there is a thin line between dog aggression and human aggression. And if you think that dog aggression doesn't harm people, think again. How many people are mauled and killed trying to save their pets? Neither is acceptable.

And second, are you aware that Ray owns a pit bull? You can have all the money in the world and it doesn't change the genetics of a pit bull to kill. That is what they were bred to do like border collies were bred to herd and hounds bred to hunt. What pits were bred to do is now illegal, why aren't they illegal as well?

CissyBlue said...

It's a terrible commentary on the state of Americans today, the results of urban poverty. Lose all the emotion, and there's truth on both sides. Instead of fear, panic and hysteria, there should be clear intelligent and humane solutions. Sometimes these are not always the easiest or the most fair, but if breed specific laws were even slightly applicable, wouldn't race specific laws also be? Where does it begin and end? Certainly not with all this angry rhetoric. Let freedom ring! And that "babykiller" bs is just more fear and panic talking. No breeding, responsible pet ownership. No BSL's. Ludacris.

HonestyHelps said...

CissyBlue, you are full of it. Other breeds aren't killing a person every 22 days. We recall cars and baby cribs for fewer deaths. Do you realize you are the problem with your denial? Yes, indeed, and the blood from all the pit victims is on your hands.