Sunday, March 4, 2012


Once again is PETA bashing time, happens every year. Course with Natan (not sic) Whinograd, it is an obsession of every day of his miserable life. I find PETA refreshing, truth in this world of lies. 

Let's look at this at little more closely. Years ago, I was somewhat taken aback by PETA. Naked people, graphic pictures were just a little much for me. Then, like a lightening bolt out of the blue, I realized what it was all about. PETA is a genius at marketing. Without PETA, without how they do things, Wayne Pacelle would probably be looking at closed doors instead of being welcomed. Officials would rather deal with a good looking suit than with PETA activists running around with no clothes. So PETA is the driving force for any and all that has been accomplished for many years now either in a direct or an indirect way. Pure genius.

Now, "No Kill" likes to be dramatic in how they approach the issue. Words, photos, videos, all describing our open door shelters as "hell holes". Having demonstrations in front of shelters that turn off and away the public is another of their dramatic stunts. Using the Internet for misinformation only leads to more hoarding, more slow lingering suffering and death, more drama. Sounds to me like they have taken a lesson from PETA actually.


PETA doesn't misguide, doesn't lie, they face it square on. Yes, their euthanasia numbers were released and Natan has jumped on it. PETA is not a shelter. People have heard about PETA and euthanasia, yet these people are still surrendering their pets to PETA. Does that not make you think? So what that PETA has to euthanize? Why are they not supposed to? Does Natan think that because PETA is dedicated to animals that they are not to do what is in the best interest of animals? Probably, considering that what he does has proven time and time again it is not in the best interest of animals. 

PETA's numbers probably can't even come close to the number of animals that died this past year in the name of "No Kill". Just look back at the number of rescues, shelters, sanctuaries that were busted for horrible cruelty and death, all in the name of "No Kill". Neither did PETA allow animals to be caged, wallowing in their own wastes, sick, diseased, dying slowly at the hands of proclaimed saviors, those following their Messiah, Natan Whinograd. How many were victims of Natan Whinograd and his puppets? PETA has never let that happen, they don't victimize pets like "No Kill" does. PETA admits their numbers, Natan denies his. 

is appropriate at this point.


Anonymous said...

Peta always have been very open that they provide euthanasia for the people who can't afford it- the dying animals, the injured animals that can't be fixed, the elderly animals in pain and at the end of their lives.

Many people can't afford the high rates that veterinarians charge to euthanize, plus many veterinarians refuse to euthanize if someone hasn't been a long term paying customer lining a vet's wallets.

No kill would just turn these animals away. Nathan Winograd did. "Oh we don't take dogs like that. Get lost."

He turned away a suffering animal.

No Kill only takes the adoptable that they can make money on. Or they take the suffering that need humane euthanasia and shove them in a cage with 6 other dogs fighting with each other on a concrete floor, and the suffering animals die in pain and in its own uring and feces, if one of the other dogs doesn't kill it first.

(Nathan Winograd likes it when dogs kill other dogs. Then the death doesn't mess up his precious fake statistics, and he says they didn't die because they weren't euthanized! MADOFF!)

Peta has always been very open that they offer emergency services.

When the animals in the south were getting shot or allowed to die in outdoor runs, Peta sent trained people in to perform HUMANE EUTHANASIA. The locals begged them to do it, to provide an alternative to the suffering and bad deaths. There were NO HOMES, thanks to Winograd's breeder friends pumping out the large volumes of litters to an already overpopulated situation.

Peta at least is honest. No Kill lies and kills, slow kill.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd didn't come out on his Peta attack on his own.

Did you notice that RICK BERMAN (Mr Breeder, Dog Fighter, Puppymiller lobbyist)pulled his yearly Peta attack and Winograd attacked at the same time with cut and pasted Rick Berman anti-Peta propaganda. Winograd works for Berman. He gets Berman and breeder money laundered through him to be a breeder and puppy mill lobbyist, while he tricks the dumb rescue community with a bunch of lies. All that results from this is a lot of animal suffering, and people getting richer and richer profiteering from animals suffering.

He and Best Friends are running a Madoff style racket, only no one who gave money to these crooks will get their money back.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Rancho Cucamonga the No Kill that got exposed for the great increases in pets they were allowing to die of diseases or get killed by other animals in the shelter?

Los Angeles under No Kill Ed Boks had huge increases in those deaths, which artificially lowers the appearance of the euthanasia numbers.

Then there's all the hoarders that No Kill has given pets to to kill.

No Kill is awash in blood and death, the kind that comes with suffering.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:27 According to the 2008 Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities, a state generated report for each shelter in the state, Rancho had more animals to die in their kennels than the County Shelter that serves almost three times more animals. When questioned by a humane cruelty officer, immediately a new report was issued along with the excuse that they didn't know how to properly use their Chameleon system.

Now in CA the law states that you will keep accurate public records so the shelter is either in violation of the law or the records are accurate. They had been on this system since the middle of 06 and had not learned it by the time the report was put out in 09????

A new report was issued showing different figures. The original report was signed off on so someone is signing false statements?

Anonymous said...

One direction to help is to promote LOCAL donations to spay/neuter. I explain to EVERYONE, who will hold still long enough to listen, that if the national groups cared, they would give this same advice: "don't send us money, s/n a local pet, get id tags on all your pets." The fact that the nat'l groups don't give this advice is PROOF that they want the pet over population (pop) to continue. Their business is pop and pet suffering, so more pop and suffering is good for their business.

Anonymous said...

I'm furious that Winograd is now saying that "no kill" means "don't spay pregnant cats." I wish we could lock him under a single-wide trailer and let him starve slowly. He could blog about his feelings. Or put acid in his eyes so he can feel what's like to be a kitten with rotting eyeballs. Grrrr!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:49 I have to disagree somewhat. We need to contribute to both, each do separate jobs. Local does spay/neuter, a good if not great thing. But the HSUS, the ASPCA, PETA, they go after the bad guys, the cruelty, and that also is a good/great thing. We need both.

Splitting up donations only helps animals. I don't care if Wayne Parcelle wears Guici suits, that is part of what gets him to see those that matter. You can't walk into those situations wearing dockers like the Whino. It costs money to play the game, and winning that game can only help more animals.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:53 I understand your frustration but we can't wish that on him. He will have to answer to a high source for what he does. He is a miserable, hateful man, what else could you wish on him worse than that.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad there are people who see through them, Winograd and his pals. I cringe every time I hear somebody repeat their lies. Please, how do I join your blog site, receive your newsletters, and please, don't give up the fight!