Sunday, March 18, 2012


Breeder Barnette is sure living up to her name these days. Paul Koretz has become a puppet for the LA breeding community and neither he nor Barnette give a hoot about how the breeders contribute to the shelter population.

This transmittal shows how Barnette has finally managed to help her breeder friends in LA. Boy, they must love her now.

A. Adopt an "Interim Control Ordinance" (lCO) that would establish a three-year prohibition of sales of live dogs, cats and rabbits in retail businesses (ie. pet shops) commencing six months after the effective date of the ordinance, with the exception of those businesses that can show proof that the animals were obtained from animal shelters, humane societies, registered rescue organizations or local breeders that meet all federal, state, and City requirements for the breeding and selling of animals within the City of Los Angeles.

Do you see what she has done? She is closing the door to outside competition for her breeder friends, making a monopoly for them. Now what business wouldn't want government to do that for them, except that it is illegal. 

Instead she should be putting more controls on breeders. Ron Kaye gets it.

BRENDA BARNETTE SQUAWKS LIKE A BREEDER, WALKS LIKE A BREEDER, AND WORKS FOR THE BREEDERS. PAUL KORETZ SHOULD BE ASHAMED. Then again, if Koretz wants to run for office, breeders have lots of money to contribute whereas the rest of us who truly care about animals don't have the money to contribute. We spend it on taking out the results of breeders from our shelters.


Anonymous said...

BARNETTE'S LAAS KILLING of dogs & cats SOARS by a huge 13.4% over what it was when she arrived. LAAS now kills MORE dogs & cats than it has since 2004.

Yes, THIRTEEN POINT FOUR PERCENT MORE DEAD dogs & cats under the G.M. who VILLARAIGOSA, Jim BICKHART, Councilman KORETZ, Councilman CARDENAS, the ADL-LA & Breeder Barnette herself all said would reduce killing (to "no-kill!")

See for yourself. Here are Barnette's official numbers.

The 12 months right before Barnette got to LAAS (9/1/09 - 8/31/10), LAAS killed 20,182 dogs & cats.

In the last 12 months, under Brenda Barnette's breeder-friendly mismanagement, LAAS killed 22,887 dogs & cats.

That's 2,705 more dead dogs & cats with Barnette than before she got to LAAS. Barnette has had 19 months to bring down the killing. But she INCREASED killing by 13.4%.

Too bad the Mayor is too busy getting pretty for national TV to give a damn about the city or its animals. How about you Councilmen KORETZ and CARDENAS? You both need to admit you blew it badly by supporting Barnette, and now demand an LAAS leader who will fix what your Barnette keeps making so much worse.

How about you Councilman ZINE who wants to be Controller? How about you Controller GREUEL who wants to be Mayor? Will YOU act NOW to remove this monumental failure from LA government?

Anonymous said...

She actually did work for the AKC puppy mill business. She was a legislative lobbyist. She lobbied for things like allowing dogs to be chained out in the weather 24/7, opposed anti-cruelty laws, opposed humane education, lobbied to allow breeders to drown their unwanted stock, allowing breeders to perform surgery on their stock without anesthesia, enabling breeders to be tax cheats, and about every other deranged sick form of torture because the AKC supports every kind of psychotic abuse if people make money from pets.

She belonged to kennel clubs that gave money to the bunch of puppy mill lobbyists (and other animal torturers) known as NAIA, with Patti Strand the AKC board member who runs their puppy mill business leading that.

She was in the racist AKC lobby PetPac (Winograd's friends and supporters), whose AKC breeder leader preyed on Latinos and threatened them. He was busted by the state, for things including money games and lying.

They are all deviants in every sense of the word, and Barnette worked for these crooks! Not just a member, she WORKED for them. She's a LOBBYIST, not a public servant.

Koretz is as big a crook as they all are, and he's being dishonest about the crooks he's enabling and protecting. He should be in jail.

The pets are suffering because of this mob of crooks.

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise to me that Brenda Barnett continued her behavior in LA. It is sad though, for the animals. She apparently was quite friendly with the infamous Steve Markwell when he ran the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Washington and she was in Seattle. His so-called sanctuary was living hell for the dogs that were there. Thankfully, they are safe now, and it is closed down.....except for his poor dogs who are living in that filthy hell-hole themselves. How do we get rid of this woman? (btw, I understand her daughter works for Best Friends. No surprise there. They offer kittens for $5, and do no home checks, nor do they provide spay/neuter vouchers anymore. This is abuse, not rescue.