Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nathan Winograd Doesn't Care About Animals

We'll start all these posts off with a bang. Nathan J. Winograd, protector of breeders, has been exposed, as if he hasn't been already. While with Tompkins County, the Whiney actually protected a breeder, delaying this breeder's charges of cruelty.
""In February 2003, the Groton kennel relinquished 59 dogs to Tompkins County SPCA. The SPCA maintained there were signs of neglect and long-term medical problems. Records showed that the kennel had never been cited for conditions in the nine years it had operated. The SPCA, the American Kennel Club and the State of New York had all inspected the kennel. After an initial license inspection, the New York Dept. of Agriculture and Markets contacted Mr. Winograd to inform him of the conditions in the Groton kennel. Winograd admitted he had known about the Groton kennel conditions since he began as director of Tompkins County SPCA. His goal was to “gradually” reduce the number of animals at the kennel. An Ithaca Journal op ed at the time argued that Winograd and the SPCA dropped the ball on the abusive kennel by failing to follow through with appropriate action.

Since the SPCA routinely facilitates the prosecution of animal abuse, it is puzzling that this organization recently went out of its way to claim serious incidents of neglect at a dog breeding facility without following through with charges. In other instances of alleged violations of state animal welfare laws, the SPCA quickly handed the cases over to law enforcement authorities for prosecution. Why not now?""

What in the hell does Winograd mean, gradually reduce the number of animals at the kennel? I'll tell you what it means, animals were left to suffer while the Whiney was bragging to the world he has discovered how to stop euthanasia. See how this man thinks!!! You don't play around with a cruelty case, you take the animals and run. Not Winograd, oh no, he didn't give a damn about those animals, he only cared about his numbers and how it would affect those.

And least we forget how Winograd walked away from "cruelty" during his consultations only to refer to it on paper. He didn't point these things out to staff, just allowed them to continue, leaving the animals to suffer so he could use it in his reports. And where is he with those horrible shelters he speaks of on his website? What's he doing to stop these shelters? Anything other than lip service, does he go there and organize protests or whatever, anything? These are not the actions of anyone who truly cares about animals.

The "man", and I use that term loosely, doesn't care about animals and the more than comes out shows this plainly. Listening, ADL-LA?? Stay tuned, more to come on the Whiney's and his loonie tunes followers to come on this station.

Pat Dunaway


Anonymous said...

Honesty, did you see the blog in craven desires about the hoarder/dealer/abuser busted in CT.

In the interview with one of the hoarders who had already been busted for abuse, he even directly says that they set up in that town because of no restrictions on dog limits and fostering


Lopow is linked to Winograd's friends Pets Alive, the ones who pushed the pro-hoarder Oreo's Law so pets could be abused more easily by criminals like this

it made me think of Barnette and how the hoarders, abusers, puppy mills and crazies want no laws, or to weaken the laws, so they can hurt animals for money.

HonestyHelps said...

I am an avid reader of Craven's blog and did see that. I was sidetracked by the death of my other dog recently from cancer or there would be several more posts about Barnette and the breeders in LA. Lots to tell you soon.