Thursday, September 1, 2011


UPDATE: Possible charges for the fiasco about the trees. And Breeder Barnette "feels terrible", yeah right, not for the trees but for another screwup that is adding up to hopefully a dismissal.

Will the Mayor ever learn? His appointed manager of LAAS is making one mistake after another. No surprise to me, of course, she did the same in Seattle. Breeder Brenda Barnette is incapable of running a municipal agency.

There has been a new Assistant Director hired after BB "got rid of" Kathy Davis. And that dismissal of Kathy resulted in LA's rescues being on the losing end.

Now there are two lines of thought here regarding the new Assistant Director, John Chavez. One line is that BB hired someone without animal control experience (are you listening Pam? Wasn't that the problem you had with Stuckey, no experience?) in order for BB to have a yes man. Can't say no when you don't know anything, right? At least Chavez has experience in government, which BB doesn't, and that can help.

The other line of thought is that this may be a plan of succession, in other words, BB's departure. Would be better to have someone like Chavez on board before BB gets booted. However, I don't feel comfortable with a quote from Mr. Chavez which is " “I'm privileged to be part of an organization whose mission is to protect the health, safety and welfare of animals." This leads me to think that Mr. Chavez doesn't really know why we have shelters, not for the animals in as much as for the safety and well being of the community. First and foremost, animal control is to protect the community, not the animals. You'll have to decide for yourself.

Then on to a serious screw-up, one of many by the infamous BB. Trees, those trees around the shelter. We all know that shelters need to be appealing to the public, not some dumpy, ill kept, stark building. Trees help make anything look more acceptable, more homey, more like you want to visit. Plus, it appears, that was more of a purpose to those trees than just to beautify. Yet, Breeder Barnette, with her limited vision chose to take those trees away to put up a 70 foot banner as if people don't already know they can go to a shelter to adopt. Useless waste of advertising. What is even worse is that it is the work of Pamelyn Ferdin, Pammie, a notorious gang leader, not a pet welfare activist. Why is Breeder Barnette in bed with Pammie on this? Anyone in their right mind would run in the other direction when Pammie approaches, but then again since when has BB ever been in a right mind? 

Barnette is now trying to throw some volunteer under the train, something she is known for, throw them all under the train, she is without guilt. Besides, why would she put a volunteer in charge of this alleged tree "trimming"? Why did she fail to notify the shelter manager of this and let the shelter manager know that the trees were only to be trimmed, not chopped down to the ground? Because it would be harder to blame the shelter manager than a little ol' volunteer. Just like her mistake with giving the volunteers keys to the kennels and then dogs came up missing, she strikes out again.

And does anyone have any information as to why the California Department of Justice is researching Breeder Barnette? They have been on this blog and the means in which they got here can only mean one thing, they are looking for info on her. This was not a casual search for Barnette. Care to venture any theories on this?

How much more does the Mayor and the City Council expect us to take from this blowhard breeder? How many more mistakes? Isn't it bad enough that she gave away a shelter to a cult group trying to expand their cult memberships? Mayor, you better pull your head out of Lu Parker's rear end and get to business. Your future political plans are in jeopardy if you continue to allow your appointee to screw the City the way BB has and is doing. Impounds are up, euthanasia is up, adoptions are down, what else does it take to realize that Breeder Brenda Barnette is not the person for the job? Just What Else??

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