Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I came across this on another favorite blog of mine and felt it was worthwhile to put here along with some comments that were posted. "No Kill" has devalued our pets, have engaged in setting up pets and families for failure. This is so wrong.

Can we say " adopt an unsuitable pet week" ? Houston has it and so do a few other places where the edge with reality is blurred. This plethora of unadoptable pets is part of the No Kill movement they haven't quite figured out how to handle yet.  Usually when the garage sale is over you call the Salvation Army, but thats hard to do with mean and sick animals.
Some hot items you might want to grab right away are " a cat that may live under the bed for a year or so, maybe a cat with food allegies requiring an expensive diet, otherwise she goes bald ?  Not the one's ? How about a dog that is hyper-active and needs training who can't be left alone?  Please?  They offer several dogs that will quit growling at you over time, all needing to be a single pet with no children.  Must be lots of those homes hanging around. 
I sound angry and I am angry.  These animals will be right back in the shelter in less than a week, even the ones that Nevada Humane  is offering a " lifetime health care package at our cost "  Beware the " Angel Pets" 

COMMENT: I saw the nice man who adopted the gorgeous BC last year and he was walking today, dogless. That truly made me sad. He gave the dog 6 months and returned it, he's since had two others. I remember when I first met him he had a whitish pit mix that jumped everything in sight, then it got some disease that was incurable and had to be put down. He was dogless for a bit, then the BC which bit everyone in his family and a couple of neighbors before being returned. I didn't see the next two. He has given up on dogs, and I feel bad. He's a nice man and he's trying to do a compassionate act.

A success story is a happily ever after, not just seeing the ass end of a pet going out the door. "No Kill" is just a numbers game, it doesn't care about the animals once they are "outta sight", they are outta of a "No Kill"er's mind.

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pah said...

Thanks for sharing Honesty. I did read that blog and it had many good points that need to be out there.