Saturday, July 9, 2011


I managed to not look at his blog for awhile now but today I did. If you look at it, you'll see the same. He hates everyone except, of course, himself. He condemns all the organizations who stand up to cruelty in puppy mills, who stand up against dog fighting, who stand up period. The question one has to ask, what the hell does Winograd do against these evils in our world. The answer is NOT A DAMN THING!! All he does is run his big mouth, no action, and write worthless books. And he teaches his cult followers to hate, only hate, not try to help, just hate. Are they going into shelters and taking animals out - NO. Are they sitting in budget meetings to get animal control/shelters more money so they can do new programs - NO. Are they trying to bring the public into shelters to adopt - DEFINITELY NO!! They push the public away, if anything, so they can set it up to get Whino a consulting job. These are terrorists, people, forcing their philosophy on us.

Sorry to bust your bubble, Whino, but look closely at Austin's numbers, not the bullshit percentages of Abigail Smith and your cronies, No Kill Austin. It ain't that pretty a picture and I am in the midst of blowing Austin's numbers up. Charlottesville is giving away animals, devaluing them even more. If someone is looking for a bargain on a pet, you can bet that pet will never see the inside of a vet's office.

Whino, you are still avoiding the challenge issued by Pat Dunaway to prove what you say about her. You've sent your cult troops into San Bernardino to dig up something and all they are managing to do is make themselves and you look even more foolish than you already are. Stay tuned for more on this situation.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i dislike this man.

HonestyHelps said...

"Dislike" seems a little mild for you, Craven.

We all know that he is the one promoting the "bad rap" for pits, him and his cult members. Not only is he causing animals to die in shelters under horrible conditions, he is causing people, children to be scarred for life, if they are lucky enough to survive a pit attack. I think I will start calling him "Closed Casket Winograd" since his philosophy has caused so many of them.

Anonymous said...

it's a laugh that he has written a "cookbook." When I worked at the TCSPCA when he was there, the man lived on potato chips and soda. that's a diet for you.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I've said all along and many others agree, he's playing the vegan card but he ain't one. His goofy wife is the vegan. He continues to put on weight, little chubby cheeks, and I've never seen a fat vegan, have you?

Anonymous said...

007 says: Reno has been intermittently giving away dogs and cats in promotions as well. Begging for adopters and foster homes. They've got dog/cats that have been in the shelter for 2 years that they can't find adopters for. Sad. Very sad for the kennel crazed critters.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, the Nevada Humane Society/Reno is also a non profit like Charlottesville and we can't get the true info because they aren't subject to public records. Although I am thinking that maybe they are because of a court case and also because of what happened in King County.

Brenda Barnette was under the gun to relinquish her emails as an animal commission member. The ACO Guild filed with the Attorney General because their public records request for those emails was denied. The Attorney General ruled the emails were subject to public records if they pertain to her involvement with the animal commission. So we might have something to throw out if public requests are denied.

These two non profits aren't going to tell the truth because that would affect their donations. But the Whino brags on these secretive "successes".

Pets are already de-valued, that's why we have animals in shelters, people don't think enough of them. And these BOGO sales only de-value them more. Anyone looking for a bargain in a pet cannot be a good pet owner because they aren't willing to spend money to get one. If you can't afford regular prices then you sure can't afford the maintenance.

Support for Devore said...

I do wish Honesty Helps would expose these "Fiends of the Devore Shelter". I take dogs and cats from Devore quite often. As much as I am there, I have never been subjected to anything like these Fiends have described. People like these make all of us legit rescuers look bad.

Then you have this Sharon Gilbert woman with iePolitics feeding their lies with her posts. Did you know that she doesn't even have her own animals s/n? I saw her boxers when they were in Devore and I told the staff she needed to be charged for neglect because those boxers were not in the best of shape. Plus she has tried twice to commit suicide, the most selfish act one can do. She didn't love her dogs enough to stay alive for them. And if I am not mistaken, she had more than the law allows too. People like that should not be allowed to have pets.

