Monday, March 5, 2012


These are excerpts from a letter writer in Texas. I know her frustration. She tried to do the right thing and "No Kill" forced her into doing the wrong thing. Has anyone noticed that "No Kill" doesn't want to blame the public for a pet overpopulation problem (because there isn't one) and that results in their living in a make believe world where everyone loves pets and will sacrifice anything to help them. 

This letter writer has found a cat with kittens in her yard. Not unusual these days at all. Although the cat could be termed "feral", the woman felt the kittens could be saved from being "feral". She goes to a "No Kill" shelter and they fed her all the standard fare. They told her to do their work basically and sent her away.

Ask these questions. What if this woman was allergic to cats or her family members were? What if this woman couldn't have cats where she lived? What if this woman was not physically able to take care of these cats? That doesn't occur to those "No Kill" shelters that use waiting lists, brochures to send people away only because they want to save their numbers rather than save the cats.

The results of this was that the woman put the cat and kittens back outside to fend for themselves.

Now here comes the rebuttal from the "No Kill" rescue/shelter. They admit to getting about 300 calls a month for similar situations and "unfortunately" they can't help them all. Okay, then what happens to those they can't help? They offer to supply food if this woman will foster the cat and kittens, bottle feeding them every 2-4 hours, blah, blah, blah. What if this woman has a job?

The most telling of this is how they blame the woman for trying to help these cats. Keep in mind that this is a RESCUE telling a person to do their job. Plus they admit what happens to pets abandoned yet they are the very cause of the abandonment because they turn away these cases. 

Releasing those cats to "the streets" was the most irresponsible thing the writer could have done. She, perhaps unintentionally, has now become a part of the problem because these infant animals she "turned loose" are now at risk for disease or may become prey for other animals — a death far worse than euthanasia. At best, they will all survive and reproduce, resulting in more homeless cats

"No Kill" is a major part of the problem, not the solution. Animals are suffering under "No Kill" but as long as they don't have to see it, it doesn't exist in their minds.


Anonymous said...

No kill is NO HELP. We must have and support open admission shelters. The solution for no-kill is to put up and shut up or do TNR. You are right. Not everyone can take in cats - the cats/kittens need somewhere to go - even if the best that can be done is a humane death by lethal injection. Having that momma and her kits outside means death for the wild critters they will undoubtedly hunt and kill, the spread of diseases to wild animals and to humans, and more offspring ensuring the continuation of this horrible cycle.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:47 the only TNR that I want to happen is Trap, Neuter and RETAIN.

"No Kill" just doesn't realize that they put too much faith in people, it's living in a dream world. If people were like "No Kill" perceives them to be, then we would have no need at all for shelters.

Delusional is what I call it.

Anonymous said...

No Kill has completely abandoned spay neuter education and providing free or low cost spay neuter services.

When they've sold themselves to the breeder and puppy mill criminals, who tell them to say there is no overpopulation problem so the breeders can keep on breeding like crazy with no laws and selling unaltered pets to max profits, the breeders puished no kill into animal torture.

We are going back into the Dark Ages for pets. No Kill means blood in the streets, literally.

The overpopulation problem is getting worse every day, and No Kill just keeps stuffing more animals in cages to die or letting them die on the streets, and spending money on "managers" to preach to everyone and do nothing.

Winograd is now saying spaying and neutering isn't important to please his breeder employers. He may as well take a butcher knife and stand on his front lawn in his million dollar house in Oakland and slaughter pets, because he's essentially doing that.

All he and his wife want is more money, more money so they can keep on faking being rich and pretend to be anything other than the worthless ignorant killer peasants they are.

Anonymous said...

No Kill knows that when they turn away animals that those animals die outside, or someone shoots them or drowns them or who knows what else.

NO KILL DOESN'T CARE about the animals lives.

No Kill just cares that its fabricated "statistics" don't have a euthanasia on them so they can go on lying to stupid people.

No Kill is a shell game of faking numbers to trick the public into thinking they are helping the animals when all the time No Kill IS KILLING by refusing to help.

It's the MADOFF SCHEME for pets. A few make money on it, the animals suffer, the donors get scammed. The Madoffs keep spinning numbers around to confuse the idiots who keep them giving money.

Best Friends Animal Society refused to help those pit bulls rescued in Hurricane Katrina, so they dumped them with a dog killer. Then they told their donors that the dogs found good homes and asked for more money, while the dogs had already been tortured and died! They only admitted what they had done when Chambers got arrested by people who cared, and Best Friends got exposed.

How many others have died this way, while Best Friends has millions and millions in bank accounts? Best Friends refuses to take animals brought to them to save. But they call other people killers! And the animals die in the desert around them, or local animal control in Kanab has to pick them up.

Meanwhile Best Friends says they are No Kill and open admission. LIARS! They say it just to get money, while they let animals die.

But Best Friends keeps on hiring more triple figure salary lawyers and managers to lie about no kill, and create more public relations scams to get more money out of idiots.

A bunch of MADOFFS!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the link to the original letter by the woman that no kill turned away? Your link only goes to the no kill's lies.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, it was the FIRST link. I had clicked on the second.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:31, when Natan went to Tompkins County, the first thing he did was do away with humane education funding and he brags about doing that.

And thanks for reminding me about Best Fiends and the Katrina dogs. I think that would make an interest piece for some media in LA.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends Animal Society turned away pit bulls in their own home state of Utah in a rescue case! The rescuer ended up having to take the dogs to a Las Vegas rescue, and the rescuers all nearly went bankrupt while Best Friends sat on millions of dollars and turned them away.

Meanwhile, Best Friends took the Vick pit bulls from Virginia with all the money that came with them, and used them to fundraise for more money, while they refused to even spend a dime on decent fencing and housing, and the Vick pit bulls killed other sanctuary dogs.

Best Friends is a public relations scam, lots of cutesy stories that tell lies and don't reveal that donors' money is going into big salaries, benefits, even houses for all the managers and lawyers and marketers that feed off the donations. First class airline tickets to fly around a bunch of sleazy lawyers to pretend they are experts and talk talk, lots of hot air.


Even merchandise sales goes into a corporation owned by the founders and into their profiting pockets!

They even use donor money to PAY THE BOARD MEMBERS, and they got nailed in charity reviews for it by the Better Business Bureau

The donors don't even know what sleazy crap is going on in Utah! Lies and lies, lots of them keep pouring out so they can keep the money coming in and pocketing it.