Monday, September 12, 2011


And these two claim they care about animals? Far from it. The latest is that these two stopped animals from being transferred to another shelter in order to make room to help people who have been burned out from the horrible wildfires burning in Texas. Don't kid yourselves, these "No Kill'ers" don't give a rat's ass about animals or they would be driving that bus to Houston themselves.
Here's the story. Abigail Smith, and we all know that I dislike this woman, made a good decision for a change and tried to send some of the Town Lake shelter animals to the Houston SPCA to make room at the shelter for the evacuees of the wildfires. We also know that "No Kill" hates empty kennels, mostly because it fails to understand the reasons to have empty kennels. The wildfires and evacuations are one reason. Anyway, Smith was to send some animals to the HSPCA, until Clinton and Sundermeyer started raising hell about it. Clinton and Sundermeyer came up with their excuses, all of which can't hold water. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY LIED ABOUT THE HSPCA for their own agenda.
Sundermeyer wants to get back in the good graces of her puppet master, the Whino. She failed him by not delivering Houston into his greedy and burger grubbing fat hands. This was her opportunity to "redeem" herself. So she condemns an agency that handles over 100,000 animals a year. The Houston SPCA is known all over the country for being on the frontlines fighting animal cruelty, something that the Whino doesn't do. They are in the trenches day after day helping suffering animals, yet these cultists condemn them. You will ask why and it is obvious if you go into their website. They don't go along with "No Kill", they are realists. And this pisses off the likes of Clinton and Sundermeyer. The Houston SPCA does more for animals in one day than Clinton, Sundermeyer, and Winograd combined for their entire lifetimes. 

The Houston SPCA is an open-door shelter that provides services to more than 100,000 animals a year including dogs, cats, and small mammals like guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits as well as horses, cows, goats, pigs and other farm animals and native wildlife.

The Houston SPCA adopts more animals into loving, permanent, responsible homes than all other area shelters combined. 

The Houston SPCA believes that all animals deserve a chance at life in a loving, permanent home and will work tirelessly until there is a home available to every animal in need and euthanasia is necessary only as an escape from suffering, or for the protection of people and other animals.

This is what the Houston SPCA has to say about "no kill" and this is what Clinton objects to.
The Houston SPCA is what is termed an "open door" shelter, meaning that we accept every animal that is brought to us.  We feel that we serve the animals of our community best this way. Although the idea of becoming a no-kill shelter is certainly appealing, current reality in Houston is not that simple. 

Give those folks a hand for telling the truth, unlike the puppets of Winograd.

Clinton also had his panties in a wad because he claims that the Houston SPCA doesn't adopt out pit bulls. Well, DUH, I don't blame them. Many shelters throughout the country don't adopt out pit bulls. Loudoun, VA underwent several lawsuits about their policy and they won each one of those suits. They still don't adopt out pit bulls. Considering pits are committing 2/3rds of the dog bite related fatalities, they are a liability for any shelter. The Houston SPCA has deep pockets and they aren't taking any chances, who can blame them. Clinton, a make believe attorney, should understand something that simple. Clinton's version: 
(1) The Houston SPCA does not share the lifesaving values of Austin's community and City Council; it admittedly engages in breed-discriminatory killing.  Translated: We don't give a rat's ass about the damage that pit bulls are doing, I'm gonna have my picture with one on Facebook.

Another of Clinton's sorry excuses for stopping this life saving transport. (2) The Houston SPCA is not transparent.   Duh, it's a non profit, none of the non profits are transparent, particularly the ones like Charlottesville and Nevada Humane. Those don't bother him, why should HSPCA bother him.]

(3) The Houston SPCA is, in fact, a high-kill shelter.  Clinton uses figures taken from Guidestar but he fails to tell the truth about them. HSPCA is known more for cruelty cases and they do over 14,000 cases a year. When you are involved on that level, you will have more euthanasia. Clinton would rather these animals suffer than have a humane death. HSPCA doesn't take it lightly to euthanize, they try to save lives with their huge vet staff. Clinton puts up some old info about the "save rate" and challenges Smith to prove what she said about HSPCA having a 68% save rate.  I say that Clinton needs to prove he knows math.

(4) There were better offers on the table.  Yes, all were from those who are already overcrowded and having to do free adoptions.

Now here's the one that shows Clinton's grandstanding.
(5)  The attempted transfer has meaningfully harmed Austin's credibility in the animal-welfare community.  It's more like the laughing stock of the country for being so gullible as to adopt a program that has proven itself to harm animals, more than help.

So I guess the honeymoon is over, huh, Clinton? You are showing what you are indeed made of  - shit.

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