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On June 29th, the ADL-LA, All Desperate Liars, sent out notification that they are "retiring it's No Kill campaign for the City of Los Angeles. THESE FOOLS ACTUALLY THINK WE WOULD BELIEVE THEY ARE "RETIRING" THEIR CAMPAIGN. Sorry, Pamster, but disappointment, frustration, and a slew of other adjectives would have been a better choice of words for what you actually mean. Even you, Pammie, can't deny the truth and for the first time, it appears, you are admitting defeat. Pammie goes on to say that the reason is "we have accomplished all that we can do". Yeah right, with euthanasia on the rise, impounds on the rise, and you are backing away now? Just because you are gullible doesn't mean the rest of us are. 

""Brenda Barnette has made significant changes in LESS than one year of her appointment by the mayor. But here’s the kicker . . . . . ADL-LA now realizes that there are a handful of peoplewithin the humane community of Los Angeles that we are fully convinced would NOT be happy and would find things to complain about even if Jesus Christ himself were to return and run our city shelters! Phyllis Daugherty is on the top of the list, but there are others within the humane community we are sad to report.""

Translated: Our ass has been whipped. Pammie has lost the handful of followers she had and is out there all alone now. There is an indication in this post that some of her own people have turned against her. Another indication that the ADL-LA is supporting the rising euthanization rate, the rising impound rate, and their members are not happy about it. It goes against everything the ADL-LA stands for. 

"We are deeply saddened by the fact that a few of our former supporters have chosen to try and ruin Ms. Barnette for their own irrational and self centered reasons. One who wanted the job herself but didn’t get it is now along with her friends, on the war path to do anything to try and destroy Barnette; even if it means thousands of animals will die in the process." Wonder who that might be? Any guesses?

The ADL-LA goes on to list Barnette's "accomplishments" and it is laughable. Let's see there is the foster program. Go onto the LAAS website and look at the stats. Barnette has had to cover her tracks on the "stolen/missing" dogs from the North Central Shelter so she has put them in the "foster program". In April there were 86 fosters, in May there were none. In the months prior to April, June through March, there were only a total of 34 animals put in foster care. Anyone in their right mind can see through this except, of course, the ADL-LA.

Pammie talks about the "NEW AND USER FRIENDLY" website. Wrong again, the website is far worse than before and definitely not user friendly.
Plus if you are looking for your lost pet, the website has been set up in such a fashion that the first place you go to is the scam of paying up to $1200 to have PetFinders send out postcards. The actual way to look for your lost pet is way down below and most people would get discouraged right off the bat by clicking those useless links regarding making money for Barnette's friends.

Then Pammie brings up the new non profit formed by Barnette in conjunction with her friend from Seattle, Claire Davis. I have posted so much dirt on Davis, just do a search for her name. This includes a letter written to Dow Constantine, the Executive Officer for King County, where Davis states that she tried to deliberately undermine animal control.  Does this sound like someone who is a "friend" of animal control? Not hardly.

Pammie talks about personal changes. Okay, how about the hiring of a man, Mark Salazar, who had such a background that he should have never been hired. Plus veterans of animal control were overlooked to bring in this Sleasy Salazar.  Sleasy Salazar had five cases of sexual harassment filed against him in the County of Riverside, he packed his bags and went to TX, where he proved to be a failure there as well.

And Pammie actually thinks that Barnette called in the LAPD to investigate those stolen/missing animals, which by the way the greater number came from the shelter under Sleazy Salazar. Then she covers it up after accusing her employees of stealing those dogs by putting the missing ones in the "foster program". Word has it that LAPD contacted LAAS, not the other way around.

And the volunteer program. Just look at what happened when Barnette gave keys and unlimited access to the kennels to the volunteers. That was when all those animals came up missing. 

Pammie even goes so far as to claim that Barnette stopped a Bully Show in Venice. Daniel Guss of the Stand Foundation announced in this week's council meeting that it was him who was responsible for this cancellation, not Barnette.

This ridiculous post from the ADL-LA goes on to tell people to "shut out the problematic people".  This alone should be enough to keep the ADL-LA going but obviously Pammie is showing her fear. 

.  Shut out the problematic people (including those within the department and within the humane community) – isolate and alienate them so that they do not succeed in snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

Pammie, read what you wrote, you are concerned that these problematic people can succeed, again why is the ADL-LA backing off when you admit that these people can succeed.

AND here is Pammie admitting that Barnette is being overwhelmed with negative emails. This shows that others are disturbed by the actions of Barnette. If it is only a "handful" why is Barnette spending an "inordinate" amount of time. Shouldn't take but a minute or two per email and a handful of naysayers could not possibly create an inordinate amount of time.

""Don’t allow these troublemakers to distract Barnette from the big picture.  Our sources say that Brenda Barnette is having to spend an INORDINATE amount of time responding to repetitive e-mails from this handful of naysayers.""

Yep, Pammie, the writing is on the wall and being screamed all over LA. Barnette has to go and the sooner the better. Plus, I'll add this personal message to Barnette, DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON YOUR WAY OUT!!

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