Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fudging Doesn't Change the Truth, BB

Seems BB did a press release today praising herself to high heaven. The stats for November still aren't on the website but this press release seems to paint a rosy picture, but not when you compare to the last stats posted for October.

2,105 Companion Animals Went Home in December
(now, does that include the November stats?) Before the Holidays
Thanks to you, this December 2,105 companion animals
(or does it mean in ONE day she had this many? See how she is trying to confuse.) from Los Angeles City shelters are in homes of their own.

“We are grateful to 1,264 adopters
(compared to 1844 for Oct. 10 for just cats and dogs) , our fabulous New Hope rescue partners who took 397 deserving animals from our shelters (compared to 624 New Hope Placements of cats and dogs in Oct. 10), our dedicated partners who transferred 152 dogs to communities where adopters were waiting to meet them (and were these already altered by the LA Taxpayer with any kind of reimbursement from those "communities"?) and 292 caring families (compared to 492 for cats and dogs in Oct. 10)
who came to our shelters to be reunited with their pets who had gotten lost”, reported Brenda Barnette, General Manager, Los Angeles Animal Services.

Los Angeles City Shelters will be open December 24th and December 26th. If you are spending some quality time at home during this Holiday Season, this could just be the puurrrrfect time to add a furry family member to your life!
(yeah, just the right setting to bring in a new pet, chaos, people, yelling, running, children, you name it, great time to acclimate a new pet!!)If you have room (or a garage or a bathroom) in your heart and home to add a new best friend, please visit one of our six locations and choose to adopt!



baywatch1greta said...

Excellent reporting Honesty. I am home for Christmas and plan on a busy, annoying new year.

HonestyHelps said...

Didn't take her long to respond to my post, did it? Only problem is the stats are still not on the website. Boks made his up as he went along. Surely she would have made up better ones than these. Oh, there's much more to come, much more. Keep up the good work, Gret.

Anonymous said...

Barnette is failing in a big obvious way. She's already going down in flames. Those numbers are JUST AWFUL.

So much suffering because they hired an idiot who is nothing more than a liar and a propagandist for puppy mills.

HonestyHelps said...

The numbers always tell the tale, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Example of No Kill Warehousing

PLS HELP DOG HAS BEEN AT SHELTER FOR TWO YEARS (reno,nevada humane society)
Date: 2010-12-23, 6:52PM PST
Reply to:
This is juliet she is a 10 year old Pit Bull female and has been at the humane society for TWO YEARS. She needs a home, she does not deserve to spend her golden years at the shelter. She is an absolute doll and is low energy she still loves to play with toys like a typical pit bull. She would be perfect for elderly couple or even for someone who is low energy. Her adoption fee is 50 dollars which includes her spay and all her shots. If you are 55 years and older she is FREE.


HonestyHelps said...

A pit bull caged for two years, would you adopt this dog? I sure wouldn't. Be safer to adopt a gun to a three year old and it be loaded.

Anonymous said...

Having witnessed Brenda Barnette's fraud, as she is a breeder and supporter of breeders, I believe that our animals in LA Shelters were better off and better served under Ed Boks even though he was a complete scumbag.

I'd almost like to have him back.

Where ARE the November stats?

Why is Barnette touting the 152 transferred animals when she does NOTHING to follow up on their questionable fate?

Are they going to brokers and bunchers?

Since these "tranfered dogs" are being given to god-knows-who for FREE, who in their right mind would believe that the recipients of these free dogs would PAY their own money for medical care when the animals present with common airborne diseases (or worse) that require care of these dogs?

Will the recipients of these FREE animals pay for their long term care if they are not quickly adopted? Do they kill them or let them just suffer?

Even Stuckey, who knew NOTHING about doing the GM job, actually was better than Barnette.

She's so much worse than Boks or any of her predecessors that I want to vomit.

HonestyHelps said...

To answer that question about the new "homes", here's a link that shows what has actually happened with those LA "transfers". Cut and paste

HonestyHelps said...

In fact, there are five videos about this "transfer" at