I have been at Devore when these Fiends come in and they are so hateful to staff. The staff has done nothing but show respect for me. In my world you get what you give and these Fiends don't deserve anything but disrespect because that is what they dish out.

The one thing I have learned in all my years of rescue is that to condemn a shelter publically is the same of condemning the animals to die. In my opinion people like Fiends are the ones killing the animals, not the shelters. The shelters may have to insert the needle but they are just doing the dirty work for these types. I agree with you, Honesty, you can't kill 'em if they ain't there. If these Fiends truly want to help, then organize to take the animals out, that is the real solution.

And by the way, I think Brian Cronin is wonderful. He has always been there for the animals and doesn't deserve this.

Support for Devore said...

I forgot to say thanks to you Honesty for opening my eyes to this no kill scam. Although I am a no kill rescue, I see now, because of this blog, that the movement by Nathan Winograd is not what we want. We want to stop the euthanasia for time and space, certainly, but Winograd's program is not the way to go. Keep up the good work by exposing this movement for what it is, an ego trip.

HonestyHelps said...

Thank you, Support, for those kind words. I feel that if you can change just one person, then you can change the world.

With these F(r)iends of Devore Shelter, one doesn't need enemies. They are the very ones doing all the harm by allowing their chains to be yanked by the Whino. All they are doing is feeding his ego, they aren't helping the animals. They are the ones with blood on their hands.

You keep up your good work too, it's people like yourself that will bring about changes, not these Whino puppets.

Delwin Goss said...

Nathan and "No Kill" smell worse than a 7 day old litter box. At one point he may have had good intentions. Now he's sold out; He'll embrace anything that sells more of his books and DVD's and gets him more paying engagemnents. He has sold his soud for a jelly roll.

HonestyHelps said...

Welcome Delwin, I know who you are. You're in the same boat with Pat Dunaway and Ardena Perry on the Whino's shitlist.

But you aren't that person he describes. In fact, you are an asset to your community, involved in many things that serve the community and the animals. I appreciate your coming onto my blog, I consider you a hero.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this story, and I do mean work of fiction as in fairy tale, is a pretty ugly exercise in the pot calling the kettle black. As the director of an open admission, animal control shelter with a high save rate, low kill rate, I absolutely stand behind what Nathan says. While he has never been to our shelter, nor does he advocate it, we advocate him because his philosophy works to save lives and serve the public in and far more effect way than anything else has. So keep calling names if you will, I will keep follwing and cheering Nathan.

HonestyHelps said...

Just goody good for you Anon, you wanna sign that name since you are such a follower of the almighty Winograd.

Cheer all you want, doesn't change a thing. You're so drunk on his koolaid, nothing can save you.

suefu said...

I get the fact that you are against Nathan Winograd and his no kill solution but just exactly what is your solution to the problem? Is it the same failed policies of the last 100 years? Or is this just a cheering site for the old status quo, ie, the animals are so much better off dead.

HonestyHelps said...

Well, Anon my solution is a lot better than yours. Allowing animals to suffer needlessly probably gets you off, doesn't it?

Let me explain something to you, I will keep it simple for your simple mind. When spay/neuter was the focus, the impounds were dropping every year, the euthanasia was dropping every year, then along came this bastard and now the impounds and euthanization are rising for the first time in two decades. You think this is coincidence - hardly.

What failed policies are you talking about? You honestly think that we can stop euthanization overnight? Pleeeeze. You are so totally clueless and so totally drunk from the Whino's koolaid, it isn't worth the effort to even discuss this with you.

Pull your ugly head out the sand, take a look around, you won't like what you see. But we live in a world of reality and that is the one we have to deal with. Not only do I hate the Whino, but I hate people like yourself who refuse to accept reality and by refusing reality, animals suffer. Their blood is on your hands, hotshot, not mine.

suefu said...

