Thursday, December 30, 2010

The World is Coming to an End!!!!!!

Occasionally I drop in on the Whino's blog and was shocked today to see this in his "Happy Holidays" post.

"Together, we will put an end to overpopulation… of ineffective shelter directors mired in the failed philosophies of the past."

What??? Do my ears and eyes deceive me or has the Whino just admitted there is an overpopulation?? Is the world coming to an end and he wants to make peace with his maker?

Hey, Whino, according to everything you have preached before, there is no overpopulation. What has changed your take on it? Couldn't be the increase in impounds or euthanasia while all along you are insisting there are plenty of homes? Couldn't be because many are now finding you to be too radical to listen to anymore? Sounds like you are dancing to a different tune now.

UPDATE: Oops. Looks like he means ending ineffective shelter directors, not the PET overpopulation. Just wishful thinking on my part. So he still wants to end anything but the pet overpopulation problem. He and Brent Toellner, two people in complete and total denial, not to mention out of touch with reality. Oh well.


dumbfounded said...

Honesty, what he says is ( cause it threw me at first too ) is..End the overpopulation of ineffective shelter directers.

He was just his usual sarcastic self.
love Pah
ps. google man kills pitbull with boxcutter. Reno, of course Thought it had a rodent in it's stomach.

HonestyHelps said...

Yeah, I guess you could take it that way.