Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brenda Barnette-Your Desperation is Showing!! & More "Hot" Stuff From LA

Well, folks, I had to take a little break but I’m back and rarin’ to share, so here goes.

Has anybody noticed that BB is sending out "News Releases" every few days,begging people to adopt, foster....anything,( just please get these animal out because my stats are in the toilet!!) Well, that's certainly the way it's looking.

She is in waaaay over her head. People aren't rushing in to get those ten year old pit bulls and the word’s out that the LAAS shelters are getting overcrowded. Today she sent a big news item entitled "The Weather Outside is Frightening" and I thought, wow, she's actually telling people to get their pets out of the torrential rain--but NO--it was telling you to adopt a cat for Christmas. (Holidays, with all the parties, strangers and chaos are a perfect time to bring in a new pet, she says.)

Here’s the string of “Desperation messages” she’s put out just this month—all saying about the same thing. Does she think this is PR? You can see them on www.laanimalservices.com I’d say she’s getting close to panic and some others think so too and have e-mailed me. What do you think? Maybe her best buddies (besides breeders) Ed Muzika and the ADL-LA can give us a little inside scoop on their idol. Is she already falling apart? Why aren’t they singing her praises for Christmas. Has she toppled off her pedestal?

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Talk around town is also that no enforcement is being done on breeders (why doesn’t that surprise us?) or anything else. Of course, what do you expect when you hire a Field Operations Director with no field operations management experience? Yes, folks , Brenda Barnette bypassed LAAS officers with lots of experience to hire, Mark Salazar, someone she can bully and who wouldn’t know what she’s REALLY doing. (More on that later.)

You can’t make this stuff up, folks! Miss BB is right back at it again, making it up as she goes along. But it looks like LA may be smarter than (she thinks) she is.

A biggie is the the motion to increase household pet limits in LA City was assigned to Planning, according to the file. This is rational. They’ll be looking at facts and what it does to people and animals to jam them into small houses and yards in a city like LA that’s already overpopulated with people and animals. It will also bring in the opinions of people who have millions of dollars invested in L.A. real estate and may not like turning their entire neighborhood or the whole city into an overcrowded animal shelter so that Brenda Barnette and her buddies Rosendahl and Koretz can pay a favor back to their supporters in the breeding industry.

Here’s another one BB thought she could pull off but got exposed. This is a biggie! Read this---do you think any veterinarian in the SCVMA is going to risk looking like a fool by using Ms.B’s name again?

Barnette claimed and wrote in her report to the LAAS Commission for their October 12 meeting that the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and all its 1,500 members are in support of raising the limits in LA to five dogs AND five cats. There seems to have been a “slight misunderstanding” according to an anonymous e-mail I received that had a copy of the SCVMA Nov. PULSE magazine article attached. It seems that only 55% of the SCVMA members who responded to the survey think it is OK to increase the number of TOTAL pets in households in Los Angeles to FIVE.

Seems during that official meeting BB had with four of the top vets of the organization (including John Hamil, a Laguna Beach dog breeder/vet who even made TV commercials for Pedigree with his dogs. See the link below for his take on SB 250—the CA S/N Bill and on an AKC panel), Ms. Barnette forgot one small detail. Some of the best veterinary minds in Los Angeles were not told or didn’t grasp that Los Angeles already allows three dogs and three cats, totaling six, and that BB, Rosie and PK want that to go up to TEN. I’ll bet the head of the SCVMA was not happy at being embarrassed and misquoted by BB! Get used to it LA. It’s all about HER so don’t get your panties in a bunch if she “fudges” a little, here and there—it’s for her cause—the BREEDERS and the AKC!!
http://taxdollars.ocregister.com/2009/06/10/secret-extremist-agenda-to-outlaw-dogs-as-pets-says-spayneuter-law-critic/22865/ http://www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=3909

And, speaking of veterinarians who breed…I couldn’t resist searching for Bill Rosendahl’s WLA
veterinary friend who supposedly started the whole increased-limits thing and I looked around until I found a vet that had a post called, “Looking for Love.” Voila! It was him, but OMG—the next episode of StoryTime with Dr.B. is called “Hot Fessie.” It’s too X-rated for this blog, but there it was—written by the vet who wants more animals in Los Angeles and describing his female dog’s heat in graphic detail! Get ready to feel a little sick if you are a rescuer and think these people are your friends! You can just Google that name for yourself. Like I said, folks, you can’t make this stuff up!

Here’s another example of this depraved crowd.

Take a look at the "Stud Service Agreement" of Barnette’s best breeder buddy, Cathie Turner, who is President of the breeding organization that sued against the L.A. S/N Ordiinance, (CDOC). It says she'll impregnate your "bitch" anyway you want it--natural methods (as long as her stud can provide the necessary service). She'll do it by artificial insemination, so your "bitch" doesn't have a choice. Or she offers "frozen sperm"---in case things don't "warm up" enough for the real thing! Can you imagine her and Barnette (who is/was a breeder) enjoying these activities on Christmas morning? Or maybe that's what they do at their holiday parties--everybody has a few drinks and stands around and watches the live doggie porn! (Oh, almost forgot, it was also reported that Cathie Turner says she doesn’t have an LA breeder permit because she doesn’t breed in the city. Where in her detailed contract does it say she can take that bitch to another location? Somebody should check and see if BB made sure there is a breeders’ permit for CT and her Sunbeam Farm Golden Retrievers.)

