Sunday, February 14, 2010

More on Isaboo

Seems Rachael doesn't put her money where her big mouth is, she purchased Isaboo from a breeder. Then she turns around and tries to make the world think she is the salt of the earth by supporting rescues. What a hypocrite! Plus a picture

**We found the newest member of our family at Candi Land Pit Bull Kennel. Isaboo was delivered healthy and cute as a button. She is still only four months old but is growing up to be a gentle, loyal, and well adjusted young dog. She gets along GREAT with all people and especially loves children and other dogs. If Candi's other puppies are even half as good as our Isaboo, then they are all superstars!

John C., New York

Yeah, Johnny Boy, that ain't all you found, how about a nice lawsuit to go along with that newest member. I do so love the remark of how well she gets along GREAT with other dogs.

But then, in an interview with Glenn Close, RR says that Isaboo is a rescue. Can't be both, which one is it.

One of the great loves of Rachael's life is Isaboo, her rescued Pit Bull, who we get to know, at least a little bit, in the following Q & A. I thank Rachael and her team for having us on her show and for so generously focusing on the huge issue of animals who are the victims of circumstance and the ways we can save them.

GC: How did Isaboo come into your life?
RR: I was distraught after Boo, my first dog, passed away. One day I saw a puppy online that looked so much like Boo I became convinced that she was actually Boo reincarnated. So I got her.

GC: What does Isaboo think about other animals?
RR: She is very socialized as far as other animals are concerned. She went to obedience school at a very early age and goes every day to a socializing doggy gym

Man, does this woman know how to tell the truth? So when you see this, one has to ask, just how many attacks has Isaboo had beause it looks like RR can't keep her stories straight. Then again, she is a pit nutter and we all know that they have no clue about the truth, don't we.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pit bull owners are first and foremost pathological liars. rachael ray proves that it doesn't matter how much money they earn or how successful they are in life, at their core, they are defective.

Anonymous said...

So is CandiLand pit bull breeding company licensed as a business?

Do they have a sales tax id number?

Are they reporting their income to the state and Feds?,,id=106778,00.html

HonestyHelps said...

Would love to know the answers to those questions, Anon. Since these pit "lovers" feel so put upon and that the laws don't apply to them, I doubt very seriously they pay taxes and I doubt very seriously Rachael gives a damn.

HonestyHelps said...

To my Friend Anon, got the message. Good work!! Have forwarded to Craven and will work it myself. This deserves a press release and that will come. RR is screwed now, what a bitch that she didn't check all this out.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin A! No wonder the "Pit Bull" gets so much negative attention.

You fucking Nazis are STILL talking about A DOG incident that happened 5 days ago.

HonestyHelps said...

Hey, you Nazi pit nutter, your fucking pit forums are doing the same thing. Only you don't know that there is more to this story that will be coming out soon. And you are the Nazi, not giving a damn about human life, wanting your stupid ugly dogs to continue to kill, just like the Nazis. And pits get attention because they suck and I mean literally being that they are nothing more than your penis substitute.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, because this is what the pit bull fans say when a pit bull has KILLED A BABY!

"Oh, why are they still talking about that child? The kid is dead, it's over. Let's focus on helping and protecting the poor pit bull who was provoked by the baby."

This is the typical mentality and response of BABYKILLER pit bull fans.

They ENJOY the fact that pit bulls are BABYKILLERS.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yeah, no shit. pitbullforum has three separate threads on the rachael ray/isaboo incident. two of those threads have 4-5 pages. pitbull-chat has a mutli-page thread that has been viewed over 1000 times. and the nutters are focused on the fact that WE are still talking about this attack one week later. they are fucking psychos.

Anonymous said...

To Anon:

Baby killer?!

I believe this post is about Isaboo, a pit bull.

No nutter brought up anything about baby killers, its interesting how YOU were the one that brought that subject up.

I think YOU enjoy conjuring up lies about how people are actually proud that a dog killed a child. People that you are so quick to judge.

Anonymous said...

nothing more than your penis substitute. hitting on me?

Just so you know....I don't swing into gay beastility

HonestyHelps said...

See how stupid you are Nutter Anon, couldn't even put 2 and 2 together. Your fucking pits are killing children and you are defending these killer dogs. Yes, indeed, if you stand up for pits, then you stand for killing babies. Then you blame a poor baby in a stroller when the pit broke the screen door and killed it. Comments on that story said it was the child's fault for crying. The child was asleep. Yes, indeed, you are baby killers. That's only one case, there are many more. Go to my other blog and see for yourself. I doubt you go there because you are such cowards and can't face the truth.

