Friday, September 23, 2011


I don't know who are the slowest learners, South Texas or LA City. 

How much more will it take for Breeder Barnette to be put on the rails and driven out of town? It's bad enough that impounds and euthanasia have increased under Barnette, but adoptions have fallen as well. You may not blame her for the increase in euthanasia but you can certainly blame her for the falling adoptions. 

And why would the local rescues want to work with the shelters now? Barnette has brought in a money machine with Best F(r)iends to take away the donations to our local rescues, didn't even give the local rescues a chance to take the shelter, gave it away to Barnette's choice. She knows she is on short time and she wants to assure herself of a job with Best F(r)iends. She looks like she will make a fine member in their church.

LA Weekly is taking on the issue with the racist banners. In a rather lengthy article, broken into two articles. Rather than post a lengthy article, please read both of them. Other media avenues have also taken on this issue. The honeymoon is over.

In case you have been hiding under a rock lately, this has happened because of the massacre of 14 trees at a shelter. These trees provided shade as part of the eco-system at the shelter plus they provided shade for the lines of people who come to the vaccination clinics. Imagine dogs standing on hot concrete in LA in those lines now that the trees are gone. But there is a happy ending, the trees will be replaced. All this was done to put up banners, banners with Best F(r)iends' logo, advertising for a group that collects donations. I bet several local rescues would have rather had their logos on those banners, not a Satan worshipping group from another state. 

Breeder Barnette should have been up on a ladder herself covering up "South Central" and pasting a picture of people of ALL races and NOT children adopting animals.  Where is the education on the long-term commitment and responsibility of pet ownership when you give the impression you just get a pet for kids?

Plus the children in those areas don't want a pit as a pet, they know it is not wise to bring pits into their neighborhoods. The children know what happens to pits, fighting, abuse. They don't want their pet stolen for fighting or a bait dog. These good kids in those neighborhoods, the ones we want to have a pet, don't want a pit bull, they want a real pet. But to market to the children, rather than to the adults/family, is a disgrace, Barnette. To put the logo on of an outside group so they get donations is a disgrace, Barnette.



Anonymous said...

It is continually astonishing that the City Council has not awakened to Barnette's attrocities! Other States' citizens are shocked (!!) at what is going on in Los Angeles with its Animal Services! I warned about Best Friends and their cult - which includes their over-powering way of getting donations. This is to the exclusion of all the other rescues today who are in a quandry over Barnette's selecting of her personal Church of Best Friends (The Process Church of The Final Judgment, famous for praying to both Satan and Christ for redemption). Why does it take Los Angeles so LONG to wake up to the petty enemies who are enabled through the political enterprise like Barnette?


Anonymous said...

I have just noticed Best Friends are (as usual with this type of religious cult, by instruction of its cult origins, Scientology, has re-written its history. Meaning that if you went to you will see and hear the la-dee-dah bohemian history-- which leaves out the actual TRUE history as a Satan - worshiping cult:

This is the non-LA group who has been given (by Barnette) exclusive sanction to promote for adoptions at every shelter- pushing aside all of our Rescue Groups who have been working so hard in Los Angeles for years....