I think your explanation for the increase in intakes and impounds as being solely attributable to Nathan Winograd is rather laughable given the fact that we are experiencing the worst economy in years with record numbers losing their homes and their jobs and unable to afford to feed their families much less their pets. Second, low-cost spay neuter is part of his no kill equation, the only difference being that he does not rely on it exclusively to reduce shelter killing. Shelters that have relied on the status quo have also had their intakes and impounds go up, so where is the correlation to Winograd's policies given the fact they are not even being implemented in most communites. Nowhere does he condone animal abuse or neglect in animal shelters. And let's not forget that most of the shelters in this country are catch and kill pounds not humane societies. Most of them do not give a rat's ass what happens to any of these animals and don't pretend to. It seems to me that most of what he recommends is pretty much common sense things shelters should have been doing comprehensively all along. As things stand, whether intentional or not, most are nothing more than assembly line slaughter houses. That is just a fact. So whose koolaid are you drinking? Frankly, this all sounds like a personal axe your grinding.

HonestyHelps said...

And I think your denial that it isn't the fault of the program of destruction plotted by Nathan Winograd would be laughable except that animals are suffering and I never laugh at that. Give this thought, as long as everything is screwed up, Winograd thinks he has job security. The numbers were rising before the economy took a dump.

Get it through your head, spay/neuter is NOT the FOCUS of Winograd. He fights anything related to spay/neuter and uses the excuse that it would mean more death in the shelter. Bullshit. You are reading his lies about areas that have mandatory spay/neuter and you aren't bothering to look up the truth about those areas.

Look at Philly. Winograd hand picked the management staff so don't tell me they weren't following his program. You know what happened there, or maybe you have blinded yourself to that one.

If he doesn't condone cruelty then why doesn't he do something about it? When was the last time you heard of him busting a cruel puppy mill or a dog fighting ring? Tell me, now, when was the last time. Yet he condemns the very organizations that do bust this cruelty. Now tell me again how he is against cruelty.

You obviously are totally clueless about what is happening. You know nothing about shelters and neither does he. His entire sheltering career only spans 3 years and less than 10,000 animals. He lied about being shelter director in San Francisco. You want to follow this kind of bullshit go for it. Me, I prefer to use common sense and common sense says that you are full of shit and so is your puppetmaster.

Anonymous said...

All need to understand that Nathan Winograd works for Rick Berman, lobbyist for animal torturers like puppy mills, puppy mill businesses like AKC, lab animal research dealers, factory farms, and the like.

Nathan Winograd is a pet hater. He sold out to the torturers. He is helping the torturers torture more, and he uses mentally ill, gullible women to sucker into helping Rick Berman. They have been conned.

ed said...

If there is anyone that stands to help the AKC sand puppy mills it is those that are doing the dirty work to keep the supply down. Doesnt the ASPCA CEO get $1mil a year for crying out loud. Think about if you were a puppy farmer what would you want? People who are keeping dogs or people who are killing them off to make way for more?

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain folks.

The slaughter shelters do as much or more to protect the breeders than Winograd. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. "sure we'll find a home for fito" says the murder tech that has been indoctrinated to supress her conscience as she rams the needle into her 70,000th dog. Who stand to benefit the most by controlling the dog and cat population at end of the assembly line? You guessed it, the supply industry. I wonder how much money the local governmnets, PETA, HSUS, ASPCA all get from the AKC and the Hunte corporation? Doesn't the CEO of the ASPCA make a million a year? yes he does.....

HonestyHelps said...

Ed, who is, at least, making an effort to bust puppy mills and their cruelty, it ain't the Whino out there leading the charge.

And just what, in your feeble mind, do open door shelters do to encourage breeders?

And that "murder tech", she is more humane than Nathan Winograd and his morbid NKE program that allows them to die a slow, lingering, suffering death.

Who the fuck cares how much the CEO makes, it takes money to get a good person to take these crappy jobs. Besides why do you think the Whino blasts them all the time, HE WANTS WHAT THEY HAVE. You think he does it for the animals? Hah, that's a joke.