Question: Has it occurred to anybody else that “breeding a bitch” the way the Sunbeam Farm Kennel Contract describes it, is literally “rape.” The female has NO choice. They choose the stud and she gets pregnant or else they do it again till she does. Is there anything more unnatural than a female (of any species) not getting to choose who she wants to mate with? The natural way of any species is that the female does chose her mate, she choses the most healthy, the strongest, etc. Is this any different from the "rape rack" used by the pit bull nutters? Why isn't this considered cruelty?

But when she puts on her Sunday-go-to-meeting suit, Cathie Turner is after the goodwill of the Animal Services Commission by dangling "sponsorship" of shelters by breeders and breed clubs. So while the breeders in the club rake in thousands from their puppies, they will provide a stack of old newspapers and used blankets for the shelter animals? What a deal!.

How about proving they are paying their fair share of taxes and not lying on how many litters and puppies per litter they are having and selling? What a deal for them and what an insult to the Commission and to the animals and overflow being killed in the shelters who are the second, third, fourth generation from their purebreds (it only takes a couple of years, folks) of the "purebreds" the breeders sell all over the city for big bucks. But, of course, those are not show champions so what do they care.

What matters to breeders is exactly what BB is giving them--or trying to give them: NO LIMITS, NO S/ N LAW (Cathie Turner already said she may refile against it), NO REAL LICENSING (on-line only so the breeders won't be bothered by some pesky canvasser or officer knocking on their door and seeing all their crated bitches and studs--remember, the puppies don't "count" so they don’t have to hide them.)

Where's the ADL-LA and Muzika and all the others that pummeled Boks like a woman with a scarlet letter??? Barnette admitted that the impounds went up after she came. Where are the stats on her "foster" program? Boks was FORCED to disclose EVERYTHING immediately. Why isn't anybody even asking? Have they realized Barnette came here for only one purpose--to make Los Angeles the BREEDING CAPITAL CITY of the nation? Worse, yet, are the ADL-LA and Ed Muzika accepting it or ARE THEY PART OF IT??? Maybe so…they all follow the Whino around like whimpering puppies, hanging on the words “No Kill” like they are saving their own lives and Nathan Winograd, he has already proven to be in bed with the breeders. Do we need a calculator to figure this one out?


Anonymous said...

The breeders think the rescue community is stupid. For years, the breeders maligned rescue, smeared them, tried to hurt rescue, tried to hurt adoption.

Those breeders didn't want people to adopt! They wanted people to BUY dogs, from them and from the puppy mills and pet stores that keep the AKC alive with blood money.

Now the breeders think they can just trick rescue into helping the AKC tax cheats and puppy mills, and their dog fighter friends too.

It was Winograd and No Kill, the trick that kills animals but helps breeders and puppy mills breed more and more and cheat on taxes more and more, and helps breeders boost overpopulation more and more, and helps breeders SELL more while rescue goes broke cleaning up after the breeders and spaying and neutering the offspring of all those unaltered breeder dogs that get sold!

The breeders are banking on their belief that the rescue community is just plain stupid, and will screw over shelter dogs by believing breeder lies.

HonestyHelps said...

This is not for the shelter animals. A better vision would be to help develop a respectible foster system. Certified foster homes would be allowed to have more than the limit. They would also be subject to inspections. Why substitute one kennel for another? Nothing revolves around making better adoptions, always more adoptions. This doesn't solve the problem of irresponsible owners, just makes for more of them. It devalues the pets making them easier for disposal.

Anonymous said...

I looked at one of the more recent crappy books that AKC publishes. More worthless trash that they peddle so they can stuff still more money in their pockets, and keep torturing puppy mill dogs.

Guess what AKC is STILL saying?

That rescue and shelters dogs "have problems" and are difficult.

Barnette, Turner, and their AKC friends are STILL slamming rescue and slamming rescue dogs, and discouraging people from adopting, and encouraging people to BUY DOGS FROM BREEDERS.

Rescue gets screwed by the AKC again, and rescue is really getting it in LA, where the breeders want rescue to keep taking more and more of the breeders' dogs offspring and descendants, so the breeders can keep breeding still more, and they can bankrupt rescue people.

Rescue will pay dearly, but the dogs will pay the worst price of all, because there is no way to adopt your way out of the mess that the breeders create.

The breeders figure, why spend the time and effort destroying their competition, rescue, if the breeders (through people like Winograd, Barnette, Turner, Rosendahl, etc) can convince rescue to destroy themselves?

Anonymous said...

And rescue should be aware that the Barnettes, Turners, and their ilk and friends in NAIA all used to stalk rescue programs (particularly any that tried to educate about puppy mills, Barnette and Turner's AKC bread and butter) and tried to get rescue programs shut down and used to file false complaints about rescuers to try to do harm to them.

They called rescue and adoption dogs COMPETITION to the sale of breeder dogs and AKC registered puppy mill dogs.

BREEDERS RUN BUSINESSES. They want to wipe out the competition.

Again, they are trying to convince rescue to kill themselves and bankrupt themselves (and hoarders to kill shelter dogs,) and help breeder profits and breeder freedom from regulation.