Friday, July 15, 2011


Well, Breeder Barnette has been on the job almost a year and what a year. Impounds are up, euthanization is up, investigations are up, you name it.

Just looking at the stats and be sure to read between the lines.  Adoptions are almost 9% less than the best year of the last five, 22,427 for the same months in 08-09 compared to only 19,443 for July through June 10-11. 

Euthanization is the highest it has been in the past five years, 21,756 and compared to pre-Breeder Barnette, for 09-10, 19,442. That means 2,314 more cats and dogs lost their lives under the reign of BB.

And over 3,175 more impounds, more impounds than in the past five years.

Unweaned kittens didn't fair very well, going from an all time high in 06-07 of 1,018 to a measly 318 with the New Hope groups for 10-11. Under Barnette, more unweaned kittens died die than in the past five years at the rate of 7,068 in 10-11 from 5,512 the previous year before she rode her broom to LA. What is so bad is that in 06-07, euthanasia of unweaned kittens was only 4,711, 07-08 the amount was a low of  3,447. And there were a thousand more unweaned kittens than the previous year.

Unweaned puppies have gone from 888 impounds in 06-07 to 1,357 under Barnette in 10-11, the highest in the past five years. In 08-09 the euthanization of unweaned puppies stood at 157 and then Barnette came along and 293 unweaned puppies were euthanized.

The state of the animals in LA has deteriorated under Barnette without a doubt. Even with all those transports, dumping animals on other places, she hasn't been able to show any improvement. Not even to mention all the other problems she has created, giving away a brand new shelter to a cult group and making the LA taxpayer pay for it. An investigation called for by Councilmember Bernard Parks into her henchman giving away a dog he knew had an owner looking for it. Stolen/missing/clerical error dogs from the same henchman's, Mark Sleazy Salazar, shelter. 

With a friend like Breeder Barnette, the animals don't need any enemies. Get rid of her, LA, before she sinks the entire ship, it already is leaking like crazy.

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