And if you nutters had a penis you wouldn't need those big bad vicious pits to speak for your manhood. You're not good enough to be gay, just your everyday pit bull diddler. That's how you make them so loving, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"I think YOU enjoy conjuring up lies about how people are actually proud that a dog killed a child"

Unfortunately your fellow pit bull owners are on boards and internet forums doing exactly this, and shooting your posturing in the backside.

Pit bull advocates are their own worst enemies!

Obvious Guy Says: said...

"Gotta throw the pit bull reference in there somewhere, don't they?"

--"But how heart breaking and tragic. These stories always break my heart, especially because they can usually have been prevented in so many different ways."

Re: Toddler Mauled By Bulldog - Florida


--Looks like Colleen's on a tirade about huskies now:

"We call huskies 'crib snatchers' at," Lynn wrote. "They have a higher prey drive than many other breeds of dogs and clearly are very unsafe around infants."

Husky owners out there, watch out! They'll snatch yo' babies! Yet another case of a child left unattended with children. When will people learn?

--All sad stories, I've heard the bulldog attack being misreported as a pit bull attack somewhere

Sure sounds like Pit Bull Owners are boasting and jumping for joy about everytime a dog attacks

HonestyHelps said...

Obvious Guy, you are too obvious. I told you I would not be your enabler. And now I suppose you have a problem with Colleen posting other breeds, make up your mind, Nutter. What do you think an American Bulldog is anyway? Just another pit with another name by the dogmen and breeders to fool people like yourself and it works.

Anonymous said...

The few guys who are into pit bull rescue just make your skin crawl. Losers in every sense of the word. The male equivalents of Tia Torres.


THAt'S what's obvious, guy!

Anonymous said...

Well since u wanna wax intelectual let me give u some actual facts!! Clearly u need them. Every year more than 2000 children in the us are killed by their parent or guardian eather thru abuse or neglect!! A child is over 800 times, yes u read that right, 800 times more likely to be killed by their caretaker than by a pit bull. Thats the sad truth about ur precious people!!! I'll take my chances with the dogs anyday!! U want to talk about " monsters" ? U needn't look any further than ur mirror!!!!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:27 true once again to the philosophy of the pit nutters, take the focus off the pits by proclaiming how many coconuts fall on people's head every year. Trying to discount, make trivial the deaths caused by man's best friend. Go kiss a pit, let us read about you in the next headline.

Anonymous said...

Ok so how bout this people kill people all the time they also kill and abuse all other specious they come into contact with!!! People suck!!! Especially ignorant uneducated people like urself!! If u don't like pits stay the hell away from them!! I don't like children but I don't run around trying to end procreation for the stupid!!! And ur the ones whining maybe if u paid half as much time and attention to ur spawn as u did pits ur kid would be safe cuz ud actually be watching it??? Just saying

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, normally I like for nutters to express themselves so the world can see why we need to keep pits outta their hands. However, you are showing such a low educational level with your lack of spelling spells and grammar skills, that I feel sorry for you instead. You can't even address the topic. Seek help or better yet, kiss a pit and let it take care of that mouth.

Anonymous said...

Wow u stated no actual facts but did manage to make urself look totaly uneducated and nasty!! U want to talk about ugly?? Ur ugly on the inside and nothing can ever fix that!!! Further more if the best come back u have to offer up is about "penis substitutes" u should probably not speak!!! Also u guys must really love nuts it's all I ever hear nutter this nutter that?? Maybe subcontiously u love nuts??? Idk but ether way u sound like a very stupid miserable person!! I truly am sorry people like u exist in the world!! That having been said feel free to continue talking out of ur ass and making urself look extreamly remedial ur doing a marvelous job of it!!!

Anonymous said...

I kiss 3 every night and I love them dearly. Ur ignorance of a breed u clearly no little to nothing about is far more dangerous to my dogs than my dogs would ever be to u!! Don't feel sorry for me Im happy and I live a good life feel sorry for urself cuz ur a miserable wast of human flesh and perfectly good air!!! U and all others like u are nothing more than human excrement!! I wish they would euthanize people, I know where they could start!!!

HonestyHelps said...

And you Anon, are illiterate, stupid and a pit nutter. Note I said stupid, difference in ignorant and stupid? Ignorant means you don't know but can learn and stupid means you don't know, you don't care to learn, and learning is beyond your capacity. Now fuck off.

Unknown said...

I think that's true. I didn't used to, but now I do. They're truly evil people.

Unknown said...

Even more likely to be killed "by the parent" if the parent has a pit bull.

Unknown said...

Raising awareness is not boasting. Being angry is not "jumping for joy."

Unknown said...

If you have a pit bull that's exactly what you're doing.

Unknown said...

Pit bull owners are misanthropes.