Monday, September 12, 2011


If you haven't read this article yet, you need to do so.

It points to a serious flaw in the marketing of Breeder Brenda Barnette. She shows children in a low income area of LA playing kissy face with a pit bull. Talk about stereotyping, how blatant can you be? Real, normal kids in those areas don't want a pit bull, they know what pits are for. Those nice kids want a real pet, a dog that won't be turned into a fighter. Barnette, you are so racist. Bad enough that you allowed the trees to be cut down, then add insult to injury with racist banners. 

I think the silence of the City Council and Koretz and Rosendhahl, who claim to be environmentalists is appalling and makes us wonder why.  Koretz just asked for an ordinance to ban both plastic and paper bags from markets, yet not one word about cutting down 14 mature trees on City property and keeping animals cool (where's are these great "animal lovers" when the animals really need them but there's no camera around.")  They don't want to admit they hired a "dud."
Same with the Mayor---we have fines of $1,000 for anyone who cuts down or even trims a tree in their own parkway without a City permit and using a City contractor.  This was some jerk who brutally assaulted the trees---much like Bernheimer's movie reviews describe the assaults on the girls in his film.  So, instead of going after him, because Barnette approved it (although she also says she didn't), all the environmental interest is gone. 
Also, not ONE African American member of the City Council (Perry, Parks or Wesson) has said anything about calling it the "South Central" shelter or that African American (and Latino) children are stereotyped with pit bulls. It's not the first time that the Mayor has engaged in stereotyping either. The Mayor's office insisted that the old LAAS website contain 75% black, 20% Mexican and 5% Asian. The Mayor went so far as to say not to have any white people because white people won't complaint if they aren't included but blacks will. The Mayor's office said to mainly put black people because blacks complain the most. 
Are they counting on big campaign contributions from Bernheim?  Barnette said he didn't donate anything to LAAS except the banners which advertise his foundation. A question that needs to be ask is whether Bernheimer is a member of the Church of Best F(r)iends. He sure sounds like their type.

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Anonymous said...

A Google search of Vikki Shore brought me to your blog. I am writing to you because of the following comment an anonymous blogger posted on June 28, 2010:

“Interesting Blog. I happened upon it when I Googled Vikki Shore. Any follow-through with the Real Estate Licensing Authority? Any update from the lessee?
Advice on tax records was good, but ownership was individual to complain to. Real Estate Licensing complaint route was difficult.
I was also an unfortunate lessee. Leasing from Vikki was an experience best chalked up to lessons learned:
1. Don't sign a lease without documenting every cosmetic and functional deficiency in writing...if I lease again, I will hire a professional to conduct and document the inspection (the ~$350 charge to do this would have been a shrewd way of independently documenting the condition)
2. Don't expect items that are in disrepair to be repaired (you would think that an owner/manager would want to keep the property and appliances in good condition)
3. Expect borderline racial discrimination
4. Expect borderline harassment and defamation of character and smear tactics
5. Expect unsubstantiated allegations for not maintaining the property
6. Expect unsubstantiated late fees
7. Don't expect the manager to exhibit professional and courteous interaction via e-mail or telephone, and don't get upset when the manager refuses further telephone conversation
8. Expect a nominal return of security deposits regardless of condition.
I'd expect the disreputable behavior from a slum lord, but not a licensed broker.”

I am an attorney who is involved in litigation with Ms. Shore and her real estate holding entities. In particular, in Rancho Cucamonga Superior Court Case No. CIVRS1002650, I am both defending former tenants of Ms. Shore and suing (by cross-complaint) Ms. Shore and her real estate entities. The June 28, 2010 comment of the anonymous blogger, quoted above, was of particular interest to me because it is entirely consistent with my clients’ claim for unfair business practices against Ms. Shore and her real estate entities.

The cross-complaint I am prosecuting contains a laundry list of unfair/unlawful business practices my clients allege Ms. Shore commits, and to which my clients are seeking an end. I am posting this comment to invite current and past tenants who believe they have suffered unfair, deceptive and/or unlawful practices by Ms. Shore to contact me so that they can provide evidence (testimony) and information helpful to the successful prosecution of my clients’ lawsuit.

My contact information is as follows:

Kevin Tripi
2030 Main St., Suite 1040
Irvine, CA 92614
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