Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't the Pit Nutters Have Priorities?

Did you notice the new change in my heading? As I was strolling thru the internet this morning, this caught my eye.

The article is basically about people abortions but there is a part that really hit home and inspired this particular post.

"Such disjointed thinking reminds me of the situation in Toledo, Ohio, where a known abortion facility director lives a double life. Sue Postal is the chief executive at Toledo’s Center for Choice, an abortion facility that provides the killing “service” for expectant mothers through the 25th week of their child’s life. In addition, the center addresses fetal anomalies and other so-called high-risk situations, which one presumes means that they would kill or refer for killing even after the 25th week.

What is of interest is that Postal also involves herself in efforts to protect healthy puppies from being euthanized, as exemplified in a recent case involving a mother pit bull and her litter. Postal attended a hearing to protest a policy that would have resulted in the puppies’ untimely death.

Odd, is it not, that preborn human beings are of little consequence while puppies at risk bring out the best in this lady."

This pit nutter can kill babies with ease and she saves pits so that they can kill babies too. See the irony here. This nutter will take an 8 month preborn baby and kill it. Sorry but I think that is wrong. The article points out that these babies can be saved. That is too far along in the pregnancy for me to be comfortable with it being aborted. But I don't intend to debate the abortion issue here.

If this woman tries to save preborn babies then I might understand her wanting to "save them all" when it comes to animals. Instead it shows that this nutter, like all the rest, place no value on human life. The nutters are full of excuses but no solutions. They want the attacks to continue with their motto of Punish the Deed. They continue to make excuses while people are dying from their precious pits. All I can say is shame on their parents for raising these closet serial killers called pit bull owners/nutters, one in the same.


007 said...

You said, "This nutter will take an 8 month preborn baby and kill it. Sorry but I think that is wrong."
Never, ever apologize for believing in the sanctity of human life. Ever.
Not that it matters to anyone, but I agree with your assessment of this woman.

HonestyHelps said...

You're right on this one. I shouldn't apologize for believing that life, human or otherwise, is precious. And it does matter to me that you see it the same way.

This is a fine example of the mentality of pit nutters for sure and how little they care for human life. And if they don't care about human life, then they don't care about any life except for themselves and their precious pits. Their mamas need to be horsewhipped for not "raising them right".

Anonymous said...

I hope the pro-lifers take her on as a poster child for BABYKILLING.

The pit bulls she protects are the dogs that are killing and hurting babies that have been born, and if the pro-lifers can't take on that issue, then they don't really care about babies.

HonestyHelps said...

You know that the next Isaboo attack will be on a child. Walking that dog on the streets of NY with it's history is an invitation for a closed casket funeral. She'll probably send it to her mom's out in the country but that won't stop Isaboo.