Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Are you afraid to have someone on your staff that really knows about animal control and knows why none of your stats add up? Someone who would have fired Mark "Sleazy" Salazar? Was it because Kathy Davis wouldn't carry out your dirty work?

First you got rid of Linda Barth who said "NO" to you. So now you had to move Kathy Davis out. Big mistake, BB!!! You think you've got free rein now. You just got rid of your "lifeline." Kathy Davis and Linda Barth could write. You can't even get through an e-mail without bad spelling and grammar errors. Do you think the Council won't notice that the brains are gone?

You think you can cover up your own screw ups on numbers by pointing the finger at employees but bottom line is that you need these employees. Who is Sleazy going to use to get his work done? There's not going to be anybody to delegate it to and his total impotence, excuse me, incompetence will be hanging out there. (Oops, didn't mean to reference his past record of  sexual harassment claims but it just slipped out.)

You will both be exposed soon.  It's on its way.  You aren't near as clever as you think.  You're in the BIG city now.  You brought the spotlight on YOU and  you can't even get a website right.  So now you may have to come to work.  You can't run a city department from home without Kathy Davis.  Yeah, everybody knows!


Anonymous said...

Hi Honesty,

I am new to your blog. I have spent many years in the trenches with a shelter in Texas that has suffered assault after assault, many of them extremely ugly, untrue, and public, from “no kill” advocates. I agree with most of the things you say on that topic and many others. I am concerned, however, that the very confrontational, in-your-face tone of your blog adds to what I see as a heartbreaking trend with those that want to help animals but see the path by which to accomplish it very differently. Animal people rip each other into shreds! If all the time spent tearing others down was spent doing constructive work to make things better for those organizations that are torn apart, it seems to me that true change for these animals would be so much more possible. Or, at the very least, a few of those dogs that don’t get walked every day WOULD get walked every day because people spending so much time criticizing others would have their volunteer hats on to support shelter staffers that are usually overwhelmed physically and emotionally and struggling just to keep the place clean, with fresh water, food, and medications at all the right times.

I can understand that you will likely not want to post this response, and that’s fine---I really wanted to talk with you privately because I do NOT want to add to the fray in front of the world. Being that you provide no actual identity or e-mail address, I didn’t see another way to reach you. I would be glad to correspond privately but posted annoymously because I wasn't sure if a Google account would show up in the public post.

The individuals that have been hell-bent in my area towards bashing the one shelter that has not abused the no-kill label have just about succeeded in turning the community against the shelter completely. There are no solutions offered; just criticism (yes, some of them are “Nathonites”). As one of their targets of absolutely unfair criticism, I cannot tell you how gut-wrenching it is to have anonymous bloggers that have no direct knowledge (from BOTH sides) tearing your efforts down constantly when you are working your behind off to do all the right things. No animal group—non-profit or government-run, is going to do everything perfectly, no matter how hard they try. They are trying to achieve good in an impossible situation, and there is no perfect solution. The critics need to roll up their sleeves and help tackle the problems instead of bashing those that are already trying.

Believe me, I do understand the anger you have towards those that play the numbers game, make decisions about spending taxpayer money that don’t seem right to you, etc, etc. My point is that animal people in general are their own worst enemies because they are so polarized and vocal in public forums. The general public that does not fully understand the issues just shakes their heads at “those nuts”. Since I have a full-time job outside of the animal world, I am extremely careful to remain professional and avoid “counter-bashing” when I get the inevitable, “so what have you guys done that makes them so mad?” or “what’s going on out there?” questions after Round 5,647 of attacks. I believe that if the general public sees animal people treating one another respectfully (and no, not all of them deserve it—that’s not the point), the animal welfare/advocacy community as a whole will be afforded more credibility and support.

This is Pat Dunaway said...

Hi Anon, let me explain why I am confrontational and maybe you will understand why. First of all, this is not a nice subject and I gave up being nice about it years ago. I've watched these cultist Whinonettes for so long and all I do is mirror them. With me, don't dish it out if you can't take it.

Understand too that I lost a great deal because of the Whino and his puppets, more than you will ever know. Physical threats that made me leave my home, physical problems from the stress of this fight are just a couple of the things. I have sacrificed too much and I have no intentions of being non confrontational now. I also feel that one does not win the war if solders are wimpy and hiding. And this is a war. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil and who is yelling the loudest these days. So we have the yell louder if we expect to be heard.

As for contacting me, understand that the Whinonettes are trying to locate me. I have to remain hidden.
However, you can always send a comment into the blog as NOT FOR PUBLICATION and I assure you that it will not be published. I get more NFP comments than regular comments because everyone else is afraid. I can answer you with my posted comment. I don't give out my email to anyone.

Do a search on this blog for Dunaway. Pat Dunaway was required reading on the Whino's blog for quite awhile, only recently being removed from his list. He made accusations that were completely untrue, horrible accusations. Has he blogged about you yet? Probably not. If you do a google search for the name, thousands of hits because all his puppets picked it up. Addresses were published all over. I agree with you that bashing doesn't help the animals, but it helps the Whino. He uses intimidation to keep people silent.

Most people who could speak up against him are non profits, they rely on their good reputations. If they speak out, his Whinonettes call them animal killers, after all if you aren't for "No Kill" then you must be for killing. The public, officials, etc. aren't going to understand because just the term "No Kill" is so deceptive.

I have to disagree with you somewhat on how the public sees one side of us acting respectfully toward the other, nope, can't say I see that. Because it will only be one sided, Winograd will never be civilized and will never treat us in a civil manner. In fact, I think that us being civil has actually hurt our side. Being civil doesn't play to the emotions and emotions do control this issue. It's been tried over and over again to approach this issue professionally and it has failed to help us.

Honesty gives me and others a chance to express ourselves in whatever way we feel like it. It is a blog for us to relieve our frustrations, to get it out. We are angry and we need to express that anger. We need to show our emotions just like the puppets show theirs. I hate being on their level, but somethings just take us doing that. We all have our own battle plan, you have yours, I have mine.

I have met with success, but it isn't publicized. I do lobby, I do work with officials. Seattle closed the door on him, Houston closed it, Indy closed it. I was heavily involved in all of those. When I work with officials, I am professional, I know my shit and how to present it to them. The public in general, they don't listen. You get to them thru their officials, give the officials something to tell the public. That is the key.

I invite you to come back and talk some more. But I hope you understand why I can't give you my email.

Anonymous said...

Anon does not care about "civility." Anon wants the AKC and Rick berman to keep killing and torturing animals in the name of No Kill so breeders can try to get off the hook for responsibility for their crimes.

Anon wants to SILENCE the whistleblowers!

Shame on you in Texas! You have blood on your hands.

PS They are not "Nathonites." They are pawns and hires of Rick Berman, who pays Winograd to lobby for breeders interests.